The Rugrats Transcripts

At the end of most talk shows or news magazine shows, there's usually a brief announcement saying, "For a transcript, send so-and-so $ to this address...". Now, you can get the transcripts for Rugrats for free.

If you have a transcript of an episode not listed here that you like to contribute, let me know.

(Right: An official, certified, genuine, Grade-A script for the story "A Lulu Of A Time". From eBay; © 2001 Viacom.)


The Rugrats Movie

Available episodes:

Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing

Touchdown Tommy

The Trial

The Santa Experience

Chuckie Loses His Glasses

Cuffed (partial transcript only)

The Blizzard

Mother's Day (poem segment only)

Chicken Pops

Faire Play

The Smell Of Success

Dust Bunnies

Educating Angelica

Angelica's Last Stand

Clan Of The Duck

Potty Training Spike

Art Fair

In The Naval

Looking For Jack

Turtle Recall

Grandpa's Bad Bug


Autumn Leaves


A Rugrats Kwanzaa

All Growed Up

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