All Growed Up

Compiled by Steve Mindykowski. Some additional material by Allison Suffel and Super Yo.

(The episode begins when we join a sci-fi movie in progress. The film takes place in some kind of futuristic laboratory. Professor Spooky, the mad scientist, was about to reveal an important discovery; he was looking underneath a sheet as his assistant, Todd, munches on a slice of pizza. Spooky acts like a madman throughout.)

Spooky: Just as I suspected! We are looking at the greatest source of energy known to mankind!

(Spooky lifts the sheet to reveal a pumpkin.)

Spooky: And to think pumpkins around the world have been wasted on pies on Hallowe'en.

(Spooky injects wires into the pumpkin, which caused it to spark.)

Spooky: With this magnificant gourd, I now have the necessary power to operate my greatest invention ever! A time machine to the future!

(Todd drinks his soda. Spooky points to a red button on the time machine.)

Spooky: I bet your wondering how it works.

(Todd burps.)

Spooky: Well, it's quite simple. I set this dial to a precise moment in the future. It could be days from now, weeks! Or even years! (crazed) Think of the possibilities!

(Spooky falls.)

Spooky: To be older, wiser, and to see your life as it will be some day!

(Cut to Rugrats watching the film on TV. Cut back to film; Spooky shoves Todd into the time machine.)

Spooky: There, there my boy. No need to be frightened.

(Spooky slams the time machine door closed. Cut to TV, which is showing the film.)

Spooky: Lets try, 75 years!

(Cut to Rugrats.)

Tommy: Boy! Professor Spooky has made some neat stuffs before, but this is the bestest yet! A time machine to the foocher!

Chuckie: I don't know. Todd doesn't look to happy about it.

(Phil sneezes to the box of Reptar cookies, then gives it to Lil, who then eats the cookies.)

Phil: Well, yeah! Who'd wanna leave all that pizza?

(Cut back to film. Spooky presses a few buttons and pulls some levers. The pumpkin, still hooked up to wires, explodes. Spooky opens the time machine door to reveal that Todd is gone. Only his shoes remain.)

Spooky: Success! I've sent a man to the future!

(Cut back to Rugrats. On the TV, the film goes to the Chocolate Cheese Bar commercial.)

Tommy: Wouldn't it be neat to go to the foocher?

Chuckie: But Tommy, what if the foocher gots more scary things than right now?

Tommy: It won't be so scary, Chuckie, 'cause we'll be biggerer!

Kimi: And smarterer!

Phil: And we can spit!

Lil: You can spit now Phillip!

Phil: Yeah, but it'll be smarter spit!

(Angelica barges in with her karaoke machine and turns off the TV.)

Angelica: As if you could do anything smart, DeVille!

Tommy: Hi Angelica! We was just talking about goin' to the foocher!

Angelica: Well your not going nowheres! I gotta show to to do and need you diaper-bags to be my applaudiance! Prepare to be razzled! (speaks into mike) La la la la la, la la la la laaaaa!

(The Rugrats marvel at Angelica's new contraption, oohing and aahing.)

Tommy: What is that thing Angelica?

Angelica: It's my new tapiokie machine! Now just listen and clap when I'm done.

(Angelica presses a button to start the music, "America The Beautiful". As she sings, the Rugrats cover their ears and groan.)

Angelica: (singing) Oh beautiful, for special buys,
For hamburg waves of grain...

Kimi: Is it my imagination, or is Angelica getting louderer?

Lil: I didn't think Angelica could be louderer!

Angelica: (singing) For purple mountain's majesties,
Above the fruited rain!

(Angelica squeezes her juice box, spilling the conitents onto the floor.)

Angelica: (singing) Angelica! Angelica!
Bob shared his lunch with me!
So now I'm good, with motherhood,
From me to shining me!

(Angelica finishes.The Rugrats didn't clap, so she presses a button on the machine that sounds like clapping. She takes a bow.)

Dil: Doggie!

Angelica: (to Dil) You're not coming to any more of my concerts 'till you're potty trained!

Tommy: This is a really neat toy Angelica! Can I try?

Angelica: Step away from the tapiokie machine, Pickles!

Tommy: But I just wants to play too!

Angelica: I said no! This is my new toy, and I'm gonna be the only singing star around here!

(Angelica picks up mike, causing a feedback noise.)

Tommy: But Angelica! We always let you play with our new stuff!

Angelica: And...

Tommy: So, uh, you should let us play too!

Angelica: Okay Tommy, I'll let you play with my tapiokie machine after you dumb babies give me stuffs I want!

(Dil throws a rattle at Angelica and giggles)

Angelica: (growls) Someday, drooly, you're gonna throw something at me and I'm not gonna be nice about it no more!

(Dil razzes Angelica.)

Didi: (from kitchen) Who wants cookies?

Angelica: Oh no! Aunt Didi!

(Angelica returns to the karaoke machine and starts singing again, with her back towards the Rugrats. Didi enters as she sings.)

Angelica: (singing) Angelica! Angelica!
Bob shared his lunch with...

(Didi acts surprised at the mess.)

Angelica: Oh! Aunt Didi! I was so busy singing, I didn't see the babies making this awful mess!

Didi: (sighs) Thats okay, Angelica.

(Didi hands Angelica a plate of cookies.)

Didi: C'mon kids. Mommy's got some cleaning to do.

(Didi picks up the Rugrats and puts them in the playpen.)

(Angelica takes the cookies and puts them behind her back, then puts the plate on the ground.)

Angelica: Maybe you should put them in time-out forever.

Didi: Angelica, they're only babies.

(Didi picks up the empty plate and takes it to the Rugrats.)

Didi: Here you go.

(Didi finds out that the plate is empty.)

Didi: Oh! Dear!

(Angelica gives the Rugrats an evil look.)

Angelica: Don't I get a cookie Aunt Didi?

(Angelica winks innocently.)

Didi: I think Spike must've had a snack while I wasn't looking. C'mon Angelica, there's more in the kitchen.

(Didi walks into the kitchen. Angelica follows her, but not without evilly chuckling at the Rugrats and eating a cookie.)

Kimi: Ooh, that Angelica!

Chuckie: (to Tommy) I can't belive she tricked your mommy!

Phil: She's good!

Tommy: It's not fair you guys! Whenever we get something new, Angelica always gets to play with it!

Chuckie: And she usually breaks it too!

(Dil whines.)

Tommy: Well, I'm gonna play with that tapiokie machine whether Angelica likes it or not!

Chuckie: But Tommy! You heard her! We're not supposed to play with it!

(Tommy opens the playpen with his screwdriver. The Rugrats walk out.)

Chuckie: Remember, Angelica's bigger than us, she's- she's kinda mean!

(The Rugrats, without Chuckie, proceed to the karaoke machine. Chuckie starts to follow, hesitantly.)

Chuckie: I know! Let's go back to the playpen and watch Dilly spit-up!

(Tommy talks into the mike.)

Tommy: Hello? La la la!

(Angelica returns with a cookie and a jar of peanut butter.)

Angelica: (very angry) Hey! What do you and your bald brain think you're doing?

(Angelica crushes cookie in her hand. The Rugrats start to run away.)

Angelica: You're resting my patience Pickles! Now hand it over, or else!

(Tommy runs. Angelica drops the peanut butter and jumps to catch the machine, which is now being dragged along by the Rugrats.)

Phil: (to Tommy) Over here! Over here!

(Chuckie and the twins scream.)

Angelica: Get back here!

(Phil and Lil throw a cushion at Angelica.)

(The mike cord got entangled in Dil's chair, causing Tommy to fall. The other Rugrats run into the closet. Chuckie, however, stops and goes to Tommy. As Tommy & Chuckie try to free the karaoke machine from Dil, Dil is dragged along. While doing so, Dil tosses a cookie at Angelica; she lets out a roar. Tommy & Chuckie drag Dil and the karaoke machine into the closet, then closes the door.)

Angelica: (angry) Give me my tapiokie machine!

(Angelica pulls on the door while Phil does the same on the other side. The force caused Angelica to fall on the floor.)

(The Rugrats are inside the closet.)

Chuckie: What are we gonna do Tommy?

Tommy: I dunno, but I'm tired of Angelica always bossing us around! Gettin' us in trouble and making us do stuffs we don't wanna do! She treats us like we're a bunch of babies!

(Cut back to outside of closet.)

Angelica: I'll give you dumb babies till the count of ten to open that door!

(The Rugrats looked scared.)

Angelica: 1... 3...

(Angelica proceeds to open the door.)

Phil: I dunno what come next, but I have a bad feeling it's ten!

Angelica: (yelling) 4!

Chuckie: Well we're not exacly growed-up yet y'know!

Angelica: 15...

Tommy: That's it Chuckie! We'll go to the foocher, where we'll be so growed up that Angelica won't boss us around!

(Angelica continues to struggle with the door.)

Lil: But we don't gots our own time machine like Professor Spooky gots!

Angelica: 1, 2, 90, eleventy, 14, 19...

(Tommy looks at the stuff around the closet.)

Tommy: Sure we do!

Angelica: 22, a bazillion, a bazillion and a half, 5, 7, 74, 10!

Phil: Uh, hurry!  

Chuckie: (stammers) Uh, I dunno about going to the foocher you guys!

Angelica: 9...

Kimi: I can't hold it no mores!

(Tommy plugs in a set of headphones into the headphone jack of a boom box.)

Tommy: Hang on everybody! We're going to the foocher!

(Tommy turns a dial on the boom box.)

(Cut to view of ceiling.)

Angelica: (echoing) 10!

(The whole closet is distorted in a whirlpool fashion. Fade out.)

(Commercial break)

(Fade back to closet, still distorted.)

Angelica: (echoing) 10!

(The closet view returns to normal. The door opens. Angelica now looks ten years older, as do all the Rugrats in this segment, which takes place ten years later.)

Angelica: I can't believe you and your mutant friends are still playing in a closet! You are such preteens! That Emica CD is brand new! Hand it over!

(Tommy crawls out of closet and stands up.)

Tommy: But you said we could borrow it Angelica!

Angelica: Your memory's slipping Pickles! I said you could maybe look at my Emica CD!  

(Chuckie crawls out.)

Chuckie: But we wanted to learn all of her songs before the concert tomorrow.

Angelica: You want too much, Finster, now gimme my CD. I'm gonna be late for the bus.

(Phil crawls out.)

Phil: Does anybody but me think we need a bigger club house?

(Lil and Kimi fall out.)

Lil: Phillip! When you are the bottom of the pyramid, you hafta tell when you're gonna move!

Kimi: I think I ripped my pants!

Angelica: This is the last time I'm gonna ask nicely. Fork over the CD!

Dil: (voice only, from closet) Here! Catch!

(Dil throws what is now an old Reptar doll at Angelica.)

Angelica: Very funny Dylan!

Dil: (giggles) I thought so!

Angelica: Maybe I should tell Aunt Didi about the lizard in the shoe box?

Dil: Not funny! Not funny one bit.

(Dil surrenders the CD to Angelica.)

(Cut to kitchen. Camera looks at a picture of Grandpa near the sink, where she's washing dishes.)

Didi: I know it isn't easy being over 90 years old, but you still have to think about your health.

(Pan down to reveal that she was talking to Spike.)

Didi: I just don't understand, I've been so careful about your diet all these years.

(Tommy walks into the kitchen. He picks up a wad of bacon and feeds it to Spike.)

Tommy: Hiya Spike, you old boy.

(The others walk in. Angelica puts on her headphones.)

Angelica: Honestly, Aunt Didi; how do you put up with these juveniles?

(Stu walks in, wearing a disco suit.)

Stu: What do you think?

Angelica: Forget I asked.

(Stu shows off some of his disco moves.)

Dil: I don't remember you wearing that daddy.

Angelica: (to twins) That's because someone dropped him on his head when he was a baby.

Phil: (to Lil) Dil's fine; we only dropped him once.

Stu: Grandpa Lou gave me this scorpio medallion on my 18th birthday. It's my good luck charm. I wore this to every dance contest I entered back in the day. In fact I was wearing this when I met your mom.

Didi: Normally, I didn't date men who wore jewelry, but in this case, I made an exception.

Stu: And after that, I never danced without this medallion or your mother again.

Didi: Oh Stu.(to the kids) Tomorrow is the "Dinosaurs Of Disco" dance contest at the park, so your dad and I are dusting up our old routine!

(Stu and Didi do a few moves.)

Angelica: You guys are going to dance like that in front of people?

Didi: Your mom and dad are dancing too!

Angelica: Ugh! How embarrasing!

Tommy: (to Stu and Didi) You guys'll definitely win!

(Tommy gives his thumbs up of approval.)

Stu: So long as I got my medal.

(The bus outside honks.)

Didi: Oh! There's the bus! You better hurry, you know how the driver doesn't like to wait.

Angelica: Now listen up. I don't want any of you guys talking to me on the bus, I've convinced everyone that we're just casual acquaintences.

(The Rugrats walk onto the school bus. Didi talks to the bus driver.)

Didi: And please be careful going over bumps. Dil's stomach has been a little queezy lately.

(The bus driver turns to Didi. The driver is Grandpa.)

Grandpa: He'll throw-up just like all the other kids, that's why they invented sawdust.

(Dil walks onto the bus.)

Dil: Hey Grandpa. How's Grandma?

Grandpa: Still off cruising the Nile. She sends her love.(to the others) Hang on kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

(Grandpa closes the bus door.)

Grandpa: I've had 3 bowls of oatmeal and a pint of prune juice, and I'm rarin' to go! (shifts gears and drives) Wheee!

(Angelica sits down beside Samantha in back seat.)

Angelica: Hey Samantha, have you heard the new Emica CD? Just came out yesterday!

Samantha: Cool! Lemme see!

(Samantha realises that there's something slimy on the CD.)

Samantha: Ewww! Is that peanut butter?

Angelica: Oh my gosh! Where did that come from?

Tommy: (to Chuckie)  Don't look now, but I think Angelica found the peanut butter.

(Chuckie looks back and sees Samantha, he opens his mouth in shock and acts like he's fallen in love. Samantha is looking at herself in a pocket mirror, when she puts it away she sees Chuckie; he gasps and turns around.)

Tommy: What's wrong Chuckie?

Chuckie: (giggles nervously) That girl.

Tommy: Who? Angelica?

Chuckie:  No! Not Angelica! Her friend! I was looking at her then she looked at me and then she almost smiled and I had to turn around.

(Tommy turns around looks at Samantha then looks back)

Tommy: That's Samantha Shane.

(Cut back to Angelica and Samantha; they are looking at the CD insert.)

Samantha: Oh, wow! That's a totally cute look!

Angelica: I have those same exact shoes.

Samantha: Really? Can I borrow them for the Emica concert tomorrow?

Angelica: Well, um, I actually lost them somewhere.

(Samantha looks at Tommy, who's looking at Samantha. Getting caught in the act, Tommy ducks down.)

Samantha: Ooh, that Tommy Pickles keeps looking back here. I can't believe that you have the same last name and you're not even related.

Angelica: I know, it's awful. I asked my parents if I could change my last name to LaTiffany, but they said no.

Samantha: Parents.

(Cut back to Tommy & Chuckie. Phil eavesdrops from the seat behind them.)

Tommy: Are you sure she smiled at you, Chuckie?

Chuckie: Yes, well, almost. I feel kind of sick. But, in a good way. I never felt this way before, Tommy.

Tommy: Wow!

Chuckie: And, I would've smiled back, but I'm afraid my lips would get stuck on my braces.

Lil: Does that happen?

Chuckie: Well, it hasn't happened yet, but I think it's possible. And I cant risk smiling at a cute girl like Samantha, and there's a chance that halfway through, my mouth is gonna get all tangled up and, can I?

Kimi: You guys! Tomorrow we're officially practically teenagers! We're going to our first concert!

Lil: Yeah, unless you count those baby concerts, where they gave out juice and made us quack.

Phil: Anyone else miss those sippy cups?

(The other Rugrats respond strangely.)

Phil: I was just checking.

Tommy: You know, Emica always ask somebody in the audience to come up and sing with her. I hope it's me.

(Cut back to the back of the bus, where Samantha and Angelica are looking at a magazine; the ad had a special promotion where someone can win a free T-shirt.)

Samantha: Isn't Emica cool? Everybody's dressing retro for the concert. I'm borrowing my mom's faux fur mini. What are you wearing?

Angelica: My mom's lime green power suit.

Samantha: Ew! That's not retro, that's sad.

Angelica: Did I say power suit? I meant crop top and matching capri pants!

(Angelica points to magazine.)

Angelica: And that!

(Magazine has picture of Emica with the same medallion as Stu's.)

Samantha: You have the same necklace?

Angelica: Of course!

Samantha: I can't believe it.

(The bus stops and parks at Jim Jr. Jr. High School. The door opens and the kids disembark.)

Grandpa: Okay sprouts, off to school. I got a skydiving lesson at 10:30.

(As Chuckie get up and picks up his upside-down backpack, his books fall out.)

Samantha: (to Angelica) That's great about the necklace. If you really have it, I mean.

(Angelica scowls at Samantha.)

(Chuckie closes his backpack and gets up. He bumps into Samantha. She scowls at his homeliness. Chuckie smiles, but the middles of his lips are stuck.)

Samantha: The lips.

(She smiles and gives Chuckie her lip balm.)

Samantha: I don't need it back.

(Samantha gets off the bus. Chuckie looks at the lip balm and caresses it like a prized possession, smiling. Fade out.)

(Commercial break)

(Fade into a science classroom, starting with a planet mobile and panning towards the center of the classroom. The science teacher. Mrs. Guppie, pulls down a picture of the earth's insides. Pan down towards Tommy & Chuckie, who sit next to each other at their desks.)

Tommy: She said you could keep it? That's pretty serious.

Chuckie: I think I like her, Tommy.

Tommy: Is that why you keep writing her name all over your book cover?

(Cut to Chuckie's book, which has Samantha's name written all over it.)

Chuckie: Well, it's only this book.

(Lil, sitting next to Kimi, talks to Chuckie.)

Lil: Hey Chuckie, are you using that lip sutff?

Chuckie: No.

Lil: Can I have it?

Chuckie: (yelling) No!

(Cut to the front of the class. Mrs. Guppie is tapping her ruler on the desk.)

Mrs. Guppie: Let's move on to our science projects. Who would like to go first? I bet Tommy would.

Tommy: Sure, Mrs. Guppie!

(Tommy gets up from his desk and carries his science project to the front of the room. The project involves a pickle, a battery and some wires with clips and probes.)

Tommy: I have here an ordinary dill pickle. Not to be confused with my baby brother, Dil Pickles.

(The class laughs.)

Tommy: And now, I will demonstrate the principle of charged sodium particles. You see, there's sodium in pickles, and sodium conducts electricity. Watch.

(Tommy touches the probes with each other, making sparks. Then, he inserts a probe in each end of the pickle. The pickle glows a bright orange. The class reacts in awe.)

Mrs. Guppie: Where ever did you get such a clever idea?

(The class applauds. Tommy removes the probes and puts his project away. As this happens, Angelica walks into the classroom and waves.)

Angelica: Sorry to interrupt, Mrs. Guppie! I love what you done to the place. Are those new whiteboards?

Mrs. Guppie: Flattery didn't work 2 years ago, Miss Pickles, and it won't... work... now.

Angelica: I need to talk to Tommy; it's a... a... family emergency!

Mrs. Guppie: Is everything alright?

Angelica: Yeah... his dog has a bad case of gas.

(The class laughs.)

Phil: She said gas! Not me! You all heard it!

Mrs. Guppie: (to class) Order! Order!

(Angelica drags Tommy to the hallway.)

Tommy: Spike always has gas, Angelica. What's going on?

Angelica: Thomas, forget all our past differences. Forget I said never to talk to me in public. Forget that I boss you around for the past 11 years. Right now, I need you to do the biggest favor of your life for me. I need to wear your dad's gold medallion to the Emica concert.

Tommy: But my dad's wearing it in that contest. It's his good luck charm.

Angelica: But I need it way more! You see, Samantha told Natalie, who told Ashley, who told Madison, who told her cousin in Holland, to say I have that same exact necklace as Emica, and the cousin sent a chain e-mail to all her friends!

Tommy: Angelica...

Angelica: Okay, so it's in Dutch! Who cares? I've been talked about around the world!

Tommy: Angelica, I can't.

Angelica: But if I show up without that necklace, Samantha will tell everyone I lied!

Tommy: But you always sort of... lie.

Angelica: (yelling) That's not the point!

(The bell rings. The kids start to leave the class.)

Tommy: I'm sorry Angelica. I just can't help you this time.

Angelica: Some cousin you are, Pickles! See if I ever do anything for (yells) you and your dumb friends again!

(Angelica walks away. Tommy shakes his head in disbelief.)

(Cut to cafeteria. Then, cut to the serving line, where a big, surly worker doles out a big blob of goop to each student.)

Dil: How come you have to wear that thing on your head and not on your arms?

(The cafeteria lady gives Dil an extra big blob of goop.)

Dil: Everytime I say that, she gives me the crusty part of the tuna casserole!

(Dil walks away with Tommy, Chuckie and Kimi. Phil and Lil just left the line with spaghetti.)

Lil: Look! Spaghetti, our favorite!

Phil: I don't know why, but it takes me back right to my childhood.

(Phil picks up the spaghetti with his bare hands.)

Kimi: Yuck! That stuff looks like worms!

Phil: That's it! Come on, Lil!

(Phil & Lil run away. Kimi joins them.)

Kimi: (to Tommy & Chuckie) Save you a seat!

(Chuckie proceeds to join them, but stops when he sees Samantha talking with Angelica.)

Chuckie: (to Tommy) There she is. How do I look? Is my hair sticking up?

Tommy: No more than usual.

Chuckie: Oh, no! She's coming this way! Fix it, Tommy!

(Tommy uses his fingers to attempt to straighten Chuckie's hair.)

Chuckie: I'm getting that feeling in my stomach again.

Tommy: Just act natural, Chuckie. Just be yourself.

Angelica: (to Samantha) No way.

(Chuckie looks towards the girls and groans a little bit. His hair is all over the front side of his head.)

Samantha: Ew! Come on, Angelica!

Angelica: Smooth move, Finster.

Chuckie: I might as well just hide for the rest of my 2.5 years in braces.

(Chuckie walks away.)

Angelica: (to Tommy) Very interesting. Your best friend has a crush on my best friend.

Tommy: Uh, what makes you think that?

Angelica: Please Tommy, I read teen magazines. Spill it!

Tommy: Well, okay. Chuckie likes Samantha, but now he's definitely too scared to talk to her.

Angelica: I could fix that.

Tommy: You could? How?

Angelica: Samantha listens to everything I say. I'll just tell her what a great guy Chuckie is.

Tommy: You really do that? What's the catch?

Angelica: It's easy. I'll fix up metalmouth with Samantha, if you get me your Uncle Stu's zodiac necklace. Deal?

(They look at Chuckie, who's sitting all by himself, depressed.)

Tommy: Deal.

Angelica: Perfect. I'll be over first thing tomorrow morning to pick it up. That should give you time to, you know, borrow it temporarily.

(They look at Chuckie again, still depressed. He straightens his hair.)

(Camera zooms in close onto Tommy, then fades out.)

(Commercial break.

In the video and foreign versions, a "To Be Continued" caption is displayed; foreign versions have the closing credits afterward.

On the video, and in foreign versions of part two, a title card, "All Growed Up, part 2" is displayed; then, at the start of the next scene, the WMD credits are presented over.

In foreign versions only, a brief recap of part 1 is presented between the title card and the start of the next scene.)

(Fade in to Tommy and Dil's house; the school bus stops and drops Tommy & Dil off. They walk into the house.)

Dil: Do you really think dad's gonna let you borrow his medallion?

Tommy: I'm sure he'll understand after I explain about Chuckie and Samantha. Besides, I doubt Dad really believes in all that good luck charm stuff anyhow.

(Tommy & Dil walk in. Stu, Didi, Charlotte, Drew, Chazz and Betty are also here, in period 70s and 80s clothes.)

Didi: Poor Kira is missing all the fun.

(Betty purposely bumps into Chazz.)

Betty: Hey, Chazzster, thanks for filling in after Howie's little mishap practising his dance moves.

(Betty bumps Chazz again, forcing him on the couch.)

Chazz: Maybe it's not too late to offer my services as a judge.

(Betty pulls Chazz off of the couch.)

Betty: Nothing doing, buddy -- that mirror ball trophy is ours.

Stu: (voice only) Sorry, Betty, but I'm begging to differ.

(Cut to Stu, wearing his disco suit.)

Betty: (voice only) Whoa! Move over Tony Manero!

(Stu struts his stuff.)

Stu: That's right! You are looking at tomorrow's "Dinosaurs of Disco" champion!

Drew: Hah! You're a dinosaur, alright. What makes you so sure you can still take the prize?

Stu: Three things, bro -- my moves...

(Stu dances.)

Stu: My dance partner...

(Stu gets Didi to dance with him.)

Didi: Stu! Careful with the partner!

Stu: And last but not least. my good luck charm -- wouldn't dance without it.

(Stu holds his medallion. Tommy and Dil look at each other nervously.)

(Cut to exterior of house at night. Then, cut to Tommy's room, where Tommy is working on a fake medallion. Dil walks in, yawning.)

Tommy: Shh! What are you doing up?

Dil: I can't get back to sleep.

(Dil looks at the round dog biscuit.)

Dil: Are you gonna eat that cookie?

Tommy: It's a dog treat.

Dil: Even better! Let me try!

(Dil tries to grab the dog biscuit, but Tommy stops him.)

Tommy: No, Dil, I need it to make a fake Scorpio medallion since I can't ask Dad for his.

Dil: But won't Angelica know it's fake? What if she smells the cookie?

Tommy: Dog treat! She's getting a real one. I'll switch this with dad's, just for a day.

Dil: Seems like a lot of trouble for a girl.

(Tommy puts a chain on the fake medallion.)

Tommy: There.

(Tommy walks to Dil and shows him the completed medallion, waving it back and forth.)

Tommy: What do you think?

Dil: (sleepy) I'm going back to bed.

(Tommy has an idea. He continues to wave the medallion back and forth.)

Tommy: Look into my medal. You are getting sleepy, Dil. Sleepy. Tomorrow you will do all my chores and act like a monkey.

(Dil collapses to sleep. Tommy giggles.)

(Cut to Stu and Didi's room; they sleep. Spike is laying down next to them. Tommy sneaks in and switches the real medallion with the fake one, then sneaks back out, closing the door behind him.)

(Cut to night sky. Dissolve to morning sky; pan down to house.)

(Cut to Spike; he wakes up and smells the air. He wals to the fake medallion and eats it.)

(Cut to kitchen. Tommy walks in while Dil taks out the trash.)

Tommy: I got it!

Dil: That's great, Tommy. Hurry up and eat breakfast 'cause I like to do the dishes before I mow the lawn.

(Dil acts like a monkey.)

Tommy: It worked! I guess I better get you a banana.

(Spike sees the real medallion on the table and picks it up with his teeth, then walks off with it.)

Dil: Spike, no! I just wiped the table!

Tommy: Dil, chill out. I told you to do my chores, not to turn into mom.

(Dil acts like a monkey again while Tommy gets him a banana.)

Tommy: Here you go, Dil.

(Tommy notices that the medallion is missing; all that remains is a small pool of drool on the table.)

Tommy: Hey! Where's the medallion?

(Dil continues playing a monkey.)

Tommy: Okay, joke's over! Where is it?

Dil: Spike's eating it!

(The boys rush into the backyard.)

Tommy: Spike!

(They see the fake medallion's torn wrappers on the ground.)

Tommy: Oh no! The wrappers from the fake one!

(They run to Spike, who's licking himself. Tommy opens Spike's jaws.)

Tommy: He must've thought the real one was a dog treat, too.

Dil: You mean...

(Spike stands up, panting.)

Stu: (voice only, from house) Tommy! Dil!

Dil: (to Tommy) You are in so much trouble.

(Cut to, and zoom into, Tommy, looking nervous. Fade out.)

(Commercial break)

(Fade into the house's exterior. Cut to kitchen.)

Stu (panicky) What am I gonna do? I had that Scorpion medallion for over 20 years!

(Stu walks away, sobbing.)

Didi: Tommy, why would you take something that meant so much to your father, without asking first?

(Tommy was about to speak, until Angelica enters, slamming the door behind her.)

Angelica: Morning, favorite family! Today's the big day! While you guys dance to your lame-o music, your kids are gonna be at the biggest, coolest concert of the year, wearing all the latest fashions, of course!

Didi: Not right now, Angelica. We're in the middle of a family crisis.

Drew: (quietly) Is it Spike?

Didi: No!

Stu: Yes!

(Didi and Stu's answers above are simultaneous.)

Stu: Our geriatric, overweight dog ate my medallion!

Angelica: They what?

Dil: He thought it was a dog treat. Long story.

Didi: And getting longer. Tommy was just about to tell us why he took the medallion in the first place. Tommy?

(Everyone is looking at Tommy.)

Tommy: Uh....

Stu: (angry) We're waiting!

Dil: I'll tell you why he did it!

Tommy: Dil! No!

(Angelica plugs her ears.)

Dil: Tommy took it because he...

Tommy: ... because I wanted to wear it to the Emica concert so she'd see me in the audience and invite me on stage to sing with her. I'm sorry, dad.

(Tommy bows his head. Angelica unplugs her ears and sighs.)

Stu: Tommy, you took something that wasn't yours without asking. And now, it's gone. (sigh) I guess we have to...

Didi: (sobbing) ...we have to ground you!

Dil: But mom! Dad! We all supposed to go to the Emica concert together!

Stu: Sorry, son, but Tommy would have to miss it.

Tommy: But it's my first concert!

Didi: (sobbing) Oh, cursed the revised edition of Lipschitz!

(Didi continues to cry. Charlotte walks over to Didi to comfort her.)

Charlotte: There, there. You're doing the right thing. (to Drew) Thank heavens Angelica is so well-behaved. We better let them have a moment alone.

(Drew and Charlotte start to leave.)

Charlotte: (to Stu & Didi) See you at the disco tonight!

(Both Stu and Didi sob.)

Angelica: (angrily, to Tommy) Nice going, Pickles! You can just forget about me introducing Finster to Samantha now!

(Angelica bolts out. Cut to, and zoom into, a dejected Tommy.)

(Cut to the backyard. The Rugrats are sitting under a tree.)

Kimi: I can't believe you're grounded.

Phil: I never thought I see the day!

(Cut to Tommy, still sad.)

Phil: Not that I'm happy about it, or anything.

Lil: You never do anything wrong.

Chuckie: Why would you give Angelica the medallion anyway?

Tommy: Uh, 'cause she asked me if she could borrow it to wear it to the concert.

Phil: You know, if Spike ate that necklace, you'll still get it back.

All: Eww!

Tommy: Yeah, but it's not in time for the dance contest.

Chuckie: Who would want it then?

Tommy: You guys go and have fun.

(The Rugrats get up and leave.)

(Cut to exterior of house.)

Stu: (voice only) I almost feel like staying home with Tommy.

(Cut to interior; Stu, in his disco suit, sits on the stairs, while Didi adjusts her hoop earrings.)

Stu: There's no way we're going to win without my good luck charm.

Didi: Stu, I am wearing polyester and platform shoes. We're going! Besides, I already lined up a sitter for Tommy.

Stu: A sitter? What about Pop?

Didi: Your father said he had plans, and was very mysterious about them. Oh, we're lucky to have found someone on such short notice.

(The doorbell buzzes. Stu gets the door.)

Stu: Great; probably gonna cost us twice as much.

(Stu opens the door; Susie is right outside.)

Susie: Actually, it's triple my normal rate, but I might give you a break on mileage since I live across the street.

(Susie comes in.)

Stu: Mileage? But you don't even drive yet!

Susie: Ha ha, gotcha, Mr. Pickles. So, who am I looking at? Tommy and Dil? Tommy, Dil, Chuckie and Kimi? Or Tommy, Dil, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil and...

Didi: It's just Tommy, Susie. The rest of the kids are going to the Emica concert.

Susie: Who wants to see another teen sensation in a trendy wardrobe?

Stu: Couldn't get a ticket?

Susie: No! It was totally sold out. All my friends are going, and I'm stuck babysitting.

(Susie walks away.)

Didi: (to Stu) That Susie Carmichael is so sweet. Come on, Stu; it's time to boogie!

(Cut to backyard; the Rugrats are at the sandbox.)

Tommy: Remember when we always used to sit in the sandbox when we were bummed out?

Lil: Yeah. Sandbox, how could I have foesaken ye.

(Lil pours a small shovelful of sand. Phil is on his back, crossing his legs.)

Phil: Yeah, we had a lot of good times in this here dirt.

Chuckie: Lost a lot of good toys in here, too.

(Spike jumps into the sandbox, getting sand all over the Rugrats.)

Phil: You know, I thought it was deeper than this.

Lil: Yeah, I never touched the bottom before. Wait! What's this?

Chuckie: Is that my happy hippo pencil cap? Not that I'm still looking for it.

Lil: No, it's...

(Lil pulls Stu's medallion out of the sand.)

Tommy: My dad's medallion!

(Stu and Didi pull out of the driveway, into the street and drove off. Tommy & Dil were a little too late in catching them.)

Tommy: Mom! Dad! Wait! Don't go!

Dil: Wait! Come back!

(Tommy looks sad.)

(Cut to the theater, where the Emica concert is getting ready, Lights switch on on stage. Cut to aerial view, them pan to a queue, where the ticket holders are standing in line.)

Stage Announcer: Testing, 1-2-3; testing, 1-2-3...

Samantha: Great seats! I bet Emica is gonna pick one of us to sing with her! So, show me the necklace.

Angelica: Oh, my mom's bringing it in a little while, um, I'm had to have it cleaned, because, you know, it's really retro.

Samantha: Right. I forgot.

(Angelica acts scared.)

(Pan from the theatre, across the parking lot, to the community center. Cut to inside, where a DJ is spinning records and dancers are dancing on a lighted disco floor to the music. The dancers are in sync, except for Stu.)

Stu: I can't do it, Deed. I can't feel the beat without my medallion.

(Cut to Tommy's house; Dil tucks the medallion in his bike pouch. Tommy is outside a second-floor window, while the other Rugrats are on the ground.)

Tommy: Take it to dad right away! Okay, Dil?

Dil: We want you to take it.

Lil: Yeah, it's not fair that you have to miss the concert, now that you found this.

Tommy: I can't. I'm grounded.

Chuckie: Tommy, when have you ever let us say "I can't"? I'll tell you when -- never! So it's our turn to help you!

Phil: We're bustin' you out, Pickles!

(Tommy smiles and clenches his fists.)

(Cut to living room; Susie is watching the "Dr. Spooky" movie, first seen by the Rugrats ten years ago.)

Spooky: (on TV, crazed) Think of the possibilities!

(Spooky falls.)

Spooky:(on TV) To be older, wiser, and to see your life as it will be some day!

(As Spooky does his spiel, Susie gets up, goes to the kitchen, and gets a soda.)

Spooky: (voice only, on TV) Well, it's quite simple. I set this dial to a precise moment in the future. It could be days from now, weeks! Or even years! To be older, wiser...

(As Spooky drones on, Susie returns to the living room. The Rugrats are upstairs. Plil & Lil give reach other the thumbs up. The Rugrats crawl to the front door. Tommy jimmies the lock with -- surprise -- a screwdriver, then opens the door. They act surprise when Susie was standing right outside.)

Susie: You think I don't know when you're up to something?

Tommy: Oh.

Susie: Whatever it is, you better count me in!

(Cut back to ticket line at concert.)

Samantha: I think you lied to me, Angelica. You never had that necklace, and I bet you never been to Paris, and I bet you are related to Tommy Pickles!

Angelica: I have so been to Paris, and I can explain about the necklace!

Samantha: Yeah, right! What a phony!

Angelica: Oooh!

(Angelica sees Tommy and the gang coming over on their bikes.)

Angelica: Huh? Tommy?

(She runs to catch up to them.)

Lil: Tommy! Don't stop!

(Angelica stops right in front of Tommy. He swerves out of the way, only to fall over. The medallion falls out, but he catches it.)

Angelica: You found the necklace!

Tommy: Yeah, but you can't have it, Angelica! I should've never agreed to our deal. If Samantha can't see what a great guy Chuckie is without you telling her, then she's not good enough for my best friend!

Chuckie: Tommy! She's coming over.

(Samantha walks over to them.)

Angelica: Come on! Just let me wear that thing for a minute! Samantha's gonna think I'm a total fake!

Tommy: Start telling the truth, Angelica.

Samantha: What's he doing with your necklace?

(Tommy gives Angelica a serious look; Angelica looks nervous.)

Angelica: First of all, he's my cousin. And it's his necklace, not mine. He was gonna let me borrow it.

Samantha: Oh wow! I really have to think about this, Angelica.

(Samantha walks away, but stops at Chuckie.)

Samantha: Hey.

Chuckie: (nervously) Hi!

(Chuckie covers his mouth.)

Samantha: Don't I know you?

(Angelica walks to them.)

Angelica: If you don't you should. He's only the cutest kid in school. Samantha Shane, meet Chuck, I mean, Charlie Finster. The Third.

(Angelica holds up 4 fingers for "the third".)

Samantha: Hi, Charlie.

Chuckie: Hi. Uh, you gave me your lip balm the other day?

Samantha: Oh, now I remember! Braces, the worst. How long are you in for?

Chuckie: 2.5 years.

Samantha: See, sometimes, after they tighten them, you drool and stuff, that's when I learned about the lip balm.

Chuckie: You drooled?

Samantha: You know, you're gonna look really cute when they come off.

(Samantha touches Chuckie's face; he smiles.)

Samantha: Hey! Why don't we all sit together? It's really cool to have a cousin to have the same necklace as Emica.

Ticket Taker: (with megaphone) I need to see everyone's ticket now! No ticket, no seat!

Susie: Guess I'm out of here, guys.

(Susie starts to leave. Angelica catches up to her.)

Angelica: Don't go, Susie. Take my ticket.

Susie: For real? What's the catch?

Angelica: Don't make a federal case of it. I have to take something to my Uncle Stu. Right, Tommy?

(Tommy smiles.)

(Cut to stage, where Emica is. Overhead, there's a big screen image of her. In the crowd, concert-goers are yelling, "Emica! Emica!")

Angelica: No time to look!

(Angelica grabs Tommy.)

Angelica: You too, pipsqueak! Let's go!

(Angelica returns to grab Dil and runs off. Fade out.)

(Commercial break)

(Cut to disco contest. Betty is bumping Chazz.)

Charlotte: (to Drew) Oh, what a gimmick!

(Charlotte and Drew dance. Meanwhile, a judge disqualifies another couple.)

Judge: You're disqualified. You have to leave.

(Betty bumps Chazz past the disqualified couple, into a speaker.)

Judge: I believe you're done.

Betty: Not fair!

(Cut to Stu and Didi dancing. Stu doesn't have much of a groove.)

Stu: I just can't do it, Deed; face it, without my scorpio medallion, I'm nothing.

Didi: But you're not even a scorpio; you're a libra.

Stu: Eh?

Didi: Actually, you're on a cusp, but trust me, Stu; you're a libra.

Stu: What are you talking about? I don't even believe in astrology! I just know I can't dance without it

(Cut to overhead shot; then, scan to enterance, where the Rugrats rush in.)

Tommy: Hurry! Come on, get out of the way!

Angelica: Excuse me!

Tommy: Dad! Catch!

(Dil tosses the medallion. Stu looks, and catches the medallion.)

Stu: Tommy? Dil?

(The judge stands by and taps his clipboard with his pen.)

Tommy: Good luck, Dad!

Didi: Stu, dance!

Stu: Yes!

(Stu puts on his medallion, and begins to dance. Didi joins in. The crowd gathers to watch them. At the end, everyone cheered.)

Angelica: Okay. We embarrased ourselves enough. Let's go.

(The Rugrats leave.)

(Stu begins to twirl Didi around overhead.)

Didi: Stu, I don't believe I can do that!

(Cut to entrance to concert. The Rugrats rush up to it.)

Angelica: Well, I guess I'll see you guys later.

(Angelica leaves.)

Dil: Too bad you have to miss the concert.

Angelica: Yeah, yeah; we'll, that's the price of being nice.

(Tommy walks up to Angelica.)

Tommy: Angelica? What you did was, well, anyway, thanks.

Angelica: Ah, forget about it. Were cousins, stuck to each other for all eternity.

(Grandpa, in an Emica t-shirt, arrives.)

Grandpa: That is the sweetest dogburned thing I ever heard you two sprouts say.

Rugrats: Grandpa?

Dil: isn't it past your bedtime, Grandpa?

Grandpa: Darn tootin'! But I wanted to see this Emica that everybody's talking about.Your Grandma and I like to keep up with the new crooners. Of course, your Grandma had to go cruise in Egypt, leaving me with an extra ticket.

(Grandpa pulls a ticket out of his pocket. Angelica smiles.)

(Cut to the concert, where a musical number is wrapping up. Everyone, including the Rugrats, is dancing along.)

Rugrats: Emica! Emica! Emica! Emica!

Emica: Thank you, thank you! Now for this next song I'm gonna need a little help. Anyone interested?

(Everyone is vying for a chance to get picked.)

Emica: Let's see -- what about that cool guy next to the dude in the braces?

(Tommy and Chuckie look at each other with delight. Angelica rushes to them.)

Angelica: Pick me too! We're cousins! Practically twin cousins! Please, please, please!

Emica: Well, okay, come on up.

Tommy: Let's go!

(Angelica & Tommy get on stage. Everybody cheers.)

Emica: Maybe we should start singing.

(Multi-colored stage lights light up. The camera pulls away from the Emica sign and under Emica's legs. She begins to dance. They begin to sing.)

Emica, Tommy & Angelica:
You're a friend to me,
I'm a friend to you,
When we have each other,
There's nothing we can't do.

You were there for me,
I am there for you.
Whether good or bad times
we'll see it through.

You're a friend to me,
I'm a friend to you,
You brighen up my day,
when I'm feeling blue.

You should know wherever we'll be,
Hold onto our dreams for you and for me.
Whether we are near or apart,
I'll always remember you'll be in my heart.

Emica, Tommy & Angelica:
You're a friend to me,
I'm a friend to you,
When we have each other,
There's nothing we can't do.

You were there for me,
I am there for you.
Wherever I go,
I know this is true.

(As they sing that previous verse, the Rugrats are in the colored lights; Kimi waves. At the last line, the view is from the back of the stage, with the camera panning up to the stars.)

(For the next 90 seconds or so, various clips from previous episodes are seen. The clips, and the episodes they came from, are as follows:)
Clip Episode: Action in clip: Where To Find It In That Episode:
1 Be My Valentine The Rugrats dance in Tommy's room. 6 minutes, 6 seconds (6:06) into episode
2 Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing Tommy & Spike sway to the music. Found very close to the end
3 Send In The Clouds Tommy: I got an idea! Follow me! 2:04
4 Real Or Robots Tommy grabs a screwdriver 2:29
5 Fluffy vs. Spike Tommy uses his screwdriver to open the playpen. 7:43
6 The Big Flush Tommy, Phil & Lil crawl underneath some adults 9:07
7 The Wild Wild West Susie, Tommy & Chuckie riding horses in an wild west adventure.
(Please note that this scene was presented as an inverted (backward) image.)
8 The Wild Wild West They enter a cave, and crawl out of a box. 8:41
9 Officer Chuckie The Rugrats run on a sidewalk, with Spike towing Officer Chuckie in the Reptar Wagon. 9:10
10 Faire Play The Rugrats chase a frog while Didi works on stained glass. 7:45
11 Discover America Angelica and Susie on a motorcycle. 13:04
12 Piggy's Pizza Palace The Rugrats play in some balls. 10:13
13 Destination: Moon The Rugrats leave a spaceship while on the moon. 5:14
14 The Alien An alien takes off his "Chuckie" suit. 2:54
15 Chuckie's Wonderful Life Chuckie's guardian angel flies. 5:36
16 Angelicon Kimi plays with Superthing. 0:40
17 Chicken Pops Chuckie acts like a chicken. 6:54
18 I Remember Melville Lil: Look at him.
Chuckie: Melville, speak to me!
19 Mother's Day Tommy: We should find Chuckie a mom.
Chuckie: You'll do that for me?
7:24 / 10:11
20 Changes For Chuckie Kira: (to Chuckie) You! (giggles) 10:45
21 Angelica's Ballet Chuckie in a tutu.
Chuckie: Do I really have to wear this?
22 And The Winner Is... Susie hugs Angelica. 10:59
23 Twin's Pique Phil & Lil: Why can't they tell us apart? 0:57
24 I Do The Rugarts hug each other. 11:01
25 No Bones About It Tommy hugs and licks Spike. 10:48
26 Potty-Training Spike The Rugrats try to get a diaper on Spike. 5:14
27 Beach Blanket Babies Spike tows a cooler to the ocean's edge. 9:46
28 The Blizzard Spike tows the Rugrats through an icy canyon. 4:25
29 The Mega Diaper Babies Rugrats: The Mega Diaper Babies! 8:54
30 The Inside Story The Rugrats shrink down. 4:31
31 Moving Away The Rugrats hug Angelica.
Tommy: You like us! You really like us!
32 The Gold Rush Angelica dumps a bucket of sand on Chuckie. 0:46
33 Looking For Jack Angelica shoves a blanket into Chuckie's mouth. 0:50
34 Angelicon A giant Angelica tries to stomp on the little Rugrats. 8:30
35 Sand Ho Tommy & Angelica fight each other with swords. 8:56
36 Partners In Crime Tommy: Don't listen to her, Dil. 0:46
37 Piggy's Pizza Palace Angelica: But it wasn't my fault!
Prison bars close in front of her.
38 Two By Two A duck swims around Angelica. 10:45
39 Reptar On Ice Reptar: (singing) Kids on the ice! 9:47
40 Let It Snow It "snows" in the living room. 9:54
41 The Family Tree Didi: We're going to have a baby! 21:53
42 Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts (part 3) Dil hangs in the Reptar Robot's jaws, while a bubble is blown out of his nose. 15:40 in part 3;
59:40 in Nick Flick
43 Auctioning Grandpa Dil razzes. 3:30
44 Dil We Meet Again Dil makes a poopie 5:21
45 The Way Things Work Dil: Poopie! 0:51
46 A Dog's Life Dil plays with his food. 1:54
47 My Fair Babies Phil & Lil smear each other with cake. 9:26
48 Moose Country The Rugrats throw mud at each other. 4:32
49 Chicken Pops Tommy pulls a worm out. 6:38
50 Mr. Clean The Rugrats knock over a trash can. 5:37
51 The Turkey Who Came To Dinner The Rugrats set a turkey loose. 6:16
52 Bigger Than Life Fairy Tale Rugrats fall through a trap door. 7:30
53 Moose Country The Rugrats fall into a hole. 4:23
54 Crime & Punishment Phil, Lil, Tommy & Chuckie jump into mud. 10:45
55 The Mattress The Rugrats get crushed by a folding mattress. 10:47
56 Party Animals Grandpa kisses the Rugrats, tucked in bed. 1:20

(From clips 1 to 10, the music is instrumental. Emica sings between clips 11 and 19.)

All the moments we shared in the past,
The hopes and the fears,
The tears and the laughs.
All the memories, all that we could be,
There's one thing I know I always believed...

(From clip 20, the music is instrumental again. At clip 29, Emica, Tommy & Angelica sing again.)

Emica, Tommy & Angelica:
You're a friend to me,
I'm a friend to you,
You brighen up my day,
when I'm feeling blue.

You were there for me,
I am there for you.
Whether good or bad times
we'll see it through.

(From clip 40, music is instrumental. At clip 51, Emica, Tommy & Angelica resume singing, with cheering in the background.)

Emica, Tommy & Angelica:
You're a friend to me,
I'm a friend to you,
You brighen up my day,
when I'm feeling blue.

(Flashback ends. Cut back to stage.)

Emica, Tommy & Angelica:
You were there for me,
I am there for you.

Angelica: Oh baby!

Emica, Tommy & Angelica:
Whether good or bad times
we'll see it through.

You're a friend to me,
I'm a friend to you,
When we have each other,
There's nothing we can't do.

(While Angelica waves at the audience, Tommy takes the mike from her, and starts to sing to Emica as she takes a bow.)

You're a friend to me,
I'm a friend to you,
When we have each other,
There's... hey!

(Angelica tries to take the mike away from Tommy.)

Angelica: Gimme that!

Tommy: Angelica!

Angelica: Tommy!

(Tommy and Angelica struggle over the mike.)

Tommy: What are you doing?

Angelica: Gimme! It's my turn!

Tommy: Hey, hey Angelica! Stop that!

(The Rugrats watch with surprise.)

Angelica: Can it, Pickles!

Tommy: Come on!

(Cut back to stage; Angelica and Tommy still fight over the mike.)

Angelica: Give it to the star of the family!

Tommy: Oh, boy.

(Pan to left of stage, where we go back to the current day, when the original Rugrats are still fighting over the karaoke machine. Angelica was pulling the mike from Tommy, who then let the cord go, causing Angelica to fall and the karaoke machine to break. After it lands, a faint roar is heard out of the machine.)

(The Rugrats run out of the closet. Angelica walks to the broken machine.)

Angelica: Hey, it's broked! I don't know what you did, Pickles, but you dumb babies better keep your mitts of my stuff for the next bazillion years!

(The Rugrats stop running.)

Tommy: Well, look at the bright slide, guys, only ten more years until Angelica's nice to us.

Angelica: Hey! Someone drooled on it too! I'll get you fluffy-headed babies! (yells) Aunt Didi! Aunt Didi!

(Angelica starts to chase the Rugrats around.)

(Cut to exterior overhead shot of house.)

Chuckie: (voice only) Tommy, is ten years gonna be a very long time?

Angelica: (voice only, yelling) Aunt Didi!

(Fade out.)

The End

Compilation ©2001 Steve Mindykowski.

Quotes ©2001 Viacom.

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