Angelica's Last Stand

Contributed and compiled by Kathleen Kremer.

(Angelica with a lemonade stand in her front lawn; she pours some lemonade and gives it to Charles; Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil stand near Charles; Angelica's dad is weeding a few feet away)

Charles: Well, ---- (?). That's ten cents. Keep the change.

(gives her a dime)

Angelica: Thank you Mr. Chuckie's dad.

(her dad approaches the stand)

Drew: Hey Chaz. Just doing a little digging around the garden. Can Daddy have a lemonade sweetheart?

Angelica: Ten cents please!

Drew: (pulling pockets inside out) But Daddy doesn't have any money with him.

Angelica: Ten cents please!!!

Drew: Fine, I'll just go drink from the hose.

(walks away)

Charles: Okay, now you play here. But don't bother Angelica. She's working very hard.

(he waves good-bye to Mr. Pickles and leaves)

Chuckie: Tommy, what's Angelica doing?

Tommy: I don't know Chuckie. But your dad says she's working very hard.

Phil: Maybe she wants "monies" to buy a toy.

Lil: Maybe she wants to buy an "air-o-plane."

Tommy: Or maybe last night while we "was" sleeping, the whole world got turned upside down and now the grownups play all day and the kids go to work...

Angelica: Hmmmm... Heh!

Tommy: Or not.

Angelica: No, I'm doing this 'cause it's the funnest thing in the whole world.

(as she strains to squeeze the lemons)

Phil: More fun than playing in the mud?

Lil: Or eating worms?

Angelica: Oh yeah, but you babies can't do it. You're too little. I'm gonna have all this fun all by myself. You can't play "lemonlade" no matter how much you beg me.

(Tommy, Phil, and Lil beg)

Angelica: Well, okay.

(Phil, Lil, and Tommy cheer; Chuckie sits quietly nearby)

Chuckie: It doesn't look like fun to me.

Angelica: Well, it is! I mean... Chuckie, Chuckie, Chuckie. Have I ever lied to you?

Chuckie: Well, there was that time you told me that Spike was my brother.

Angelica: Time to play lemonade! Okay, let's go.

Chuckie: And the time you told me rocks "was" food, and the-

(cut to the babies helping make lemonade; Lil puts lemon in squeezer, Chuckie sits on the machine to squeeze it, Phil puts sugar in the juice, and Tommy adds water; Angelica grabs it and gives it to a girl on a hotwheel bike)

Angelica: That will be ten cents please! (girl gives her the money) Thank you, come again.

(puts money in the cup; postman arrives; puts dime in the cup)

Postman: Hi there.

Angelica: Hello, Mr. Mailman. One lemonade coming up.

(babies go through same sequence of making lemonade; Postman drinks it)

Postman: How about another? This time, no ice please.

(puts dime in cup)

Angelica: Coming right up. Need another, tall and tart, hold the ice!

(Tommy hands her a cup, she gives it to the mailman who drinks it and leaves)

Angelica: (takes cup of dimes and leaves, counting the dimes) One, nine, seven, four...

Chuckie: (holding ice in hands with Tommy) Hey, Tommy. How long to do we have to hold the ice?

Tommy: I don't know.

Lil: (licking a lemon) The lemons make my face all scrunchy.

Angelica: A hundred and thousand, gazillion

(continues counting)

Tommy: You know, I've been watching Angelica, and she "gots" a lot of dimes in that cup.

Chuckie: You're right Tommy.

Lil: She sure does!

Phil: What is dimes anyway?

Tommy: I don't know.

Lil: They're really pretty!

Phil: Yeah, and shiny. I want some.

Lil: Me too.

Chuckie: Do you think she's gonna share with us?

Tommy: Sure Chuckie. We're all playing lemonade together. It wouldn't be fair if she didn't.

Lil: Why don't you ask her?

Tommy: I'll right, I will.

(cut to Angelica, still counting)

Angelica: Tenny, five....

Tommy: Angelica!

Angelica: Great! Now I lost count. What do you want?

Tommy: Uh, Angelica, um, we've been playing lemonade for a very long time now. I was just thinking, you're going to share those dimes with us, right?

Angelica: Well, I, I guess I could, uh, if you really want me to, but I

(bursts into tears)

Tommy: What's wrong Angelica?

Angelica: Oh, Tommy! I didn't want to tell you but... it's my family! We got no more "monies" because (sobs) Spike ate all our "monies". And now we're poor. Yeah, that's it! We're poor.

Lil: What's poor?

Angelica: Poor is when you have no money!

Phil: I'm poor.

Chuckie: Yeah, and me too.

Lil: Yeah, and me too.

Tommy: Yea, I'm poor too.

(all the kids start crying)

Angelica: Hey, stop. You're just babies. You don't need money. Grownups need "monies" for grownup stuff. See? My daddy's over there digging for pennies. It's so, so sad, so please help us! Please!

Tommy: Well, of course we'll help you Angelica, right guys?

Babies: Yeah!

(cut to later ; kid customers are lined up at the lemonade stand)

Angelica: (through a cup phone) Welcome to Lemongelicas! How may I help you? Customer One: One Angelica special please!

Angelica: Thank you. That's ten cents. Please pull up to the window. One lemonade!

(babies make the lemonade; Lil gets squirted in the eye)

Angelica: Thank you. Twenty cents! Pull up to the window. Two more lemonades!

(babies continue to make the lemonade; Tommy spills some water)

Angelica: Come on babies! Please? For my mommy and daddy.

Tommy: I'm getting tired of these lemons.

Lil: Yeah, one of them spitted in my eye.

Phil: Yeah, and they sting my boo boo.

Chuckie: And this thing is making my bottom sore.

(Susie appears)

Susie: Hi, Angelica! What's ya doing?

Angelica: Hello, Susie. You ordering? Come on, time is dimes.

Susie: Um, I'm not really that thirsty.

Angelica: Okay, if you're not buying, you're flying. (pushes her out of the way) Next! Faster, sour! I mean, please?

Tommy: Hi Susie. I'm sorry we can't talk now. We're helping Angelica 'cause her mommy and daddy "is" poor. One lemonade!

Susie: Poor?!

Phil: Yeah! Her dad is over there digging for pennies.

Susie: Poor and digging for pennies?!

(see Mr. Pickles pull out a weed)

Drew: Hey, I got one!

Susie: Hey, Angelica. Are you trying to get out of sharing your money with the babies?

Angelica: I don't think that's none of your beeswax.

Susie: Angelica, tell the truth! You're not poor!

Angelica: Well, they, I uh, I, I mean, poor is a... (grabs the phone cup) Next!

Susie: Now Angelica! You lied to the babies and that's bad!

Angelica: All right! All right! So my mommy and daddy ain't exactly poor. But I'm a grownup and I need monies too, so get back to work. Next!

Tommy: What should we go Susie?

Angelica: One lemonade!

Susie: Well, if it was me, and I wasn't getting any dimes for all the lemons I was squishing, I'd stop squishing.

Angelica: Two more lemonades!

Susie: (gathers the babies around her) Listen. you've got to do it this way. Firstly, you've got to pick a leader. Nextly, the leader's got to go tell Angelica to share those dimes or all you babies are going to stop squishing.

Tommy: Then, uh, I pick you.

Susie: No, Tommy. It has to be one of you babies.

Angelica: Another lemonade.

Chuckie: Okay, then I pick Tommy.

Lil: I pick Tommy.

Phil: I pick Reptar... or Tommy.

Susie: Then Tommy's the leader.

Tommy: Well, um, I guess this is it. I'm going to go over there and talk to Angelica. (approaches her) Uh, Angelica.

Angelica: Huh?

Tommy: Uh, could I talk with you for a second.

Angelica: Talk? You want to talk? Let's talk about where my "lemonlades" are.

Tommy: But we want some of the dimes.

Angelica: No dimes! Now get your stinky diaper back there and work, work, work.

Tommy: But-

Angelica: That's it. Get back there or you're not playing "lemonlade" anymore!

Tommy: (looks dejected, then yells) No, I'm not going to do it Angelica! It's just not fair! We want dimes.

Angelica: We want dimes. (sarcastically)

Susie: Here Tommy.

(rips a picture of a dime from Angelica's lemonade sign; he holds it up)

Tommy: We want dimes! We want dimes! (others join in the chant too)

Tommy, Phil, Lil, and Chuckie: We want dimes! We want dimes! We want dimes!

(continue several times)

Angelica: Go ahead, you dumb babies. I don't need ya. I can do it all myself. Go on, get out of here. Oh boy.

(cut to babies marching with signs near the lemonade stand)

Babies: One, seven, four, three, Angelica was mean to me! Nine, five, eight, two, don't let her sell drinks to you.

(continue the chant)

Angelica: One "lemonlade" comin' right up. (squeezes lemon and some gets in her eye) Ow! Dumb lemon squisher! Don't leave. Comin' right up. (squeezes some lemonade but forgot to put cup under the dispenser) Oh! (pushes the juice back into the dispenser, makes the lemonade). Okay, here's your (drops it; customer runs away) All right, I've had it. Enough is too much. I quit! Are you happy! You babies were so greedy that now my "busyness" is ruined. Good-bye stupid "lemnons". (crumples up the sign) So long "lemonlade stand." I never liked you anyway, huh!

(Angelica walks into her house with her dimes)

(new day; Susie with the babies outside her house near a new lemonade stand; Angelica watches from behind a tree; the babies are laughing and playing)

Tommy: I need another "lemonlade."

Chuckie: I need another cookie!

(all laugh)

Susie: Hey, Angelica! Lemonade?

Angelica: All right.

Susie: Here you go.

Angelica: Thanks.

(holds out a dime but Susie doesn't take it)

Susie: Uh, this one's on me.

Lil: (laughing) And this one's on Phillip

(pour lemonade on Phil's head; the kids laugh)

Angelica: Well, thanks for the "lemonlade" you guys.

Tommy: Angelica, do you want to play "lemonlade" with us.

Angelica: You want me to play?

Tommy: Yes, we all do.

Angelica: Can I be the boss?

Tommy: Um, uh, we don't have any boss. Uh, we all do all the work, and we all eat all the cookies, and we all get all the dimes!

(Chuckie tries to get cookies; a cup goes flying and lemonade spills on Angelica as she screams)

Angelica: Guess you know what this means!

(Chuckie gulps)

Angelica: That one's on me. But this one's on Chuckie!

(she runs after Chuckie; all laugh)

(lemonade splashes on screen to form caption: "The End")

Compilation (c) 1998 Kathleen Kremer.
Quotes (c) 1997 Viacom.

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