A Rugrats Kwanzaa

Compiled by Steve Mindykowski.

It is nighttime and raining. As the WMD credits roll, the camera pans slowly down towards the street. Then, with a flash of lighning, we cut to the exterior of the Carmichael's house. There is a Christmas tree inside, in the window.

Cut to interior, where there are open presents all over the place.

Alisa: Can you believe it, Jack? My very own cell phone!  It's for emergencies only, and this is a major 911. Did you hear Tammy hook up with Josh? Yeah, and...

As Alisa talks, cut to Buster kicking a soccer ball around, then pan to Susie, who's playing with her beauty parlor set, braiding her dolls' hair.

Susie: Thank you, come again!

Pan across a roll of her dolls, all with braided hair.

Susie looks around for more stuff to braid.

Alisa: (voice only, on phone) You did?

Cut to Edwin, who's playing with his chemistry set.

Alisa: Edwin... I'm out of customers. Would you like to come to my new beauty salon?

Edwin: Not now, Susie -- I'm on a verge of a scientific breakthrough. I may have discovered a cure for hiccups.

Buster then appears, kicking his ball.

Susie: How about you, Buster?

Buster: No can do, Susie Q -- this head's off limits until after soccer finals.

Buster's soccer ball rolls toward's Alisa, who's still on the phone.

Alisa: I am so excited about that dance, I can't even tell you.

Alisa bends her head back and sees Susie, smiling. holding a hair ribbon and a brush, nodding yes. Thunder can be heard in the background.

Alisa nods no and hums, then gets back to her call.

Alisa: I don't know what they're thinking going like that.

Susie scowls.

Susie: Doesn't anybody gonna let me to do their hair?

Buster: Great Aunt T will be here any minute, little sis -- why don't you ask her?

Alisa: (to Buster) Buster, Aunt T is 86; she's a little old lady.

The front door opens. Aunt T is in the doorway, laughing as the lightning strikes nearby and the wind blows her hat off. She comes in with her luggage and a congo drum.

Aunt T: Whoo-ee! Oh my! I haven't seen a storm like this since Hurricane Coco in Tahiti.

She puts down her stuff and hangs up her coat, then walks to the living room.

Susie gasps and runs off, hiding behind Lucy.

Lucy: Susie? What's the matter?

Aunt T: Your Aunt T's here! Baby girl, it's so nice to see you.

Aunt T hugs Lucy.

Lucy: It's good to see you too, Aunt T. Where's Uncle Charles?

Aunt T: In Zanzibar, the old goat. Moves too slow. Plane left without him.

Lucy: Oh dear.

Aunt T: Not to worry -- he'll catch the next flight out.

The other kids walk in.

Aunt T: Ha ha! My stars! Look at all you children. You may not know me, but I know you.

Aunt T identifies the kids.

Aunt T: Alisa, Edwin, Buster, and Susie, the baby of the family.

Susie is still hiding behind Lucy.

Susie: I'm not a baby! I'm 3 1/2!

Aunt T: Child, at my age, everyone's a baby. (to all) Now get over here and give your Aunt T a big hug.

The other kids stand there, surprised. Aunt T goes to them and hugs collectively.

Edwin: You got a grip of a python, Aunt T.

Buster: You're an old lady, huh?

Aunt T: Nothing like being with a family for the holidays. I have a feeling we're gonna have an extra special Kwanzaa this year.

Alisa & Buster: Kwanzaa?

Lucy: You know, we never really observe that holiday, Aunt T.

Edwin: Although, I did write an excellent paper on it several years ago.

Aunt T: Is that right, son? Well then you know Kwanzaa's all about being together as a family. And since we're all together, we got to celebrate.

Lucy: Well, if that's what you want, that's what we'll do. It will be fun, would it kids?

Alisa & Buster mutter to each other in disagreement.

Susie: But what's Kwonzo?

Edwin: Kwan-zaa is a cultural holiday established in 1966, commemorating the first harvest celebrations in Africa.

Susie: Huh?

Aunt T: (giggles) Sugar, all you need to know is it's the time to give thanks and honor the legacy of our great people.

Aunt T sits on the couch and puts her feet on the table.

Aunt T: Now who's gonna help Aunt T get these boots off?

Alisa "volunteers" Buster. Buster struggles to get Aunt T's boots off her feet. When he did, she was barefoot -- she had no socks on.

Aunt T: Ahh... much better. But my darn toes froze up. Rub them for me, Buster.

Buster reacts with surprise.

Buster: What?

Lucy: Why don't we find Randy first? He's dying to see you.

Aunt T: Ah, there's an idea.

Aunt T gets up and leaves the room with Lucy.

Aunt T: He's not still writing stories about those Crummy Bears, is he?

Lucy: Dummi Bears, Aunt T; yes he is.

Cut to house's exterior. It its still raining.

Cut back inside -- the other Rugrats have since came over. Susie is doing Chuckie's hair in braids.

Chuckie: Thanks for inviting us over for Kwonzo, Susie.

Susie: Sure, Chuckie. Okay, you're all finished.

Chuckie looks in the mirror.

Chuckie: Gosh, we look like brother and sister, except that you don't got that many freckles.

Aunt T walks into the room, banging her drum. Kimi and Tommy follow her, dancing.

Aunt T: Let the music take you there little ones. (laughs)

Tommy stops dancing and talks to Susie, noticing Chuckie's hair.

Tommy: I like Chuckie's Kwonzo piggly tails, Susie, Could you do that for me?

Susie looks at Tommy's bald head.

Susie: Maybe next year, Tommy.

Randy walks in, annoyed.

Randy: Aunt T, I have a script to do, and it's kind of hard to concentrate with that...

Randy reacts with surprise when he sees Aunt T drumming along and dancing with Kimi.

Aunt T: Hey! Hey!

Randy: ...music.

Aunt T stops drumming. She notices the trophies on top of the fireplace next to Randy.

Aunt T: Hen feathers, Randy; I didn't know your family had so many trophies. Looks like I've stumbled into the Carmichael hall of fame. And you, Randy!

She looks at a trophy, which consists of a couple of goofy theater masks.

Aunt T: The Clickess Award for Comedy. Hmm, You know I never guessed you were a funny man.

Randy frowns.

Aunt T: Wow, there's certainly a lot of great people in this family.

Kimi: Which one of those are yours, Susie?

Susie: None of them. I guess I never done anything great.

Aunt T gives Randy a strong hug.

Aunt T: Oh, I am so proud of my Carmichaels. I know we're supposed to wait a few days, but what do you say we have the Karamu, the big feast, tonight?

Randy: Sorry Aunt T, but I only got 2 days to write a script, so if you excuse me...

Randy walks off.

Aunt T: Hey! Where you're going? The first day of Kwanzaa is about unity. We're supposed to be together!

Buster walks in, kicking his soccer ball. The ball bounces off a wall and rolls on the ground, which is stopped by Aunt T's foot.

Aunt T: Habari gani. That's Swahili for "How are you?" Now don't be shy, you're supposed to answer "Umoja", for the first day of Kwanzaa.

Alisa, Buster & Edwin: (not in unison) Umoja, Aunt T.

Aunt T taks a few things out of her suitcase, and passes them to the kids.

Aunt T: Alisa, something for that dance of yours.

Aunt T gives Alisa an African hat.

Aunt T: A little prop to go with your research paper.

Aunt T gives Edwin an irregularly-shaped package.

Aunt T: Buster, may your decendants be as plentiful.

She give Buster a sack that rattles.

Aunt T: Oh, and last but not least, our Susie.

She gives Susie a big package.

Aunt T: Now while you share this with your little friends, I'm gonna tell your mother we're having a feast!

Aunt T closes her suitcase and walks off.

Tommy: Come on, Susie! Open your Kwonzo present!

Susie: Ooh, I hope it's something we can play with right now!

Susie unwraps the present, which reveals a big, old book.

Chuckie: It's nice, but what is it, exactally?

Susie: It's just an old book with some pictures in it.

Tommy: Wow, look at all the neat stuffs they got!

Alisa looks at her hat.

Alisa: That is so not going on my head.

Buster looks at his string of beads.

Buster: 28, 30 -- shh, I'm counting my descendants. How am I supposed to feed all these kids?

Edwin unwraps his package, which reveals a mask. He hmms, them puts it on and faces the Rugrats. They run off.

Cut to the house's exterior, as lightning flashes. Fade out.

Commercial Break

Fade in to the front door, from the inside. The doorbell rings. Lucy opens it to reveal the DeVilles.

Betty: Sorry the pups are late, but Captain Howie got a little carried away building his new ship in a bottle.

Howard waves at Lucy, showing his right hand stuck inside the bottle with the model ship.

Betty: We're on the way to the hospital if you care to join us.

Lucy: Let me get my coat.

Lucy grabs her coat and leaves.

Phil & Lil walk into the living room; the Rugrats are playing with Alisa's hat.

Rugrats: Hi guys!

Lil: Oh, Chuckie, your hairs is so cute, you look like a little pointy porcupine.

Lil giggles.

Chuckie: Gee, thanks Lil.

Phil: So, did we miss anything?

Tommy: Susie's Great Aunt T just gave everyone Kwonzo gifts.

Lil put's on Buster's beads. Phil puts on Alisa's hat -- around his waist.

Phil: Wow! These are the bestest presents I've ever seed!

Susie: Those are Alisa's and Buster's.

Susie holds up her book.

Susie: This is what I got.

Lil: Goodness, Isn't it just lovingly, Philip?

Phil: I think she got gypped.

Aunt T walks in.

Aunt T: Allright, Carmichaels; time to get ready for our Kwanzaa feast.

Buster walks downstairs.

Aunt T: Buster, you're in charge of the dinner.

Buster: Me? What...

Aunt T: I got a recipe for African peanut butter stew that will knock your socks off!

Alisa walks in.

Alisa: (on phone) Mm-mm; don't even go there. She what?

Alisa sits on the couch.

Aunt T: Alisa, You can set the table. Don't forget the muhindi, the mkeka and the mazao.

Alisa: Excuse me?

Edwin: That's corn, straw mat, and the fruits of the harvest.

Lightning flashes.

Aunt T: Edwin, you gather the kinara and the candles. Okay everybody, let's get crackin'!

Buster: Oh, come on.

Everybody starts to leave.

Susie: But what about me? I want to help with Kwanza too.

Alisa: Consider yourself lucky.

Susie looks at the trophies.

Susie: Hey guys, I think I know why Aunt T didn't get me a job for Kwanzaa.

Lil: You do?

Phil: Why, Susie?

Susie: She said Kwanzaa's about being together and celebrating great peoples. And I'm not great.

Chuckie: Don't be silly.

Tommy: You're one of the greatest peoples I know.

Susie: No I'm not.

Phil: Of course, you are.

Susie: I don't gots a trophy like everyone else in my family.

Tommy: If all you need is a trophy, maybe we can make you one!

Phil: Yeah!

Susie: You can't just make a trophy, Tommy. First, they got to do something 'portant.

Lil: What kind of 'portant stuffs does your family do?

Susie: Well, Alisa's president of her class.

Tommy: You make a great president, Susie!

Phil: Yeah! What's a President do again?

Susie: They give speeches, and smile when they get their pictures taken, and things like that.

Cut to a next scene, where Susie is giving a speech, She uses an ear of corn for a mike.

Susie: And on my summer vacation, my family went to the zoo.

Susie waves.

Susie: We saw lots of animals.

Lil takes Susie's picture with a camera.

Susie: There were lions, and giraffes, and gorillas...

Alisa takes away the corn from Susie.

Alisa: Show's over, shrimp!

Alisa leaves.

Cut to her makeup set, where she mixes some of her makeup together. She then adds the talcum powder, which gers all over his face.

Then cut to the living room, where Susie plays with Buster's soccer ball. She falls, and the ball lands on a fireplace poker, deflating it.

Susie: It's no use. I'm just no good at being great.

Tommy: Don't give up, Susie. Maybe you just gots to do something special of your own.

Susie: Like what?

Chuckie: Well, you're good at making stuff.

Susie: You're right, Chuckie. Maybe I'll make Aunt T a Kwanzaa gift.

Cut to a turntable, where a lump of clay is rotating.

Chuckie: Gee, that's a real nice doll, Susie.

Susie scowls.

Kimi: I thought it was a turtle.

Susie: It's not either one of those. It's my head. Edwin has one on the piano. He calls it a bust.

Susie pumps the pedal faster. However, it went too fast, causing the clay to fly all over the place. The big lump of clay flew off the wheel and landed near Phil.

Phil: Now it really is a bust.

Susie: Oh, Aunt T's Kwanzaa present! It's ruined. I guess my family just gonna have to celebrate Kwanzaa without me! I'm not one of my great peoples!

Susie runs off with the lump of clay, crying. She runs into Aunt T's room, where she is hanging up Edwin's mask. Susie sits on the floor, still sobbing.

Aunt T: Bless your heard, child, what's the matter?

Susie: I ruined the present I made you for Kwanzaa. I'm sorry, Aunt T.

Aunt T picks up the clay object, which resembles a sort of cup.

Aunt T: Well, it's not gorgeous, but it has got a lot of character, just like me! (giggles) Tell Aunt T what else is on your mind.

Susie: I can't celebrate Kwanzaa with you because it's for the great peoples, and I'm not great, because I don't got any trophies or awards like you or all the rest of my family.

Aunt T: Me? A trophy? The only award I ever got is when your Uncle Charles gave me for Biggest Mouth In Town. (laughs) Baby, let me tell you something. Greatness doesn't have anything to do with winning awards.

Susie: It doesn't?

Aunt T: No man.

Aunt T kisses Susie, who then smiles.

Aunt T: Now, why don't you little ones come with me. I got some people I like you to meet.

As they walk out of the room, lightning strikes again; this time, the power is cut off. Chuckie screams. Fade out.

Commercial Break

Fade in to a window with 3 candles. Aunt T lights them. Randy walks in with another candle.

Randy: Is everyone okay?

Aunt T: We're just fine. Sit down, Randy; enjoy some family time.

Randy: I can use a break; I just wrote a scene where the Dummi Bears pitch a tent on their camping trip. It was hilarious.

Aunt T: Just goes to show you how people find everything funny. Now Susie, where's that Kwanzaa gift I gave you?

Susie: Here it is, Aunt T!

Aunt T: I kept this scrapbook for nearly 50 years; it's filled with all sorts of great people.

Aunt T opens the scrapbook.

Edwin: Wow! There's Rosa Parks! Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall!

Aunt T: Don't forget Ella Fitzgerald!

Aunt T sings a bar of Ella's "scat".

Aunt T: Boy, that lady could scat! (laughs) But I don't want you thinking that all great people become famous, and get their pictures in the paper; most never do.

Susie: Who's that, Aunt T?

Aunt T: Why that's your Uncle Charles. My dear old crumudgeon. Now he's a great man. But you don't you go tell him I said that; wouldn't want it go to his head.

Aunt T laughs.

Susie: Does he get lots of awards?

Aunt T: Oh, heavens no. But he's one of the kindest men I have ever known. Helps anybody who needs it.

We zoom in to a picture of Uncle Charles, then fade to a flashback, where he and Aunt T are driving in the country. Charles changes the station on the radio.

Announcer: (voice only, on radio) In other news, crowds are gathering today in our nation's capitol for a civil rights demonstration led by Dr. Martin Luther King.

Aunt T turns the radio off.

Aunt T: Heavens to gimple, Charles; we're miles from Washington and you promised we see Dr. King. You and your wrong turns.

Charles: Uh, oh; looks like car trouble.

The couple pulls over next to a white sedan, whose hood is open and its warning lights are flashing.

Cut to a few moments later; Charles and another man are working underneath, while Aunt T paces.

Aunt T: So, young man, where are you headed in such a fine suit of clothes?

MLK: I'm on my way to give a speech, ma'am.

Aunt T: We'll bless your heart! You can't give a speech covered with grease! Let me fetch you one of Charles' clean shirts.

Aunt T leaves for her car. Charles and the other man climb out from underneath.

Charles: That'll stop the leak. Should be okay to drive now.

MLK: Thank you, sir.

Aunt T returns with fresh clothes for the stranger.

Aunt T: You know, son, I never did get your name.

The man turns around to introduce himself.

MLK: It's Martin Luther King, ma'am.

Aunt T faints. On the ground, Aunt T took a picture of Charles and Dr. King.

We then go back to present day, where that picture is now in the scrapbook. Aunt T and the kids laugh.

Edwin: Way to go, Uncle Charles.

Cut to Alisa, where her phone went dead.

Alisa: Hello? (beep beep) I guess the battery must be dead.

Alisa presses the keypad, which still makes tones.

Susie: Aunt T! I didn't know I was in your book!

Cut to a picture of a church choir.

Alisa: That's not you; that's mom!

Aunt T: The day she sang her first solo in church.

Lucy returns back from the hospital.

Lucy: Oh, good heavens, you're not gonna tell that story, are you?

Aunt T: I sure am, sugar; It's one of the great moments in our family history.

Zoom in on a picture of the church's interior, then cut to there in a flashback. Many of the parishoners are waving fans. A young Lucy is looking from backstage, experiencing stagefright.

Lucy: I can't do it.

Lucy's Mom: Let's go, Lucy; they're waiting for you out there.

Lucy: Momma, I can't sing today; I'm not ready. I think I got a frog in my throat.

Lucy's Mom: Oh, baby, you just got a little stagefright, that's all. You love singing in the choir, don't you?

Lucy: Yes, but...

Lucy's Mom: Don't let fear keep you from doing what you love.

Lucy smiles.

Cut to the organist, who cracks his knuckles before he starts playing. Lucy stands in front of the choir. Aunt T, in the audience, takes a picture. Lucy just stays there and gulps. She then starts to sing. She starts a little weak, but got stronger.

This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine. Oh,
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine.

Choir Member #1: Hallelujah!

This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine.

All The Choir:
Let it shine!
Let it shine!
Let it shine!

The audience starts to clap along.

Choir Member #1: Everywhere I go...

All The Choir: Everywhere I go...

Choir Member #1: I go...

All The Choir: I'm gonna let it shine!

Choir Member #1: Oh, yes!

All The Choir: Everywhere I go...

Choir Member #1: I go...

All The Choir:
I'm gonna let it shine! Hallelujah!
Everywhere I go,
I'm gonna let it shine!
Let it shine!
Let it shine!
Let it shine!

Song ends. Cut back to present day. Aunt T laughs.

Susie: Momma, you were so scared. How did you do it?

Lucy: Sometimes you don't know how much courage you have until you're pushed out on stage, so to speak.

Aunt T: Susie, great people get scared just like everybody else. They just don't let it stop them.

Lucy: Speaking of great people, you forgotten to mention one of the greatest people of all, Aunt T.

Aunt T: Who's that, child?

Lucy: You.

Lucy shows a picture of herself with Aunt T at a graduation ceremony.

Cut to another flashback; a teenage Lucy sits on her bed, looking dejected. Aunt T walks in.

Aunt T: What are you doing just sitting there, child? Start packing! A gal doesn't get accepted into Harvard Medical School everyday!

Lucy: But Aunt T, my financial aid fell through, and I just don't know what I'm gonna do.

Lucy starts to cry while Aunt T talks.

Aunt T: Family needs a little help, and no one thinks to ask me. Why, what in blazes have your Uncle Charles and I been working so hard for and not to help family when they need it?

Aunt T cuts a check and gives it to Lucy; then kisses her.

Aunt T: Baby, I know you'll make a fine doctor someday.

Lucy: Oh, thank you, Aunt T!

Lucy hugs Aunt T.

Cut to graduation day, where Lucy stands next to Aunt T, all in smiles, while the other graduates toss their hats in the air.

Cut back to present.

Susie: Now I know why momma calls you GREAT Aunt T!

Everybody laughs.

Then, the lights flicker back on.

Susie: The lights!

Buster walks in with a plate of sandwiches.

Buster: Ladies and gentlemen! Our Kwanzaa dinner is served! When the power went out, I couldn't make the African Peanut Butter Stew, so I decided to make African Peanut Butter Sandwiches instead!

Aunt T: Genious, my boy.

Alisa: The table's already set, so let's have our Karamu.

Everyone starts to walk into the kitchen. Aunt T talks to Susie.

Aunt T: Child, always be proud of who you are, and where you came from. And remember, you have your whole life to discover how great you really are.

Aunt T closes the scrapbook.

Aunt T: Now, let's go celebrate with the rest of the family. You can light the candle on the kinara.

Susie hugs Aunt T.

Susie: Umoja, Aunt T.

Aunt T: Umoja, baby.

Aunt T walks into the kitchen, leaving Susie and the Rugrats behind.

Tommy: Aunt T gave you a really neat book, Susie.

Phil: Yeah! Those were the bestest Kwonzo stories I ever heared.

Lil: Those were the onliest Kwonzo stories you ever heared.

Kimi: You sure gots a great family, Susie.

Chuckie: Yeah, we think you're the greatest one of them all.

Susie: Thanks you guys. Come on, let's go celebrate Kwanzaa!

The Rugrats rush into the kitchen. As they do, Aunt T answers the door; it was Uncle Charles.

Charles: Hello, dumplin'.

Aunt T: Oh, Charles, you made it! Now we're all together! Come on now; we're just about to sit down for the feast.

Charles comes in with Aunt T.

Cut to the kitchen, where the table is festooned with a kinara, corn, and a bowl of fruit.

Susie: Mmm, this is the best peanut butter sandwich I ever had.

Alisa: I didn't know you had it in you, Buster!

Edwin: George Washington Carver would be proud.

Buster, wearing the mask on top of his head, gloats with pride.

Lucy: Oh, it's been a wonderful day, and I want to thank Aunt T and Uncle Charles for bringing our family together, and reminding us how much we have to be grateful for.

As Lucy speaks, Aunt T winks at Susie.

Randy: Susie, would you like to make the unity toast?

Aunt T: Goodness, child, you can't make a toast without the cup of unity. Now let's see, we need something very special for this important ceremony. And I know just the thing!

Cut to a liquid being poured into Susie's clay cup that she made earlier.

Susie: To Aunt T, for showing us we can all be great peoples.

All: (toasting each other) Harambee! Harambee! Harambee! Harambee!

Cut to outside kitchen window, then zoom up for overhead shot of Carmichael's house. It has since stopped raining.

Lucy: (voice only) Oh, yeah!

Choir: (singing voice only) Let it shine!

Fade out.

The End

Compilation ©2001 Steve Mindykowski.

Quotes ©2001 Viacom.

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