Mother's Day (Chuckie's Poem)

Contributed by Jon Cooksey, who's co-written this episode with Ali Marie Matheson, J. David Stem & David Weiss.

The following is the script from the segment where Chazz reads the poem from his late wife's diary. This script is being reproduced here, almost as given to me by Mr. Cooksey.

EXT. CHAS' BACKYARD - PRESENT Chuckie smiles at the memory as Chas pulls the diary out of the shoebox. CHAS This is her diary. She started keeping it when she was in the hospital. He turns to the last page with writing on it. CHAS The last thing she wrote in it was a poem. For you. (reads) "My sweet little Chuckie Though I must leave you behind me..." His voice blends into Melinda's: MELINDA (V.O.) "...This poem will tell you Where you always can find me. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CHAS' BACKYARD - DUSK Chuckie toddles around in the backyard, playing with Tommy, Phil and Lil. MELINDA (V.O.) "...When a gentle wind blows That's my hand on your face When the tree gives you shade That's my sheltering embrace. When the sun gives you freckles That's me tickling my boy When the rain wets your hair Those are my tears of joy..." INT. CHAS' LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS As the poem continues, Chas wipes the glass on the frame into which he has put Melinda's picture. He sets it on the mantle, and looks out at the babies playing in the garden. He smiles. MELINDA (V.O.) "...When the long grass enfolds you That's me holding you tight When the whippoorwill sings That's me whispering...night-night..." EXT. CHAS' BACKYARD - CONTINUOUS Chuckie brings the others over and proudly shows them the flowers. CHUCKIE See guys, I do have a mom. She's right here in the flowers... (points at the sky) ...and in the clouds... (points at the grass) ...and in the grass...and the sun...and the wind... The babies turn all around, looking each place that Chuckie points. After a beat, a butterfly flutters through frame and we...FADE OUT. END OF SHOW.

Script (c) 1997 Viacom.
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