The Blizzard

Contributed and compiled by "Anna".

*Scene: Rugrats are in the playpen*

Chuckie: (voice-over) "Janucember sixty second, it was a night just like any other and then desesture striked."

(Stu trips up on Chuckie's fire engine toy)

Chazz: Better watch where you leave your toys, Chuckie.

Stu: Boy, it's really coming down out there, Pop.

Grandpa: Yep, looks like we might have a real blizzard on our hands.

*Phone rings*

Stu: I ll get it!

*Back to the playpen*

Phil: The grown ups say a brizzards coming down on us.

Lil: What's a "Brizzard"?

Tommy: I don't know, but don't worry, our Dads would never let anything bad happen to us.

Chuckie: Guys! My brand new fire engine! It's broke! It was my favouritist fire engine I ever had, Santa brought it too me.

Tommy: Don't worry Chuckie!

Chuckie: Don't worry? First a brizzard and now this, what's not too worry about?

*cut to grownups*

Stu: I can't believe it! Didi said She's staying over with Betty and Howard on account of the snow.

Grandpa: But they're just next door!

Chazz: Better safe than sorry!

*scene changes to Rugrats sleeping*

*Chuckie wakes up*

Chuckie: (voice over) "Decembercember first, the next morning we waked up to a big surprize." (end voice over) Wake up Tommy wake up!

Tommy: What Is it Chuckie?

*Both look out the window, snows everywhere, Lil & Phil sit up*

Lil: Hey look, the sky is falling!!

Tommy: That must be it Chuckie, a brizzard is when the sky falls!

Chuckie: No wonder my Dad did`nt want to go outside!

*Grandpa enters*

Grandpa: Looks like the North pole out there, eh, scouts?

Chuckie: (voice over) "It was than that I got my idea"

*scene round the breakfast table, Stu runs in*

Stu: Yippee schools been cancelled!

Chazz: Stu your thirty five years old, you don't have to go to school anymore.

Stu: Oh yeah your right, but isn't this snow great? (Lil knocks over glass of milk) I can't wait to take the kids outside!

*Kids look at one another with shocked faces*

*outside in the snow, Phil walks on snow drift, then sinks under*

Chazz: Hey Stu, think fast!

*pegs snowball*

Stu: Why you...Hey Pop can you keep an eye on the kids for a minute?

*chases after Chazz*

*Phil reappears from out of the snow*

Lil: Ahhh!

Phil: (laughs) That was fun!

Chuckie: Hey guys, I got a great idea to fix my fire engine!

Phil: You do?

Lil: What is it?

Chuckie: Well, Tommy's Grandpa said the North pole was near here right?

Tommy: Yeah?

Chuckie: And that's where Santa lives right?

Tommy: Yeah...

Chuckie: So we can go to the North pole find Santa and he'll fix my fire engine!

*Babies stare with blank looks*

Tommy: Oh, let me get this straight, you want to go all the way to the North pole?

Chuckie: Oh, yeah...

Tommy: You want to climb over dangerous ice mountains, fight the scary storm and cross miles of frozen plungers?

Chuckie: Well, when you put it that way...

Tommy: Chuckie that's a great idea!

Phil & Lil: Yeah!

*Angelica pops her head round from behind a tree*

Angelica: Go see Santa without me? We'll see about that! heh, heh, heh! (evil laugh)

*scene: Rugrats pulling a wagon filled with toys*

Lil: Wait!!!

*Runs and grabs extra toy*

Tommy: Sorry Lil, but we gotta travel light, we can only bring important stuff.

Lil: Hmmm, I guess your right!

*hops on top on wagon, Tommy, Phil & Chuckie try to pull wagon*

Chuckie: We're never going to get to the North poll this way

Tommy: You're right Chuckie, Hey Spike! yah march!

*Next scene: all babies are in wagon with Spike pulling it*

Chuckie: (voice over) "Decembuary eleventh, we set out on expilition to the North pole, I was worried, but as usual our leader Tommy didn't seem to be a scared he's a brave baby, I just hope he know what he was doing..."

*Scene: Phil hiccups, then sighs; mountain starts to rumble. Phil repeats two more times, with the rumbling increasing intensity*

Chuckie: Avalanche, avalanche!!

*Back to reality -- a handful of snow falls in their cart, cut back to adventure*

Chuckie: (voice over) "Septober fifty eight, no sign of Santa or the North Pole, I could see the others we're getting worried so I decided to speak up..."

Chuckie: Who's bright idea was this anyway?

Tommy: Don't worry, the North Pole must be around here some place.

*Spike runs off*

Lil: What are we going to do now Tommy?

Tommy: I don't know, I guess we're stuck here.

Chuckie: But Tommy it's sooo cold.

Phil: Yeah a wet diaper would freeze in no time out here!

Tommy: We gotta bulid an igloo come on!

Chuckie: (voice over) "So we started to build, I did'nt have the heart to ask Tommy how a house made out of cold snow could possibly keep us warm."

Lil: ...and we got part of a Reptar bar and some lint and a penny.

Chuckie: That's all the food?

Lil: That's it!

Tommy: Ok you guys, we gotta make this last until somebody finds us.

Phil: Can I have the lint??

Chuckie: What if nobody finds us?

Tommy: They'll come Chuckie, they gotta come.

*Next scene babies wait, nobody comes*

Lil: I'm cold,

Chuckie: Im hungry,

Phil: Im cold and hungry and I think I need a new diaper!

Tommy: You guys, I better go get help.

Chuckie: But Tommy It's freezing out there, we're miles from civilization, you'll never make it.

Tommy: Maybe not, but I gotta try, I got you guys into this mess and Im gonna get you out.

*crawls out of igloo and off into the snow; the others watch him*

Chuckie: What a brave baby...

Phil & Lil: Bring fresh diapers!!

*Tommy sees someone ahead; can't quite make out who*

Angelica: (throws snowball at Tommy) Halt, who goes there?

Tommy: It's me, Tommy!

Angelica: I am Angelinook of the North, why came you unbidden to my snowbound kingdom!

Tommy: Huh?

Angelica: What are you doing here?

Tommy: Oh! My sled crahsed and it's cold and we're all out of Reptar bars.

Angelica: You weren't on your way to see Santa we're you?

Tommy: Well, yeah we we're!

Angelica: Baby, this is your lucky day, Angelinook of the North is going to save you and your friend and we're all going to go to the North pole!

Tommy: We are?

Angelica: Yep!

Tommy: Say, why are you helping us like this?

Angelica: Oh, no special reason, I mean the North pole is where all the toys in the world are kept, but really, I'm just doing this 'cause I'm your friend Tommy.

Tommy: Gee thanks!

Chuckie: (voice over) "Decembuary thirty third, still no sign of Tommy, but I fear none was lost."

Phil: Where do you think Tommy Is?

Lil: Maybe he got eaten by polar bears?

Phil: Or wolves!

Lil: Or the abondable snowman!

Phil: Or a penguin!

Chuckie & Lil: A penguin???

*Phil shrugs*

Chuckie: I think we gotta go find him

Phil: Why you wanna go find a penguin?

Chuckie: Come on! *Grabs hands*

Chuckie: (voice over) "And so we we're off, in search of our lost companion."

*Tommy and Angelica appear ahead*

Chuckie: I thought you were eaten by a polar bear!

Tommy: I thought you guys were frozen solid!

Angelica: Hey babies, anybody want a Reptar bar?

All babies: Yeah!

Angelica: Not so fast, If I'm gonna do something for you, you gotta do something for me.

*Next scene babies are pulling Angelica in the wagon*

Chuckie: (voice over) "Decembuary one hundred and fifty six, with the help of Angelinook of the the North, we was once more headed for the pole, as much as I feared her strange victory ways, I sensed her experience would serve us well."

Angelica: March, march, what's the hold up?

Tommy: We're lost.

Angelica: You dumb babies, how hard can it be to find the North pole, all you gotta do is go North!

Chuckie: Lets face it! No one knows where we're going! We'll just keep going around in circles till we freeze! Well, not me! I quit!

Angelica: You can't quit!

Chuckie: I can too and that's just what I'm gonna do!

Tommy: Wait Chuckie, look!

*everyone looks to where Tommys pointing*

Angelica: The North Pole!

Tommy: Come on guys!

Angelica: Wait a minute, If this is the North Pole, where's Santas house? I don't see nothing! No toy factory! No funny little elves! Not even a lame old reindeer turd! [yelling at Tommy] And where's Santa Claus house huh? Where's Santa Claus???

Chuckie: Oh no you guys! Don't you see?

Lil: What?

Chuckie: We must of got turned around somewhere! This isn't the North Pole at all!

Phil: It's not?

Chuckie: No, it's the South Pole!

Angelica: Great, you babies have done it again.

Tommy: Wait, don't you see what we did?

Phil: Made another mistake?

Lil: Got ourselves lost forever?

Tommy: No! we've done the impossible! We've faces the elephants! Beat up the odds! We've tracked across the frozen wildermess!

Angelica: So?

Tommy: We've done something no other babies have done before, we've discovered the South Pole!!

Babies: Yay!!

*Rugrats erect a flag of a baby bottle on the South Pole's candy cane*

*a shadow appears*

Chuckie: What's that?

Angelica: (shouting) Oh no, the adominable snowman! (normal voice, to audience) He lives down here, you know!

Chuckie: I can't look!

*Grandpa's face appears from behind the snowman he's making*

Grandpa: Hey kids, having fun? Maybe it's time you sprouts came inside to warm up.

*kids sitting in the playpen inside*

Angelica: No toys! Not one single measly toy!

Lil: At least we had fun.

Tommy: And my Grandpa fixed Chuckie's fire truck so we did'nt even have to bother Santa!

Chuckie: (voice over) "Barch 1st. Our ordeal is over. (Pan to window) We have rebelled with the naked North and this time at least, (cut to baby bottle flag) we have won.

The End

Compilation ©2000 by "Anna"

Quotes ©1993 by Viacom.

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