Rugrats End Credits

These are the people who make Rugrats possible; the voices, the animators, all the way down to the animation companies in Korea  -- they all help make Rugrats come to life.

In these credits, divided by season, the names of the voice actors and the characters they played are mentioned only once, for clarity purposes. I'll also give additional notes where needed, in italics.

Characters and actors appear in entire season unless noted with episode number in parentheses (ex: (66)).

"Seasons" are arranged here by groups of 13 episodes, which is a typical Saturday morning TV season on the over-the-air networks. Rugrats' season on Nick is also usually 13 episodes. In the episode guide of Nick US's site, seasons are arranged only in groups of ten, mainly only for the comvenience of grouping them up evenly on their website, with the original 65 episodes having 7 "seasons" (about 5 seasons in TV industry's terms).
Left & Right: Closing logos for Klasky-Csupo, 1991 (left) and 1998 (right);from The Multimedia World Studio Logo Gallery; © 1991 & 1998 Klasky Csupo, Inc.

All entries have been updated.

Pilot 1st Season 1991 2nd Season (1992) 3rd Season 1992
4th Season 1993 5th Season 1993 6th Season 1996-97 7th Season 1998
8th season 1999
(selected technical
credits only
10th Season 2001
("All Growed Up" only)
The Rugrats Movie Rugrats In Paris

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