Rugrats End Credits -- 10th Season (2001)

For now, the only closing credits I have is for the All Growed Up episode, which was provided to me as part of the press kit for the Rugrats' 10th anniversary. Credits for other shows will be available as soon as I get them.

Co-Executive Producer: Eryk Casemiro

Supervising Producer: Cella Nichols Harris

Creative Producer: Jim Duffy

Co-Producer/Story Editor: Kate Boutilier

Coordinating Producer: Lorraine Gallacher

Producers: Susan Ward, Pemelle Hayes

Voice Director: Charlie Adler


E.G. Daily as Tommy

Christine Cavanaugh as Chuckie

Cheryl Chase as Angelica

Kath Soucie as Phil, Lil and Betty DeVille

Tara Strong as Dil

Dionne Quan as Kimi

Cree Summer as Susie

Joe Alaskey as Grandpa

Michael Bell as Chas Finster & Drew Pickles

Melanie Chartoff as Didi Pickles

Jack Riley as Stu Pickles

Tress MacNeille as Charlotte Pickles

Laraine Newman as Samantha

Adrienne Frantz as Emica

Charlie Adler as Dr. Spooky

Monica Piper as Mrs. Guppy

Not credited in episode, but appearing in flashback clips:

Julia Kato as Kira

(Conrad) John Schuck as the skating Reptar

Main characters designed by: Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo, Peter Chung

Casting: Barbara Wright

Executive in Charge of Production: Terry Thoren

Executive Producers: Gabor Csupo, Arlene Klasky

Klasky-Csupo, Inc.

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