RugratsEnd Credits -- 7th Season (1998)

(Special thanks to "Whiggles".)

Special Note:

For all practicality, numbers given here are according to production order, and are as follows:

81: Ransom of Cynthia / Turtle Recall

82: Angelica Orders Out / Let It Snow

83: Angelica Nose Best / Pirate Light

84: Grandpa's Bad Bug /Lady Luck

85: Crime & Punishment / Baby Maybe

86: The Word of the Day / Jonathan Babysits

87: He Saw, She Saw / Piggy's Pizza Palace

88: Fugitive Tommy / Visiting Aunt Miriam

89: The First Cut / Chuckie Grows

90: Uneasy Rider / Where's Grandpa?

91: The Wild Wild West / Angelica For A Day

92: Babysitting Fluffy / Sleep Trouble

93: Journey To The Center of the Basement / A Very McNulty Birthday

94: The Family Tree

Note that some of these episodes were actually released in 1997. This order and season arrangement reflects the production order, not the actual order of initial broadcast on Nick US or YTV. For the Nick US order, see the brief episode list.



Starring: Parts Played:
Christine Cavanaugh Chuckie
E.G. Daily Tommy, Aerobics Instructor (84), Terry (88), Boy (90-91)
Kath Soucie Phil, Lil, Saleswoman (81), Betty (85,89-94)
David Doyle
Grandpa (81-84)**
** David Doyle died February 26, 1997, while the soundtracks for this season were in production.
Joe Alaskey Grandpa (88-91), Ice Cream Man (91)
Michael Bell Chas [sic] (81-82,85,87,90,92-94), Drew (82,84,86,91-92,94), Boris (94)
Melanie Chartoff Didi (81-87,89-94), Pottery Teacher (84), Minka (94)
Cheryl Chase Angelica
Jack Riley Stu (81-85,87,89-92,94)
Tress MacNeille (MacNeill) Charlotte (81-86,91-92,94)
Cree Summer Susie (91)

Other Players:

SAM ANDERSON: Salesman (81), Announcer (81)

GREGG BERGER: Security (81)

ANDRE CARTEN: Announcer (81)

NATHAN CARLSON: Weatherman (82)

JEREMY SISTO: Delivery Guy [i.e. Larry] (82)

ANDREW DICE CLAY: Repair Guy (83)

LEIGH TAYLOR YOUNG: Story Reader (83)

SID CONRAD: Mr. Dworzak (84), Man 3 (84), Man 4 (84)

ALICE GHOSTLY: Ms. Horkin (84)

BILLIE HAYES: Fabulous Lady (84)

ALAN KOSS: Mr. Gump (84)

BEN STEIN: Bingo Caller (84)


DIANE DELANO: Naomi (85)

MEAGAN FAY: Elaine (85)

* Dan Castellaneta plays Homer in "The Simpsons", and Grandpa on Hey Arnold; this is his second Rugrats appearance.

TARA CHARENDOFF: Shannon (86), Kim (86), Timmy (88,93), Teddy (88,93)

MARABINA JAMES: Stephanie (86), Timmy (86)

VICKI LEWIS: Miss Carol (86)


NORM ALDEN: Plastic Piggy (87)

BOB GLOUBERMAN: Costumed Piggy (87)

JASON JAMES RICHTER: Ringo (87), The Bull (87)

JOANNA RUBINER: Big Binky (87)

SAMANTHA WIDBY: Cellmate (87), Girl Patron (87)

GREY DELISLE: Todd (88,93), Ty (88,93), Terry (93), Reptar Jr. (93)

MICHAEL KEENAN: Conan McNulty (88)

MONA MARSHALL: Gabriel (88)

BIBI OSTERWALD: Sheila (88), Florence (88)

ANDREA MARTIN: Aunt Miriam (88)

MARTIN WARNER: Gabe Lasky (88)

MARY KAY BERGMAN (deceased): Spokes (90), Freindly [sic] Boy (90)

ARYE GROSS: Attendant (90), Bear (90)

NANCY CARTWRIGHT: Boy (91), Brat (91), Nick (91)*
* Nancy Cartwright plays Bart in "The Simpsons"; this is her second Rugrats appearance.

JENNIFER HALE: Mack (91), Little Kid (91)

KEVIN SCHON: Announcer (92), Weatherman (92)

THERESA GANZEL: Colleen McNulty (93)

STACY KEACH: Marvin Finster (94)

MIRIAM MARGOYLES: Shirley Finster (94)

The Staff:

Creative Producers: Paul Demeyer, Jim Duffy (90-94)

Cella Nichols Duffy
Cella Duffy, Production Manager: 1992-93.

J. David Stem (81-82,84-85), David N. Weiss (81-82,84-85)

Story Editors: Jon Cooksey, Ali Marie Matheson

Casting by: Barbara Wright*
* Wright was associate producer of the later 1993 episodes

Main Characters Designed by: Gabor Csupo, Arlene Klasky, Peter Chung, John Holmquist

Voice Director: Keythe Farley (88-94)

A.D. Supervisor: Samuel Williams

Assistant Directors: Jeffrey (Jeff) Perlmutter (81-82,84,86,88,90,92,94), Enrique (Enriquez) Morales (82,85,87,89,91,93), Jud Kilgore (83-85,87,89,91,93), Samuel Williams (94)

Animatic Scanners:  Jesse Gutierrez, Shannon Bergman (81-84,87-89)

Storyboard Artists: Ira Sherak (81-82,85-86,88-90,93-94), Christofer Graham (81-82,84-86,90,92,94), Norman Quebedeau (81,84-86,90-91,93-94), Sue Bielenberg (81-84,86,90,92-93), Monika (Monica) Tomova (82-83,86-87,89,91,93-94), Barry Vodos (82,86,88,92,94), Rafael Navarro (82,88,90,92), Jeff Scott (83-84,87-88,90,92-93), John R. Dilworth* (84), Celia Kendrick (85,88,91), Shawn Murray (85), Ian Graham (86,90), Ron Campbell (87-88,91), Ignacio Ferreras (89,93), Dave Williams (89), Chris Hermans (92-94)

* John R. Dilworth is the creator of "Courage the Cowardly Dog" on Cartoon Network.

Design Supervisors: Bradley J. Gake (81-93)

Designs & Backgrounds: Vladi Rubizhevsky, Geoffrey Anderson, Dave E. Williams, Alex Dilts (81), Vladimir Zaval (81-82,84), Jeffrey Mertz, Catherine Burch, Keith Conroy (81-83,85-94), Saehee Simmons (93), Mickey Stein (93), Levente Fodor (94)

Background Clean-up: Saehee Simmons (87)

Character Design Supervisor: Sharon Ross

Character Designs:  Louie Del Carmen, Nelson J. Hill

Sheet Timers Supervisors:  Sylvia Keulen (81-84), Craig Armstrong (82,85-94)

Sheet Timers: Jaime (Jamie) Diaz, Hernan Henriquez (81,83-94), Zdenko Gasparovic (81,83-90,92-94), Craig Armstrong (81,83), Debbie Baber (81), Juli (Julie) Hashiguchi (82,85,87-93), Jim Duffy (82-83,91,94), Carlton Batten (84), Sylvia Keulen (85-86,88,90,92), Leonardo Pinero (85-93), Maxwell Becraft (92-93)

Color Supervisor: Robert King

Color Design:  Gordon Swan, Renan Tolon, James Peters, Shannon Bergman (82-94)

Color Scanner: Shannon Bergman (81)

Checking Supervisors: Zsuzsa Lamy (81-93), Glenn Higa (94)

Checkers: Lin-Z Rogers, Glenn Higa (88-93)

Assistant Checker: Sharon Altman

Recording Engineer: Daniel Cubert

Music Produced & Engineered by: Robert Casale

Dialogue Editors: Mike Myles, Daniel Ben-Shimon, Michelle Rochester (82-84,86-88,90-94), Robert Hache (82)

Effects Editor: Derek Vanderhorst

Background Editors: Curt Apanovich (81-82,84), Robert Hache (82-83,85-93), Michelle Rochester (91,93-94)

Picture Editors:  John Bryant (81-88), Peter Tomaszewicz (89-94)

Assistant Picture Editors: Vincent Gonzales, Gayle MacIntyre (94)

Re-Recording Mix Engineers: Kurt Vanzo (81-90), Jeremy Pitts (91), Peter Carlstedt (92-94)

Foley Mixers: Derek Pippert, Jeremy Pitts (84)

Foley Artists:  Anita Cannella (81-93), Michael Crabtree (81-82,84), Dustin O'Halloran (O' Halleran) (82-83,85-93), Elizabeth Rainey (94), Gregg Barbanell (94)

Foley Recordist: Maretta Stiles-Cole

Director of Post:  Wendi McNeese (81-88)

Post Production Coordinators:  Alison Flynn, Susan Ward (89-92)

Post Production Manager: Susan Ward (93-94)

Casting Coordinator: Stephan (Stephán) A. McKenzie

Casting Assistant: Simone Raclin (86,89-94)

Design & Production Coordinator:  Susan Ward, Linda Washington (89-90)

Production Coordinators:  Christine Ferriter (81-86), Michael Walsh (81-86), Linda Washington (81-88,91-94)

Script Coordinator: Anne Baker

Production Assistants: Chrystian Dulac

Accounting Assistants: Donna Ferman, Jennifer Wegrzyn, Juan Ros

Post Assistant: Erik Harp

Production Controller: Robin Hewitt

Production Support:  Susan Durante, Robyn Templeman, Jeff Court (81-84), Jim Holden

Computer Support: Laszlo Lakits, Erik Pope

Track Reading: Glenwood Editorial

Lip Assignment: Kent Holaday

Negative Cutter: Magic Film & Video Works

Main Title Animation: Peter Chung

Main Title Assistant Animation: Juli Murphy [Hashiguchi]***, Louis Tate
*** In the newer episodes since 1996, her latest duties are credited as "Juli Hashiguchi", but under this credit, she is credited as "Juli Murphy", her name as of 1991.

Lettering: Tamara Varga, Jamie Huang

Overseas Animation Facility: Anivision Corporation

Overseas Studio Executive: Jae Y. Moh

Overseas Supervising Director: Sheldon Arnst, Zsuzsa Lamy (94)

Telecine Color Correction:  Lenny Fohrer (81,84-93), Michael Martens (81,84-93), Charlotte Grau (82-83), Goy Stoil (82-83)

Online Editorial: Barry Cohen (81-93), Andy Williams (81-93), Kip Gibson (94), Frank Sanders (94)

Digital Video Post Production: Hollywood Digital

Nickelodeon Production Executive: Lora Lee

Nickelodeon Story Consultant: Mark Valenti

Klasky-Csupo Coordinating Producers: Eryk Casemiro, Margot Pipkin

Klasky-Csupo Story Consultant: Monique Hart

Executive in Charge of Production: Terry Thoren
Terry Thoren is a CEO of Klasky-Csupo.

Executive Producers: Gabor Csupo, Arlene Klasky

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©1997 Nickelodeon, a programming service of Viacom International Inc. (81-89)

©1997 / 1998 Nickelodeon, a programming service of Viacom International Inc.
"Rugrats" and all related logos, titles and characters are trademarks of Nickelodeon,
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