The People Of The Rugrats Movie

These are some of the credits in the film. I've listed all the voice credits, but I only listed the more important technical credits (yes, they're ALL important, but there are too many animators to list).


Some of the music credits are from the liner notes of The Rugrats Movie Score.

* -- Listed on the movie credits page of Nick's Rugrats Movie site. Their credits page only has a handful of important credits and no voice credits, as their credits page deal mostly with the credits for their website.

(Left: The Rugrats Movie staff, from left-to-right -- executive producer / creator Gabor Csupo (on left guitar), writer David N. Weiss(?) (singer), director Igor Kovalyov (on drums), director Norton Virgien(?) (on right guitar) and Arlene Klasky (on accordian); from The Rugrats Movie press booklet; ©1998 Klasky-Csupo, Inc. I apologise if I got some of these wrong, as I tried to match the people in this picture with the ones in the KC book.

*Music: Mark Mothersbaugh

*Music Supervisor: Karyn Rachtman

*Written by: David N. Weiss, J. David Stern

Art Director: Dima Malanitchev

Co-Producers: Hal Waite, Eryk Casemiro, Julia Pistor

*Executive Producers: Albie Hecht, Debby Beece

*Produced by: Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo

*Directed by: Norton Virgien, Igor Kovalyov


Tommy: E.G. Daily
Chuckie: Christine Cavanaugh
Phil / Lil / Betty: Kath Soucie
Dil: Tara Charendoff
Angelica: Cheryl Chase
Didi / Minka: Melanie Chartoff
Stu: Jack Riley
Grandpa: Joe Alaskey
Drew / Boris / Chazz: Michael Bell
Charlotte: Tress MacNeille
Howard / Igor: Phil Proctor (credits listed Howard as "Phil Proctor" and Igor as "Phillip Proctor")
Susie: Cree Summer
Lucy: Hattie Winston
Dr. Lipschitz: Tony Jay
Aunt Miriam: Andrea Martin
Rex Pester: Tim Curry
Ranger Maragaret: Whoopi Goldberg
Ranger Frank: David Spade
Reptar Wagon: Busta Rhymes
Lt. Klavin: Margaret Cho
Air Crewman: Roger Clinton (Bill's country-western brother?)
United Express Truck Driver: Charlie Adler
Reporters: Steve Zirnkilton, Robin Groth, Angel Harper
Nurse: Edie McClurg
Woman Guest: Mary Gross
Male Guest: Kevin McBride
Serge: Abe Benrubi
Circus TV Announcer: Gregg Berger
Nursery Song Babies: (see music page)
Monkey Vocals: Bob Dunn Animal Rentals, Mark Watters Animal Rentals (real monkeys doing voices of animated ones)

Selected Technical Credits:

Voice Direction: Charlie Adler, Norton Virgien
Casting Director: Barbara Wright
Character Designers: Steve Fellner, Konstantin Valov
Background Designers: Alex Dilts, Brian Rich
Prop Designers: Craig Simmons, Beverly Chapman
Baby Dil & Reptar Wagon Designed By: Igor Kovalyov
Writer's Assistant: Kathy Maher
Additional Layout By: Stardust Pictures, London England
Overseas Animation Supervisor: Annie Elvin
Overseas Layout Supervisor: Simon Ward-Horner
Animation & Digital Paint Production: Grimsaem Animation Co., Ltd., Seoul, (South) Korea
Executive Producer (for Grimsaem): Han-Young Kang
Directors (for Grimsaem): Sung-Woo Lee, Choong-Young Lee, Dong-Yuel Baek
Sunwoo Digital International Technical Director: Sang-Wook Park (Sunwoo is a parent company to Grimsaem & Anivision)
Additional Animation Production in USA, Class-Key Chew-Po Commercials Executive Producers: Elizabeth Seidman, John Andrews
Sound Editors: Dave Cohen, Tammy Fearing, Beth Sterner
Sound Effects Editor: David Eccles (many people know him as the voice of Krumm on Real Monsters)
Dialogue Editors: Jeremy Pitts, Mike Myles, Michelle Rochester
Recording Engineers: Kurt Vanzo, Peter Carlstaedt
Voice Casting: Barbara Harris
Music Editors: Mike Baber, Kim Naves, Jennifer "Jiffy" Blank
Music Production Supervisor: Graham Walker
Music Production Coordinator: Liz Schrek
Music Score Performed By: The London Metropolitan Orchestra
Orchestra Leader: Tom Bowes
Orchestra Conducted By: Allan Wilson, Jamshied Sharifi
Orchestrators: Bruce Fowler, John Bell, Walter Fowler, Christopher Guardino, Vladimir Horunzhy, Ladd McIntosh, Yvonne Moriarty, Carlos Rodriguez, Miyuki Sakamoto, Steven Scott Smalley
Music Preparation: Vic Fraser
Music Recorded By: Mike Ross-Trevor at CTS Studios, Wembley (London), England
Music Mixed By: Shawn Murphy at Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
Mastered By: Eddy Scheyer at Oasis Mastering
Executive Consultant: Paul Germain
Special Thanks To: Toltec Artists, Peter Chung, Vanessa Coffey, Vicki Ariyasu, Karen Rosenfelt, Chuck Swensen, Laverne McKinnon, Gerry Layborne, Mary Harrington, Jarrett, Brandon & Ruby (the last 3 are Klasky & Csupo's kids, who brought inspiration to the series)

Printed on Eastman Kodak Film

Color By Deluxe®

Digital DTSTM Sound in selected theaters

Dolby Sound® in selected theaters

MPAA certificate No.36328

"The characters and events in this motion picture are ficticious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional. No cartoon characters were harmed in the making of this film."

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