The Rugrats Movie Score

(Left: Cover of The Rugrats Movie Score , from Klasky-Csupo's website; ©1999 Klasky-Csupo / Viacom.)

The Rugrats Movie Score is a 2-CD set featuring the scenic orchestrations of the film by Mark Mothersbaugh, Jamshied Sharifi and the London Metropolitan Orchestra. This is the type of music that's beyond the scope of the popular artists on the regular soundtrack. The first CD features the score itself, which was recorded at CTS Studios in London, 9/28/98 to 10/2/98 (completed with about a month to spare before the world prremiere). The second CD, the "Rugdance" CD, features 3 special musical numbers -- Pop Song, Poop Song and Have You Guys Seen My Shoes? This CD also had a multimedia feature, but all that does is take you to the now-closed Nick's international Rugrats Movie page, which was nothing special if you've been there as early as February 1999, and is completely useless if you try to go there after May 2000 (CD mentioned that it goes to Klasky-Csupo's site, but that is not the case). CD also includes stickers. Makes a great gift for any die-hard fan of the show or the film.

The Rugrats Movie Score retails for US$17.97.

The Rugdance disc is also available separately as a 12-inch vinyl record.

Right: Ad for The "Lost" Rugrats Movie Score , from the December 1999 Nickelodeon Magazine; ©1999 Klasky-Csupo / Viacom. To see a larger image, click here.


Webmaster's Note: I have purchased this CD on eBay, days before its official release; because of this, the CD is a demo CD, which has a hole over the UPC symbol on the back. Because of this, some of the line-up information is missing. I will do my best to fill in any missing links.

The Main Disc:

Legend (Placed after the running time):
M -- written by Mark Mothersbaugh; produced by Mark Mothersbaugh & Bob Casale; orchestra conducted by Allan Wilson
S -- written, produced & conducted by Jamshied Sharifi
RR -- features excerpts of The Rugrats Theme

In the film, the score is presented in the exact same order as listed below.

1. Main Title -- The Rugrats Theme (:33) M,RR
2. Juice Bumps / Raider's March (1:27) M
3. Big Ball / Window Smack (1:30) M
4. Baby Shower Happenings (2:26) M,RR
5. At The Lipschitz Center (1:39) M,RR
6. Baby Dil (1.24) M,RR
7. Monkey Circus Ad (:38) M
8. Monkeys Hijack Train (1:36) M
9. Brothers Fight (2:21) M
10. Reptar Wagon Unveiled / Shipper Arrives (1:09) M
11. Truck Crash / Searching The House / Rugrats In The Woods (2:16) M
12. Cynthia's Gone (:10) M
13. Tommy Consults The Watch (1:07) S
14. Angelica On The Chase / Angelica Crashes (1:10) M
15. The Reporters (2:55) M
16. Dil Pees / Nakey Speech / The Lizard (1:32) S
17. Downhill Run / Bambi Blast (:37) S
18. Downhill Run Reprise (:30) S
19. Into The River (:35) M
20. Scared Ranger / StuGets A Plan (:41) M
21. Adventures In Aqua Reptar / Dactar Down (2:02) M
22. Going Around In Circles / Meet The Monkeys (1:13) M
23. Rugrats Fend Off Monkeys (1:24) S
24. Angelica vs. Wolf / Dactar Flies (1:20) M
25. Rugrats Fight (:54) M
26. Tommy's Off To Find Dil (:46) M
27. Tommy Finds Dil (:24) M
28. Tommy Snaps / Male Bonding (2.48) S
29. Rugrats Attack In Storm (1:45) M
30. Monkeystalk (???) M
31. Chuckie Saves Tommy (:48) S
32. The Big Chase (4:20) S,RR
33. Spike Fights The Wolf (1:26) S
34. Salvation On The Bridge (with Also Spach Zarathustra) (3:08) M,RR
35. Raider's March / The Rugrats Theme (:49) M,RR

The Rugdance Disc:

These are remixes and additional music, produced by Gabor Csupo; mixed & engineered by David Eccles. Features the voices of Grandpa & the Rugrats.

1. Pop Song (3:19)
2. Poop Song (3:00)
3. Have You Guys Seen My Shoes? (3:13)


The credits for the score are included with the movie credits.

Design: Timothy Georgarakis

"Special thanks to Lisaann Dupont, Steven Gold and the Gang at Avenue L & 8th Street."

Released by Casual Tonalities, in association with The Never Records Group.

Distributed by Proper Sales & Distribution.

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