Rugrats In Paris -- The Movie


Right: Paul DeMayer and Stig Bergqvist, working on Rugrats In Paris.

(From The Onion; © 2000 Viacom / The Onion.)

Here are some of the credits for Rugrats In Paris.


Tommy: E.G. Daily

Chuckie: Christine Cavanaugh

Phil / Lil / Betty: Kath Soucie (each credited separately)

Dil: Tara Strong (formerly "Tara Charendoff")

Angelica: Cheryl Chase

Didi: Melanie Chartoff

Stu: Jack Riley

Grandpa: Joe Alaskey

Drew / Chazz: Michael Bell

Charlotte: Tress MacNeille

Howard: Phil Proctor

Susie: Cree Summer (credited as "Cree Summer Franck" (sic))

Kimi: Dionne Quan

Kira: Julia Kato

Lulu: Debbie Reynolds

Coco LaBouche: Susan Sarandon

Jean-Claude: John Lithgow

Wedding DJ (at Grandpa's wedding reception): Casey Kasem

Wedding DJ (at Chazz's wedding reception): Roger Rose

Sumo Karaoke Singers: Tim Curry, Billy West, Kevin M. Richardson

Mr. Yamaguchi: Mako

Japanese Princess (in musical): Lisa McClowry

French Worker: Richard Michel

Dogcatcher / Street Cleaner: Paul Demeyer

Stewardess: Margaret Smith

Reptar Bus Driver: Phillip Simon

Ninja Security Guard: Philippe Benichou

Cafe Owner: Darryl Wright

Photographer: Charles Fathy

Priest: Dan Castellaneta

Inspector: Charlie Adler

"Princess Spectacular" Villagers: Marlene Mitsuko Wamene, Darrell Kunitomi, Goh Misawa

Pre-Schoolers: Hannah Makragelidis, Shannon Stephens, Ben Sunderland
(Credits pointed out that these people were winners in Nick's voiceover contest; click here for details)

Selected Technical Credits:

Music: Mark Mothersbaugh

Music Supervisor: George Acogny

Orchestrator: Kevin Kliesch

Tracy Kramer, Terry Thoren, Norton Virgien

Executive Producers: Albie Hecht, Julia Pistor, Eryk Casemiro and Hal Waite

Written by: David Weiss, J. David Stern, Jill Gorey, Barbara Herndon and Kate Boutilier

Producers: Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo

Co-directed by: Paul Demeyer and Stig Berqvist

Editor: John Bryant

Production Design: Dima Malanitchev

Art Director: Gena Kornyshev

Punch-Up Writers: Sarah Jane Cunningham, John Considine Johnson, Monica Piper, David Regal, Suzanne Villandry

Character Designers: Steve Feller, Konstantin Valov

Kimi Designed By: Paul DeMayer

Casting: Stephan A. McKenzie

Special Effects: Brice Mallier

Character Designers: Steve Fellner, Konstantin Valov, Paul Demeyer

Sequence Directors: John Eng, Raul Garcia, John Holmquist, Zhenia Delioussine, Andrei Svislotski, Greg Tiernan

Sound: Paul Massey, Jim Bolt

Supervising Sound Editors: Cameron Frankley, Beth Sterner

Voice Director: Charlie Adler

Dialect Coach: Timothy Monich

Ms. Sarandon's Language Advisor: Timothy Monich

International Cultural Consultant: Mariko Kitamura Bird

Digital Technology Director: Jerry Mills

CGI Lead Animator: William R. Wright

Digital Paint Production: Sunwoo Digital International

Animation and Digital Production Services: Sunwoo Entertainment, Los Angeles

Additional CGI Animation: Rhythm & Hues Studios, Los Angeles

Title Animation By: RESN8

Additional Artistic Personnel Provided By: Artists, Inc.

Digital Sound Editing By: Paramount Pictures

Music Production Supervisor: Graham Walker

Orchestrations By: Kevin Kliesch

Music Score Performed By: The London Metropolitan Orcestra

Orcestra Conducted By: Allan Wilson

Orchestra Leader: Jonathan Rees

Music Score Recorded and Mixed At: Abbey Road Studios, London

Printed on Eastman Kodak Film

Color By Deluxe®

Digital DTSTM Sound in selected theaters

Dolby Sound® in selected theaters

Produced in assoctation with MFP Munich Film Partners GmbH & Co.; Rugrats Productions, KG

© 2000 MFP Munich Film Partners GmbH & Co.; Rugrats Productions, KG

"The characters and events in this motion picture are ficticious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional."

MPAA certificate No. 36724

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