RugratsEnd Credits -- 8th Season (1999)

(Special thanks to "Whiggles".)

Special Note:

"Whiggles", which provided some of the credits, lives in Britain; according to Whiggles, when Nick UK began showing the 1999 Rugrats episodes there, Nick shrunk the credits down to a mere 1/8th of the total screen size, to make room for promos. In other words, on a 13-inch screen, the portion for the credits are slightly less than the size of a credit card. Because of this, Whiggles can only make out the major technical credits, and here they are:

The Staff:

Creative Producers: Jim Duffy, Paul De Meyer*

* In earlier episodes, De Meyer's name is first, in middle episodes, Duffy is first, and in later episodes, De Meyer's name disappears altogether (probably too busy working on the "Rugrats in Paris" movie to be a producer on the show).

Producer: Cella Nichols Duffy (early episodes), Susan Ward (later shows)

Co-Producers: Jon Cooksey, Ali Marie Matheson, Kate Boutilier*

* Cooksey and Matheson in earlier episodes, Boutilier in later ones.

Supervising Producers: Cella Nichols Duffy, Eryk Casemiro

Voice Director: Keythe Farley, Charlie Adler (Runaway Reptar only)

In late 1999 shows, voice credits go here, rather than the beginning.

Story Consultants: Jill Gorey, Barbara Herndon, Monica Piper

Checking Supervisor: Zsuzsa Lamy-Avery

Also, in late 1999 shows, the animation for the Klasky-Csupo logo (left) has changed -- this is the same one used in The Rugrats Movie, Rocket Power, and newer episodes of The Wild Thornberrys. In the US, this logo is also used in ALL Rugrats episodes televised on Nick since 3/3/2000, regardless of vintage.

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