RugratsEnd Credits -- 3rd Season (1992)

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Starring Parts Played:
Michael Bell Drew (27,29,30-32,33,36-39), Boris (29,37), Charles Sr. (Chuck Sr., Chazz) (27,29-33,35,39), Department Store Santa (27), Mission Control (29), Wedding Guest (32), Man (35), Ed (35), Voice (35), Announcer (37), Delivery Man (38)
Christine Cavanaugh Chuckie (27-36,38,39), Wedding Assistant (32), Drainer (32), Dummi Bear (37)
Melanie Chartoff Didi (27-37,39), Minka (29,37), Didor (28), Actress (37)
Cheryl Chase Angelica, Wedding Assistant (32)
E.G. Daily Tommy, Wedding Assistant (32), Drainers (32)
David Doyle (deceased) Grandpa (27-29,36,37,39), Robot (28)
Tress MacNeille Charlotte (27,32,36), Elf (27), Emma Pendragon (28), Matronly Woman (28), Shady Lady (28), Elaine (32), Wedding Assistant (32), Lifeguard (35), Instructor (35), Dummi Bear (36), Teen Supervisor (36), Tooth (39), Dentist (39)
Phil Proctor Howard (30,31,35), Announcer (29), Mover (31)
Jack Riley Stu, Stuvon (28) 
Kath Soucie Phil & Lil (27-31, 33-37,39), Betty (27,31,33-35,37,39), Bird (28), Tiffany (34), Tullulah (34), Boy (36)
Cree Summer Francks Susie (31,35,38,39)
Cheryl Carter Lucy (31)
Ron Glass Randy (31)

Other Players:

Starring Parts Played:
Tony Jay Dream Santa (27), Barney (27), Manager (28), Man With Car (28), Max (28)
Neil Ross Announcer (27), Real Santa (27), Clerk (27)
Mona Marshall Clarice Pendragon (28), Checkout Girl (28)
Ronald Schell Fish (28), Clerk (28)
Jeff Bennett Ben (32), Best Man (32), Hip Guy (32)
Gregg Berger Plumber (32), Minister (32), Groom (32)
Dana Hill (deceased) Billy (34)
Andy Houts (deceased) Oodles (34), Wuggles (37), Technician (37), Fisherman (37), Bucky (39), Policeman (39)
Pat Paulsen (deceased) Garbage Man (34), Uncle Lyle (34)
Tom Bosley Strike Maxwell (36), Yuppie Man (36)
Charles Nelson Reilly Edmund Haynes (37), Actor (37), Director (37)
Alex Trebek Alan Quebec (37)
Ken Mars Toothbrush (39), Candy Bar (39), Policeman (39)
Pat Musick Edwin (39)

The Staff

Executive Producers: Gabor Csupo, Arlene Klasky

Executive Producer for Nickelodeon: Vanessa Coffey

Creative Producer: Paul Germain, Charles Swenson

Producer: Geraldine Clarke

Production Manager: Cella Duffy

Associate Producer: Richard LeRoy

Post Production Supervisor: Tami Sloan Tsark

Senior Story Editors: Joe Ansolabehere, Peter Gaffney

Story Editor: Jonathan Greenberg, Steve Viksten

Characters Designed by: Gabor Csupo, Arlene Klasky, Peter Chung, John Holmquist

Assistant Directors: Rick Bugental (27-30,32-39), Jeff McGrath (34), Pete Michels (Michaels) (27,30-39), Steve Socki (27-32,34-39),  Jean-Guy Jacques (29,31,33,35,37,39), Lee Harting (35-39)

Storyboard: Igor Kovalyov (28), Raymie (Ramie) Muzquiz (28,32,38), Jerry Richardson (28,32,38,39), Leonardo Pinero (28,29,32,37), Jeff (Jeffrey) Scott (-Smith) (28,29), Mark Ervin (27,29), John Holmquist (27,29,33,37,39), Jean-Guy Jacques (28,33,34), Kelly James (27,29,30,32-34,36,39), Jeff McGrath (31,35,37,39), Dexter Reed (29,35,37,39), Vincenzo Trippetti (27-30,36), Steven Dean Moore (27,28), Debbie Baber (27,28,32,36,38), Toni Vian (27,30,32,35), Jim Duffy (31), Charles Swenson (31), Norton Virgien (31), Jeff Scott-Smith (32,38), Ferenc Rofusz (35,39)

Storyboard Clean Up Artist: Debbie Baber (29), Beverly (Bev) Chapman (27-29,32-26,39), Bonnie Griggs (33-37,39), Leonardo Pinero (31), Jeffrey Scott-Smith (37), Toni Vian (28,29,37,39)

Design Supervisor: David Allen

Character Design: Antoine Guilbaud

Design & Backgrounds: Alex Dilts,  John Holmquist (30,33,38), Toni Vian (37,38), Tom Yasumi

Color Design Supervisor: Andrew Brandou

Color Design: Syd Kato,  Robert King

Checker Supervisor: Becca Ramos

Checker: Zsuzsa Lamy

Sheet Timers: Debbie Baber (28,36,37), Jean-Guy Jacques (35), John Kafka, Jeff McGrath (39), Pete Michels (29,31,32,38,39), Juli Murphy (28), Dana O'Conner (27-35), Leonardo Pinero (28,30,31,38,39), Mike Stribling, Bonita Versh (27-29,32,37), Neal Warner, Bill Wolf (37,38)

Editor: Karl Garabedian

Dialogue & Effects Editor: D.S. Eccles (David Eccles) 

Dialogue & Vocal Effects Editor: Rick Arbuckle

Background & Vocal Effects Editor: Daniel Ben-Shimon

Recording & Mix Engineer: Kurt Vanzo

Foley Recordist: Scott Weber

Foley Artists: Laura Macias, Sharon Michaels

Foley Editor: Peter Carlstedt

Music Production Engineer: Robert Casale

Music Technical Assistant: Laura Renee Raty

Production Coordinators: Sharon Altman, Andy Houts (deceased)

Post-Production Coordinator: Doria Biddle

Production Assistants: Samuel Williams,  Lisa Womble, Azariah Owens (36-39)

Production Accountant: Carole Ann McCoy

Computer Technical Support: Laszlo Lakits

Animatic Digitizing:  Mike Andrews, Chris Loudon

Track Reading:  Broughton Winicki Editorial, Inc.

Lip Assignments: Kent Holaday

Overseas Animation Facility: Anivision

Overseas Supervising Director: Howard E. Baker, Ferenc Varsanyi (27-29)

Main Title Animation:  Peter Chung

Main Title Assistant Animation: Juli Murphy, Louis Tate

Lettering:  Tamara Varga, Jamy Huang

Assistant Editor: Karen Schwenkmeyer (27,28,30-39)

Negative Cutter: D & A Negative Cutting

Video Post: Compact Video Production Services

Telecine:  Fred Eldridge (27-31,33-36,38,39), Larry Fields (32), Scott Ostrowsky (37)

Video Tape Editor:  Tim Clark (28), Alex Gimenez (29,31,34-37), Leland Gray (27,30,38,39), Tom Haigh (32), Jay Melzer (33)

Electronic Graphics:  Mark Leiss (30,31,33,35-39), Laura Staat (27)

Supervising Producer For Nickelodeon: Mary E. Harrington

Story Editor For Nickelodeon: Mitchell Kreigman

Executive in Charge of Production: Sherry Gunther

Klasky-Csupo, Inc.

Nickelodeon (place still Nickelodeon logo here)

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