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The following is a list of events that took place in the strip. It is not meant to be complete; just an idea of what was going on in the strip.

Legend To Strip Staff:
G Scott Gray (writer)
Ke Gordon Kent (writer)
No Lee Nordling (writer / editor)
Km Chuck Kim (writer)
Ro Scott Roberts (writer / penciller)
To J. Torres (writer)
Bg Mark Bilgrey (writer)
Cr Steve Crespo (artist and/or penciller)
Bl Will Blyberg (inker)
Fl Gary Fields (artist and/or penciller)
Ba Kyle Baker (artist)
Rd Rodrigues (artist)
Ha Tim Harkins (penciller)
Gi Vince Giarrano (penciller)
Za John Zakour (writer)
Mo Rob Moran (writer)
Anon Anonymous
?? Signature Illegible

"MSU" -- Denotes that that strip is in the Michigan State University Library's Comic Art Collection. For details, click here.

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