Rugrats -- The Comic Strip Index (2000)

1/1/2000 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Angelica says girls are "Sugar & Spice", etc.

1/2/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil observe Angelica roller-skating.

1/3/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie find a rock and a $100 bill, next to each other -- guess which one they took?

1/4/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy loves playing "cowboy" at the store's coin-operated horse ride.

1/5/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy says that money doesn't grow on trees.

1/6/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Stu & Tommy look at the Milky Way.

1/7/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy has a metting with his toys.

1/8/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy likes watching the same movie again & again.

1/9/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie watch Didi take care of Dil.

1/10/2000 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Angelica cuts up Drew's newspaper before he reads it.

1/11/2000 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy can say his "A-B-C's"... only.

1/12/2000 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Why do shadows go away.

1/13/2000 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Dil takes all of Tommy's toys.

1/14/2000 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy drinks "vintage" milk.

1/15/2000 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Chuckie is (not) scared of tripping over his untied shoelaces.

1/16/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Why Tommy likes summer. (Make's sense at this time of year -- if you live in places such as Australia, Argentina and South Africa; when this strip is published, the US and the rest of the northern hemisphere is in winter (more so in Canada and the northern US); the southern hemisphere is in summer.)

1/17/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica sees kids going to something good -- school.

1/18/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Angelica tells Susie how to count to ten.

1/19/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie & Angelica talk abot how "small" the sun is.

1/20/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica wonders what erasers, and mistakes, are.

1/21/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Tommy asks why bubbles stay up.

1/22/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Chuckie & Tommy wonder why it rains.

1/23/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Chuckie & Tommy wonder why lemonade is lemonade.

1/24/2000 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Dil takes all of Tommy's stuff, including Tommy's nose.

1/25/2000 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy is worried about Dil -- for a different reason.

1/26/2000 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Dil sleeps his life away.

1/27/2000 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Chuckie & Tommy wonder if trees stop growing.

1/28/2000 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Chuckie cries after Angelica tells the story of "The 3 Little Kittens".

1/29/2000 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Chuckie sneezes.

1/30/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil argue on what they want to do.

1/31/2000 (G/Fl/Bl) Angelica eats a chocolate cake, and pins her crime on Tommy & Chuckie.

2/1/2000 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Angelica lies about eating from the sugar bowl.

2/2/2000 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Angelica cries after breaking a cookie jar.

2/3/2000 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Angelica can count to 100, for cookies.

2/4/2000 (G/Fl/Bl) Angelica wonders where low-fat milk comes from.

2/5/2000 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Angelica wakes up Drew for water -- for Cynthia.

2/6/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil hold their breath.

2/7/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Didi is Tommy's "chauffeur".

2/8/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Didi had Stu guess what Dil had for lunch.

2/9/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Dil watch Tommy & Chuckie play.

2/10/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Dil calls for Tommy -- just for the fun of it.

2/11/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy watches Dil.

2/12/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Tommy wonders why there's so many pictures of him.

2/13/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica thinks she on't get any valentines.

2/14/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica gets a valentine; Tommy & Chuckie got more.

2/15/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks the mirror who's the prettiest.

2/16/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil, Lil & Angelica look at a butterfly.

2/17/2000 (Ro/Bl) Angelica has a surprise for Susie.

2/18/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica thinks that her mom was never Angelica's age (Note the black Cynthia that Susie was playing with.)

2/19/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica thinks that she doesn't have enough body parts.

2/20/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy leaves a jelly-bean trail so he won't get lost.

2/21-23/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) At bedtime, Angelica talks to her dad about fairy tales.

2/24/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica thinks that she can do anything she wants when she's a princess.

2/25/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica lies about eating cookies.

2/26/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica practices her apologising.

2/27/2000 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy talks on the phone.

2/28/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks when 4:00 is.

2/29/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy wears Reptar bandages for another reason.

3/1/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Chuckie doesn't play "catch" very well.

3/2/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play "shark attack"... in a box.

3/3/2000 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders why they're there.

3/4/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie wants to put Humpty Dumpty back together.

3/5/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Chuckie tries tying his shoes.

3/6/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil wonder if Earth is flat or round.

3/7/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil argue over who got it first.

3/8/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil see a baby bird being fed.

3/9/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil, Lil & Angelica play house.

3/10/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica asks Phil & Lil if they think for themselves.

3/11/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil are hot.

3/12/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Chuckie is afraid of thunder & lightning.

3/13/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie says animal sounds in a "foreign language".

3/14/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Tommy & Chuckie where milk comes from.

3/15-16/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Drew & Angelica shop in the supermarket's cookie aisle.

3/17/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie & Angelica wait for the ice cream man.

3/18/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil wants to be best friends with Lil -- for her ice cream cone.

3/19/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Lil wants Phil to share his peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

3/20/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie talk about where the sun is.

3/21/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie looks for dust bunnies.

3/22/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) So that Spike can bark, Chuckie looks for his pull string.

3/23/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play with the Jack In The Box -- whithout Jack.

3/24/2000 (G/Ro/Bl)  Angelica describes Chuckie in terms of ice cream.

3/25/2000 (Ro/Bl) Angelica tries to play a guessing game with Tommy & Chuckie.

3/26/2000 (???) Susie & Chuckie look at the stars.

3/27-30/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil asks if Lil, a.k.a. "Droopy Drawers", wants his cookie.

3/31/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil thinks about pulling a trick on Lil, which backfired before it was even pulled.

4/1/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica had Phil & Lil race for a candy bar.

4/2/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Angelica gives lots of balloons to Tommy, hoping that he'll fly away.

4/3-5/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks eveeryone why they're "here".

4/6/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica wonders why oranges are the only friut named after their color.

4/7/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica's parents "force' the alphabet to her.

4/8/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) The Dummi Bears Song drives Charlotte crazy.

4/9/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Dil chews on all of Tommy's toys.

4/10/2000 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Dil says "bye-bye".

4/11/2000 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie remember when they were like Dil.

4/12/2000 (G/Ha/Bl) Stu & Didi think Tommy spelled "cat" with his blocks.

4/13-14/2000 (G/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie make a new word, and the alphabet,  with blocks.

4/15/2000 (G/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie wonder how they can fit letter blocks in books.

4/16/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl)  Lil asks Phil if he likes ice cream.

4/17/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil shows Lil the right way to use a swing.

4/18-19/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil shows Lil hsi new "car".

4/20/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil read a book, without the remote.

4/21/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil play with, unknown to them, a football.

4/22/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil prefer to eat their toys.

4/23/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil watches Lil thinking.

4/24/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is worried about Little Red Riding Hood.

4/25/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders what happens after in the fridge after its door is closed.

4/26/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie talks about his dream.

4/27/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie likes a sandwich.

4/28/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) How can birds fly?

4/29/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) How old is old?

4/30/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Angelica asks her parents what makes rain.

5/1/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica agreed to play a game with Chuckie, with "mysterious" results.

5/2/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie sees through Angelica's reason for being happy to see him.

5/3/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica wouldn't share her cookies with Chuckie.

5/4/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Tommy wanted a drink from the water fountain.

5/5/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Chuckie asks Angelica what she learns at day care.

5/6/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Drew teaches Angelica how to keep organised.

5/7/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Only the best -- practically no one, is invited to Angelica's party.

5/8/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica can't get dirty in her new dress.

5/9/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks how her mom became her mom.

5/10-12/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica plays being a mother.

5/13/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks Angelica if fathers make any decisions.

5/14/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica, Tommy & Chuckie play "Mother's Day".

5/15/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl)  Dil eats what he wants to eat, as long as it's not food.

5/16/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Dil destroys Tommy & Chuckie's toys.

5/17/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy made Dil cry when Dil learns that Tommy's ears aren't detachable.

5/18/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy shows Dil what mouths are for.

5/19/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy plays peek-a-boo with Dil.

5/20/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy and Chuckie are depressed over the outcome of "Humpty Dumpty".

5/21/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica has to find something to do, even if she did it all that day.

5/22/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Didi tries to cheer Tommy up with a Dummi Bear.

5/23/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy is puzzled after the "This Little Piggy" story.

5/24/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy watches "Reptar vs. The Mummy".

5/25/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy introduces Chuckie to his toy bear.

5/26/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy's needs are few.

5/27/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie look at the clouds. (Note: On this date, most comic strips paid tribute to the late Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Peanuts. Rugrats is one of a few strips NOT to salute Sparky and Snoopy.)

5/28/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica's banana peel trick backfires when the Rugrats enjoy it more as a fun game.

5/29/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie has no responsibilities to worry about.

5/30/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Ckuckie asks for "tea" in a polite manner.

5/31/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy waits for tomorrow.

6/1-3/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica goes to bed.

6/4/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica likes ice cream -- unless Chuckie has licked it.

6/5/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie has dreamt that aliens invaded his sandbox.

6/6/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Chuckie gets a joke's punchline a little too late.

6/7/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Chuckie talks to Tommy about his uncle, and Angelica's uncle.

6/8/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy convinces Chuckie that caterpillars don't bite.

6/9/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Chuckie oversleeps.

6/10/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie thinks about life's OTHER big question.

6/11/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica has done everything she's told to do.

6/12-13/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica & Tommy play house.

6/14/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Which would Tommy rather be -- a kid or a daddy?

6/15/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy's dad is a hero.

6/16/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil thinks their dad plays all day after he leaves home.

6/17/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy's dad reading a bedtime story tops Angelica's dad making lots of money.

6/18/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) A look at Stu's day.

6/19/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Why Phil and Lil are named that way.

6/20/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Lil asks what do daddies do.

6/21-22/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil tries to stack blocks sky high.

6/23/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil wants to use the phone.

6/24/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil asks Lil if she can be his best friend.

6/25/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Tommy sings the alphabet song.

6/26/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie discuss the future.

6/27/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) All of Tommy's toys are his favorites.

6/28/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie discuss where they want to go.

6/29/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie tells a "knock-knock" joke that backfired as soon as it began.

6/30/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy asks if Chuckie wants to do something besides eating, sleeping or playing.

7/1/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders if he'll reach 5 years of age.

7/2/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Susie talks about democracy.

7/3/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie has new shoes.

7/4/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie talk about how "time flies".

7/5/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil tries to make his funny face "freeze".

7/6/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil play with their "See & Say".

7/7/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil eats his toast after it falls on the ground.

7/8/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie waits for his clown doll to go to sleep. (Isn't Chuckie afraid of clowns?)

7/9/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Angelica helps herself to cookies, even though her parents said no; she lied to each of them saying that the other parent gave her permission to have one.

7/10/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie looks for Angelica, in order to stay away from her.

7/11/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil finds Angelica in "Hide & Seek", but he's supposed to find the other Rugrats first.

7/12/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil likes to eat yucky stuff.

7/13/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil swims, while Spike floats.

7/14/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Dil fight over the star ball.

7/15/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil trips over his shoelace.

7/16/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil plant an acorn, and try to watch it grow into a tree.

7/17-22/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl (7/17, 7/20, 7/21: Ro/Bl only)) The Rugrats try to find out what scares Chuckie.

7/23/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie rescue "princess" Angelica from a box.

7/24/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica learns to add.

7/25/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica beaks the egg, try to find out about Humpty Dumpty.

7/26/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Drew shows Angelica a picture of himself when he was her age. (He looked more handsome when he was two; see "Sour Pickles".)

7/27-28/2000 (To/Gi/Bl) Angelica wants a Cynthia beach house that's priced at about $4000.

7/29/2000 (To/Gi/Bl) Angelica sits in a corner for punishment.

7/30/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Stu invents a talking Reptar hand puppet.

7/31, 8/1-3/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) "Princess" Angelica wants Tommy & Chuckie to save her from the dragon.

8/4/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica learns that the bad queen never wins.

8/5/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants to know what happened after "happily ever after".

8/6/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy would like to spend the day living every minute.

8/7/2000 (To/Gi/Bl) Phil explains why he knocks over his food.

8/8/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil shows Angelica some gunk he found in the garbage.

8/9/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil wants Angelica see him eat a bug.

8/10/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica wouldn't share her cookie with Chuckie, because he wouldn't like it.

8/11/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica "shares" her candy with Chuckie.

8/12/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Charlotte shares her cookie with Angelica, only if Angelica asks for it properly.

8/13/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica explains "Little Bo Peep" to Tommy & Chuckie.

8/14/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Chuckie thinks that he met Mother Goose, when he saw a goose and her goslings.

8/15/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica says that you can never get lost if you follow the sun.

8/16/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie watch a sunset.

8/17/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie look at the stars.

8/18/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie wonder why they are fed broccoli.

8/19/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie runs from everything.

8/20/2000 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Tommy plays her "See & say", but Chuckie thinks that Angelica is "spoiling it".

8/21/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play "spaceship" with a box.

8/22/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie trips over a football.

8/23/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy looks through Chuckie's glasses.

8/24/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie discuss "Little Miss Muffet".

8/25/2000 (To/Ro/Bl) Chuckie likes Tommy because he's always there.

8/26/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play inside a box, again.

8/27/2000 (anon) Angelica is being held hostage by the 7 dwarfs.

8/28/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica thinks that "living happily ever after" is a sign of non-fiction.

8/29/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica wants complete details in her fairy tales.

8/30/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica says that bread crusts give you rosy cheeks.

8/31/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie don't care whether or not Angelica's a "princess".

9/1/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) "Princess" Angelica orders her "subjects" to be nice.

9/2/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica asks if fairy tales are true stories.

9/3/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Dil loses his ball, but prefers nibbling on a block.

9/4/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Lil's "I Know Something You Don't Know" backfires on Phil.

9/5/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil wonder why Chuckie doesn't like bugs.

9/6/2000 (To/Gi/Bl) Angelica catches Phil & Lil drawing on the wall, but for a different reason.

9/7/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie wonders why the sky isn't blue at night.

9/8/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica mows down Phil & Lil's blocks with her trike.

9/9/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil threatens Angelica by waiting forever.

9/10/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica thinks that the boy Rugrats aren't good husbands.

9/11/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy likes to fly.

9/12/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy makes too much noise with his rattle.

9/13/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy wonders where monkeys play if kids play on monkeybars.

9/14/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Chuckie thinks it's fun to be a turtle.

9/15/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy wonders why zebras aren't colored in.

9/16/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy's an expert basketball "dribbler".

9/17/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) At bedtime, Angelica wants water HER way.

9/18/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Susie & Tommy find a dollar bill, with George Washington on it.

9/19/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Angelica wonders who's "mother of the country", if Washington's the "Father".

9/20/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Angelica makes her own wallpaper. (Note: In this strip, Angelica draws her pictures on the wall very carefully, exceeding the dexterity level for her age; however, she gets sent to the corner while Charlotte and Drew wash the pictures off the wall. This is, more or less, the opposite of what happened in The Art Fair TV episode, where the babies splatter paint, willy-nilly, all over the walls, yet Charlotte calls Angelica a genious for her "work".)

9/21/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Angelica takes up golfing.

9/22/2000 (To/Gi/Bl) Angelica thinks babies will become rich after seeing a million-dollar painting that looks like a child's drawing.

9/23/2000 (To/Gi/Bl) Dil learns to draw with crayons.

9/24/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that chewed gum eats shoes after stepping in it.

9/25/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Grandpa thinks that things aren't as they were back in the "Good Ol' Days".

9/26/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Spike thinks that the See & Say is a cat.

9/27/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica thinks that Chuckie's bunny picture is nothing but lines.

9/28/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica listens to "fairy wings".

9/29/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy wants to lick Angelica's ice cream cone.

9/30/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy breaks his crayons so they'll last longer.

10/1/2000 (anon) Topmmy bounces on the bed.

10/2/2000 (Ro/Bl) Angelica wonders if man will land on the moon -- 31 years after the fact.

10/3/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica sneakily pos a balloon very close to Phil & Lil.

10/4/2000 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica complains that Cynthia has more stuff than her.

10/5/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that he can eat grass if he was a cow.

10/6/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Drew the real reason why "Old King Cole" was happy.

10/7/2000 (To/Ro/Bl) Stu uses "Son Block" (ear muffs) for silence.

10/8/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica looks for Chuckie.

10/9/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders why the grass is brown.

10/10/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks if Angelica can share her banana.

10/11/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica informs Chuckie that the letter "5" comes after "Q".

10/12/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) If Chuckie can't see the future with his glasses, the he can't see far at all.

10/13/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica isn't interested about knowing Chuckie's favorite color.

10/14/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that he'll like girls before he knows it.

10/15/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Charlotte asks Angelica if she finished everything she was supposed to do.

10/16-17/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie tells a secret.

10/18/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie tries to touch the sky.

10/19/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie's shoes are too tight.

10/20/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie thinks that Angelica is sometimes wrong.

10/21/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Didi allows Tommy to splash in a puddle.

10/22/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that there are no places to hide from monsters.

10/23-31/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) The Rugrats and Chuckie prepare for Halloween.

11/1/2000 (To/Ro/Bl) Phil tries to hide food from Lil.

11/2/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy likes to play with food.

11/3/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) When Tommy lears that he'll be eating "real food" (what the grownups eat) soon, he wonders what baby food is.

11/4/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks the other Rugrats for some Halloween candy.

11/5/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Tommy to give Chuckie a little message.

11/6/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie tells about his day.

11/7/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Tommy, Chuckie & Susie play "Simon Says".

11/8/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie wonders how could a driver's license can be without being able to reach the pedals.

11/9/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play "Go Fish".

11/10/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie look at some stars.

11/11/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Chuckie is afraid of the dark.

11/12/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) Angelica forces Chuckie tp play "dress-up".

11/13/2000 (To/Gi/Bl) Phil uses peanut butter (or jelly?) to hang a picture on the wall.

11/14/2000 (G/Gi/Bl) The Rugrats see who gets into the pool first (in fall?).

11/15/2000 (To/Gi/Bl) Lil shows her new hairstyle (the same old one) to Phil.

11/16/2000 (To/Gi/Bl) Lil tries to read, including turning the page.

11/17/2000 (To/Gi/Bl) To Phil, naps are boring.

11/18/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil would rather spend the day eating mud.

11/19/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica has heard every fairy tale in the book.

11/20/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie wonders if Tommy will still be his best friend.

11/21/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play in a box "roller coaster".

11/22/2000 (To/Gi/Bl) Chuckie wonders why people can't fly.

11/23/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie flushes a sock down the toilet.

11/24/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Spike protects Tommy & Chuckie from the monsters under the bed.

11/25/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie blow bubbles.

11/26-12/9/2000 The Rugrats go to Paris.
Notes on this sequence:
1. In the 11/26 Roberts / Blyberg Sunday strip, the first strip of this sequence, the first panel in most papers, and at Creator's website, had Phil saying, "Forget Paris! Let's go to outside space". A typical Sunday strip actually has 3 rows of panels; the first row has the strip's masthead and the first panel of the strip. That first panel is typically known as a "throwaway" panel, as it's supposed to include a scene or dialogue that's not important to the next 2 rows of panels. This way, the editor, at his option, can "throw away" the first row and include only the 2nd and 3rd rows of the strip. For those of you scratching their heads at Phil's "Forget Paris" dialogue, here's the "throwaway" panel from that strip, at right, as published in The Denver Post.

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2. Kimi's first strip appearance was in the 11/30 strip, where she discusses the Seine River with Chuckie; notice that she just merely stepped into the strip, with no fanfare or introduction whatsoever; and by the time they get home on 12/10, she automatically becomes Chuckie's sister. The strip assumes that the reader has already seen the film or read the books.

3. In the 12/6 Roberts / Blyberg Strip, please note the words "Les Razmo_et" above their signatures on the bulletin pedestal in the 3rd panel -- this is actually "Les Razmoket", which is what the French call the Rugrats gang. Also, note that this is different from the same pedestal in the first panel, which says, "'Les Dummi Bears Live' -- Seulement Une Semaine" (which means "Dummi Bears Live -- One Week Only"); Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury strip has used this similar trick alot.

4. Credits:

Ro/Bl: 11/26, 11/28, 11/30, 12/6-8
Ke/Ro/Bl: 11/27, 11/29, 12/1-3, 12/9
To/Ro/Bl: 12/4-5

12/10-16/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Back home, Chuckie is excited that he has a new sister, Kimi.

12/17/2000 (Ke/Gi/Bl) When Tommy & Chuckie play knights, Angelica wanted to be a "fair maiden".

12/18/2000 (To/Ro/Bl) Chuckie & Kimi wonders what it's like being a big brother / sister.

12/19/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) To Angelica's chagrin, Chuckie & Kimi like to spend the day just holding hands.

12/20/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi wonders why Chuckie's stuffed bunny doesn't talk.

12/21/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi eats Chuckie's drawing of a cookie.

12/22/2000 (To/Ro/Bl) Unlike Chuckie, Kimi isn't afraid of the "shower snake".

12/23/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi is excited to be Chuckie's sister.

12/24/2000 (Ro/Bl) Drew teaches greedy Angelica to be lucky that she has what she's got, to no avail.

12/25/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil likes his old toys better.

12/26/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil loves his Reptar doll.

12/27/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica & Kimi love the same doll.

12/28/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie like both his old and new toys.

12/29/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica loves her "rainbow" in her crayon box.

12/30/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders what will happen to the old year.

12/31/2000 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica makes New Year's resolutions -- on behalf of Tommy & Chuckie.

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