Rugrats -- The Comic Strip Index (1999)

1/1/99 (Ke/Cr/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie thinks that magic turns the TV on (They don't celebrate New Year's, either.)

1/2/99 (Ke/Cr/Bl) Phil & Lil bet money.

1/3/99 (No/Fl/Bl) Tommy throws things in the air, to see them fall back onto the ground. Tommy comments, "The earth is a vacuum cleaner." (And you wonder why some of the stories don't make any sense.)

1/4-9/99 (G/Ha/Bl) We see how Dil eats, plays and sleeps. (Where Phil & Lil are concerned, "if it's gross, it's cool", but not if another baby, like Dil, makes it gross, according to the 1/8/99 strip.)

1/10/99 (G/Ha/Bl) The Rugrats try to take Reptar from Dil, but to no avail.

1/11/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy cries for his bottle and his mommy.

1/12-14/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Angelica tells nursery rhymes to Tommy & Chuckie. (Click here for details.)

1/15/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Angelica's future plans for a castle does not include Tommy & Chuckie.

1/16/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Angelica forces Tommy & Chuckie to dig to China.

1/17/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Didi plays peek-a-boo with Tommy.

1/18/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Chuckie teaches his toy duck how to quack.

1/19/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Angelica bans, then invites, Tommy & Chuckie to her tea party.

1/20/99 (No/Fl/Bl) To Tommy & Chuckie, doing nothing can actually be pretty exciting.

1/21/99 (No/Fl/Bl) The Rugrats find something to do besides putting worms in their ears.

1/22/99 (No/Fl/Bl) Tommy climbs "Mt. Never-Rest" (a pile of blocks).

1/23/99 (No/Fl/Bl) Why you can't see the moon & the sun in the sky at the same time. (Actually, in some cases, you can.)

1/24/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Grandpa fixes Tommy's balloon.

1/25/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) A brief look at Tommy's day, ending with his bottle at bedtime.

1/26/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Dil burps, and so does Stu.

1/27/99 (No/Gi/Bl) Why Tommy's parents read books to him.

1/28/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie discuss "good foods" (like cookies) and bad foods (like strained beets).

1/29/99 (No/Gi/Bl) Angelica thinks life is like mush, whether Chuckie likes mush or not.

1/30/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie spend the day looking at a snail.

1/31/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Phil, Lil & Angelica argue about people "inside" the TV.

2/1/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Why Dil & Tommy look a little alike.

2/2/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Who's rocking Dil in the automatic rocker?

2/3/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Tommy rolls the ball to Dil, but it takes forever for him to roll it back.

2/4/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Chuckie suspects that Dil's an alien when he sees him in a flying saucer-type walker.

2/5/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Dil doesn't talk very good.

2/6/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Dil's bouncing chair makes Chuckie dizzy.

2/7/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Stu tries all he can to get Tommy back to sleep.

2/8/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Dil cries.

2/9/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Since Dil came around, silence is a strange sound.

2/10/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Didi makes funny faces at Dil.

2/11/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy likes Grandpa's lap.

2/12/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie likes the box that came with the toy horse.

2/13/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy plays with his wind-up toy car.

2/14/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Angelica plays "He loves me; he loves me not" with a flower, with no idea on who she loves.

2/15/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie gets lost in his own backyard.

2/16/99 (Km/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie watch a hamster running on its wheel.

2/17/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie wonder what they'll do when they get older.

2/18/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie tells a knock-knock joke.

2/19/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play with the lights.

2/20/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie: What's new?

2/21/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy counts.

2/22/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Tommy thinks about lunch.

2/23/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Phil & Lil argue over whether mud pie should be plain or have a worm filling.

2/24/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Tommy's well-balanced meal -- a chocolate bar and a crayon.

2/25/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) There's a monster growling in Chuckie's stomach.

2/26/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Chuckie finds out why you shouldn't have cupcakes for breakfast.

2/27/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Should oatmeal cookies have raisins or flies?

2/28/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Chuckie knocks down Tommy's block "building" because it had a monster on it.

3/1/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica likes books -- for climbing.

3/2/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica shares a single cookie with the Rugrats, while she eats several whole ones.

3/3/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) You need teeth to eat big people food.

3/4/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil eat a mud pie.

3/5/99 (Km/Gi/Bl) One person's pet is another person's lunch.

3/6/99 (Km/Gi/Bl) Tommy doesn't eat, just for Stu's funny faces.

3/7/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy plays "This Little Piggy" with Dil.

3/8/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy wishes that he's taller.

3/9/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Angelica tells "Jack Be Nimble" to Tommy & Chuckie. (Click here for details.)

3/10-11/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy sucks his thumb.

3/12/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy fishes in the bathtub.

3/13/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Angelica bans Tommy & Chuckie from her tea party, but they don't mind.

3/14/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie look at the stars.

3/15/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy bounces a rubber ball.

3/16/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Angelica fools around with the TV -- and Tommy & Chuckie's minds.

3/17/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Angelica threatens Tommy & Chuckie, but they interpret it as a compliment.

3/18/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy sucks his thumb again.

3/19/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Angelica writes a book, though it's only scribbling.

3/20/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy gets a cookie from Angelica by using the magic word, and it's not "please".

3/21/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica wants Tommy to call her "Princess Angelica", but his aggreeing to do so led to confusion.

3/22/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) To Angelica, being herself is important.

3/23/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica wants to ride the school bus.

3/24/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) "Why did the chicken cross the road?" Don't know? "Too bad. Bye."

3/25/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Bored, Angelica finds something to do, except play in the sandbox, which is just as boring.

3/26/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica's "blue", but Tommy says she's "pink".

3/27/99 (Km/Gi/Bl) Angelica would rather pick on Chuckie, instead of Tommy.

3/28/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Angelica wishes on a star to be a princess, though Tommy & Chuckie says she's already one.

3/29/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Chuckie asks Phil & Lil how it's like being twins.

3/30/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil look in the cookie jar (flour canister).

3/31/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil are giants to bugs.

4/1/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil wonder what'll be like to be a kite.

4/2/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Lil's favorite color is one that doesn't exist.

4/3/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil aren't speaking to each other.

4/4/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) With a raincoat and snorkel, Didi practises sarcasm while giving Dil a bath.

4/5-8/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Angelica tells "Jack Be Nimble" to Tommy & Chuckie. (Click here for details.)

4/9-10/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy sings cowboy songs.

4/11/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy teaches animal sounds to Dil.

4/12/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica jumps rope, but she wanted the rpoe to jump by itself.

4/13/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica tries a yo-yo.

4/14/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica finds a bigger kid to play with, but changes her mind.

4/15/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica writes.

4/16/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica leaves a note of the fridge.

4/17/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica watches the dishwasher, just to get at the cookies.

4/18/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil argue.

4/19/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Angelica explains to Tommy & Chuckie about the globe.

4/20-21/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie go to Mars in a box, something Angelica hates.

4/22/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Angelica uses commercial breaks for nap breaks.

4/23/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Angelica says that she's the best dancer.

4/24/99 (G/Fl/Bl) Angelica complains about Dil's constant crying.

4/25/99 (G/Fl/Bl) The Pickles get their family picture taken.

4/26/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy plays with a "See & Say".

4/27/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy rides his rocking horse very fast.

4/28/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Chuckie gets scared by a Jack-In-A-Box.

4/29/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play with a Slinky on the staircase.

4/30/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play with a balloon outdoors, expecting it to come back.

5/1/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie make sand castles, wondering if Stu invented sand.

5/2/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) The Rugrats play "You're It".

5/3/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) The night goes by fast for Tommy.

5/4/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Didi gves Tommy a bath.

5/5/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Dil look alike in their pajamas.

5/6/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) A lady speaks baby talk to Phil & Lil; they thought she was making fun of them.

5/7/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy plays with his toy horse.

5/8/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica gets her "flew" (flu) shot, hoping that she'll fly.

5/9/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Chuckie believes, "Stand on a crack, bring your mother back"; Angelica was about to correct and insult him, but knowing the circumstances (see "Mother's Day"), she didn't. (This is the first time a holiday was celebrated in the strip since the 9/20/98 synogogue strip.)

5/10/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica gives Tommy a "milkshake".

5/11/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Angelica rats gross Reptar candy, but she thinks that Tommy's strained carrots are even more gross.

5/12/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Phil accidentally squirted their milk bottles at Angelica.

5/13/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil wanted juice instead of milk beacuse they were having mud instead of chocolate pudding.

5/14/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie like eating PB&J sandwiches.

5/15/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Tommy wonders how they get milk into a tiny hole in his bottle.

5/16/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play a classic game of "52 Pick-Up".

5/17/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Why Angelica is the boss.

5/18/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica doesn't know the difference between fantasy & reality, as presented as she plays "Princess".

5/19/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica shows Tommy a clock.

5/20/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica's dad works at a "bank".

5/21/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie is putting the shapes in the wrong holes, but refuses Angelica's help.

5/22/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie shows the picture he's drawn to Angelica, yet she ignores him.

5/23/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy lets his balloon go, so it can "go home".

5/24/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy couldn't see Chuckie inside Chuckie's house, as Chuckie has a cold, but a window will do.

5/25/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Chuckie likes walking barfefoot in the grass, unless there's worms there.

5/26/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Chuckie has his shoes on the wrong feet.

5/27/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Dil hiccups.

5/28/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Why does firemen wear red suspenders?

5/29/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Chuckie is scared of the dark.

5/30/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie explain baby bottles vs. drinking glasses.

5/31/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Chuckie tells Tommy about the time he was on a plane.

6/1-2/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play with a yo-yo.

6/3/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie bounce on the bed.

6/4/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie make a wish.

6/5/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) What Angelica wants in the entire world: the world.

6/6/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Angelica does not want to lose her teeth.

6/7/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Angelica breaks the cookie jar.

6/8/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Angelica washes her hands.

6/9/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Angelica walks in her mom's shoes.

6/10/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Angelica talks about how nice she is to the Rugrats.

6/11/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Angelica wishes on a star, or plane.

6/12/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Angelica wishes for the rain (storm) to go away.

6/13/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Didi gets Dil ready for bed.

6/14/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy is sick in bed.

6/15/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Tommy calls Chuckie on the phone.

6/16/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie is worried.

6/17/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy rides a horse.

6/18-19/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica sings.

6/20/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) On Father's Day, Tommy spends quality time with Stu & Grandpa.

6/21/99 (G/Fl/Bl) Angelica plays Nurse with Dil.

6/22/99 (G/Fl/Bl) Angelica wants a baby sister... for the toys.

6/23/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Angelica has been writing pictures on Drew's memo pads...for Drew.

6/24/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Tommy licks Angelica's ice cream cone.

6/25/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Tommy tries to guess which of Angelica's hands has the cookie.

6/26/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Tommy wonders how far it is to the sun.

6/27/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie is a scaredy-cat.

6/28/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Tommy's afraid of bedbugs.

6/29/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) The reason why Angelica plays her music loud.

6/30/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Chuckie wonders why Angelica & Tommy have the same Grandpa.

7/1/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Tommy tries frying eggs on the sidewalk.

7/2/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Phil & Lil think that teddy bear stuffing is the same as turkey stuffing.

7/3/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Lil doesn't like Phil talking while sleeping.

7/4/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Angelica sings a patriotic song, complete with frogs.

7/5/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy cries for mommy.

7/6-10/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy plays with Alfred, the talking teddy bear.

7/11/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Drew takes advantage of Angelica's lack of counting skills in order to get her to eat more off her plate.

7/12-15/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Angelica tells more fairy tales to the Rugrats.

7/16-17/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play spaceship in a cardboard box.

7/18/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) How many beans are there in the jar? Angelica answers, "All of them", and she means it.

7/19/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica sings one of her favorites, "Clementine".

7/20/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica likes a fur coat, even though they are now "out".

7/21/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica and Chuckie play "William Tell", with Chuckie being the one with an apple on his head.

7/22/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Susie is a magician. (Note her "A la peanut butter sandwiches" magic words -- do they sound familiar to you? They are The Amazing Mumford's magic words on Sesame Street.)

7/23/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica insults Tommy & Chuckie.

7/24/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Just a little sugar cause Angelica to get hyper.

7/25/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) "You know what, Angelica? That's what!"

7/26/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy: "Why did the chicen cross the road?" Chuckie: "Maybe his mommy wasn't watching."

7/27/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie look at fish.

7/28/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Dinosaurs became extinct by eating grass, according to Tommy & Chuckie.

7/29/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy had an idea, but forgot it.

7/30/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie wonder why cowboys ride horses and cows are called "doggies" ("dogies").

7/31/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Why crayons have no erasers.

8/1/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Tommy wishes to be older so he could climb a tree.

8/2/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Tommy will turn 2 on his birthday.

8/3/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Angelica's nightmare -- Chuckie being like his father.

8/4/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Chuckie wants to tie his own shoes, but ended up doing somersaults instead.

8/5/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Chuckie finally tied his own shoes -- sort of.

8/6/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Chuckie cries beause ants are getting at his ice cream cone.

8/7/99 (G/Fl/Bl) Ghuckie gets a little reckless with the paddle ball.

8/8/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Tommy doesn't like his milk, so Grandpa tricked him into thinking it's grown-up's milk.

8/9-12/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil play driving.

8/13/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil accidentally played with a skunk.

8/14/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil think they have ants in their pants.

8/15/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie watch TV -- with the TV off.

8/16/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie drink hot chocolate.

8/17/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play jungle.

8/18/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play lion tamer.

8/19-20/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Tommy imagines he's a race car driver in his stroller.

8/21/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) When getting into the bathtub for a bath, Tommy imagines that he's walking the plank.

8/22/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy loves climbing stairs.

8/23/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says everyone's wrong.

8/24/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) "One upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Angelica who lived happily ever after. The End."

8/25/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Where does the rain come from?

8/26/99 (Ro/Bl) Angelica's bubble gum plan doesn't work too well.

8/27/99 (Ro/Bl) What makes the sun go up & down?

8/28/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy's question about jacks annoy Angelica.

8/29/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Lil will eat her cookie when she feels like it.

8/30-9/4/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) The Rugrats talks about nursery rhymes.

9/5/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play Hide & Seek.

9/6/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Lil tells Phil to act his age.

9/7/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica hates to hear Phil & Lil argue.

9/8-9/99 (G(9/8); Ro(9/9)/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil love to eat crayons.

9/10/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil play "It".

9/11/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Tommy confuses Phil with Lil.

9/12/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy likes strained broccoli, while Chuckie likes chocolate.

9/13/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy asks Chuckie what he wants to be when he grows up.

9/14/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks Angelica what happens when they grow up.

9/15/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play Hide & Seek (again).

9/16/99 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie does not want bullies to push him around.

9/17/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Why Tommy is always brave.

9/18/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Why Chuckie is afraid of the dark while he's sleeping. (Notice that he's in his crib alone, though on the TV series, he now sleeps in a regular bed.)

9/19/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Phil & Lil that fairies live in dandelions, and orders them not to pick them. (And you thought that Bloom County was the only anti-dandelion-picking comic strip (though for different reasons)?)

9/20/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie connects the dots.

9/21/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Chuckie draws his hand.

9/22/99 (Ro/Bl) Lil draws Phil.

9/23/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy draws Spike, but Stu confuses it with himself.

9/24/99 (Ro/Bl) Spike like's Dil best, mostly for what Dil eats.

9/25/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) A dog is a baby's best friend.

9/26/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica & Susie have a bubble gum blowing contest.

9/27/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Angelica makes a cookie bargain with her mom.

9/28/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) The grown-ups hear Angelica sing, because her future said so.

9/29/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) The Rugrats play dress-up, the Angelica way (with Tommy & Chuckie being the audience).

9/30/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy asks Angelica if she can count.

10/1/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Chuckie likes to be careful, even if just playing grown-up stuff.

10/2/99 (Ro/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Angelica look at skywriting.

10/3/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Dil learns to color.

10/4/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Angelica asks Susie for her toys back, but Sisie asks the opposite.

10/5/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play telephone.

10/6/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl)(signed as initials only) Phil & Lil can't eat brownies with nuts.

10/7/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Phil & Lil look for elves & fairies in flowers.

10/8/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Phil & Lil eat bugs.

10/9/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Phil wishes to be rich.

10/10/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil says "please" so he can eat Lil's cookie.

10/11/99 (Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil make a paper hat.

10/12/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie gets a prize out of the cereal box.

10/13/99 (Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil play cards, drawing a Joker and a card that lists the rules.

10/14/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie try to play basketball.

10/15/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Cynthia roard louder than Reptar.

10/16/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Tommy about her toy store dream.

10/17/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica demands that a princess always wears pink.

10/18/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil argue about nothing.

10/19/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Lil gets the last laugh.

10/20/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Lil wonders where babies come from.

10/21/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil mistakes a piece of gum for a penny.

10/22/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil argue about whether a ball is round or flat.

10/23/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil act real nice over the last mud pie.

10/24/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Angelica imagine that a box is a castle, though Angelica couldn't imagine.

10/25-31/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) The Rugrats are in their Halloween costumes, trying to scare Chuckie, with the usual success. Meanwhile, Chuckie refuses to come out from under his bed covers until Halloween is over.

11/1/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Grandpa gets wound down after winding a toy Reptar.

11/2/99 (G/Fl/Bl) Grandpa loses again at solitaire.

11/3/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Tommy rather stay in the bathtub, so he can look like Grandpa.

11/4/99 (G/Fl/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie discuss whether people's noses grow when they lie.

11/5/99 (G/Fl/Bl) Tommy wonders how people can read without pictures.

11/6/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Grandpa falls asleep while reading Tommy a story.

11/7/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie try to hide from monsters.

11/8/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie look at some stars.

11/9-10/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Tommy wants to walk down the sidewalk someday.

11/11/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie explore the moon in a box.

11/12/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie goes to "work" -- nap.

11/13/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy's favorite things -- his bottle, his teddy & Didi.

11/14/99 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Chuckie wonders about The Ugly Duckling turning into a swan.

11/15/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie spoils the movie for Angelica.

11/16-17/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is scared of monsters on TV.

11/18/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Why snails have antennae, according to Angelica.

11/19/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that no one flies without fairy dust.

11/20/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wishes for all her wishes to come true.

11/21/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy waits for the cherry tree to grow, after swallowing the pit.

11/22/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica catches a butterfly.

11/23/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie can't tie his own shoelaces; neither can Angelica.

11/24/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants her crayon back.

11/25/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica steals Tommy's ice cream cone, but Dil gets her back.

11/26/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica loses her marbles -- down the drain.

11/27/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Bread crusts give you rosy cheeks, so says Charlotte.

11/28/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) What is Phil looking at?

11/29-30/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy talks about his nightmare.

12/1/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) To ward off nightmares, Chuckie imagines that he's a "big brave dog".

12/2/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Chuckie colors with birthday candles.

12/3/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Tommy takes the nipple off his bottle, only to mess up.

12/4/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie talks about why the witch lives in a gingerbread house, but prefers eating Hansel & Gretel.

12/5/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl)(unsigned) Tommy wonders what it's like being a bird.

12/6/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Phil & Lil listen to the oldies.

12/7/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Phil & Lil comment on "Old Mother Hubbard".

12/8/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Phil & Lil talk about kissing a frog to make it a prince.

12/9/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Phil "spells" his name with blocks.

12/10/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Lil "calls" Phil on her toy phone.

12/11/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Phil thinks that he's taller than Lil.

12/12/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy slays the dragon (vacuum cleaner) by unplugging it.

12/13/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks Angelica about the kids on the school bus.

12/14/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that there are tiny people on the jet in the sky.

12/15/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Chuckie eats a bananna.

12/16/99 (G/Ro/Bl) Chuckie thinks that a ball is a monster, because of his dirty glasses.

12/17/99 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie talks to his teddy bear.

12/18/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie tries running away from home.

12/19/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica looks for fairies.

12/20/99 (G/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil's stuff from their pockets get washed.

12/21/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil "share" a cookie.

12/22/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil trades his friendship for Lil's juice.

12/23/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil talk about buying ice cream.

12/24/99 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil plays "race car" with a pillow.

12/25/99 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil talk about growing up.

12/26/99 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy imagines being Daniel Boone, while in the bathtub.

12/27/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Lil cries after being called a "pumpkinhead".

12/28/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Phil & Lil read the comics.

12/29/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Phil & Lil read a road sign.

12/30/99 (Ro/Fl/Bl) Phil tries to ask his mom a question.

12/31/99 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Phil & Lil argues about whether or not the number 3 comes before 4.

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