-- The Comic Strip Index (2001)

1/1/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil play with a toy with a lot of gadgets on it.

1/2/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie introduces his teddy bears to Tommy.

1/3/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica shows off her "Cynthia" toys.

1/4/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy puts away his toy elephant.

1/5/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Stu's talking "Barry Bear" puppet works.

1/6/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) You can have too many toys.

1/7/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Didi sings "Rock-A-Bye-Baby" to Tommy, only to make things worse.

1/8-10/2001 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil writes a message in a secret code.

1/11/2001 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Lil needs cookies in a hurry.

1/12-13/2001 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil eat those cookies.

1/14/2001 (Ro/Gi/Bl) An "accident" causes Phil & Lil to lose their bugs.

1/15/2001 (Ro/Gi/Bl) To Angelica, "happily ever after" isn't good enough.

1/16/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil asks why oranges are oranges.

1/17/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica wants to write books someday.

1/18/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica won't invide anyone to her party... if they don't come.

1/19/2001 (To/Gi/Bl) Angelica refuses to get dressed.

1/20/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Cynthia is Angelica's only real friend.

1/21/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Spike steals Tommy & Chuckie's cookie.

1/22/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl)  To Angelica, looking pretty TODAY isn't good enough.

1/23/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that ladies are supposed to leave the room first.

1/24/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells the story of "Little Miss Muffet".

1/25/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie always loses, whether he's playing a game or not.

1/26/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica will rule the world.

1/27/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is skeptical of food given to him by Angelica.

1/28/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica has two legs, but she rather get them with two fists, and Chuckie.

1/29/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil offers Lil some "ABC Gum".

1/30/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) What doesn't Phil understand?

1/31/2001 (G/Gi/Bl) The Rugrats line up at the slide.

2/1/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie pretends that he's a sheep.

2/2/2001 (To/Gi/Bl) Angelica explains why she's a cat person.

2/3/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie's shoelaces are untied.

2/4/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tries to go to Neverland.

2/5/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica thinks that only things made of macaroni are art.

2/6/2001 (Ro/Bl) Angelica wonders why humans can't fly.

2/7/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica thinks that "Little Red Riding Hood" is stupid.

2/8/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica depends on fairies and elves to clean her room.

2/9/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica refuses to go to school.

2/10/2001 (Ro/Bl) Angelica tries to dance with Cynthia.

2/11/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica draws a valentine on the wall.

2/12/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks why people give valentines.

2/13/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica demands that she gets only chocolate valentines.

2/14/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi loves Chuckie's big valentine.

2/15/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wishes that he can reach the cookie jar.

2/16/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi eats her jelly sandwich, after Spike licks it.

2/17/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi & Chuckie dress themselves.

2/18/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica is trapped inside a big bubble gum bubble.

2/19-23/2001 (Ro/Bl) Angelica loves to scare Chuckie.

2/24/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie doesn't want Angelica to be mean to him.

2/25/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy imagines growing up really big after eating his Spinach.

2/26/2001 (To/Gi/Bl) Angelica starts her stories with "Twice Upon A Time".

2/27/2001 (G/Gi/Bl) Chuckie doesn't like many bedtime stories because they're scary.

2/28/2001 (To/Gi/Bl) Angelica hates "rerun" fairy tales.

3/1/2001 (To/Gi/Bl) Angelica asks Drew what the story has in it.

3/2/2001 (To/Gi/Bl) Angelica teaches Tommy & Chuckie how to bob for apples.

3/3/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica thinks that she is mean to everyone.

3/4/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tries not to sleep with a pea under her matress.

3/5-7/2001 (To/Gi/Bl) Chuckie wants to be invisible.

3/8/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie's afraid of monsters when he sleeps.

3/9/2001 (G/Gi/Bl) Grandpa shows a calculator to Tommy.

3/10/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie thinks there are too many pieces to his 3-pirce puzzle.

3/11/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica's rules for getting along -- basically, the rule is that she's always right.

3/12/2001 (Ro/Bl) Tommy & Dil fight over a balloon.

3/13/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie watch Dil eat.

3/14/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks where eggs and chickens come from.

3/15/2001 (Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil ask Chuckie why he wears glasses.

3/16/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy feels that a sock is a poor substitute for a teddy bear.

3/17/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy watches a sunset.

3/18/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica & Chuckie wish on a star.

3/19/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy learns how to fly.

3/20/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Spike is Tommy's "car alarm".

3/21/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy's "traffic jam".

3/22/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy cries because Dil's hugs don't last long.

3/23/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Didi praises Tommy's burps, but he wonders why.

3/24/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Stu tells Tommy that he can't play with money, unless if it's for gambling.

3/25/2001 Unavailable due to my vacation.

3/26/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil is waiting for Lil to finish watching TV.

3/27/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Phil crosses his eyes.

3/28/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Lil "cooks" cookies.

3/29/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) To Phil, no TV show is a bad show.

3/30/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Lil asks Phil about his favorite number.

3/31/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) It's Phil & Lil's birthday.
(I take it they're both 2 years old now, aren't they?)

4/1/2001 (Ro/Bl) Angelica pulls a series of April Fool's jokes on Chuckie.

4/2/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie thinks that eating a carton of ice cream is adventurous.

4/3/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi says that the world is so big, you'll have to start somewhere.

4/4/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi says that there's more to life than the backyard.

4/5/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie & Kimi wish on a star.

4/6/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Chuckie & Kimi try to be twins.

4/7/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi asks Chuckie how it feels to have a sister.

4/8/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica refuses to go to bed because she hadn't put her toys away yet.

4/9/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica & Kimi sing "London Bridge Is Falling Down".

4/10-11/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi tries to wear Chuckie's glasses.

4/12/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi is setting her bubbles free.

4/13/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi forces Chuckie to go exploring.

4/14/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Chuckie doesn't like being a fish.

4/15/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica eats all of Chuckie's chocolate bunny as a "life lesson".

4/16-21/2001 (Ke (4/21:To)/Ro/Bl) The Rugrats eat, or save, their chocolate bunnies.

4/22/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) A "flying saucer" lands next door.

4/23/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi thinks that every day is a best day.

4/24-25/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks Kimi what she would do with all of the world's money.

4/26/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie traces his footsteps.

4/27/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica thinks that the sun and the moon play "tag".

4/28/2001 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie says "no" to everything, even if he means "yes".

4/29/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica doesn't want anyone bothering her while she watches TV.

4/30/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica talks to the mirror.

5/1/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil break eggs.

5/2/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) To Angelica, candy corn is a "vegetable".

5/3/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica's parents send her to her room.

5/4/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Drew teaches Angelica about subtraction.

5/5-6/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Drew pulls a quarter out of Angelica's ear.

5/7/2001 (Ro/Bl) Lil "asks" Phil to try her new Reptar doll.

5/8/2001 (Ro/Bl) Kimi takes her "Superthing" doll away from Chuckie.

5/9/2001 (Ro/Bl) Lil feels sorry for Chuckie having Kimi as a sister.

5/10/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Phil & Kimi talk about caterpillars.

5/11/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Chuckie reads Kimi a story.

5/12/2001 (Ro/Bl) Kimi asks Angelica if she would rather be a boy.

5/13/2001 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie is having trouble finding a perfect present for Mother's Day.

5/14/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders where he should play.

5/15/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy cries at night.

5/16/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie's afraid of the dark -- with or without a night light.

5/17/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie look at some stars.

5/18/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie "drive" in a box.

5/19/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie give their box a checkup.

5/20/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders what his dad will do, now that he has a mom.

5/21/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Lil tells Phil not to play with his food -- worms.

5/22/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil likes licorice because it reminds him of spiders.

5/23/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Phil challenges Lil to eat more than one cookie.

5/24/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Lil watches a turned-off TV.

5/25/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil look at a fireplace.

5/26/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders if it'll rain today.

5/27/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that her dad is smarter than Chuckie's dad.

5/28/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica has more scoops of ice cream than Chuckie.

5/29/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica would rather sit alone.

5/29/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica likes to sit alone.

5/30/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica refuses to have Chuckie lick her lollipop.

5/31/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that his drawing is garbage.

6/1/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that when Chuckie wishes on her star, she gets his wishes.

6/2/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wishes that her prince would come.

6/3/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica tries to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

6/4/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica's job is to eat a cookie.

6/5/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica can tell her cookies' tastes, just by the crumbs.

6/6/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi steals Angelica's cookie.

6/7-9/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica finds out who took her cookie, threatening jail.

6/10/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie's happy, but Angelica says that there's always tomorrow.

6/11/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) The Rugrats play on a jungle gym.

6/12/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play catch.

6/13/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders what he should do today.

6/14/2001 (Ro/Bl) Angelica asks Chuckie why he only says "no".

6/15/2001 (Ro/Bl) Angelica tries to throw Chuckie out of her house.

6/16/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi asks Chuckie why Angelica's always mean.

6/17/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders why there's Father's Day.

6/18/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy tells Chuckie how his day went.

6/19/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie's life flashes before his eyes -- sort of.

6/20/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie wonders if he worries that he'll forget to wake up in the morning.

6/21/2001 (To/Gi/Bl) Dil nibbles on Wawa.

6/22/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Tommy tels Chuckie about his time at a baseball game.

6/23/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie like to work as a toy tester when he grows up.

6/24/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica complains to Chuckie about his problems of life.

6/25/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica loves Summer.

6/26/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie wonder if the sun will come out.

6/27/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie's afraid to go into the wading pool.

6/28/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil ask Angelica why they should play "Simon says".

6/29/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders why it's always hotter in the summer.

6/30/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie tries to save his ice cream for later.

7/1/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) The Rugrats sing "Yankee Doodle".

7/2/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders why the 3 baes are scared of Goldilocks.

7/3/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie ask Angelica why they're always "dumb babies".

7/4/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wears his "ten-gallon hat".

7/5/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) In order for Chuckie to get Angelica's cookie, she makes him say, "pretty please, etc.".

7/6/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica learns to add.

7/7/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie learns to count.

7/8/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie & Kimi stay up all night to find out where the moon goes.

7/9/2001 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica tries to dress herself.

7/10/2001 (To/Gi/Bl) Angelica talks to the morror.

7/11/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie hates green candy, even though all colors taste the same.

7/12/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica doesn't feel good.

7/13/2001 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica wants cookies before dinner.

7/14/2001 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica lies about being ready for bed.

7/15/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica ate all the candy without sharing with Chuckie.

7/16-21,23-28/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) The Rugrats think about what will happen in 10 years.
(Part of the 10th Anniversary celebration.)

7/22/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy imagines that he's swimming in the sea.

7/29/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi forces Chuckie to play with her.

7/30/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie doesn't know if he'll be the world's smartest or richest person.

7/31/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie pretends that he's flying.

8/1/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that life isn't always pretty.

8/2/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Susie says that man is doomed to repeat history.

8/3-4/2001 (Ke(8/3); No(8/4)/Ro/Bl) Chuckie stands out in the rain.

8/5/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica complains to Chuckie that he thinks too loud.

8/6/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie how birds eat.

8/7/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica talks to Chuckie about how old dinosaurs are.

8/8/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that there were no cars a long time ago, just horses.

8/9/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica shows a globe to Chuckie.

8/10/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wonders what her house is made of.

8/11/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica refuses to eat broccoli because leprechauns live in them.

8/12/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica treats Chuckie like a dog.

8/13/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi shows Chuckie her new watch.

8/14/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi shows Chuckie her "birdie".

8/15/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi promises to eat only chocolate donuts when she grows up.

8/16/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi says that there's plenty to do, but not much time to do it.

8/17/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi learns that flushing the toilet makes the shower hotter.

8/18/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks Kimi if she had any doubts.

8/19/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Stu shows Tommy how to eat baby food.

8/20/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie like Angelica to play "Hide & Sink" with him.

8/21/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie asks Angelica to "pick a hand".

8/22/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica wins a game.

8/23/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Angelica "sees right through" Chuckie.

8/24/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie tells Tommy that he is not scared of Angelica.

8/25/2001 (To/Gi/Bl) Chuckie has a nightmare where Angelica is nice to him.

8/26/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica teaches Chuckie all about fairies.

8/27/2001 (Bg/Gi/Bl) Tommy teaches Spike a trick.

8/28/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Susie says that her grandfather had only radio in the olden days.

8/29/2001 (Bg/Gi/Bl) Chuckie shows Tommy a card trick he saw on TV.

8/30/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie tells Kimi that he's worried about new stuff.

8/31/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Chuckie tries to whistle his fears away.

9/1/2001 (Bg/Gi/Bl) Chuckie wishes that he was a super hero.

9/2/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica is bored.

9/3/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica refuses to work on Labor Day.

9/4/2001 (Ro/Bl) Angelica refuses to go to school becuase she already knows everything.

9/5/2001 (Ro/Bl) Angelica wants to know when she'll read.

9/6/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica thinks about the future.

9/7/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica talks to herself in the mirror.

9/8/2001 (Ro/Bl) Angelica doesn't need anyone else.

9/9/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi and Chuckie look at some stars.

9/10/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica looks at her neighborhood and says "One day, this will all be mine!"

9/11/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica's desire to eat crayons causes her to get a cookie.

9/12/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica refuses to talk to Angelica.

9/13/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica thinks that her teddy bear is rude by not responding to her.

9/14/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica can play games with others, provided that she always wins.

9/15/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica is never wrong.

9/16/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica, playing a teacher, accuses Chuckie of bribing her with an apple.

9/17/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders how planes fly.

9/18/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie thinks that a long-standing tree is tired.

9/19/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica's dad says that people are 97% water.

9/20/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica's dad says that we've been to the moon.

9/21/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie challenges Angelica, since she knows everything.

9/22/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks if whicked witches eat kids.

9/23,30/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie keeps saying "no".

9/24/2001 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil wonder why the moon's out during the day.

9/25/2001 (Bg/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil spy a worm to eat.

9/26/2001 (Ke/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil like to be birds.

9/27/2001 (Bg/Gi/Bl) Phil & Lil eat Spike's dog food.

9/28/2001 (Bg/Gi/Bl) Phil asks Lil what she would rather eat.

9/29/2001 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Lil asks Phil what happens if the world was upside down.

10/1/2001 (To/Gi/Bl) Chuckie wonders if angels are always good.

10/2/2001 (Ro/Gi/Bl) Angelica says that she has a twin sister.

10/3/2001 (Bg/Gi/Bl) If Tommy was a cookie, where would he hide?

10/4/2001 (Bg/Gi/Bl) Stu invents a ball that can bounce the highest -- to the moon.

10/5/2001 (Bg/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie try to make a beanstalk.

10/6/2001 (Bg/Gi/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie watch a "reptar" show they already seen.

10/7/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica likes her "job".

10/8/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi forces Chuckie to go exploring (Columbus Day).

10/9/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Kimi & Chuckie play "tag".

10/10/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Kimi & Chuckie play in a tree.

10/11/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is a little too scared of going down a slide.

10/12/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Kimi asks Chuckie if he's scared all the time.

10/13/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks Kimi if she's afraid of monsters.

10/14-20,22-27,29-31; 11/1-3/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) The Rugrats get Chuckie ready for Halloween.

10/21/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Betty shows Phil & Lil how to carve a pumpkin.

10/28/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica picks a costume for Halloween.

11/4/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica does not want Chuckie to smile.

11/5/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Susie, Angelica & Chuckie play hide & seek.

11/6/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders what Reptar item should he play with.

11/7/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie mentions that there's nothing on TV.

11/8/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie hates baths.

11/9/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie would like to go to Mars on a quarter.

11/10/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that there is nothing to smile about.

11/11/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks Angelica why the leaves changes colors.

11/12/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi thinks a clicking pen is "cool".

11/13/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi is amazed by the amount of tissues in a box.

11/14/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi plays with a roll of toilet paper.

11/15/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi know how to tie shoelaces.

11/16/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that smart people know that the moon is made of cheese.

11/17/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi says that "You're only young once."

11/18/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica refuses to listen to Chuckie.

11/19/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie finds "gold".

11/20/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie "return from Mars".

11/21/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy prefers ice cream cones over popsicles.

11/22/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Everybody celebrates Thanksgiving -- in costume.

11/23/2001 (G/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie are scared of the people in the mirror.

11/24/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy likes a world of cake and ice cream.

11/25/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica is looking for Chuckie, even though he's right in front of her.

11/26/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders what people did before TV was around.

11/27/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders what hot dogs are made of.

11/28/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks why leaves fall off trees.

11/29/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders what happens to snowmen after winter.

11/30/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil ask where fruit jiuce comes from.

12/1/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks Angelica about fingerpaints.

12/2/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie dig for treasure.

12/3/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders how leaves get on trees.

12/4-5/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie catches a fallen leaf.

12/6/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonder if trees without leaves die.

12/7/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie wonders why it's okay to get wet in a bath, but not in the rain.

12/8/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie thinks that no two raindrops are alike.

12/9/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica thinks that girls are better than boys.

12/10/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Spike "prefers" a bone over a cookie.

12/11/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Spike licks Tommy's ice cream cone.

12/12/2001 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi asks Chuckie for the time.

12/13/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie takes Tommy's knock-knock joke seriously.

12/14/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie tell Angelica that they are going to Saturn.

12/15/2001 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie tell Angelica that they are going to the bottom of the ocean..

12/16/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie wait for the ice cream man.

12/17-22, 24-29/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy would like a "fire-breathing" Reptar toy for Christmas.

12/23/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica teaches Chuckie about clouds.

12/30/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie thinks that mooses moo.

12/31/2001 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy asks what happens to the "old year".

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