Rugrats -- The Comic Strip Index (1998)

4/5/98: (G/Cr) First strip; Angelica introduces the Rugrats to upside-down cake. (This strip was never available online.)

4/6-12/98: (G/Cr) Stu & Didi spend quality time with Tommy.

4/13-18/98: (G/Cr/Bl) Chuckie pays a visit to Tommy's house.

4/19/98: (G/Cr) Tommy & Chuckie visit an art museum, but don't see much.

4/20-26/98: (G/Cr/Bl) Angelica visits.

4/27-5/1/98: (G/Cr/Bl; no Bl 4/30 & 5/1) Phil & Lil visits.

5/2/98: (G/Cr/Bl) Chuckie constantly sneezes.

5/3/98: (G/Cr/Bl) Tommy plays with shaped blocks.

5/4-8/98: (G/Cr/Bl; Cr only 5/7; no Bl 5/8) Chazz spends time with Chuckie.

5/9/98: (G/Cr/Bl) Stu invents the Diapernator 3000, a robot that changes a baby's diaper.

5/10/98: (G/Cr/Bl) Chazz takes Chuckie to the fair; buys a balloon for Chuckie.

5/11/98: (G/Cr/Bl) Rugrats play with Spike.

5/12/98 (G/Cr) Grandpa teaches Tommy how to bowl; Tommy applies this while with Didi at the supermarket.

5/13/98 (G/Cr) Grandpa places dentures in water at bedtime while Tommy & Chuckie watch.

5/14/98 (G/Cr) Tommy spits up over the Big Bad Wolf.

5/15/98 (G/Cr) Tommy has a nightmare.

5/16/98 (G/Cr) Concerned of Reptar's violence on his TV show, Didi switched to a nature program, which scares Tommy & Chuckie more.

5/17/98 (G/Cr/Bl) Angelica scares the Rugrats as they go down the slide, only to have her tables turned by a bully.

5/18/98 (G/Cr) Tommy & Chuckie discover Grandpa's old socks.

5/19/98 (G/Cr/Bl) Angelica steals a toy fire engine from Tommy & Chuckie.

5/20/98 (Cr) Stu tosses Tommy around.

5/21/98 (G/Cr/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie break out of the crib.

5/22/98 (G/Cr) Chuckie is scared of the vacuum cleaner.

5/23/98 (G/Cr/Bl) Tommy plays with jello.

5/24/98 (Anon; possibly G/Cr) Angelica goes to ballet school, where everyone has 2 left feet.

5/25-27/98 (G/Cr/Bl, no Bl on 5/25) Various wordless strips featuring cookies, sandbox, and Spike's bath.

5/28-29/98 (G/Cr/Bl) The Rugrats play at the playground.

5/30/98 (G/Cr/Bl) Angelica charges at Tommy & Chuckie at "castle" / sandbox.

5/31/98 (G/Cr/Bl) Rugrats enjoy ice cream, but Spike wants some too.

6/1/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Tommy plays with stamps.

6/2/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Tommy & Angelica argue over her baby pictures.

6/3/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Tommy swings.

6/4/98 (G/Fl/Bl) The Rugrats play on the monkeybars.

6/5/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Tommy & Didi get groceries.

6/6/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Tommy breaks out of "prison".

6/7/98 (G/Cr/Bl) Stu invents the "Uber-ball", which bounces by itself. Tommy, however, believes that anything can bounce by itself.

6/8/98 (G/Cr/Bl) Susie & Angelica compare bike bells to bike horns. (In this strip, Susie has the Cynthia bell while Angelica has the Reptar horn. Shouldn't this be the other way around? Angelica is more of a fan of Cynthia than Susie is.)

6/9/98 (G/Cr) Stu & Drew play with blocks.

6/10/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Angelica holds the Rugrats' ball for a ransom of cookies.

6/11/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie take a look at Spike's things.

6/12/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Grandpa reads a story before dozing off.

6/13/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Chuckie's snoring sounds like a monster.

6/14/98 (G/Cr/Bl) Charlotte finds the source of ringing bells, without success.

6/15/98 (G/Fl/Bl) The Rugrats at the beach / The Rugrats in the sandbox.

6/16/98 (G/Fl/Bl) The Rugrats are jungle monkeys.

6/17/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Didi buys a kid's meal, not for Tommy, but for Stu.

6/18-19/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Angelica gets cookies, with the help of Phil & Lil (6/18) and Tommy & Chuckie (6/19).

6/20/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Didi brings home a "Dr. Lipschitz Learning Interface Center", which makes a great play table for Tommy.

6/21/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Tommy & Angelica get their ball from a "crashing" computer.

6/22/98 (G/Fl/Bl) All the Rugrats help Angelica get the cookies.

6/23/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Tommy wants to go to the mall fountain.

6/24/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Spike helps Angelica get cookies.

6/25/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Angelica tries to jump over the Rugrats on her trike.

6/26/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Tommy on motorcycle / Tommy & Didi on mall escalator.

6/27/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Rugrats on moon / Rugrats in backyard.

6/28/98 (Anon; probably G/Ba)) "The Frog Prince", according to Susie & Angelica.

6/29/98 (G/Fl) Charlotte & Drew clean Angelica's good dress, only to get it dirty again.

6/30/98 (G/Fl) Drew's nicknames for Angelica.

7/1/98 (G/Fl) Tommy plays catch with Fluffy.

7/2/98 (G/Fl) The Rugrats play Hide & Seek, but who's it?

7/3/98 (G/Fl) Didi & Tommy go to the bank, where Tommy thinks a big baby is in the safe.

7/4/98 (G/Fl) Tommy gets kissed and poked by grannies at the mall.

7/5/98 (Anon; probably G/Ba)) Angelica "disappears" ball in a magic trick.

7/6-11/98 (G/Ba) The Rugrats and famillies go on a picnic.

7/12/98 (Anon; probably G/Ba)) Rugrats help Angelica get the cookies, but got flour instead.

7/13-18/98 (G/Ba) Rugrats play with Spike. (7/16 strip is "MSU")

7/19/98 (G/Ba) The Rugrats run over a puppet.

7/20-25/98 (G/Ba) Fun with Reptar. (In 7/22/98 strip, Reptar has a lot of products with his name on it, including "Stomp Along With Reptar". The punch line of that strip has Stu mentioning that a Reptar strip may be next. Notice the similarity?)

7/26/98 (G/Ba) Tommy cries for his toy horse, but Stu & Didi thinks he's crying fo anything but. (Note the diaper has legholes, instead of being more commonly hour-glass shaped.)

7/27-8/1/98 (G/Fl) Didi is a substitute teacher at summer school; Tommy tags along.

8/2/98 (G/Ba) Boris & Minka read their own versions of "Little Red Riding Hood".

8/3-8/98 (Anon)(Art by Rodrigues, but never credited) Angelica has fun with Cynthia. (Note the microscopic lettering and big dates in these strips.)

8/9/98 (G/Ba) Angelica steals and eats all of the Rugrats' Reptar Bars (Note that the Reptar Bars are on sticks, just like popsicles.)

8/10-15/98 (Anon) (Art by Rodrigues, but never credited) Stu's wacky inventions, featuring "Mousepaper", "Bowser Buffet", "Baby-Proof Refrigerator", "Couch Trough" and "Marshmallow Chairs" (Note the lettering and dates again.)

8/16/98 (G/Ba) At a school carnival, Didi gets dunked for charity.

8/17-22/98 (Anon) (Art by Rodrigues, but never credited) The Rugrats go to a carnival.

8/23/98 (G/Ba) Chuckie rolls down the hill.

8/24-29/98 (G/Ba) Angelica plays with Susie.

8/30/98 (G/Ba) Spike eats a mousquito.

8/31-9/5/98 (Anon) (Art by Rodrigues, but never credited) Charlotte takes Angelica to work, where Jonathan babysits.

9/6/98 (G/Ba) Stu invents the "Kiddie Kontainer".

9/7/98 (G/Fl) "MSU" Spike dreams of Tommy.

9/8/98 (G/Fl) Tommy & Chuckie watches the clock's pendulum.

9/9/98 (G/Fl) Chuckie is scared of bugs, which are eaten by Phil & Lil.

9/10/98 (G/Fl) "MSU" Tommy misinterprets "Stu in Doghouse".

9/11/98 (G/Fl) Phil & Tommy makes statue of Lil.

9/12/98 (G/Fl) Aliens live on Chuckie's shirt.

9/13/98 (G/Ba) Cynthia tells Angelica to get cookies.

9/14/98 (G/Fl) Chuckie is scared of the air vent.

9/15/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Didi & Betty uses a treadmill & gymbike.

9/16/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Phil & Lil fight over a Reptar doll, even though they each already have one.

9/17/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Twins (not just Phil & Lil) live in mirrors.

9/18/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Phil & Lil's boogers label their toys.

9/19/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Football and Time Out.

9/20/98 (G/Ba) The infamous synogogue strip. For details, click here.

9/21-26/98 (G/Fl/Bl) The Rugrats have fun with Grandpa.

9/27-10/3/98, 10/5-11/98 (dailies G/Fl/Bl, Sunday G/Ba) The Rugrats go to the beach. (First of all, in 9/27/98, isn't Didi a little more overprotective of Tommy against Sunburn, keeping in mind the Beach Blanket Babies episode? Also, when this strip was published, it was already fall, when it's hardly beach weather in most of the country and when Didi should be at school teaching.)

10/4/98 (G/Ba) Afraid of the doctor, Tommy escapes from Didi. Tommy shouldn't worry, as this trip is for Didi, now pregnant.(This strip, which is the first of many leading into the movie, interrupts the beach sequence above (in papers that carry the strip 7 days a week)).

10/12-17/98 (G/Ba) (10/12 to 10/14 strips: "MSU") Susie plays with the Rugrats at her house.

10/18/98 (G/Ba) Stu invents the Domesticator 3000, a robot that helps out the pregnant Didi.

10/19-23/98 (G/Rd) Didi has an appointment with Dr. Lucy. (In the 10/23 strip, the sonogram reveals that the baby is going to be a girl, However, in the plot of the film, they were wrong when Didi gives birth to a boy.)

10/24/98 (G/Rd) Didi gets gas for the car.

10/25/98 (G/Ba) The Rugrats play a game of "Duck Duck Goose", with Tommy having a lot of fun with the "duck" part.

10/26-31/98, 11/2-3/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Stu helps Didi out around the house, to the usual disasterous results. The kitchen floor got eaten up twice, first by "Stu Stew" (10/28/98), and again by his latest invention, the "Hydraulic Mop" (10/31/98).

11/1/98 (G/Ba) Stu invents a baby monitor that's sensitive to every sound made in a baby's room... make that, too sensitive.

11/4/98 (G/Rd) Tommy & Chuckie imagines "Candy Land" (not the Milton-Bradley game).

11/5/98 (G/Fl/Bl) While the parents go to the "Lipschitz Child-Rearing World Symposium", Lucy babysits the Rugrats.

11/6/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Angelica shows the Rugrats her "Butter-fly".

11/7/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Susie & Angelica play leapfrog, while Tommy wonders why they're not leaping over any frogs.

11/8/98 (Anon, possibly G/Ba) Everyone who's anyone watches and likes Dummi Bears, even the adults. The only exception, of course, is Angelica. (Same goes for the Rugrats TV series.)

11/9-11/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Stu, Didi & Tommy look through Tommy's baby book. (This sequence features very early pictures of Tommy. Also, in the 11/11/98 strip, we find out that Dr. Lucy delivered Tommy; Dr. Lucy will also be delivering Dil in the film.)

11/12-13/98 (G/Rd/Bl) Stu, Didi & Grandpa discuss various girls' names.

11/14/98 (G/Rd/Bl) Phil explain what it's like having a sister.

11/15/98 (G/Ba) Stu & Didi remember when Tommy was born.

11/16-17/98 (G/Rd/Bl) The Rugrats think that Didi, now fully pregnant, has swallowed the ball that they tossed into the living room.

11/18/98 (G/Rd/Bl) Tommy thinks that Didi's ears are on her belly, as the walkman's headphones are on there so the baby can listen to it.

11/19/98 (G/Rd/Bl) Didi doesn't feel like eating anything other than scrambled-up food, like Tommy is eating.

11/20/98 (G/Rd/Bl) Didi tries to educate the new baby with various sounds.

11/21/98 (G/Rd/Bl) Stu helps Didi practice her breathing.

11/22/98 (G/Ha/Bl) Tommy thinks that the hospital nursery is a baby store. (First comic-strip appearance of Dil, which, apparently, has been born "offstage" in the strip.)

11/23-27/98 (G/Ha/Bl) Dil's first few days of life. (In the 11/23/98 strip, one of the babies in the nursery, where Dil was, had "X's" for eyes. What the artist didn't know apparently is that this expression is used when a human or animal is dead or drunk.)

11/28-29/98 (G/Ha/Bl) Tommy teaches Dil how to share.

11/30-12/4/98(G/Ha/Bl) Tommy teaches Dil the baby basics (parents, friends, toys, food, etc.).

12/5/98 (Ke/Ha/Bl) The Rugrats' parents are away at dinner, toasting their liberation from them; the Rugrats are back at home, toasting their liberation from their parents.

12/6/98 (Ke/Fl/Bl) Tommy, Chuckie & Susie talk about what clouds look like. (Probably the first strip not written by Gray.)

12/7-12/98 (G/Rd) The Rugrats visit a gym.

12/13/98 (No/Fl/Bl) Angelica asks, "what's behind the fence?"

12/14-16/98 (G/Rd/Bl) Stu & Didi reminisce some more about Tommy's early days.

12/17/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Buster offers Angelica some joke hot pepper candy; thinking that it was regular candy, Angelica ate the whole jar, with fiery results.

12/18/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Angelica wants to play ponies, while Susie like playing wedding.

12/19/98 (G/Fl/Bl) Edwin builds a scle-model flying saucer.

12/20/98 (No/Fl/Bl) Chuckie is scared of his own shadow.

12/21-23/98 (G/Rd/Bl) Grandpa babysits Tommy.

12/24/98 (Ke/Rd/Bl) Tommy prefers crawling to walking.

12/25/98 (Ke/Rd/Bl) Didi feeds Tommy, without success, (Due to that 9/20/98 synogogue strip, the Rugrats do not celebrate Christmas.)

12/26/98 (Ke/Rd/Bl) Chuckie, Phil & Lil go swimming, without water.

12/27/98 (Ke/Ha/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie watch leaves fall off of trees.

12/28/98 (Ke/Cr/Bl) Chuckie sucks his thumb.

12/29/98 (Ke/Cr/Bl) Angelica wishes upon a star.

12/30/98 (Ke/Cr/Bl) Angelica practices her screaming.

12/31/98 (Ke/Cr/Bl) Tommy goes fishing in the bathtub.

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