Episodes for 1992

This page lists and explains all 26 Rugrats episodes for 1992.

14. (92-01A) [N14A] [KC14A] [RTS201A] -- Toy Palace

Writer: Peter Gaffney

Director: Dan Thompson

  After wandering away from their fathers, Tommy and Chuckie unwittingly ended up playing around in a closed toy store.

Famous Quotes:

1. Thorg hungry! Thorg want eat! -- toy Thorg

    (Thorg is a "King Kong"-type monster.)

2. Halt! I am Reptar! -- toy Reptar

3. (Pitch for a time machine called the "Wee Willie Warp Time Traveler", as displayed on a sign above it:)

Sick of parents pushing you around? Why not send them into the past!

4. (Chazz questions the safety of time travel:)

Chazz: Do you think time travel is safe?

Stu: Of course it is, as long as they don't disturb the past.


1. This is the first time we actively see Chazz as Chuckie's father.

2. Also, it's been revealed that Chazz is also an asthma sufferer, as he uses one of those mists twice in this episode.

3. Dr. Who fans please note: in one scene before Chuckie got on the train, please look behind him on the bottom shelf; there you'll find small, toy Daleks. The Daleks were created for Dr. Who in 1963 by Terry Nation, who later went on to create and write the late-1970's BBC sci-fi series, Blake's 7. Mr. Nation died at age 66 in March 9, 1997 in Los Angeles.

4. In addition to the "Wee Willy Warp Time Traveler", there is also "Avrogado" (a nuclear-powered alligator, made in Italy). This is one of very few moments where the reality tend to get a little unrealistic, as (1) no one in its right mind would even invent a nuclear powered alligator (my opinion), and (2) time travel has not been proven.

5. Chuckie is proven to be very intelligent at his age (2 years), as he is able to color in the lines at this time (as per Chazz).

6. Japanese Movie Fans: The fight scene between Thorg and Reptar is reminiscent of the U.S.-Japanese film "King Kong vs. Godzilla" (1963).

  (92-01B) [N14B] [KC14B] [RTS201B] -- Sand Ho

Writer: Peter Gaffney

Directors: Howard E. Baker, Jim Duffy

Intrigued by Grandpa's pirate story, the Rugrats play pirates themselves.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Chuckie starts to have problems being a member of the pirate's crew:)

Chuckie: (as he pours a sizable amount of sand from his shoe) I think I got sand in my shoe.

Tommy: Real pirates like sand in their shoes!

2. (Angelica, as "Admiral Angelico", invades Tommy's ship. As she boards (gets on) Tommy's "ship" (his wagon))

Prepare to be bored! -- Angelica

3. (Chuckie starts to get "seasick":)

Maybe I shouldn't have that second helping of strained squash. -- Chuckie


In this episode, Angelica is known as "Admiral Angelico". However, during a "swordfight" scene between Tommy and Angelico, Tommy calls her "Admiral Angelica".

15. (92-02A) [N15A] [KC15A] [RTS202A] -- Chuckie vs. The Potty

Alternate Title: "Chuckie Learns" (used in Telemundo's episode guide)

World TV Premiere Date: 9/13/1992 on Nick

Writer: Joe Ansolabehere

Director: Norton Virgien

Chuckie has a difficult decision to make -- spend the rest of his life in diapers, or learn to use the potty.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Near the beginning, after Tommy was caught unravelling a roll of toilet paper:)

No, snookums; toilet paper is for cleaning messes, not making them. -- Didi

2. (Chazz leaves for his business trip, but is still very concerned for Chuckie:)

Chazz (to Chuckie): Don't eat any earthworms.

Didi: Bye, Charles.

Chazz: Or breathe noxious fumes.

Didi: Bye, Charles.

Chazz: Or drink any toxic waste.

Didi: Bye, Charles. (Closes door while Chazz continues)

Chazz: Or...

3. (Chuckie describes how terrible potty training is:)

It's even worse than the time my mom put me on the bottle. -- Chuckie

4. (Angelica encourages Chuckie to go on with his potty training:)

Everybody who's anybody has to be potty-trained. -- Angelica

5. (Chuckie is determined not to be potty trained:)

No one can make me go! Not my mom! Not my dad! Not even the Present of the Bee-Nighted States! Because I... I... I gotta go!  -- Chuckie

6. (Tommy plays an Irish priest in Chuckie's potty dream:)

Don't go being a baby, my son. What would the little people think? -- Tommy

7. (Following the dream, Chuckie did go in his training potty. Lipschitz recommends praising him after he "does his business":)

Way to go, Chuckie! You little potty animal! -- Stu


1. The director's credit was omitted when this video appeared in volume 2 of the Decade In Diapers video collection.

2. In the bit.listserv.autism newsgroup, posted 8/28/1995 (according to Google), Curtis White gives his views on the educational value of this episode:
A few nights ago on the TV cable channel Nickelodoen, there was an episode of the "Rugrats" cartoon show that had potty training as its theme. Though it is geared for the average child, this episode deals with many of the events related in recent postings to the autism list regarding the trails and tribulations of potty training. It addresses the issue with a gentle humor and compassion that is rare for cartoons in general, but is typical of the quality of this program.

  (92-02B) [N15B] [KC15B] [RTS202B] -- Together At Last

World TV Premiere Date: 9/13/1992 after Chuckie vs. The Potty on Nick

Writer: Jonathan Greenberg

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Phil and Lil try, and fail, to face life separated.

Famous Quotes:

1. (After Betty gives the twins a new Reptar doll:)

Kids can never get enough toys. -- Betty

2. (Betty talks to Didi about the trials and tribulations of raising twins:)

After all I've been through, I could write a whole encyclopedia about twins. -- Betty

3. (Betty explains why Phil and Lil are always together:)

Phil and Lil are made for each other, just like Triscuits and bean dip. -- Betty

4. (Larry and Steve paint the DeVille's house:)

Chicks dig guys who paint, just like Picasso! -- Larry

5. (At the end, Betty thinks Lipschitz's plan regarding twin separation doesn't work:)

Lipschitz can take a hike! These kids are meant to be together! -- Betty


1. Steven Dean Moore is also a regular director on The Simpsons.

2. While cooking , Didi sings "Red River Valley", which has been heard in 4 episodes of the series. For details, click here.

16. (92-03A) [N16A] [KC16A] [RTS203A] -- The Big House

Writer: Paul Germain

Director: Jim Duffy

While Didi is doing some errands, she leaves Tommy at a maximum-security day care center. Desparate for freedom, Tommy contemplates excaping.

Famous Quote:

An apple a day keeps the children at bay. -- slogan for Golden Apple Day Care


1. The parts of "Wiseguy" and "Crybaby" are played by Pamela Segall, who's the voice of Bobby Hill on the popular Fox series, King Of The Hill. Pamela later returns to Rugrats as Dean in Angelica's In Love, the young Drew Pickles in Sour Pickles and Sticky in The Last Babysitter.

2. Animation error: as Tommy and Justin (the fat kid) are fighting over the ball, look closely at the background. They are fighting in front of some counter. In one shot, we see their entire bodies as they fight. In the next shot, we go to a close-up, but the background remained the same size as in the previous shot.

3. The title of this episode, and its premise, is based on a 1955 motion picture Big House, USA, which starred Broderick Crawford (from the original Highway Patrol TV series), Lon Chaney, Jr. (son of horror-flick legend Lon Chaney) and a young Charles Bronson. In that film, a group of convicts use bizarre methods to break out of prison. (special thanks to Paul Melville)

  (92-03B) [N16B] [KC16B] [RTS203B] -- The Shot

Writer: Joe Ansolabehere

Director: Dan Thompson

Tommy gets his booster shot, but not without Chuckie and Angelica telling horror stories about -- The Shot.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Tommy informs the other Rugrats that he's going to get a "Rooster Shot" (Phil & Lil thinks that shot is going to turn Tommy into a chicken); Chuckie, after going through a terrible experience, corrects them:)

It's not a rooster shot; booster shot! -- Chuckie

2. (After Tommy met Hector, Didi meets Hector's mother, who's also a Lipschitz fan; she commented that actual social interaction won't occur for a couple of months, yet:)

Didi: You read Lipschitz, too?

Hector's Mother (pulls out her copy): It's my bible!

3. (After the nurse informs Dr.Schachter of Tommy's height (23 1/2 inches):)

Michael Jordan watch out! Tommy Pickles is right behind you! -- Dr. Schachter

4. (At the end, after Tommy, Hector (his friend he met at the doctor's office) and Angelica received their shots; Tommy and Hector were happy, but Angelica (who thinks that only babies are afraid of shots) was crying:)

Some kids take them, and some kids can't. -- Dr. Schachter

5. (Even though Drew was there, Angelica rather have someone else with her after she received her shot:)

I want my mommy! -- Angelica


1. This the first time we see Tommy's pediatrician, Dr. Schachter.

2. We also know, through Chuckie's story, of his pediatrician, Dr. Lector.

3. Animation error: immediately after Tommy left the doctor's office, so did Hector, then Angelica. It's impossible for Dr. Schachter to have examined, and gave shots to, Hector, seconds after Tommy. same goes for Angelica, who has gotten hers immediately after Hector.

17. (92-04A) [N17A] [KC17A] [RTS204A] -- Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch

Writer: Glenn Eichler (spelled "Glen")

Director: Steven Dean Moore

Tommy and Chuckie match wits with Prudence, a.k.a. "The Junk Food Kid", the local playground bully.

Famous Quotes:

1. (On the way to El Dorado for the first time, Grandpa tells a story about the old west:)

If a man has to stand up for the right thing, he has to be one tough Hombre. -- Grandpa

2. (Grandpa's story ended like this:)

Back in my day a man is as good as his word, and he only have to know 3 of them: "yep", "nope", and "howdy". -- Grandpa

3. (Grandpa makes a brief comparison of today's society with yesterday's:)

See if "Wild Bill Hickok" fill in circles with a #2 pencil! -- Grandpa

4. (Belinda, a blonde girl who befriends Tommy & Chuckie, warns Tommy & Chuckie about "The Junk Food Kid" (Prudence):)

"The Junk Food Kid"; the meanest toddler in town. Everyone's afraid of "The Kid". -- Belinda

5. (The first time around, Prudence threatens Tommy:)

Prudence: How old are you?

Tommy: One.

Prudence: If you want to live to be one-and-a-half, you better git!

6. (After Prudence has won the battle against Belinda, Tommy & Chuckie, they find what to do about it:)

Chuckie: What are we gonna do, Tommy?

Tommy: There's only one thing we can do.

Chuckie (all crying): Mommy!

7. (When Prudence returns, Chuckie promises Belinda (who now has shorter hair due to Prudence exploding her bubble gum bubble in it) that they'll do all they can to help:)

We'll try to keep "The Junk Food Kid" out of your hair, or what's left of it. -- Chuckie

8. (Chuckie explains to Belinda why he helps Tommy out:)

Belinda: That Tommy; he's not like other babies.

Chuckie: Nope; I met Tommy for the very first time when he was 8 days old. I don't remember what happened during his first 8 days, but what he doesn't like to see is other people being pushed around.

9. (At the end, Belinda admires Tommy for sticking up against Prudence (who's now reduced to short hair and eating carrot sticks):)

That Tommy; he's a real, tough omelet. -- Belinda


1. The playground where Tommy and Chuckie played was "El Dorado", a western-themed playground.

2. In the scene after Tommy plays his toy guitar in his crib, Tommy, Chuckie, and Grandpa return to El Dorado. On the parking lot's pavement, there's a speed bump. Shortly before the wagon supposedly went over that bump, we cut to a close-up of Tommy and Chuckie in the wagon, without going over or around the speed bump. Doing either of those things would be noticeable to the viewer, but the ride went as smooth as if they didn't turn or go over the bump at all.

3. Glenn Eichler is also a writer for MTV's dastardly duo, Beavis & Butthead. He is also the co-creator of its new spinoff, Daria.

4. The voice of Prudence is played by Nancy Cartwright, who plays Bart Simpson on The Simpsons. Look and listen closely; she looks and sounds like Bart's nemesis, Nelson Muntz (Ha-Ha!), also voiced by Cartwright.

(92-04B) [N17B] [KC17B] [RTS204B] -- Mirrorland

Writer: Michael Ferris

Director: Norton Virgien

Chuckie and Tommy go through a mirror to see "Mirrorland", where "everything is the same, only different". Meanwhile, Didi and Grandpa examines various antiques that Didi has purchased at "Cold n' Oldies", an antique store which doubles as a frozen yogurt shop. One of those "antiques" included a mirror, which Chuckie and Tommy used to go to Mirrorland.

Famous Quotes:

1. (At the start, we see an underwater documentary on TV, similar to those Jacques Cousteau shows:)

My crew and I search the ocean waters for Neptune's most prized trasure -- the lost city of Atlantis. (pause as Didi knocks on door) Unfortunately, all we found were old beer cans and the remnants of an outboard motor. -- Oceanographer (sounds similar to Jacques Cousteau)

2. (after Didi returned from the antique yogurt store:)

Grandpa: In my day, we had no use for antiques.

Didi: But Pop, I thought in your day there were no antiques.

3. (Among the junk Didi bought home is a "genuine" Louis XIV mirror, but is it genuine?)

"Made In Taiwan". Hmm, I didn't know Taiwan was in France! -- Grandpa

4. (Grandpa asks Didi why she bought a $15 "mystery box":)

Grandpa: $15? You pay $15 for a box of junk that you don't know about?

Didi: They threw in a pint of Avocado Swirl.

5. (Tommy sells the "Mirrorland" concept to Chuckie, encouraging him to go for the gusto:)

Tommy: One of these days, you're gonna be six years old. You want to look back and say you haven't really lived?

Chuckie: Here we go again!

6. (After the Mirrorland trip, Phil & Lil quiz Tommy and Chuckie on personal subjects, just to make sure they're not the "Mirror Boys":)

Lil: What was the funniest thing that happened to you?

Tommy: That's easy; when milk comes out of your nose!

Phil (to Chuckie): How about you?

Chuckie: Do I have to?

Phil & Lil: Mirrorboy! Mirrorboy!

Chuckie: Okay! It's when I got my head caught in a sock.

6. (At the end, Didi commented about the kids' mischief:)

Those kids can be a handful sometime, but they're so adorable. -- Didi

Memorable Scene:

Didi dresses up in a ballerina outfit she bought from a local antique shop; she ended up feeling pretty embarrassed. Also, look for Grandpa trying out various rock star wigs, as well as Spike wearing a false beard and mustache, as well as Didi's glasses.

18. (92-05A) [N18A] [KC18A] [RTS205A] -- Angelica's In Love

Writer: Paul Germain

Director: Jim Duffy

Angelica falls in love with Dean, a biker-type kid who's "a 4-year old's dream on a 5-year old's bike"; her heart ended up being broken when he pledged his love to someone else -- his mother.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Dean gives some sage advice:)

Dean: It's not the things you do, but it's the things you think!

Chuckie: Wow! Who said that?

Dean: I got it from Dr. Seuss. Have you heard of "The Cat In The Hat"? It changed my life!

2. (Dean talks to Phil and Lil on their togetherness:)

Dean: You two are together all the time. Why not just be yourselves?

Phil & Lil: But we are ourselves!

3. (Angelica decides to take risks to win Dean's heart:)

Angelica: After all, I'm playing the most dangerous game of all!

Chuckie: Musical Chairs?

Angelica: No, dummy! Love!

4. (One of Angelica's tactics is to forbid Dean from loving her, but to no avail:)

You can't have me! You can't have me! You CAN'T HAVE ME! -- Angelica

5. (After all of Angelica's efforts to get Dean to notice her failed:)

I'll never fall in love again! At least not until the first grade. -- Angelica


This is the first time we learn of Chuckie's fear of "the guy on the oatmeal box with the funny hat".

(92-05B) [N18B] [KC18B] [RTS205B] -- Ice Cream Mountain

Alternate Title: "Maximum Golf" (used in Nick's & YTV's episode guides)

Writer: Chip Johannesson

Director: Dan Thompson

Stu & Drew take the Rugrats out for ice cream. While passing "Fun Land", a miniature golf course, they decided to stop on a spur of a moment to play a round of golf. While there, the Rugrats play through to "Ice Cream Mountain", a gargantuous sundae, made of plastic. At "Ice Cream Mountain" anyone making a "hole-in-one" gets a free game. However, Earl Skaggs, the owner, rigged it so no one would get a hole-in-one. That is, until the Rugrats arrived.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Drew remembers the time when ice cream was just ice cream:)

A while back, there was only one kind of ice cream. None of this yogurt or gellatto rice stuff. -- Drew

2. (Drew & Stu decides to play a round of miniature golf:)

Drew: Ah, miniature golf.

Stu: The sport of kings.

3. (Earl tells Stu and Drew about the free game if a hole-in-one is made on Ice Cream Mountain; after they left, he reveals hsi sinister plan:)

No one gets a hole-in-one on Ice Cream Mountain! Ha-ha-ha! Ever! Ha-ha-ha! --Earl

4. (At Ice Cream Mountain, Stu and Drew argue over who goes first:)

Drew: You first, little brother.

Stu: No, you first.

Drew (yelling): I said "you first"! What do you want; a written invitation?

5. (When you make a hole-in-one at Ice Cream Mountain, you get a free game. Also, a "jack-in-a-box"-type figure pops out holding a sign saying "Hole In One", while saying this:)

Hole in one! Hole in one! Fun Land is a world of fun!

19. (92-06A) [N19A] [KC19A] [RTS206A] -- Regarding Stuie

Writer: Guy Maxtone-Graham

Director: Norton Virgien

Stu falls down from the roof while attempting to install his new "Quack-O-Matic" weather vane (in a style of a duck; it gives the forecast, tells the time and temperature in other cities and predicts earthquakes, but doesn't give the wind direction). Suffering from amnesia, Stu reverts to his childhood and becomes one of the Rugrats.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Didi made health-food cookies, but she's saving them until after they eat:)

Didi: Grandpa! Leave those carob-tofu cluster cookies alone. They're for after dinner.

Grandpa: After dinner? In my day, we were lucky if we had any dinner!

2. (When Stu fell off the roof and started to act like a baby:)

I think he grown down. -- Tommy

3. (Shortly afterward:)

I never had a daddy be a baby before. -- Tommy

4. (After they all eaten the cookies, Chuckie expresses his satisfaction. Does it remind you of some beer commercial?)

It doesn't get any better than this. -- Chuckie

(First time this phrase is said on Rugrats.)

5. (Stuie and the Rugrats play in the shower; even though there's technically a parent around, Chuckie is still worried:)

Chuckie: I'm getting wet. Why are we doing this, Tommy?

Tommy: 'Cause it's fun, Chuckie.

Chuckie: Oh.

6. (One of the things the Rugrats had Stu do to be a grownup again is to teach him how to read a newspaper:)

Take it to the bathroom, and don't come out 'til practically forever. -- Tommy

7. (After "fighting the duck" again, Stu falls off the roof and returns to being an adult. His first words after this:)

Nice weather vane. (to Tommy) Wanna ride, kiddo? -- Stu

8. (Didi gets home, not realizing what Stu's been through. Stu forgot to take off his "diaper":)

Stu! What are you doing wearing that sheet? -- Didi


1. The title and the scenario is based on Mike Nichols' 1991 motion picture "Regarding Henry", where Henry (played by Harrison Ford) suffered a brain injury and had to relearn everything he did in life, including walking and eating.

2. Guy Maxtone-Graham is another writer for Beavis & Butthead.

3. This episode is also the first half of the Rugrats' Father's Day special; America's Wackiest Home Movies is the second half.

(92-06B) [N19B] [KC19B] [RTS206B] -- Garage Sale

Writer: Steve Viksen

Director: Steven Dean Moore

To make room for some new stuff (including Stu's new stereo), the Pickles sell their unwanted goods at their garage sale, only to end up selling everything but the kitchen sink -- thanks to the Rugrats.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Grandpa talks to Betty about his days as "Top-Dollar" Pickles, salesman:)

I can sell a six-slice toaster to a one-man family. -- Grandpa

2. (Chuckie complains that they get in trouble each time they do something they're not supposed to do:)

We're babies! We're supposed to get in trouble! That's our job!  -- Tommy

3.  (Stu finds his disco outfit.)

Stu: My disco outfit!

Didi: Stu, you haven't worn that thing since 1977!

Stu: Hey, disco is coming back!

Angelica: Aunt Didi, what's disco?

Didi: Oh, nothing, sweetheart; it's something that happened a long time ago and is never, ever coming back, so don't you worry.

4. (Didi planned on selling her old records, but changed her mind:)

Didi: Look at these old records, Betty.

Betty: Yeah. Who've wanted to listen to those things?

Didi: "Chickaboom", "Locomotion", "Seasons In The Sun". Oh, I just can't get rid of these; they're classics.

5. (In the sale, Didi errantly sells Stu's disco suit to Steve:)

Steve: How much for the joke suit?

Didi: Hmm. I thought Stu wanted this. Oh, well. I guess he came around.

6. (When they were having trouble getting the stuff (that the grown-ups weren't selling) to the Garage Sale, Angelica arrives to the rescue:)

The Rugrats: Angelica!

Angelica: That's my name! Don't wear it out!

7. (After everything was sold, Angelica comments how dumb and funny the babies can be:)

Babies! What a crack-up! -- Angelica

8. (After the Pickles inadvertently sold everything they had, Didi tries to comfort Stu, while Howard and Chazz were singing "Kumbaya":)

Stu: My disco suit, my 8-tracks, my stereo...

Didi: You know, Stu, maybe this isn't such a bad thing. I mean all we lost were material possessions. And what we rediscovered are the important things, like family and love, and other real human values.

Stu (after a brief pause): Put a sock in it, Deed.

Didi: Gasp!


1. Stu inadvertently sold his disco suit in the garage sale, but, for some unknown reason, reappeared in his closet in Stu Gets A Job.

2. One of the items not to be sold was Stu's "Whirly Mover" (a one-person hovercraft with a seat and controls on the unit itself, with no remote, unlike the "Hoverama" in Tommy's First Birthday), which he claims was his first invention.

20. (92-07A) [N20A] [KC20A] [RTS207A] -- Let There Be Light

Writer: Pam Wick

Director: Dan Thompson

While working on the anti-gravity playpen (his latest invention), Stu blacks out the neighborhood; the Rugrats look for the light in the most logical place -- the fridge.


1. At the start this episode, and "The Bank Trick", the title card fades to black instead of cutting to black.

2. Continuity Error: In a flashback, Tommy recalls a time (probably when he was only a few weeks old) when Didi carried him to the refridgerator in the middle of the night, so he can have milk. Before she turns to open the fridge, we see her cat clock on the wall. However, she did not get that clock until the Mirrorland episode, which at the time, Tommy is already one. (Special thanks to Brian Carlson)

3. Closed-captining error: in a scene where the Rugrats climb on each other to open the fridge, Lil pulls Tommy up. She makes a little sound while helping him up. However, the closed-captions interpreted this sound as a hiccup, which clearly wasn't.

(92-07B) [N20B] [KC20B] [RTS207B] -- The Bank Trick

Writers: Earl Klasky, Gary Gurner

Director: Jim Duffy

After ruining Grandpa's chess game (being played by mail), Didi takes Tommy and Chuckie on her errands. While at the bank, Tommy and Chuckie wander around, looking for the "M&M" machine (the ATM machine), while inadvertently foiling a bank robbery by 2 crooks posing as bank examiners.

Famous Quotes:

1. (While filling out an application for a replacement ATM card, one of the questions ask about Didi's blood type:)

    I think I'm "A" negative, but I'm not positive. -- Didi

2. (A man tries to get money from the ATM, but it was broken:)

It's broken, just like everything else these days! -- ATM Customer

3. (Later, when Tommy released all the money from the ATM, that same customer became very happy:)

Papa needs a new cellular phone! -- ATM Customer

4. (The vault's security system has lasers criss-crossing its doorway, which can only be turned off by 2 people, turning their keys simultaneously at opposite sides of the doorway; even though Tommy and Chuckie can get through without getting caught, the bank manager comments that a fly cannot go through undetected:)

A fly, yes. A crooked bank official, who knows. -- male "Bank Examiner"

5. (Mrs. Throckmorton, one of the bank's oldest coustomers (the number of years as a customer, not her age), comments on why she keeps rare gems instead of stocks:)

I don't keep my savings in cockamamie stocks and bonds, but in diamonds and rubies that will last forever! -- Mrs. Throckmorton

6. (While playing around with Mr. Poltax's computer, which displays nothing but charts and tables, and directly linked to the New York Commodities Exchange:)

   This is the worsest TV I've ever sawed. -- Chuckie

7.(After the "Bank Examiners" were caught:)

I don't know where we went wrong; It should've been like taking candy from a baby. -- The male "Bank Examiner"


1. When Didi got to the ATM machine and inserted her ATM card, Tommy pushes the buttons at random, which causes the ATM to spit out her card in shredded pieces. Normally, if ANYTHING suspicious happens to a card, like delinquent payments, or too many invalid PIN numbers in a single session, the ATM just "impounds" the card by not returning it to the customer; it's usually stored intact in a special hold area of the ATM.

2. Some of the things requested on the form for an ATM card, according to Didi:

a. Blood type (see quote #1)

b. Your great grandmother's maiden name (she thinks her family just calls her "Googie")

c. Your weight on the moon in kilograms

Keep in mind that banks do ask for personal information like other credit cards and the address of a relative that does not live with you, but nothing outlandish like the above.

3. One of the employees at the 27th National Bank is Mr. Poltax, the Loan Manager. The name "Poltax" was derived from "poll tax", which is a flat tax imposed on each person living in a certain area. Great Britain tried to replace the property tax with a poll tax a few years back, but was met with negative opposition, since the tax was unfair to the poor and the poll tax differed from community-to-community.

4. Dialogue error: The pair of phony bank inspectors consist of a man and a woman, but they were both addressed as "Mister" and "Gentlemen".

(Source: The Big List of TV Mistakes)

21. (92-08A) [N21A] [KC21A] [RTS208A] -- Family Reunion

Writer: Peter Gaffney

Director: Steven Dean Moore

While Grandpa goes on to Chicago because he missed his train stop (likely on purpose), the Pickles stop in (fictional) Willoughby, Iowa to attend their family reunion, hosted by Hugh Pickles and his wife, Dotti. Angelica tells Tommy and the other kids that reunions are swap meets for kids, with the kids being swapped. Her lie ended up backfiring on her, however, when a couple other farming relatives, Mackie & Edie, like a kid like Angelica, though changed to meet THEIR needs.

Famous Quotes:

1. (What Emmet Pickles, one of Tommy & Angelica's cousins, frequently says:)

I'm hungry. -- Emmet

2. (Angelica tells Tommy a lie about family reunions being used as swap meets of babies; the lie later backfired for her:)

They'll take you and they'll keep you and you'll never see your mom or your dad or your dumb old dog ever again. -- Angelica

(This was repeated twice in flashbacks (once for Tommy, and again for Angelica), except that it starts with "You'll never see...", and ends with Angelica cackling.)

3. (Angelica's incident with the goat caused all the farm animals to break loose and escape. Farmer Hugh takes it calm and descriptive like he has been doing for the tour of his farm:)

Here we have your typical barnyard disaster with your runaway animals and havoc on all fronts. What we normally do in this situation is... (yelling) PANIC! Help! Somebody do something! -- Hugh


1. At the start this episode, and "Grandpa's Date", the title card fades to black instead of cutting to black.

2. Two of the Pickles' cash crops: corn (most of America's corn (72 varieties alone) is grown in Iowa) and sunflower seeds (which Stu enjoyed when he was a kid).

3. Relating to that last bit (above) about sunflower seeds -- note that Stu was eating the seeds and spitting out the shells about once every second; truly a "chain-eater" of sunflower seeds.

4. Note that all the cousins (except Emmet) look similar to Tommy:
Name: Description: Parents:
Tony From New York; has black hair, wears a leather jacket and a T-shirt saying "NY" Only one parent spotted; he (or she) had a leather jacket and a punk hairdo.
Tammy-Faye Long, blonde hair; wears a dress ???
Timmy Ray some brown hair; overalls, 3 freckles on each cheek Hugh & Dottie Pickles (hosts of this reunion)
Emmet Looks nothing like Tommy; big; has crew-cut hair; white shirt and blue pants Mackie & Edie Pickles (the same ones that "adopted" Angelica")

5. This (and "Grandpa's Date") is the first Rugrats episode to be rated [TV-Y], in its 1/27/97 AM telecast on Nickelodeon in the US.

  (92-08B) [N21B] [KC21B] [RTS208B] -- Grandpa's Date

Writers: Steve Viksen, Joe Ansolabehere

Director: Norton Virgien

After 40 years, Grandpa's long, lost love, Morgana, pays a visit. Morgana broke up with Grandpa over his affair with another woman named Trixie McGee, but never knew the real story. Also, Grandpa doesn't want her to know that he's a grandfather, so he rushed Tommy & Chuckie to bed. In any case, everyone had to contend with Stu's new remote-controlled couch, which is more like a mechanical bull for 2.

Famous Quotes:

1. (In rushing to get Tommy & Chuckie into bed before Morgana gets to his place, Grandpa finds time to read them a story. Here's the full text:)

Once upon a time there was a bunny who needed some friends and found some friends and everyone was happy. The End.  -- Grandpa

2. (In the end, after Morgana has left, Grandpa gives a bit of advice to Tommy & Chuckie:)

There's no use being different, especially when you have what's going for you right now. Right, sprats?-- Grandpa


1. The Dummi Bear's theme is played for the first time in this episode. At this point, it's not yet revealed as their theme (we'll know in King Ten Pin); it was on an audio tape called "Get Your Wa Wa's Out", one of Tommy's tapes. The tape's name, by the way, was based on The Rolling Stone's 1970 album, "Get Your Ya Ya's Out". The "lips-and-tongue" logo is also similar to The Rolling Stones' logo (which did not exist until 1971, by the way).

2. FYI: 2 more of Reptar's films -- Reptar Come Home and Reptar Redux.

3. Also on the bill that night -- Lonely Space Vixens (for Grandpa, after the kids go to bed).

4. Grandpa also mentions that Tommy has a grandmother (Grandpa's wife) who's now dead; near the end, while reminiscing the good old days, he mentioned her, followed by "God rest her soul".

22 (92-09A) [N22A] [KC22A] [RTS209A] -- No Bones About It

Writers: David & Michael J. Benavente

Director: Dan Thompson

Grandpa takes the Rugrats to the natural history museum. Later, the Rugrats dismantle it while looking for a bone for Spike. While doing so, Grandpa locks horns with security chief Sally Payson, while rushing around the museum looking for the Rugrats.


Grandpa's license plate number (California): IMOLD; it expires in July 1993.

  (92-09B) [N22B] [KC22B] [RTS209B] -- Beach Blanket Babies

Alternate Titles:
"At The Beach" (used in Nick's & YTV's episode guides)
"Beachblanet Blues" (used in BBC's schedules)

Writers: Mark Trafficante, James Smith Goldin

Director: Jim Duffy

The Pickles and the Finsters go to the beach. Chuckie has a personal mission -- to set free the "Sea Moneys" ("Sea Monkeys") that his dad gave him.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Before the card game started:)

Boris: Minka, hand me the Bicycle deck.

Minka: What do I look like here, your servant girl?

2. (During the argument:)

Boris: When you take the card, you gotta play the card, you paskunyek(?)!

Grandpa: Where did you learn those rules, Budapest?


1. The Pickles' choice of travelling music: The Erie Canal, with Grandpa singing "15 miles on the Erie Canal!" Historically, the Erie Canal was built in the early 19th century across New York state, starting at the Mohawk River near Utica and going westward to the Niagara East River in North Tonawanda, just north of Buffalo. This was the first main water route to connect the Atlantic Ocean (via the Hudson & Mohawk Rivers) with the Great Lakes (via the Niagara), without going through Quebec (St. Laurence River).

2. There are a few noticible animation mistakes in this episode. For example:

a. Up until Chuckie empties the sea monkeys into the cooler, just before the trip,  he was wearing shoes & socks. After emptying the fish bowl, Chuckie appeared barefoot, without pausing to take his shoes & socks off.

b. During one of the times Tommy & Chuckie took the cooler with the sea monkeys to the ocean, Stu stopped them. When he found him, he was wearing flip-flops. When he took the kids away from the water, he was barefoot. When they arrived at the sand castle Stu was building, Stu was wearing flip-flops again.

c. When Chazz woke up from his nap out of the sand (Angelica buried him), the cooler was right next to him (courtesy of Tommy & Chuckie). Notice that Chazz took the can out of the cooler and started drinking the soda, without pausing to open the can (unless it was empty and full of dirty ice water). As a matter of fact, everyone who has taken a can out of the cooler drank their sodas without opening the cans first.

d. When the card game argument between Boris & Grandpa reached its peak, The other adults go and stop them to avoid injury. During the course of the game, Boris was wearing slippers. When the others got there to stop the fight, Boris was barefoot. After Boris' "52 pick-up", he was wearing slippers again.

e. Near the beginning of the beach scene, Boris asks Minka for his deck of playing cards. However, near the end, when Boris scatters his cards around in his "52 Pick-Up" revolt, Grandpa yelled "My cards!"

3. Closed-Captioning Error: When the gang arrived at the beach (and the mostly-filled parking lot), Drew said "Great; not too crowded." The captioning, however, credited his line to Stu.

23 (92-10A) [N23A] [KC23A] [RTS210A] -- Reptar On Ice

Writer: Peter Gaffney

Director: Howard E. Baker

After finding a lizard, which to the Rugrats was "Reptar's Baby", they try to present it to him at "Reptar On Ice", one of those "Ice Capades" - type shows (playing at the County Colosseum, March 8, 9 & 10). The problem -- this Reptar's afraid of lizards.

Famous Quotes:

1. (At the Colosseum, Stu explains how good "Reptar On Ice" is:)

The critics say if you only see one dinosaur ice show a year, "Reptar On Ice" is it! -- Stu

2. (Chuckie is skating on the ice with Reptar and the other Rugrats, while Reptar and the bride are doing their musical number:)

Someday I'll look back on this and laugh. -- Chuckie

3. (After Leo, aka Reptar, found out that the Rugrats on the ice, the show is stopped so he can find their parents, sort of:)

(Singing) Hey look!

There's kids!

On the ice!

What's a dinosaur to do

when there's kids on the ice!

Someone better call their moms! -- Reptar


1. This Reptar talks and sings, too.

2. Leo, who played Reptar in "Reptar On Ice", played the character in Reptar's Revenge.

3. The Leo / Reptar in this episode is played by John Schuck (actual name, Conrad John Schuck), who was involved in several TV roles including McMillan's assistant on McMillan & Wife, a Klingon ambassador on Star Trek, and dentist "Painless Paul" on M*A*S*H. Currently, he's playing Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks in the 20th anniversary revival of the Broadway musical, Annie (based on the comic strip), now touring the nation, reprising the same role he played on Broadway. (special thanks to David Bringen)

4. At the start this episode, and "Family Feud", the title card fades to black instead of cutting to black.

5. The book Didi was reading near the start of this episode was one of Dr. Lipschitz's books, "Baby Food For Thought".

6. When "Reptar Cereal" (actually, "Baker's Reptar Cereal") was introduced in Incident In Aisle Seven, the cereal was round, with mouths painted on. In the first scene in this episode, however, the cereal's now shaped like little Reptars. One thing in common, though: it still turns milk green.

7. The songs and music used for the "Reptar On Ice" stage show is written by Mark Mothersbaugh (music) and Gaffney (words). The "soundtrack" can be found on the In Search Of The Mighty Reptar cassette & CD from Rhino Records.

  (92-10B) [N23B] [KC23B] [RTS210B] -- Family Feud

Writer: Michael Ferris

Director: Norton Virgien

The Pickles and the DeVilles stop being neighbors and started waging war over what used to be a friendly game of "Charades". Stu bickered over Howard because Howard doen't go to the movies very often (he thinks Dances With Wolves is a musical), while Didi argued with Betty because of Howard and the movies (be careful when you discuss Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Betty & Howard's favorite picture (also the last picture Howard saw at a theatre, according to Didi)). Meanwhile, Tommy and Chuckie find ways to stop this foolishness, while Chazz is in the crossfire, having to return everything the neighbors borrowed from each other, as well as listening to their constant bickering. Where's Richard Dawson when they need him?

Famous Quotes:

1. (Stu accuses Howard of not being very knowledgeable in film:)

Howard: Who do you think I am? An imbecile?

Stu: Wow, Howard! And it only took you 15 seconds!

2. (After Howard left for home, Betty comments to Didi about men:)

Men; they act like little babies sometime. -- Betty

3. (Betty returns Didi's Tupperware, which held food left over from their Bicentennial party (see notes):)

What did she keep in here, rotting fish sticks? -- Didi

4. (Chazz tries to talk Stu into calling a truce with Howard, but to no avail, as Chazz becomes Stu's new target:)

Chazz: Sometimes it takes a more mature person to stop a fight than one who started it to begin with.

Stu: Right, Chazz. Why don't you go home and watch more of those Mr. Rogers reruns?

5. (Phil and Lil gives Tommy their dad's watch for Tommy's dad:)

Tommy: What is it?

Phil: It's a time.

Lil: Sometimes our dad looks at his wrists and says...

Phil & Lil: Look at the time!

6. (At Friendship park, The Pickles and the DeVilles abandon their fight when they discovered that their kids ran off. After they found them, with each other's help:)

Didi: When we argue over petty differences, we forget what's really important in life.

Betty: Ain't it the truth?


1. At one point in this episode, Betty returns Didi's Tupperware dish that Betty had borrowed for the Bicentennial party, which is about 16 years before this episode (1992). The question is: how can Betty borrow Didi's dish in 1976 when she was still living (probably) in Akron at the time of the Bicentennial (given that California and Ohio are about 2000 miles apart and assuming that Betty was living in California and Didi's in Ohio at the time)? At this point in Rugrats' run, we do not know of Didi's whereabouts until Moving Away.

2. Another continuity discrepancy: In this episode, it was mentioned that Howard hasn't seen any movies since Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which was originally released in 1968. If that's so, then why did Howard take Phil & Lil to see The Land Without Smiles "At The Movies" in 1991 (a mere 20 episodes brfore this one)?

3. Animation Error: Throughout this episode, Betty wears sweatpants, as she usually does. However, when Stu and Didi found her and Howard sitting on a bench at the park, she was wearing shorts. From when she stands up to continue arguing to the end of the episode, Betty was wearing sweatpants again.

24 (92-11A) [N24A] [KC24A] [RTS211A] -- Superhero Chuckie

Writer: Douglas Petrie

Director: Dan Thompson

After visiting a TV studio to see "Captain Blasto", a superhero program that ran on Channel 43 since the 1950's, Chuckie is convinced that he, too, can be a superhero. His first assignment: rescue the world from Angelica -- literally.

Famous Quotes:

1.(Captain Blasto's Credo:)

While stars above are burning bright,

No evil villain can escape my might,

Whether morning, noon, or dead of night,

It's Captain Blasto, wrong or right!

2. (Didi asks Angelica about "Captain Blasto":)

It was fun, if you like old, fat guys who wear their underwear on the outside! --Angelica

3. (Tommy believes in super powers, only because it's on TV:)

They don't put it on TV if it wasn't true. -- Tommy

4. (After Angelica sees Chuckie in his superhero uniform, which consists of a sock (for his head, with holes cut out for eyes), a towel (as a cape), galoshes, and Didi's swimsuit (over his shirt and shorts):)

You? A superhero? You just looked like you fell into a laundry basket! -- Angelica

5. ("Captain Chuckie"'s Credo:)

While stars above are burning blight,

No evil villain can escape my might,

Whether morning, moon, or bread of night,

It's Captain Chuckie, wrong or right!


1. Captain Blasto is played by Adam West, who was famous for playing another well-known superhero, Batman, on ABC from 1966 to 1968.

2. Animation error: After Captain Blasto steps out of his "spaceship", note the cue cards. When the cue card man changes from one card to another, note that the second cue card has exactly the same writing as the first card.

(92-11B) [N24B] [KC24B] [RTS211B] -- The Dog Broomer

Writer: Gary Glasberg

Director: Jim Duffy

Didi calls Ilsa Umlaut, a dog groomer, over to bathe and groom Spike; the Rugrats consider her evil. Meanwhile, Stu buys invention insurance from Allen Murphy, a crooked salesman. Another man came by to remove an old tree stump from the Pickle's front yard, but there was nothing crooked about him.

Famous Quotes:

1. (The family sits down to watch "The Merminator", an action-musical film:)

Stu: The bald guy gave it "thumbs up".

Grandpa: I bet the fat guy hated it!

2. (Grandpa has to let Spike in the house, but does not want to miss any of the movie:)

Grandpa: Could you put it on "pause"?

Stu & Didi (Immediately after Grandpa's line): No!

3. (Grandpa thinks Spike is treated better than the rest of the family. As he lets Spike in:)

Come in, your majesty! -- Grandpa

4. (Ilsa comments to Didi about the weather, which, at the time, was rather stormy:)

In Helsinki, Ilsa call this "beach weather". -- Ilsa

5. (Ilsa smells Spike:)

Ooh, schtinky! -- Ilsa

6. (Ilsa enjoys her work. To Didi:)

Me thinks "work" is a bad word; Ilsa likes to think of it as fun, fun, fun! -- Ilsa

7. (After the failed struggle with Spike, Ilsa gives up her entire dog grooming career, or does she? Also, did she even come from Europe in the first place? Here's the end of her spiel to Didi:)

Ilsa (crying): I'll have to go back to Old Country and peel potatoes.

Didi: Will a nice tip help?

Ilsa (no longer crying; after a brief pause, using a normal English accent): It's a start.

Didi: Gasp!


1. Regarding quote #1: The "bald guy" Stu was indirectly referring to was Gene Siskel, movie columnist for the Chicago Tribune. The "fat guy" Grandpa was referring to (indirectly) was Roger Ebert, movie columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. Both columnists are nationally syndicated in various newspapers, and they both co-host a weekly TV program called "Siskel & Ebert", which, naturally, reviews movies. Older viewers may recall the duo hosting a similar program on PBS called "Sneak Previews" (now hosted by Michael Medved & Jeffrey Lyons), and another, "At The Movies".

2. "Letting the fingers do the walking" dept.: When Didi looks in the Yellow Pages (a registered trademark outside the US), look closely: besides the fact that "dirigibles" no longer exist (except in Montgomery Burns' mind), note the structure type of the headings; note that there's a diamond next to each heading. At the time of production (1992), this method was used in Yellow Pages published by GTE, for GTE's telephone companies, as well as independent phone companies that rely on GTE on their directories. Also, keep in mind that GTE is one of 2 telephone companies in the Los Angeles area (Pacific Bell is the other). With this in mind, we now know (to a degree) that the Pickles' local phone company is Verizon. Why Verizon, and not GTE? This is because GTE and Bell Atlantic merged to form Verizon in 2000.

3. Regarding Ilsa: she may also have been as crooked as Allen Murphy, the crooked insurance salesman. First, note her change of voice in quote #7. Second, note where she came from: she mentioned Helsinki (the capitol of Finland) in quote #4, then mentioned the best beauty school in Stockholm (the capitol of Denmark). How can she come from 2 different places? Finally, note the last name, Umlaut. In Finnish, German and Swedish (and to a lesser degree, Spanish), an "umlaut" is an accent mark used in these languages, resembling 2 dots. Here's an example of an umlaut being used:


Using the above circumstances as evidence, Ilas may actually be posing as a foreigner to attract attention, look desperate for cash, and make people feel sorry for her. Therefore, Ilsa may actually playing an European, rather than actually being one.
(Special thanks to Luke Jensen)

4. The voice of Ilsa is played by Joanna Sandsmark. A former voice artist, Joanna's currently a freelance writer, notable for the Weird Science TV series on USA Network, as well as stories she has written for DC Comics. This episode is her only work in an animated series.

25 (92-12A) [N25A] [KC25A] [RTS212A] -- Aunt Miriam

Writer: Peter Gaffney

Director: Howard E. Baker

Aunt Miriam, a bad driver who keeps getting Didi's name mixed up, pays a visit; her presence stirs up bad memories with Grandpa. Grandpa and Aunt Miriam did exactly the same things Tommy and Angelica did today, including throwing his ball into the next yard (Angelica threw Tommy's star ball in Barbecue Story) and opening up a window to make Grandpa sick (Angelica did this to Tommy in Slumber Party).

Famous Quotes:

1. (Throughout this episode, Aunt Miriam called Didi anything but; instead, she was called "Dolly", "Sally", "Kelly", "Ginny" & "Fifi". At the end, Stu called her "Fifi". Each time, Didi responds with...)

It's Didi! -- Didi

2. (Grandpa really dislikes Aunt Miriam for all the bad things she did:)

Mim has been a bane of my existence for 76 years! -- Grandpa

3. (Angelica likes Aunt Miriam, especially if she's a great aunt (literally); Grandpa thinks otherwise:)

Angelica: Aunt Miriam's not just my aunt, she's my great aunt once removed!

Grandpa: That's good news. If she was once removed, then...

4. (Knowing the things Aunt Miriam and Grandpa did in the past, she compares herself to Angelica:)

Angelica looks familiar. I know! She looks like me! -- Aunt Miriam

5. (Grandpa was having a war-related dream when Aunt Miriam awakened him:)

What is it, Colonel? Are we under attack? -- Grandpa

6. (At the end, Grandpa and Aunt Miriam are friendly with each other:)

It's nice to make new friends, even if you knew them for 76 years. -- Grandpa


1. At the start of this episode (before Aunt Miriam's arrival), everybody was watching a Japanese film about a giant ant. The characters on the van are in Japanese; however, if the film was originally in Japanese, then why is it dubbed very perfectly? The English dialogue of the characters in that film matched their moving lips perfectly. Usually, In Japanese films (and most other foreign films dubbed over in another language), the dialog does not match the lip movements.

2. During a scene where Didi was cooking, she was whistling "Red River Valley" (the title was never mentioned audibly, but was displayed in the closed captions). Tommy hummed this song before at the start of "Momma Trauma".

3. In case you didn't know, Grandpa is 76 years old (as of 1992).

4. Aunt Miriam is played by Andrea Martin, who was a long-time regular of the weekly comedy series, SCTV.

(92-12B) [N25B] [KC25B] [RTS212B] -- The Inside Story

Writer: Holly Huckins

Director: Norton Virgien

The Rugrats, after seeing a sci-fi flick, shrink down and go into Chuckie's body to fetch a watermelon seed that he accidentally swallowed when eating watermelon (the seed is in his stomach (which resembles a Reptar lunch box, complete with thermos)). Angelica, however, has evil plans of her own for that seed.

Famous Quotes:

1. (After Chuckie swallowed the seed, Angelica explains what will happen:)

It'll grow bigger... and bigger... and then... kaboom! Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh! -- Angelica

2. (In the movie, the villain has plans to blow up the miniaturized atom bomb inside the President's body:)

Yes, yes. All goes according to plan, we'll go inside the President's body, all right. But little do they know that I'm not gonna get the device; I'm gonna detonate it! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! -- villain in movie

3. (Angelica, dressed in her pink swimsuit, flippers, snorkel, goggles, and an umbrella, is ready to go into Chuckie:)

Are you ready? Okay, let's get small! -- Angelica

(probably after Steve Martin)

4. (Angelica intends to let the seed grow once they're inside (based on quote #2):)

Yes, yes. All goes accordion to plan, we'll go inside Chuckie, all right. But little do those babies know that I'm not gonna get rid of that seed; I'm gonna make it grow! Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-ha-ha! -- Angelica

5. (After the Rugrats rescue Phil after falling into the blood steam, he comments about the artery's strength of transporting blood:)

Tough current today. -- Phil


1. Animals that are in Chuckie's body:

    a. Bats (each bat has hair and glasses similar to Chuckie's)

    b. A flying dragon (with hair, glasses and sneakers just like Chuckie's)

2. Signs in Chuckie's lungs:

    a. "Hot Air Special"

    b. "Tires Refilled"

    c. "No Smoking"

3. It's not scientifically possible for a watermelon seed (or any seed or animal egg (except parasites like tapeworms)) to grow inside an animal; it's merely an urban legend.

26 (92-13A) [N26A] [KC26A] [RTS213A] -- A Visit From Lipschitz

Writer: Jonathan Greenburg

Director: Jim Duffy

Didi invited Dr. Werner Lipschitz over for dinner to talk child psychiatry, based on his book, "Taming Your Toddler" ($19.95 from the Las Vegas University Press). When she left to look for Chazz, Stu and Grandpa, who ditched out to go to a baseball game (Chazz was kind-of forced to go), Lipschitz becomes a freeloader.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Didi explains how good Dr. Lipschitz is:)

Dr. Lipschitz knows more about being a mommy than anyone else in the world. -- Didi

2. (when Didi welcomes Dr. Lipschitz into her home, she ended up welcoming Chazz instead:)

Stu: I thought you were a famous psychologist.

Chazz: Nope; I'm just another faceless bureaucrat coming over to pick up his son.

3. (Dr. Lipschitz gives Chazz advice on how to tie Chuckie's bib:)

Tying a bib is a symbolic act; tie it too tightly, and you'll be denying his freedom, but tie it too loosely, and you'll be denying your strength of love. Either way, the emotional damage can be irreparable. -- Dr. Lipschitz

4. (After the men left for the baseball game, Didi was frustrated. Dr. Lipschitz gives Didi some encouragement to find them:)

If you want him to stop treating you like a second-class citizen, you've got to stand up for your rights. -- Dr. Lipschitz

5. (After everyone (but Tommy & Chuckie) has left, a bubble-bath commercial entices Dr. Lipschitz to take a bath:)

So relaxing. So soothing. There's nothing like a bath in Chemzyme bath products. -- Bubble-Bath lady on TV

6. (When the other adults return, this is the first time "rugrats" was said on the air (see below), after Dr. Lipschitz's own sobbing stopped Tommy and Chuckie from crying:)

Thanks to those rugrats, I am completely revising my theories. The old "Dr. Lipschitz" is now merely an historical footnote; from now on, I'm now going to base my work on the French method of childrearing. -- Dr. Lipschitz

7. (At the end, when the gang got together for one more snapshot with the doctor; his freeloading habits somewhat exposed:)

Grandpa: Say "cheese"!

Didi / Stu / Chazz: Cheese!

Dr. Lipschitz: Where?


1. First and only appearance of Dr. Lipschitz.

2. This is one of 2 times in the series that the word "rugrats" was said in a episode (see above); it was mentioned again in "Sour Pickles".

(92-13B) [N26B] [KC26B] [RTS213B] -- What The Big People Do

Writer: Patricia Marx

Director: Dan Thompson

The Rugrats imagine the trials and tribulations of an adult from their point-of-view, which is purely fantasy; you don't get "Reptar On Ice" tickets for going over the speed limit (especially at 1000 miles per hour). It's such a fantasy where boxes upon boxes of Reptar Cereal is kept everywhere (including inside the refrigerator and the stove), coffee is mud, and work involves pushing paper, literally, with a broom.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Tommy the "Big People" decides what to have for breakfast (see above):)

Tommy: There's Reptar Cereal, and Reptar Cereal, and look! Reptar Cereal!

Chuckie (also a "Big People"): Decisions, decisions.

2. (Angelica, as the boss at work, shows Tommy and Chuckie who's boss when they call her "Angelica":)

That's "Boss Angelica" to you! -- Angelica

3. (At the end of the show, Angelica tries to get Tommy and Chuckie to play something else:)

Angelica: Oh, boys! Time to play HOUSE! He-he-he-ha-ha!

Tommy & Chuckie: Aaahh!


In the fantasy, Tommy had Stu's body, while Chuckie had Chazz's body; both, however, had the heads of Tommy and Chuckie, instead. Angelica played 2 roles -- a traffic cop and the boss. Phil and Lil are also seen in grown-up versions of themselves, as well, but with their baby heads.

27 (92-14) [N27] [KC27] [RTS301] -- The Santa Experience

Alternate Title: "The Santa Express" (used in CBS's promos)

World TV Premiere Date: 12/6/1992 on Nick

US Broadacast Network Premiere Date: 12/1/2001 at 8PM ET on CBS

Writers: Joe Ansolabehere, Peter Gaffney, Paul Germain, Jonathan Greenberg

Director: Charles Swenson
Click here for full transcript.

The Rugrats and their parents go to the mountains to spend the Christmas holidays. Angelica, however, is skeptical of Santa Claus' existence.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica discovers that the Santa at the mall isn't really THE Santa:)

Santa Claus is a fake! Run for your lives! -- Angelica

2. (Chazz reflects on his Christmas:)

The best gift I ever got was a rubber glove and a tongue depressor. -- Chazz

3. (Near the start of part 2, Charlotte is on the phone with Jonathan:)

Stu: Charlotte, it's so nice that you can finally get away from work and spend the holidays with us.

Charlotte: Well, it is Christmas; after all, it's the season of love & joy. (Back to Jonathan on the phone) I don't care, Jonathan! We got to crush the competition and we got to crush them now!

4. (Angelica talks about the history of Christmas with Phil & Lil:)

It all started when the first present was given by the Pilgrims a long time ago, then everybody started giving presents, even the Easter Bunny started giving them until Santa slapped him with a lawsuit. -- Angelica

5. (Charlotte continues to conduct business while everyone is having dinner:)

Tell those personnel people to remove paragraph 3 and replace it with a Santa Claus, er, I mean a Sanity Clause. -- Charlotte

6. (While everyone is carolling, Charlotte, you guessed it, continues to conduct business:)

Listen, something I've learned alot and it's to be a self-starter; everywhere I am today, I have done myself! -- Charlotte

7. (When the "Cogs Unlimited" man (as Santa) told Angelica she was on the bad list:)

It's over, Cynthia; my future as a kid is over. -- Angelica

8. (When Angelica got that Cynthia beach house she wanted, instead of coal:)

You know, sometimes trying to be good is just as important as being good in the first place. -- Santa Claus


1. First appearance of Charlotte, Angelica's mother.

2. This is a half-hour story, but still has 2 title cards; one announcing "The Santa Experience"'; the other, after the commercial, is entitled "Later That Day". For practical purposes, this half-hour is one large episode.

3. The theme music at the start of this episode is played differently, using a chord-style organ, and a few jingle bells. This is also the only episode that uses a different version of its theme.

4. The portion of the story where Phil & Lil consult Angelica for presents is based on O. Henry's short story, "The Gift Of The Magi", where a couple gave each other gifts that go along with their cherished items, only that they used them to get the gifts.

5. What Angelica wanted for Christmas:

Luxurious Hair Cynthia Doll

"Teenage Nuclear Fusion Squad" Video Game

Rocco Mr. X Exploding Smash-Up Doll

"Beverly Hills Cynthia" Lunch Box

A pony

9-11 Surgical Kit With working Stethoscope

Deluxe Cynthia Beach House with Real Working Hot Tub, Satellite Dish, Entertainment Center, & Attached Garage (most important)

6. When everyone's carolling in front of the tree, please note the title to one of the carols on the sheet music -- "Deck the Malls".

7. When Angelica dialled 555-5555, instead of 1-800-555-YULE (for the Christmas help line), she got "Cogs Unlimited"; please note the Coke-type soda can marked "Coffee". Canned coffee is mainly unheard of here in the states, but it's very popular in Japan.

8. Animation Error: When Angelica gets Phil's Reptar helmet, Phil is next to a cabinet. When Angelica says, "Maybe it does," you see Phil again, but he's next to the window. When you see the shot again the character has a bow, meaning Lil is in the same place as Plil was.

9. Apparently, this special, and Chanukah, was seen on all CBS stations on 12/1/2001, as I heard of no pre-emptions. However, viewers of KHOU ch.11 in Houston, TX, only saw a few minutes of both these specials, due to the Houston mayoral election coverage (yes, it was on a Saturday, which I find it odd, as Tuesday's the normal election day). One person written me, complained that KHOU's coverage was overkill, as it repeats the same information that it gave a few minutes prior. What KHOU did was that they showed about 15 minutes of election coverage, then joined Rugrats in progress for a few minutes, then cut away for more election returns, etc. This constant barrage of unnecessary election news had also upsetted Rugrats fans in the Houston area, for this reason.

(Special thanks to Charles Flynn & Bethany Figueroa)

28 (92-15A) [N28A] [KC28A] [RTS302A] -- Visitors From Outer Space

Writer: Paul Germain

Directors: Dan Thompson, Raymie Muzquiz

After Grandpa announces an alien invasion after reading an article in a "reputable" newspaper (the ones you buy in a checkout line at a supermarket), Tommy dreams that 2 aliens, named Stuvon and Didor (do they look like Stu and Didi to you?), abducted the Rugrats, though they prove that they can outwit the aliens. Meanwhile, Angelica, following the rescue of George, a fish-like alien from Fishyochia, becomes queen of her own planet, but he didn't say WHICH planet.

Famous Quote:

(Stuvon explains the "Zodiac Shuffler", which rearranged the placements of planets & stars, especially the new placement of Jupiter and Mars:)

Who's gonna notice except for a couple of hippies... or maybe Dennis Hopper? -- Stuvon


1. Hint on Angelica's new planet -- think Star Wars. The planet that Angelica is on is very similar to Tatooine, the desert-like planet featured in the Star Wars films. Also, notice the twin suns; this is also Tattoine in nature.

2. Angelica is also beamed there in the same manner as Star Trek, going so far as using the same sound effects. This sound effect would be used again in The Odd Couple episode, in a Star Trek-like cartoon show that Chuckie is watching.

3. The aliens that abducted the Rugrats are alien versions of the Pickles; please note the similarity.

(92-15B) [N28B] [KC28B] [RTS302B] -- The Case of The Missing Rugrat

Alternate Title:
"The Missing Rugrats" (used in Nick UK's episode guide)

Writer: Peter Gaffney

Director: Howard E. Baker

After finishing his grocery shopping at Greenstreet's supermarket (which, by the way, is in a rather mountainous area), Grandpa places Tommy into a Dusenburg, an old car, just for show. He turned his back for a second, then he was gone. After intensive searching, Grandpa traced Tommy to "Grey Gardens" at 1531 Selma Dr., home of Emma and Clarice Pendragon, a couple of old, blue-blooded ladies who adopted him as their son.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Grandpa explains to Tommy about adventure:)

There's one good thing about adventure -- it's unpredictable. -- Grandpa

2. (Max, the Pendragon's butler, explains the real truth about their "millions":)

The "million" part has been exaggerated; I haven't been paid in years. -- Max


1. At Grey Gardens, as part of proof that Tommy belongs to Grandpa, Grandpa opens up his shirt to show his birthmark (which no one sees). Briefly, we see a scar in the center of his chest. It's probably evident that Grandpa had heart surgery in the past.

2. What is the REAL source for Grandpa's detective instincts? Click here to find out.

3. At the shopping center Grandpa and Tommy were visiting, look closely at the names "Greenstreet's", "Sidney's Books", and "Humphrey's Yogurt". Do you know what they all have in common? These names are associated with the 1942 classic motion picture, Casablanca, which starred Humphrey Bogart and Sidney Greenstreet.

29 (92-16A) [N29A] [KC29A] [RTS303A] -- Chuckie Loses His Glasses

Writer: Rachel Lipman

Director: Norton Virgien
Click here for full transcript.

In a game of 'Hide & Go Peek", Angelica steals Chuckie's glasses, which led to Chuckie frantically searching for them, blindly, in the rain.

Famous Quote:

(While outside in the rain without his glasses, Chuckie talks to Tommy, only that "Tommy" is actually a bush:)

Tommy? I think you need a new diaper. -- Chuckie

Memorable Scene:

After stealing and wearing Chuckie's glasses, the images Angelica sees makes her dizzy. Near the end, still dizzy (though she no longer wears the glasses), Angelica barfed on Drew in a very graphic manner (did she have watermelon for lunch?).

(92-16B) [N29B] [KC29B] [RTS303B] -- Chuckie Gets Skunked

Writer: Peter Gaffney

Directors: Jim Duffy, Pete Michels

A skunk sprayed his smelly odor over Chuckie; the adults are having trouble getting rid of the smell. The Rugrats know a way to remove it, though.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Didi defends the skunk by saying that it's a living being:)

That skunk has the right to be here like the rest of us. -- Didi

2. (Grandpa explains that it's only a pest:)

Grandpa: It can get into your rutabegas and cause no end of trouble!

Stu: But Pop, we don't have any rutabegas.

Grandpa: Not anymore you don't!

3. (Grandpa tried a mudbath on Chuckie, based on Shaker tradition. It didn't work, as the smell is even stronger than before:)

I'm gonna have a word with those Shakers! -- Grandpa

4. (Once lived with goats (so he says, as he lived with a well-to-do family), Boris explains why kids smell:)

Kids are supposed to smell! It's the way of the world! -- Boris

5. (Stu tried pouring Didi's perfume over Chuckie, but that didn't work, either:)

Now he smells like a skunk getting ready for a hot date! -- Chazz

(the following are all about Borscht, a beet soup served cold:)

6. It tastes like glue, but what can I say? I've been eating it for 60 years. -- Boris

7. My dad says that it can take the grease spot out of the driveway. -- Tommy

8. (After the Borscht cured Chuckie's scent problem, Grandpa decides to have some Borscht anyway:)

Mmm... tastes even better than usual. -- Grandpa

30 (92-17A) [N30A] [KC30A] [RTS304A] -- Rebel Without A Teddy Bear

Writer: Jonathan Greenberg

Director: Dan Thompson

When Tommy wanted to give his plush lion "Henry" (Didi calls it "Herman") a bath, he mistaken a mustard bottle for a soap bottle. Didi took it away after it was covered with mustard. After that, Angelica teaches Tommy and Chuckie how to be bad so they can get the things he wanted.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica pitches the "bad" concept to Tommy and Chuckie:)

It is easy, and it's fun, too. -- Angelica

2. (How To Be Bad, Lesson 2:)

Being bad means never having to say your sorry. -- Angelica

(Quote based on a line from the 1970 motion picture "Love Story" -- Love means never having to say you're sorry.)

3. (Tommy was bad to the point that he destroyed just about everything in the house (litterally), but he still doesn't have Henry back:)

Y ou gotta keep at it. You know what they say, Rome wasn't built in an egg. -- Angelica

(92-17B) [N30B] [KC20B] [RTS304B] -- Angelica The Magnificent

Writer: Michael Ferris

Director: Igor Kovalyov

Using her "Wee Wizard" magician's kit, Angelica plays magician, in which she changed Lil into a butterfly. Meanwhile, Stu, Drew, Howard, and Chazz struggle to build a storage shed.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica gets mad after the babies ask questions about magic:)

Angelica: You don't know the first thing about magic!

Tommy: Oh. (brief pause) What's the first thing about magic?

Phil: Maybe Angelica was right!

2. (Howard and Chazz are starting to get frustrated while building the shed:)

"Professional Builders", they call them. In some civilized countries, they even have unions and everything! -- Howard

3. (At the end, after Tommy uses magic to "knock down" the storage shed:)

There are some things that even a baby shouldn't fool around with.  -- Tommy


When Angelica was unable to make the ball disappear from the cup, Drew helped by sprinkling "fairy dust" on the cup. Then, when Angelica's not looking, he sneakily removed the ball from the cup. Shortly afterward, however, Angelica was able to make the ball disappear, most likely without figuring out the trick herself.

31 (92-18A) [N31A] [KC31A] [RTS305A] -- Meet The Carmichaels

World TV Premiere Date: 1/10/1993 on Nick

Writers: Steve Viksen, Joe Ansolabehere

Directors: Jim Duffy, Rick Bugental

The Carmichaels move in next to the Pickles; while Lucy shows Didi around and Stu asks Randi "Dummi Bear" questions (which Randy does not want to answer outside the office), Tommy helps Susie look for her room.

Famous Quote:

(Throughout the episode, Stu keeps mentioning to Didi that the Carmichael's house was built on an ancient burial ground, therefore, it's considered cursed. Didi refuses to let Stu mention this fact to the new neighbors, but Randy already knows about it at the end of this episode:)

Randy: Say, Liz, you know that ancient Indian curse?

Lucy: Mm-Hmm?

Randy (referring to Stu): You don't think he's it, do you?

Lucy: Randy!

Randy: Just a thought.


1. First appearance of the Carmichaels -- Randy and Lucy, plus Buster (who wears basketball clothes), Alisa (the oldest child), Edwin (the Carmichael's brain trust) and Susie (the youngest child).

2. Didi mentions that the Carmichaels are moving in to the "Peyton's place". In fact, that was indirectly referenced to Peyton Place, a racy novel written by Grace Metalious which later became a 1957 film, which, in turn, became a successful nighttime drama on ABC from 1964 to 1969.

3. Rick Bugental is also another Rugrats director associated with The Simpsons; near the end of that show's closing credits, you can find him as "Opening Titles Technical Director"; he's the one who helped out in the famous, cloudy, action packed "The Simpsons" opening each week.

(92-18B) [N31B] [KC31B] [RTS305B] -- The Box

World TV Premiere Date: 1/10/1993 after Meet The Carmichaels on Nick

Writer: Michael Ferris

Directors: Norton Virgien, Jeff McGrath

After Stu discards the box that the Kiddie Karnival came in, the Rugrats play different adventures with it, which became a bigger draw than the impossible-to-build Kiddie Karnival.

Famous Quotes:

1. (When Chuckie, Phil & Lil come over while Stu builds the Kiddie Karnival:)

Why don't we throw away the doormat and just lie face up on the floor with our tongues out? -- Stu

2. (Stu fails to put the Kiddie Karnival together:)

I'm a failure as an toy builder, a father, and a human being. -- Stu

3. (Angelica gets extremely angry after the Rugrats continue to play with the box after she had torn it up:)

You dumb babies! Stop having fun! It's just a dumb old box! -- Angelica

4. (Slogan for Pickles Toys, as seen on the boxes at the end of the episode:)

If it's a Pickle, it's a toy!

32 (92-19A) [N32A] [KC32A] [RTS306A] -- Down The Drain  

Writer: Joe Ansolabehere

Director: Dan Thompson

Chuckie and Tommy are afraid to take a bath because they may get sucked down the drain, according to Angelica; their reluctance ended up ringing up large plumbing bills for Chazz. Angelica would learn the stark reality of it herself when Cynthia's at the toilet.

Famous Quotes:

1. (A line (most mentioned) from an educational song about drains:)

The water's your friend; the tub is your pal; you can't get sucked down the drain.

2. (Angelica convinces Chuckie that he can go down the drain:)

Don't let them tell you "You can't get sucked down the drain", 'cause you can... big time!  (after leaving Chuckie's room) Ha, ha! Suckers!-- Angelica

3. (Cynthia is accidentally flushed down the toilet after Angelica "turned on the bubbles" for Cynthia, while playing "Jacuzzi". After the plumber got Cynthia back, Angelica was still crying:)

It's true! It's true! You can get sucked down the drain! -- Angelica

4. (At bathtime, Chazz tries to convince Tommy & Chuckie that they don't have to be afraid of water. He was about to get a little technical when Didi came over:)

The water's not scary; the water's your friend. Actually, it's a collection of randomly-collected molecules that... -- Chazz


Chazz's address number (full address somewhat revealed in Chuckie Gets Rich): 7221.

(92-19B) [N32B] [KC32B] [RTS306B] -- Let Them Eat Cake

Writer: Steve Viksen

Director: Steven Dean Moore

The Pickles attend a weddingat some sort of wedding mall (where several other weddings take place), though all Tommy wants is the wedding cake. Meanwhile, Ben, Didi's baby half brother, couldn't find his bride, Elaine, who's decided to run off from the wedding.

Famous Quotes:

1. (The Pickles knew Ben for a very long time:)

Drew: I remember Didi's baby brother since he was running around in diapers.

Stu: He was; remember the Bachelor party yesterday?

2. (Charlotte is at the wedding, though she continues to conduct business during the ceremony. Prior to the ceremony:)

I have to go, Jonathan; I'm at a friend's merger, er, wedding. -- Charlotte

3. (Tommy wanted to go look for the elusive wedding cake. As usual, Chuckie is hesitant on going, but ends up doing so anyway. This time, Chuckie cuts the middleman by expaining that Tommy will explain why they should look for it, then telling Tommy to just go ahead and do it:)

Why don't we just skip it this time and give it a go? -- Chuckie


1. The names of the characters getting married, Ben and Elaine, were taken from a popular 1967 Mike Nichols film, The Graduate, which starred Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin Braddock, and featured a Simon & Garfunkel soundtrack ("The Sounds of Silence", "Mrs. Robinson", etc.).

2. Since Ben is Didi's half-brother, that means that either Boris or Minka (her parents) are either previously divorced or widowed. Since Boris and Minka are currently her parents, one of them are not her natural parents.

33 (92-20A) [N33A] [KC33A] [RTS307A] -- The Seven Voyages of Cynthia

Writer: Craig Bartlett

Director: Norton Virgien

While Stu and Drew are cleaning Drew's boat, Chuckie and Tommy shanghaied Cynthia so she could be captain; however, when she got lost in the sewer system, it broke Angelica's heart. She did get her back, but not without sailing miles and miles in the sewers and taking a bath in toxic waste. Meanwhile, after being chased away by Angelica, Spike hitches a ride in a garbage truck to the city dump, which doubles as a "scenic overlook".

Famous Quotes:

1. (During the course of this episode, Stu & Drew wash their boat:)

Stu: Once we get this boat washed, it'll look pretty good on the water.

Drew: On the water? We can't put this boat on the water! It'll rust!

2. (Angelica misses Cynthia and regrets not being with "her" longer:)

Oh, Cynthia; we hardly knew ye. -- Angelica

3. (Angelica vows revenge on whoever took Cynthia:)

If I find out who took Cynthia, I'll mash'em and bash'em in to a million billion blobs of applesauce! -- Angelica

4. (Angelica makes funeral arrangements:)

Angelica: The best thing to do is to arrange for a funeral. (Shouting to Tommy and Chuckie) You babies! Get over here! (Back to subdued tone) It's the least I can do.

Chuckie (to Tommy): I think she's gone off her rocket!

5. (In the end, Stu and Drew ended up washing Spike, after his own adventure:)

Drew: You missed a spot.

Stu (annoyed): I know how to wash my own dog, thank you!


1. It's revealed that Angelica first received Cynthia (all new, of course) on her third birthday. We'll see Cynthia in her original glamour in the Chanukah episode.

2. The following toys are part of the "Cynthia" line:
Product: Description:
Hot Tub Cynthia A toy hot tub.
Beautiful Cynthia A beauty-parlor for Cynthia, complete with hair dryers.
Camaro Cynthia A toy Chevrolet Camaro, complete with garage.
(untitled) Toy dog with doghouse.
Wedding Bells For Cynthia Wedding chapel.
Musical Cynthia A battery-operated, toy musical organ.

(92-20B) [N33B] [KC33B] [RTS307B] -- My Friend Barney

Writers: Peter Gaffney, Paul Germain

Directors: Jim Duffy, Steve Socki

Chuckie introduces his imaginary friend, Barney (who looks just like Chuckie, according to Chuckie), to the other Rugrats, but becomes concerned when Barney "oversteps his authority". Meanwhile, Didi runs with Betty in the "Save The Grunion" 10K marathon, paying a little "price" at its end.

Famous Quotes:

1. (It seems to get scary at Chuckie's house under certain conditions:)

Tommy: Is it scary in here?

Chuckie: Only when my dad forgot to change the bulb.

2. (Chazz discovers that the Rugrats has found his stuffed fish (see note below):)

Wow! My fish! Your mother never liked this fish; but, now she's gone, I guess we can put it back up, now. -- Chazz

3. (After the marathon, Didi suffers from sore feet, because of her misunderstanding of running terminology. To Betty:)

You didn't tell me what a "K" is! -- Didi

(For those that don't know, "K" is used in running to denote kilometers.)


1. According to Chuckie, this Barney looks almost just like Chuckie. It has no relation to neither that purple dinosaur, Fred Flintstone's neighbor, or that bumbling deputy from Mayberry.

2. The Rugrats, with "Barney"'s help, find Chazz's old, stuffed fish plaque (the fish was caught on (or at) "El Pescador" at Ensenada, B.C. (Baja California Norte, Mexico (about 50 miles South of San Diego), NOT British Columbia, Canada)). With Chazz making the comment in quote #2, this is first solid evidence that Chazz is a single father. The reason, however, won't be revealed until Mother's Day.

34 (92-21A) [N34A] [KC34A] [RTS308A] -- Feeding Hubert

Writer: Jeffrey Townsend

Director: Dan Thompson

Tommy thinks the local trash truck, driven by a man called "Hubert",  is a monster that feeds off trash that's named "Hubert", and requires residents to pay tribute in trash. The Rugrats' efforts, however, is hampering the Pickles' recycling efforts.

Famous Quote:

(Worried that "Hubert" will eat the babies, now that the Pickles are "recycling", Chuckie offers an alterative:)

Chuckie: He can have my strained spinach.

Phil: He may not want to eat your spinach.

Lil: Yeah; he may want to eat you.

(92-21B) [N34B] [KC34B] [RTS308B] -- Spike The Wonder Dog

Writer: Steve Viksen

Director: Igor Kovalyov

After seeing a TV show about the heroic "Oodles the Talking Poodle",  Angelica rigs Spike with Cynthia's toy cellular phone, in which she "barks" her orders through Spike.

Famous Quote:

(After planting her toy cellular phone on Spike, Angelica starts giving babies orders, one of them is not obeying their parents:)

Angelica (via Spike): Do you always do what your mommy tells you?

Tommy: Yes.

Angelica: Well, cut it out!


1. As you probably know, Angelica gives the babies orders through Spike with her toy phone, and she can hear the babies respond to the dog (actually, to her). The only thing is (apart from imagination), how can she actually hear the babies talk normal English over the phone, since the babies still can't actually talk?

2. The part of the garbageman in "Feeding Hubert" & Uncle Lyle in "Spike The Wonder Dog" is voiced by Pat Paulsen, frequent regular and presidential candidate -turned vintner (wine-maker) on The Smothers Brothers Show. He died April 25, 1997 in Tijuana, Mexico, of complications from pneumonia & kidney failure after receiving treatment for colon & brain cancers.

35 (92-22A) [N35A] [KC35A] [RTS309A] -- The Slide  

Writer: Joe Ansolabehere

Director: Norton Virgien

After accidentally arriving at the top of a tall, meandering slide designed for big kids at a local "Chuck E. Cheese"-type pizza parlor, Chuckie is afraid to even go down the little playground slide. Angelica brands him a "scairdy cat", but Susie thinks he's a "big, brave dog".

Famous Quotes:

1. (When Chuckie arrives at Phil & Lil's house, Betty introduces him:)

Look who's here, kids! It's the Chuckster! -- Betty

2. (Chuckie is afraid of slides, but Angelica thinks he's afraid of everything. This "fact" saddens Chuckie:)

Tommy (to Angelica): You made Chuckie cry!

Angelica: You know what they say, if the truth hurts, wear it!

3. (Susie gives Chuckie some encouragement:)

My dad says that sometimes, if you fall off a horse, you gotta get back on, and if you get knocked out of the ring, you gotta get back in. -- Susie

4. (Chuckie is sick of being called "Scairdy Cat" and "Big Brave Dog":)

I am not an aminal! I am a human being! -- Chuckie

(92-22B) [N35B] [KC35B] [RTS309B] -- The Big Flush

Writer: Lisa Latham

Director: Jim Duffy

At the local health spa, the Rugrats search for the handle that would flush the "giant toilet" -- the pool, while Stu is frightened of diving boards; at one point, he was even too frightened to climb back down.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Stu enjoys some coffee with Howard:)

Stu: Good Swiss Mocha, Howard.

Howard: Thanks. It helps you celebrate the moments of your life.

2. (Here's the start of the babies' swimming lesson:)

The water is your friend. The water is your pal. The water will be good to you if you treat it with respect. -- Swimming Instructor

3. (Later, after getting to the top of the diving board, Stu gets help from a life guard:)

Don't do anything crazy; we're not insured. -- Life Guard


1. Howard's quote about coffee in quote #1 refers to the slogan of "General Foods International Coffees" (whose slogan is "Celebrate The Moments Of Your Life", and whose ads features mainly women enjoying the coffee); that brand has several varieties of flavored coffees, including Swiss Mocha.

2. This episode and the previous one (The Slide) have one single theme in common: the both deal with the fear of heights. In The Slide, Chuckie is afraid of slides, while Stu is afraid of diving boards in The Big Flush. Both people became afraid of them due to the heights of those items.

36 (92-23A) [N36A] [KC36A] [RTS310A] -- King Ten Pin

Writer: Doria Biddle

Director: Dan Thompson

Grandpa is determined to beat Billy "Strike" Maxwell, his long-time challenger who insures his victory by having the game rigged. The Rugrats, looking for the "chocolate chip" (championship) and the "big candy dish" (bowling trophies), inadvertently exposed the fraud.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica chides the Rugrats after they didn't know what bowling is:)

You babies are so dumb, I'm surprised that you know what end of the bottle to suck on! -- Angelica

2. (referring bowling shoes as "clown shoes":)

Phil: Maybe they'll send in the clowns!

Lil: Don't bother; they're here.

(this was taken from Stephen Sondheim's 1973 musical, A Little Night Music, from the musical number, Send In The Clowns.)

3. (Drew gives Grandpa a little "Bowling Zen":)

Be one with the ball. -- Drew

4. (Angelica is hypnotised under the 'Dummi Bears" power:)

I'm Happy. Are You Happy? -- Angelica

5. (Grandpa won the championship, and decides to celebrate:)

Crowd: Pickles! Pickles! Pickles!

Grandpa: Party at my house!

Crowd: Party! Party! Party!

Stu (running after Grandpa): Party? Pop, wait a second!

6. (After the party, Grandpa feels that his life is complete:)

All I have left are my memories... them and this trophy. -- Grandpa

7. (At the end, everyone's home, except for Angelica's mind, which is still in "Dummiland":)

Happy, happy, happy. Must watch bears. Must watch bears. -- Angelica


1. Special Guest Star: Tom Bosley (Happy Days) as "Strike" Maxwell. Speaking of which, according to TV Land, the fact that David Doyle and Tom Bosley were mistaken for each other is #1568 on their list of The 2000 Best Things About Television. The reason being is that David Doyle, the voice of Grandpa, played John Bosley on ABC's hit TV series, Charlie's Angels. Some people get the 2 people mixed up because (1) their names sound similar and share the same last name (though Tom Bosley was real and John Bosley was a character), (2) they're both kind-of stout, (3) they both sound alike (though David Doyle is slightly higher-pitched), and (4) they both had memorable hit shows on ABC in the late-1970s.

2. Grandpa remembers "Strike" cheating Grandpa out of a lawn-bowling game 20 years previous, but was unable to finish his story, as his story was always interrupted.

3. The last time Stu bowled was when he came in 2nd in a Mayfield Junior High bowling tournament; according to Drew, Stu wasn't practicing "Bowling Zen"; otherwise, he would've been first.

4. These are the complete end credits to the Dummi Bears tape, note that Dan Thompson's name (the man who directed this episode) is in each one. To get a close look, you need to tape this episode, then run the tape slowly after Angelica says quote #4:


Directed By Dan Thompson

Written By Dan Thompson

Produced By Dan Thompson

Emmy Award Won By Dan Thompson

Jeep Cherokee Driven By Dan Thompson

Japan Visited By Dan Thompson-San

Tom Fired By Dan Thompson (Who's Tom?)

(92-23B) [N36B] [KC36B] [RTS310B] -- Runaway Angelica

Writer: Steve Viksen

Director: Steven Dean Moore

After being sent to her room for ruining Drew's office, Angelica runs away -- to Tommy's house.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica tries to get out of trouble with a little "sweet-talking":)

You can't punish me; I'm Angelica! Your princess! Your cupcake! Your little tax shelter! -- Angelica

2. (Angelica threatens the Rugrats about her running away:)

I'll do something so bad, so bad, so bad, I haven't even thought of it yet! -- Angelica

3. (It's raining:)

Chuckie: We better get inside before we get wet.

Phil (patting on his diaper): I'm already wet!

Lil (also patting): Me too!

Phil & Lil (running away): Giggle!


Angelica's favorite TV show is Gilligan's Island (CBS, 1964-67); she was watching it when she was in Spike's doghouse. She also mentions Gilligan in Angelica's Worst Nightmare.

37 (92-24A) [N37A] [KC37A] [RTS311A] -- Game Show Didi

Writer: Andy Houts (deceased)

Director: Jim Duffy

Being a game show contestant on "Super Stumpers" (taped at KLPO's TV studios), Didi spins her "Wheel Of Fortune" and "Presses Her Luck" in order to beat Eugene Haynes, a self-proclaimed genious from Philadelphia, who would go as far as the "Pyramids" to win. Meanwhile, looking for Didi's "place in the sun", the Rugrats wander around the station, putting the studio in "Jeopardy!"  Will they "Face The Music"?  Will Didi keep her "Concentration"? "The Joker's Wild" as Didi's "place in the sun" can be hers, if "The Price Is Right".

Famous Quotes:

1. (Sound advice for anyone going on a game show:)

Betty says that the key to victory is finding your opponent's weak spot, and attacking it like a rabid, junkyard Doberman! -- Didi

2. (After seeing Eugene win over Jarvis Brown on "Super Stumpers", Didi is determined that she'll dethrone him as "genious":)

I will not be denied the game show glory that is mine! -- Didi

3. (Didi never won anything before, and is worried that she'll never win anything. To Tommy:)

I'm afraid that I'll never find my place in the sun. -- Didi

4. (Shortly after arriving at the TV studio, Grandpa is still kind of skeptical of TV's existence, even though it existed for about 67 years (as of 1992):)

Radio and pictures? Ha! It'll never work! -- Grandpa

5. (The first question answered by Didi, not to mention the right one:)

Alan Quebec (Alex Trebek): This automotive tool is used to tighten bolts.

Didi (buzzes in after a brief pause): What is a torque wrench?

Alan: You're absolutely right, and Didi, you don't have to answer in a form of a question.

Didi: Okay.

6. (At a rehearsal of "Wuggles The Horse" (my guess on the title, as that show's name was never given), Wuggles meant to say "oats":)

That's strange. These don't taste like goats. -- Wuggles

Notes: (This is a true game-show lover's episode.)

1. The part of "Super Stumpers" host Alan Quebec is played by no other than Mr. "Jeopardy!" himself, Alex Trebek. Canadian-born Trebek first arrived on American airwaves in 1973 as host of The Wizard Of Odds, later hosting other shows like High Rollers, Battlestars, Double Dare (the 1976 Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production on CBS, NOT the messy game show on Nick), and, eventually, Jeopardy! in 1984. At one time, he hosted 3 game shows at once -- Jeopardy!,  To Tell The Truth, and Classic Concentration.  Older Canadians may also recognise Trebek as an announcer and on-air personality on the CBC; while there, he was host of a dance program called Music Hop, and the host of a quiz bowl-type game called Reach For The Top; he was also an occasional guest panelist on Canada's longest-running game show, Front Page Challenge. Trebek is one of 2 game show hosts to appear on Rugrats; Wheel Of Fortune's Pat Sajak (another friend of Merv's), appears in "Chuckie Is Rich", this time as himself.

2. This episode came full circle on 5/4/2001 on an episode of Jeopardy! during the Teen Tournament -- in the Toys "R" There category, the answer was: "Talking Tommy Pickles was a popular toy based on this TV series." The question, of course, is "What is Rugrats?" A contestant got it right.

And again, on 11/1/2001, during part 1 of the Tournament of Champions finals, contestant Brad Rutter got it right when Alex asked in the They Got Milk, Too? category, "Animated kids' group have 2 ads; one was 'in Paris'". One again, the question was, "What is Rugrats?"

3. This episode also stars Charles Nelson Reilly (who did a couple of voices, including Eugene), most famous for being a regular on the Match Game in the 1970's. (Special fact: David Doyle (Grandpa) was a semi-regular panelist on the Match Game.)

4. Eugene won the previous "Super Stumpers" to compete against Didi; however, when Didi won the game (and the gold dalmation); they didn't say whether Didi returned to appear on the next "Super Stumpers" or not.

5. There was an actual game show called Stumpers; it was hosted by Allen Ludden and was seen on NBC in 1976. It was produced by Lin Bolen, at the time, NBC's head of daytime programming, who was responsible for cancelling the original  Jeopardy! (with Art Fleming) and premiering Wheel Of Fortune (with Chuck Wollery), both in 1975. "Super Stumpers" was also a game-deciding puzzle on a license-plate-themed game show, Bumper Stumpers (created by Wink Martindale, hosted by Al Dubois & taped in Canada), which was seen on USA Network (US) & Global (Canada) in the late-1980s to early-1990s. (special thanks to Charles Blaquiere)

6. Animation Error Dept.: For "Super Stumpers", Didi did her hair differently; it was put together in one, big, round clump. However, when she selected her Gold Dalmation statuary and held onto it at the end of this episode, her hair is back in  the normal, 3-pointed fashion. By the way, this episode was the first time we see Didi's hair in anything but the "3-points".

7. Jarvis Brown, the physicist from Athens, GA (Eugene's first opponent) -- does he look a little like Chuckie to you? He had red hair and glasses, though he has a thin mustache and no freckles.

8. You can play along at home, too, by guessing what the contestants were talking about before Alan finishes the question or, in many cases, before Alan even reads the question. A prime example is Didi's winning streak near the end of "Super Stumpers", where we hear nothing but her correct answers.

9. The TV station's call letters, KLPO, has been derived from the Klasky-Csupo name, using the first 2 letters in "Klasky" and the last 2 letters in "Csupo". In my opinion, I figure the producers took this route in creating call letters instead of using the first 2 letters from both names; otherwise, they would've came up with "KLCS", which, in fact, is a PBS station in their stomping grounds, Los Angeles. We'll see these calls again in Pickles vs. Pickles & The Word Of The Day.

10. As for the dalmatian statuary, which Didi chose for her prize -- it frequently appeared as decoration on Wheel Of Fortune, when contestants used their winnings to shop for prizes after each round. In 1987 (in syndication) and 1989 (NBC), the shopping segments were replaced with the money each contestant has earned in the round.

(92-24B) [N37B] [KC37B] [RTS311B] -- Toys In The Attic

Writer: Carroll Mine

Director: Norton Virgien

The Pickles leave Angelica and Tommy over at Boris and Minka's while on vacation. While there, Angelica and Tommy go into the haunted attic to find hoards of old toys.

Famous Quotes:

1. (When arriving at Boris and Minka's place, Angelica complains that they are old-fashioned:)

Drew: You'll have lots of fun here this week.

Angelica: But they hey don't even have cable!

2. (They all arrive at Boris and Minka's:)

Boris: Look who's here!

Minka: You're 10 minutes late!

3. (Stu tells Drew and Didi that they had to get going:)

C'mon guys; we got a plane to catch! If we're late, we're not gonna get any nuts! -- Stu

4. (While Boris fixes the crib, he huts himself when stuff collapses on him:)

Minka: Boris, did you hurt your "shmegege"?

Boris: I'm okay; just find me the policy.

5. (Boris and Minka argue over who's going to turn on the TV, before settling on a nap:)

Boris: Why don't you turn on the Sesame Seed (Sesame Street) for them to watch?

Minka: What am I, your servant girl? Why don't you turn on the Sesame Seed?

Boris: I can't. I'm too old.

Minka: I'm old too.

Boris: But I'm older.

Minka: By 2 weeks!

Boris: It was a leap year!

Minka: Leap year, schmeap year! Now go turn on the Seed!

Boris: Wait a minute. I have a better idea. Why don't we all take a little nap?

6. (Boris & Minka put Tommy and Angelica to bed:)

Minka: Good night; sleep tight.

Boris: Don't let the "dibbuks" bite!

7. (Angelica tells Tommy that there are not actually ghosts in the attic, as she made them up. Tommy doesn't believe her, though:)

Tommy: If you lied to me before, how do I know you're not lying to me now?

Angelica: Hmm, good point. How to know I'm not lying to you now. (Shouting) Because I'm bigger than you!

8. (When Tommy and Angelica go into the attic, the normally-brave Tommy was starting to feel afraid himself:)

Where's Chuckie when you need him? -- Tommy

9. (After Tommy and Angelica's parents returned, Angelica tells Drew how nice a time she had:)

Drew: Did you have a good time?

Angelica: I had a wondeful time! I played with neat toys, looked at neat pictures, and I heard some great Jolson!

Drew: Better than not having cable?

Angelica: Cable, schmable -- who needs the cable when you got family by your sides?


This episode uses a lot of Yiddish terminology and phrases, including the following:

Vay iz mir (Woe is to me)

Oy Vey (Oh No!)

Dibbuk (A monster; a supernatural spirit type of demon, like a poltergeist.)

Shmegege (mild derogatory comment, sort of like calling someone a jerk or weasel. More along the lines of a harmless fool than a bad person.)

"Mein be gott!"(My God!)

tchochkies (knick-knacks)

Memorable Moment:

Angelica reveals Didi's baby picture.

38 (92-25A) [N38A] [KC38A] [RTS312A] -- Driving Miss Angelica

Writer: Jonathan Greenburg

Directors: Dan Thompson, Raymie Muzquiz

After almost being hit by a gang of big-wheelers, Chuckie becomes Angelica's slave after she saves his life.

Famous Quotes:

1. (After Angelica saved Chuckie's life:)

All I need is a "Thank You", and.. oh, yeah, for you to be my slave for the rest of your life. -- Angelica

2. (Shortly after Chuckie (now a slave) called Angelica "Angelica":)

That's Miss Angelica to you! -- Angelica

3. (When Chuckie gave "Miss Angelica" her crayons, she complains that they're not in order:)

Everybody knows red-orange goes before orange-red. -- Angelica

4. (Drew discovered that Angelica has taken the candies he received from an unknown employee at work:)

Drew: You can't always get what you want!

Angelica (after Drew leaves): He better be kidding!

5. (Chuckie was ordered to get the candies, now rehidden in the closet. But after Angelica and Chuckie gets trapped, she starts to have some second thoughts. To Chuckie:)

Do you always do what I tell you? -- Angelica


1. The music Drew is listening to (while Angelica and Chuckie are trapped in the closet) came from the soundtrack from Reptar On Ice ("Reptar, Reptar, gotta find that Reptar...").

2. The name of this episode is based on Driving Miss Daisy (1989), which starred Jessica Tandy as an old Southern woman and Morgan Freeman as her chauffeur. The scene where Chuckie drives Angelica is based on that film.

3. The scenario is also loosely based on a final-season (1973-74) episode of The Brady Bunch (ABC, 1969-74); here, Bobby saved Peter's life; therefore Peter offered to become Bobby's slave. After a heated argument, Bobby got locked in a closet, only to be let out by Peter; therefore, Peter saved Bobby's life, making things even.

4. Did You Know That... this episode was to have been titled Indentured Chuckie? Apparently, while this episode was in production, the producers changed the title to Driving MIss Angelica, as that title fits the scenario better, especially in one of the scenes (see # 2).

(92-25B) [N38B] [KC38B] [RTS312B] -- Susie Vs. Angelica

Writer: Joe Ansolabehere

Director: Igor Kovalyov

Susie and Angelica play a little game of "Top This" to see who's the best.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Phil and Lil observe Angelica while she and Susie are trying to see who can hold their breath the longest:)

Phil: She looks like a balloon!

Lil: Maybe she can fly!

Phil: Maybe we can pop her!

2. (Angelica starts the race:)

Gentlemen, start your bunions! -- Angelica

3. (Chuckie, assigned the job of peanut vendor by Angelica, describes the action of the big race:)

I can't look! I can't look! Anybody want a peanut? I can't look! -- Chuckie

4. (After Angelica crashed at the end, she lied still on the grass. Chuckie used the peanut as a "smelling salt":)

Angelica: Eww!

Chuckie: You're right, Angelica; this peanut sure did come in handy.

5. (At the end, Tommy comments that everyone is the best at something:)

Even if you're 3 years old, you can always learn something new. -- Tommy


1. Here's a list of contests Angelica and Susie played to see who's the best (Susie won them all):

Chutes & Ladders

Holding Your Breath

Eating the most pudding

Jumping off the swing the farthest

The Big Wheel - Fire Truck Race (see below)

2. Here's a chart on the Rugrats' jobs at the race, as assigned by Angelica:
Rugrat What They Did
Tommy Waved the flag (a dirty pair of briefs on a stick) to start the race
Phil & Lil "The Spit Crew"; helped out the racers, as well as spit
Chuckie Peanut vendor ("Peanut! Get'cher peanut!")

39 (92-26A) [N39A] [KC39A] [RTS313A] -- Tooth Or Dare

Writers: Paul Germain, Jonathan Greenburg

Director: Norton Virgien

Looking to earn a little extra money, Angelica goes after Chuckie's teeth for the Tooth Fairy.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica, before the money part came in, didn't believe in the tooth fairy:)

If you believe that, I got a sandbox of Florida to sell you! -- Angelica

2. (Angelica wants Tommy's teeth, er, tooth, but changed her mind:)

That little thing's not a tooth! -- Angelica

3. (Angelica entices Chuckie to give up his teeth:)

What's a couple of teeth between friends? -- Angelica

4. (After Angelica was visited by the tooth fairy, she got a dime which, in any standard, wasn't enough:)

Tooth fairy? What a joke! Cheat fairy's more like her! -- Angelica


1. We get to see Edwin's room for the first (and only) time; it looks more like a library at a rich person's mansion, with books on philosophers like Homer (the author of "The Odyssey", not the "Simpson") and scientific topics like quantum physics.

2. Animation Blooper Dept.: Angelica used Tommy's star ball to explain how she'll pry Chuckie's teeth out. In demonstrating, The ball explodes. However, when Angelica is being dragged around by Spike, she passes by the play area (the one with the fence). Please note that an intact star ball is there.

3. Near the end of this episode, Angelica loses one of her baby teeth. Considering that she's 3 years old, and that permanent teeth usually don't start coming in until at 6 years of age, isn't Angelica a little young to start losing teeth?

4. Would you believe a Rugrats episode edited for content? In Britain, this episode had a minor edit before it was released on the Bedtime Bash video there. In the uncensored version (still seen in its entirety in Britain on Nick), Edwin referred to his loose tooth as a "little bugger", when he explained how he got money from the tooth fairy. The BBFC, an agency that rates videos and movies in Britain, gave Bedtime Bash a "PG" (Parental Guidance) rating, because of the word "bugger". Shortly before the video was released to the public, however, "Little Bugger" became a badly-dubbed "Little Fellow", and the BBFC reclassified the video as a "U" (all ages). This was the only time a Rugrats episode was edited for content in Britain, if not worldwide. (Special thanks to Hoborg)

(92-26B) [N39B] [KC39B] [RTS313B] -- Party Animals

Writer: Holly Huckins

Director: Jim Duffy

Sleeping over at Angelica's house while her parents are having a costume party downstairs, the Rugrats rub a toy "magic lamp" and wishes that everything would be different.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Grandpa tells the story of Aladdin, which was altered slightly to satisfy what he really wants -- a motor boat called the "Kingfisher 9000"; here's a line:)

Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp and wished for a Kingfisher 9000 Speed Boat. -- Grandpa

2. (The Rugrats didn't believe that part, so Grandpa tolld them the truth, with a little embellishment:)

Aladdin rubbed the lamp so he could turn rocks into gold, so he could BUY a Kingfisher 9000. -- Grandpa

3. (Here's how it ended:)

And Aladdin got on his Kingfisher 9000 and lived happily ever after. -- Grandpa

4. (Grandpa explains the "power" of the magic lamp:)

Angelica: Could it turn Fluffy into a flying horse?

Grandpa: It could turn Fluffy into a Ferarri!

5. (After Grandpa has left for the party, the Rugrats questions the lamp's abilities, as they are thinking of rubbing the lamp themselves; Lil repeated Angelica's question to Grandpa, in a somewhat different way:)

Will it turn Fluffy into a Ferrarro? -- Lil

(The "Ferrarro" Lil unintentionally referred to is Geraldine Ferrarro, former running mate to Presidential candidate Walter Mondale in 1984. If Mondale was elected then, Ferrarro was to have been the U.S.'s first woman Vice-President. However, they've lost to Ronald Reagan and George Bush.)

6. (Didi's cousin, Bucky, pays a visit. He tells her about his weight:)

Well, I gained a few pounds, or forty! -- Cousin Bucky

7. (Tommy warns the other Rugrats about wishes:)

Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it. -- Tommy


1. Grandpa almost won the Kingfisher 9000 a while back in the Beauty Contest.

2. At the end, after Stu was arrested for breaking and entering into Drew's house (Drew threw Stu out over an argument about who's "King of the Jungle" -- Tarzan or King Kong), the arresting cops made a stop at a donut place, while Stu is still under arrest in the police car. Normally, when a person is arrested, he/she is taken directly to jail or the police station.

3. Here's what the Rugrats' parents were wearing at the party:
Parent Dressed Up As:
Stu Tarzan
Didi Tarzan's Girlfriend (may be Jane, but Jane's name was not mentioned)
Betty Cowgirl
Howard Cowboy
Randy Elvis Presley ("The King")
Drew Gorilla
Charlotte A French Queen (name not given)
Grandpa Rap Artist
Chazz 4 Basic Food Groups ("4" concept since replaced with a "pyramid" of 7 groups)

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