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"Rugrats" Titles Named After TV Shows, Movies, Books and Songs:
Rugrats Title: Original Title: Type of Media:
Ruthless Tommy Ruthless People Movie
The Big House Big House, USA Movie
Regarding Stuie Regarding Henry Movie
The Bank Trick The Bank Dick Movie
Family Feud Family Feud Game Show
Rebel Without A Teddy Bear Rebel Without A Cause Movie
The Seven Voyages of Cynthia The 7th Voyage of Sinbad Movie
Driving Miss Angelica Driving Miss Daisy Movie
Tooth Or Dare Truth Or Dare Movie
Twins Pique Twin Peaks TV Drama Series
Cool Hand Angelica Cool Hand Luke Movie
Tricycle Thief The Bicycle Thief Movie
The Odd Couple The Odd Couple Play / Movie / TV Comedy Series
Pickles vs. Pickles Kramer Vs. Kramer Movie
I Remember Melville I Remember Mama Play / Movie
Cradle Attraction Fatal Attraction Movie
Radio Daze Radio Days Movie
America's Wackiest Home Movies America's Funniest Home Videos TV Comedy Series
Clan of the Duck Clan of the Cave Bear Book / Movie
Educating Angelica Educating Rita Movie
Send In The Clouds Send In The Clowns Song from "A Little Night Music"
In The Navel In The Navy Song by The Village People
Turtle Recall Total Recall Movie
Angelica Nose Best Father Knows Best TV Comedy Series
Crime & Punishment Crime & Punishment Book
He Saw, She Saw He Said, She Said Game Show / Movie (no relation to each other)
Fugitive Tommy The Fugitive TV Drama Series / Movie
Uneasy Rider Easy Rider Movie
Where's Grandpa? Where's Poppa? Movie
The Turkey Who Came To Dinner The Man Who Came To Dinner Movie
The Wild Wild West The Wild Wild West TV Western / Spy Drama / Sci-Fi Series
Angelica For a Day Queen For A Day Game Show
Journey To The Center Of The Basement Journey To The Center Of The Earth Book / Movie
A Very McNulty Birthday A Very Brady Christmas / A Very Brady Sequel Movies
Hair! Hair Broadway Musical / Movie
Chuckie's Complaint Portnoy's Complaint Book
What's Your Line? What's My Line? Game Show
Discover America Discover America Tourism Promotion

Split Decisions

Titles of  Rugrats episodes with "vs." in the title:

Fluffy vs. Spike

Chuckie vs. The Potty

Susie vs. Angelica

Pickles vs. Pickles

Legal Briefs

Episodes that take place in some sort of court:

The Trial (the Rugrats decide who broke Tommy's lamp)

Pickles vs. Pickles (Angelica takes her parents to court)

Tricycle Thief (the Rugrats decide if Angelica has stolen Susie's red trike)

Happy Birthday

Episodes where a Rugrats character has a birthday:
("*" denotes a surprise party)
Character: Birthday Episode:
Tommy Tommy's First Birthday
Angelica Angelica's Birthday
Stu* America's Wackiest Home Movies
Didi* Baking Dil
Timmy McNulty A Very McNulty Birthday

Supermarket Sweep

Episodes that take place at a supermarket:

Incident In Aisle Seven

The Case of the Missing Rugrat

Episodes in which Tommy wore pants and shoes:

(in real life, not in the Rugrats' imaginary adventures)

Waiter, There's A Baby In My Soup


Reptar's Revenge

Let Them Eat Cake

The Blizzard

Heat Wave (shoes only)

Episodes in which Tommy wore girls' clothes:

(in real life, not in the Rugrats' imaginary adventures)

Beauty Contest

Stu-Maker's Elves

Episodes in which we see Tommy and/or the other Rugrats naked:



Chuckie Gets Skunked

Down The Drain

Naked Tommy

Mr. Clean

The Rugrats Movie (not an episode, but it's Rugrats all the same)

"Three Hour Tour, Three Hour Tour"

Episodes that paid some sort of homage to Gilligan's Island:
Episode: Circumstance:
Baseball Tommy's toy boat had the name "S.S. Minnow" printed on it.
Runaway Angelica Angelica watches Gilligan's Island on her TV in Spike's doghouse, saying, "Oh, that Gilligan".
Angelica's Worst Nightmare Angelica wanted to watch Gilligan's Island when her parents told her that Charlotte was pregnant.
All Growed Up Some Gilligan's Island scenery music played in the background, shortly after the tweenage Phil mentioned that spaghetti reminded him of worms.

The Big "Valley"

Episodes where you can hear someone humming or singing "Red River Valley":

Momma Trauma

Together At Last

Aunt Miriam

He Saw, She Saw

See Them On TV Land

Rugrats regulars who were also regulars on these series, all seen now or soon on TV Land:
Actor Series Character
Jack Riley The Bob Newhart Show Elliot Carlin
David Doyle Charlie's Angels John Bosley
Ron Glass Barney Miller Det. Ron Harris

Family Choice

Prime-time episodes selected by Nick for the 1997 & 1999 Tune In To Kids & Family weeks:
1997 (April 8 to 13) 1999 (June 21 to 27)
4/8: Tommy's First Birthday
6/21 Vacation
Pedal Pusher / Music
4/9: Family Reunion / Grandpa's Date 6/22 Family Reunion / Grandpa's Date
4/10: Meet The Carmichaels / The Box 6/23 Reptar On Ice / Family Feud
4/11: Grandpa Moves Out / Sour Pickles 6/24 Man Of The House / A Whole New Stu
4/12: Mommy's Little Assets / Chuckie's Wonderful Life 6/25 The Family Tree
4/13: Passover 6/26 Chuckie's Duckling / A Dog's Life

As you can see, there is no list for 1998; that year, during the second Tune In To Kids & Family week, Nick just shown the usual episodes in order, as usual; no special episodes were selected. The promotion was discontinued after 1999.

Look Out For The Cheater

Episodes where Grandpa suspects his opponent of cheating:
Episode: Person Accused Of Cheating: How He or She Cheated:
King Ten Pin "Strike" Maxwell Hired a lackey, who used a "loaded" bowling pin that bounces
back up when Grandpa knocks his pins over (not unlike a
, as well as a leaf blower that was used to knock down Maxwell's pins
Fugitive Tommy Gabriel Lasky's grandfather Used checkers in place of chess pieces in a chess game.
Visiting Aunt Miriam Aunt Miriam Hidden extra cards on her lap, which was actually placed there by the Rugrats
Wrestling Grandpa Conan McNulty Used motor oil to make it impossible for Grandpa to hold on to Conan

The Game Show Game

(special thanks to Kyle Stanley)

1. Game show figureheads that appeared in a Rugrats episode:
Person: Game Show Connection: "Rugrats" Connection:
Alex Trebek Host of Jeopardy! "Super Stumpers" host Alan Quebec in Game Show Didi
Pat Sajak Host of Wheel Of Fortune Himself in Chuckie Is Rich
Charles Nelson Reilly Regular on Match Game various voices, including Edmund Haynes, in Game Show Didi
David Doyle Semi-regular on Match Game Grandpa
Alice Ghostley Regular on Cross Wits Mrs. Holkin in Lady Luck

2. Games featured in episodes of Rugrats:
Game: Type of Game: Episode it's Featured In:
Super Stumpers Game Show Game Show Didi
Miniature Golf Sport Ice Cream Mountain
Neurosis Board Game The Baby Vanishes
Getting In Trouble Game Show Kid TV
Reptar Pinball Pinball Piggy's Pizza Place
Skeeball Skeeball Piggy's Pizza Place

A Girl-Friendly Show

The voices of all 6 Rugrats, including the male characters, are all women:
Rugrats Character Voiced By:
Tommy E.G. Daily
Chuckie Christine Cavanaugh
Phil & Lil Kath Soucie
Angelica Cheryl Chase
Susie Cree Summer
Timmy McNulty

Tara Strong
Kimi Dionne Quan

Voices From Beyond The Grave

Voice actors & actresses that provided voices on Rugrats before their death. And yes, David Doyle and Andy Houts did die on the same day.
Actor: Voice Of: Date of Death: Cause of Death:
David Doyle Grandpa February 26, 1997 Heart Attack
Pat Buttram Eddie (from Graham Canyon) January 8, 1994 ???
Dana Hill Josh (from New Kid In Town, among others) June 15, 1996 Stroke, due to diabetes
Pat Paulsen Garbage Collector (from Feeding Hubert);
Uncle Lyle (from Spike The Wonder Dog)
April 25, 1997 Pneumonia & Kidney Failure
Andy Houts Oodles (from Spike The Wonder Dog),
Wuggles (from Game Show Didi),
Bucky (from Party Animals);
also writer of Game Show Didi & Angelica's Birthday,
as well as Production Coordinator for the "original 65" episodes
February 26, 1997 ???
Mary Kay Bergman Spokes & "Friendly Boy" in Uneasy Rider November 12, 1999 Suicide by gunfire
Chick Hearn Himself in Touchdown Tommy August 5, 2002 Brain swelling, after a fall

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