-- The Comic Strip Index (2002)

1/1-5/2002 (To (ex.1/3: Bg) /Ro/Bl) Angelica talks to the Rugrats about New Year's resolutions.

1/6/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica is told to clean her room.

1/7/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie pretends that he's a super-hero.

1/8/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie shares his cupcake with Angelica.

1/9/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica has a big bag of cookies.

1/10/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica's favorite TV show isn't on TV.

1/11/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica plays "doctor" with Chuckie.

1/12/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie rides a "dinosaur" at a supermarket.

1/13/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that the stars are actually cannibalistic aliens.

1/14/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Lil is rich when she finds some loose change in the couch.

1/15/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil knows how to count.

1/16/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Lil plays a game where the rules are announced after the game's over.

1/17-18/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil tries on some sunglasses.

1/19/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Lil makes a "secret" mudpie.

1/20/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Even the tiniest sounds Chuckie makes annoys Angelica, regardless of how far he is from her.

1/21/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil wonders if two is alot.

1/22/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil ask alot of questions.

1/23/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Lil would like a treehouse.

1/24/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Lil tells Phil all about his future.

1/25/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil watch a man playing a guitar on TV.

1/26/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil wins, while Lil plays a sore loser.

1/27/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie must do whatever Angelica says.

1/28/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica play a "What's this?" trick on Chuckie.

1/29/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica promises Tommy & Chuckie what's left of the cookies.

1/30/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica eats an entire bag of candies, just to spite Phil & Lil.

1/31/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica gives Tommy "nothing".

2/1/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Angelica tries to trade food with Susie.

2/2/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy thinks that sharing a cookie is better than eating it.

2/3/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica needs Chuckie around, just because.

2/4/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica thinks that any normal person can become a princess.

2/5/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants to know why only "once upon a time".

2/6/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants to know if fairy tales are true.

2/7/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) To Angelica, being the "bestest daughter in the world" isn't enough.

2/8/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Drew gives flowers and candy to Charlotte.

2/9/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Drew talks to Angelica about Valentine's Day.

2/10/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks Tommy what Thursday (2/14) is.

2/11-13/2002 (Ke[2/11-12], To[2/13]/Ro/Bl) Angelica looks for her "Valentine".

2/14/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Chuckie gives Kimi a valentine.

2/15/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica is Chuckie's valentine, by luck.

2/16/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) When Angelica calls Tommy & Chuckie "dumb babires", Chuckie says "Sticks & stones...".

2/17/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica offers a yucky cookie to someone.

2/18/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Stu walk through a crowd of people.
(Look for Rocket Power's Otto Rocket in the crowd.)

2/19/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie has nothing to do.

2/20/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy sings "It's raining, it's pouring...".

2/21-22/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) It's still raining, "forever".

2/23-3/10/2002 ([2/23-25,28, 3-4-10:Ke; 2/26-27, 3/1-2:To]/Ro/Bl) The family is on vacation in the snowy mountains.

3/11/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil can do anything each other can do.

3/12/2002 (Ro/Bl) Lil wants to know how high the sky is.

3/13/2002 (Ro/Bl) Lil looks for her crayons.

3/14/2002 (Ro/Bl) Lil wonders why hot dogs are hot dogs.

3/15/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica asks Phil & Lil why they eat disgusting stuff.

3/16/2002 (Ro/Bl) Birds eat twice their weight every day.

3/17/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie hides from monsters.

3/18/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wishes that he's taller.

3/19/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie likes to be a chef.

3/20/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is afraid of the future.

3/21/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is neither a mover nor a shaker.

3/22/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica's going to be famous, just for the sake of being famous.

3/23/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica can't spell "I" for her autobiography.

3/24/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells a fairy tale about the color pink.

3/25/2002 (Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play superheroes -- a rescue worker and a fireman.

3/26/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil go sailing.

3/27/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil make a mudpie.

3/28/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Phil shows many things you can do with a rubber band.

3/29/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil argue for nothing.

3/30/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Phil gets Lil mad.

3/31/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil argue.

4/1/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Angelica wears socks that don't match.

4/2/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wears socks that don't match.

4/3/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica shares part of her apple with Chuckie.

4/4/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica hates broccoli.

4/5/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie sounds like a monkey, says Angelica.

4/6/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie, who can't read, enjoys a good book.

4/7/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica won't share with Chuckie, but did "share" with some ants.

4/8/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi wants to know if Lil's a "night person" or a "day person".

4/9/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Chuckie tells Kimi about toothbrushes and the tooth fairy.

4/10/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi's "magic carpet" is "broken".

4/11/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) "Nothing" is too hard for Kimi.

4/12/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi can't sit still.

4/13/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie refuses to catch Kimi.

4/14/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie tries to sell his "bunny" picture to Angelica.

4/15/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks Angelica what picture he drew.

4/16/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Angelica tricks Chuckie into letting go of his balloon.

4/17/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Chuckie tries to fly a kite without wind.

4/18/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie says that he and his mom made cookies.

4/19/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that Chuckie will always be a baby.

4/20/2002 (No/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders how many stars are in the sky.

4/21/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie practices being a duck.

4/22-23/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks Cynthia about her day.

4/24/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wishes on as many stars as she wants.

4/25/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Susie wonders what makes a ball go up.

4/26/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) "What came first -- the chicken or the egg?"

4/27/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells a story about an old woman who lives in a SOCK.

4/28/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica waits for her "Prince Charming".

4/29/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that the dragons ate the dinosaurs.

4/30/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica refuses to take any cookies from Chuckie.

5/1/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica plays "submarine" with Chuckie.

5/2/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie uses a TV remote to change day to night.

5/3/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie draws a green cloud.

5/4/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie has a problem, just because.

5/5/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie would rather watch his shows on an old TV.

5/6/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is right when "nobody" is wrong.

5/7/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy loans his blue crayon to Chuckie.

5/8-9/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie pretend to play catch.

5/10/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie have ice cream cone, but without ice cream.

5/11/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie try to reach the cookie jar.

5/12/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) For Mother's Day, Chazz plants flowers, while Chuckie & Kimi get them.

5/13/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks why Angelica is wearing her funny hat.

5/14/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie finds a penny, but Angelica has two.

5/15/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie refuses a cookie, due to his limited vocabulary.

5/16/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy thinks about "everything".

5/17/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie hides under his bed, afraid.

5/18/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie's night light is the moon.

5/19/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi wants to play in the dark.

5/20/2002 (G/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that the cookie eats the chocolate chips.

5/21/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie would rather sit inside, looking outside.

5/22/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy tells Angelica to go away.

5/23/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy asks Angelica if the Ice Cream Man came yet.

5/24/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy tells Angelica to get her own chocolate milk.

5/25/2002 (G/Ro/Bl) Grandpa tells Tommy the story about The sandman.

5/26/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Drew tells Angelica the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

5/27/2002 (Ro/Bl) Lil steals, and eats, Phil's cookie.

5/28/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil asks Chuckie what's in his hand.

5/29/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica says that apples might have worms.

5/30/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica whines a lot.

5/31/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica gets her hair braided.

6/1/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Phil tells Lil the bad thing that Angelica said.

6/2/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that he can't go to bed early.

6/3/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica pratices her "Dumb Babies".

6/4/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica plays a queen.

6/5/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica uses a "waiting pool".

6/6/2002 (Ro/Bl) Susie talks about a painter named "Pistachio", which led to ice cream.

6/7/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica cuts up Drew's magazines.

6/8/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) "Lovable" Angelica gets licked by Spike.

6/9/2002 (Ro/Bl) Kimi plays "Tag" with a scared Chuckie.

6/10-13/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy tries to teach a sleepy Spike a trick.

6/14/2002 (Ro/Bl) Dil throws his rattle at Spike, which he catches.

6/15/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy tells Spike that he loves him.

6/16/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Tommy how she loves her daddy.

6/17-18/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi & Chuckie play "tag".

6/19/2002 (Ro/Bl) Charlotte wants Angelica to play with Chuckie & Kimi.

6/20/2002 (Ro/Bl) Kimi knows that Angelica is bossing the Rugrats around.

6/21/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi says that Angelica knows when Chuckie is hungry.

6/22/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie tells Kimi that she doesn't like girls.

6/23/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil knows how to fly.

6/24/2002 (Ro/Bl) Chazz talks to Stu about the "Terrified Twos".

6/25/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Susie that she will marry Tommy someday.

6/26/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that daddies don't play.

6/27/2002 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders why Grandpa keeps his teeth in a glass.

6/28/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie forgets a joke.

6/29/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie decide on whether to go outside or to watch TV.

6/30/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) The Rugrats sing their version of "Yankee Doodle".

7/1/2002 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie tries to hide from Angelica.

7/2/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica crashes a ball through a window.

7/3/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that he'll always be wrong, regardless of what happens.

7/4/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that nobody cares about her.

7/5/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie to say "sorry", just because.

7/6/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants to play "freeze tag".

7/7/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica imagines that she's a mermaid.

7/8/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie sings "Sam And Janet Evening".

7/9/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica shows Chuckie her "Groucho" glasses.

7/10/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica takes away Chuckie's rock.

7/11/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that remembering about yeaterday is a waste of time.

7/12/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica talks to herself in the mirror.

7/13/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks Chuckie if he's having a good day.

7/14/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie & Kimi play "Ring Around The Rosie".

7/15/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil noticed that the sun was in a different place each day.

7/16/2002 (Ro/Bl) Lil says that shoes on the bed are bad luck.

7/17/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil like to eat jelly for a snack.

7/18/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil keeps a melted chocolate bar in his pants for Lil.

7/19/2002 (Ro/Bl) Lil refuses to accept Phil's apology.

7/20/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil tells Lil that he ate alot of cookies from his mom and dad.

7/21/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Phil thinks that Lil's pain is funny, but his own hurts.

7/22/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie look for their snowman during the summer.

7/23/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie thinks that an angry Angelica will be smiling tomorrow.

7/24/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy thinks that the world is big, and the people are little.

7/25/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie talks about his ride on a merry-go-round.

7/26-27/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders why no one calls him.

7/28/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica blames Chuckie for breaking her crayons.

7/29/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that she's really happy when she frowns.

7/30/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Angelica tries to use the TV remote to quiet down the Rugrats.

7/31/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Charlotte says that too much TV "rots your brain".

8/1/2002 (G/Ro/Bl) Charlotte tells Angelica not to watch any TV.

8/2/2002 (G/Ro/Bl) Charlotte tells Angelica to pick up her toys.

8/3/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Charlotte tells Angelica that there's "everything to do" when she's 3.

8/4/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that boys can't have tea parties.

8/5-7/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Angelica talks about the things she does in pre-school.

8/8/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Kimi asks Angelica what a full moon is made of.

8/9/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica does not want the other Rugrats talking about her.

8/10/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi wishes that she has a bunny.

8/11/2002 (Ro/Bl) Lil has eaten Phil's cookie without permission.

8/12/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that if you don't know what your problem is, you'll never find out.

8/13/2002 (Ro/Bl) Tommy tells Chuckie that Dil keeps taking Tommy's toys.

8/14/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie watches two snails having a race.

8/15/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie tries to escape fro eating Lil's mud pie.

8/16/2002 (Ro/Bl) Kimi talks to Chuckie on a "phone" (2 cups & string).

8/17/2002 (Ro/Bl) Kimi puts on a little too much sugar on Chuckie's cereal.

8/18/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica asks Chuckie to find her a yellow crayon.

8/19/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that her eyes are like the sky.

8/20/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants the colors the way she wants them.

8/21/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie draws a picture of Angelica.

8/22/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica forces Chuckie to share one of his pennies with her.

8/23/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Angelica talks with her mouth full.

8/24/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica asks Tommy why Dil is so selfish.

8/25/2002 (Ro/Bl) Lil asks Phil what time it is.

8/26/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Spike wears a hat.

8/27/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders what sprinkles to put on ice cream.

8/28/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy asks Chuckie what his favorite jellybean is.

8/29/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie likes bananas.

8/30/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders why oranges are "orange".

8/31/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie eat "good" candy.

9/1/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy dreams of being with Reptar.

9/2/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants hot chocolate that is warm, her way.

9/3/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks her dad how much money he makes.

9/4/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks why the Prince has to go up Rapunzel's hair.

9/5/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wonders why Humpty Dumpty is an egg.

9/6/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wonders how long "ever after" is in a fairy tale.

9/7/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica can't sleep with the moon "on".

9/8/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tricks Chuckie into believing that he saw something.

9/9/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil tries to dance.

9/10/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil wants to be a musician when he grows up.

9/11/2002 (Ro/Bl) "Nothing" is better than doing nothing.

9/12/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil compete at being bored.

9/13/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil like to color differently.

9/14/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil wonder who's on other planets.

9/15/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants the Rugrats to guess what's she's hiding.

9/16/2002 (Ro/Bl) Tommy hates Dil's loud crying.

9/17-21/2002 (Ro/Bl) Tommy tries to get his blanket back from Dil.

9/22/2002 (Ro/Bl) Kimi looks for Chuckie.

9/23-24/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil plays with a "See & Say".

9/25-26/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil tries to spekk with blocks.

9/27/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil argue.

9/28/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil tells Lil to "tell" their parents where he'll be.

9/29/2002 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie tells Angelica that he'll be smarter when he's older than her.

9/30/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie can't find his rubber duck in his bathtub.

10/1/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie decides what toy to play today.

10/2/2002 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie tells Angelica that art cannot be explained.

10/3/2002 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie shows Angelica a picture of a horse that he's drawn.

10/4/2002 (Ro/Bl) Susie tells Chuckie that a single penny is worthless.

10/5/2002 (Ro/Bl) Susie tries to teach Chuckie math with cookies.

10/6/2002 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie can't play with Tommy, as his dad will be back soon.

10/7/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy asks Spike if he wants to go out?

10/8/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica hates it when Tommy talks to Spike like a person.

10/9-10/2002 (Ro/Bl) Tommy invites Kimi to lunch.

10/11-12/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy loves to squirt toothpaste.

10/13/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil likes to be an inventor.

10/14/2002 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie & Angelica wants to go to space, but Angelica wants to go alone.

10/15-18/2002 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks Angelica & Tommy a question about the sun.

10/19/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Tommy that he can't reach the sky.

10/20/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is scared of Halloween.

10/21-11/2/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) The Rugrats celebrate halloween (a tie-in with the Curse Of The Werewuff episode).

11/3/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Instead of candy, Angelica wanted Chuckie to buy a vacant lot for a penny.

11/4/2002 (Ro/Bl) Chuckie's stomach hurts.

11/5/2002 (Ro/Bl) While on the phone, Charlotte told Angelica not to eat cookies before dinner.

11/6/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica is sad that her peanut butter sandwich will not last.

11/7/2002 (Ro/Bl) To Angelica, Phil & Lil is worse than the nightmare that she had.

11/8/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica kicks Phil & Lil out of her house.

11/9/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil make a "mudman".

11/10/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Kimi does "everything".

11/11/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie tries to fly a paper airplane.

11/12/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica wanted her toy horse back from Chuckie, as "times change".

11/13/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie pretends to be invisible.

11/14/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie says if you can't tell time, you can't be late.

11/15/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie looks at a tire -- a "big donut".

11/16/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders where bubbles go after they pop.

11/17/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica orders the rain to stop -- and it does.

11/18/2002 (To/Ro/Bl) Angelica wonders why some people react differently when others burp.

11/19-20/2002 (Ro/Bl) Angelica accidentally breaks a lamp.

11/21/2002 (Ro/Bl) Tommy hates it when Angelica blames all her bad stuff on Dil.

11/22/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie likes grape jelly, beacuse that's all there is.

11/23/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie tries to make a balloon animal.

11/24/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica teaches the Rugrats some misinformation.

11/25/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) There's a fly in Lil's soup.

11/26-28/2002 (Ro/Bl) Phil likes to be an inventor.

11/29/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie build a pretend snowman.

11/30/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Tommy asks Spike to fetch his hat.

12/1/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Susie tells Angelica she has to go to England to be princess.

12/2/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Tommy sais that you can say something nice about anyone -- including Angelica.

12/3/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants the rain to go away.

12/4/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica figures out who to invite for her tea party.

12/5/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders if cookies can think about people.

12/6/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie mistakes a rock for a ball.

12/7/2002 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie draws a monster.

12/8/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Charlotte is always talking on the cell phone.

12/9/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders why some TV shows aren't in color.

12/10/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica tries to use bubble gum to fly.

12/11/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Susie talks to Angelica about the things Tommy's grandpa didn't have when he was a kid.

12/12/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica plays with Cynthia.

12/13/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica talks to her "crowd" of toys.

12/14/2002 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica gets to play first, as she is a "princess".

12/15/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy tries to teach Spike some tricks.

12/16/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica doesn't have enough toys that she "wants" to play.

12/17/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica talks to a doll about her age.

12/18/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica fires one of her toys.

12/19/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica can't find Cynthia.

12/20/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica's toy doll "doesn't want to play with her".

12/21/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that if you ask nicely, you'll get the toy you want.

12/22/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica drops himts to Drew on that Cynthis toy she wanted.

12/23-24/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wishes on a star.

12/25-29/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica gets that gift that she wanted, then plays with it.

12/30/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie to "duck".

12/31/2002 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks if there's something wrong with the old year.

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