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1/1-2/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that the new year is here.

1/3/2003 (Mo/Ro/Bl) Chuckie plays Hide & Seek with Angelica.

1/4/2003 (Mo/Ro/Bl) Angelica threatens the "mirror, mirror on the wall".

1/5/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Lil tells Phil that he's her best friend.

1/6/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil play tag.

1/7/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) It's hard to tell Phil from Lil without the bow.

1/8-9/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Phil tells Lil that she's his best sister.

1/10/2003 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil compare teddy bears.

1/11/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Lil says that the world's greatest job is a trash man.

1/12/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that there's nothing to do when it rains.

1/13/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Didi introduces Taffy to the Rugrats.
(This is assuming that the events in Happy Taffy did not take place.)

1/14/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Taffy reads a story to Angelica.

1/15/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks Taffy how to be a rock star.

1/16/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Phil & Lil eat tofu.

1/17/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica reads Phil's palm.

1/18/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica likes to be Taffy when she grows up.

1/19/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is scared of martians.

1/20-21/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie talks about rain.

1/22-24/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie go to the aquarium.

1/25/2003 (Mo/Ro/Bl) Tommy tries on Chuckie's glasses.

1/26/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy's favorite food is strained carrots.

1/27-31/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica is sick.

2/1/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks why it rains.

2/2/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is afraid of the rain.
(Starting with this strip, Creator's web site offers the Sunday Rugrats strips (and all other Sunday comics by Creator's) in the cruddy 16-color format, rather than the more-pleasant 256-color format that the strip was in.)

2/3-4/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants to be the most beautiful girl in the world.

2/5/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants to be "Queen Of The World".

2/6/2003 (Bg/Ro/Bl) "Movie Star" Angelica wears sunglasses.

2/7/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants to be the first woman on Mars.

2/8/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica talks about hummingbirds.

2/9-15/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica talks about Valentine's Day, and forces Chuckie to make a Valentine.

2/16/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica gets a valentine -- from herself.

2/17-19/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica says there's nothing to do.

2/20/2003 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Chuckie tries to fly a toy plane.

2/21/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells a quick story.

2/22/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica plays with her magic wand.

2/23/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks Tommy if they'll be friends forever.

2/24/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Chuckie likes to be a brave explorer someday.

2/25/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie that his tongue is blue.

2/26/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica finishes a fairy tale to Tommy & Chuckie.

2/27/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is scared of bugs.

2/28/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Tommy plays with Grandpa's yo-yo.

3/1/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Chuckie says that no one can count all the stars.

3/2-3/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is afraid of his shadow.

3/4/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Chuckie is Kimi's favorite brother.

3/5/2003 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Tommy asks Chuckie to decide what to do.

3/6/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play Hide & seek.

3/7/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie's video game -- a blank TV screen -- is boring.

3/8/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Chuckie likes a flat ball.

3/9/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks Chuckie about the differences between them.

3/10/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play music with cooking utensils.

3/11/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Chuckie draws a picture of his mom.

3/12/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Chuckie says "no" to baths.

3/13/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Stu tries to feed Dil with an "airplane".

3/14/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica, Susie and Chuckie brag about their mothers.

3/15/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica says that the moon is made of green cheese.

3/16/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Drew pushes Angelica on the swings.

3/17/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie play soccer.

3/18/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie go to the moon in a box.

3/19/2003 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica will give Chuckie a cookie if he can guess the amount of cookies in her bag.

3/20/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Reprat isn't afraid of anything, except maybe Angelica.

3/21/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica told Chuckie that he has "her" cookie.

3/22/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Chuckie wonders why the sun's not out at night.

3/23/2003 (Bg/Ro/Bl) Angelica & Chuckie play "supermarket".

3/24/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica is told to clean her room when it rains.

3/25/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica jumps rope.

3/26/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica plays a princess.

3/27/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Drew to Angelica: "See Dick run. Run, Dick, run."

3/28/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Drew teaches subtraction to Angelica.

3/29/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica likes to be a teacher.

3/30/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica counts the reasons why she's right.

3/31/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica's ice cream is the best she's ever tasted.

4/1-3/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica points to a "wishing star".

4/4/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie worries about the future.

4/5/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie thinks that Angelica knows everything.

4/6/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica teaches Chuckie some "facts" from "books".

4/7/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica asks Chuckie if he was gone.

4/8/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica "laughs" at Chuckie's joke -- before the joke.

4/9/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica only plays games with a chance of winning or losing.

4/10/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants to play "Hide And Don't Seek".

4/11/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica tells Chuckie to jump.

4/12/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica throws Chuckie out of his own house.

4/13/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Angelica sings a song about cookie dough.

4/14-15/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie "fly" in their "time machine" box.

4/16/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie wonder about things bigger than them.

4/17/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy says that Dil will not always be a baby.

4/18/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy & Chuckie talk about Dil's future.

4/19/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie remembers how his day went.

4/20/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie & Kimi eat a chocolate Mt. Rushmore for Easter.

4/21/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Why Chuckie & Phil like birds.

4/22/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Why Chuckie is smiling.

4/23/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie asks Angelica why she only has "one thing" to say about him.

4/24/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie tells Tommy that Angelica is really mad.

4/25/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Angelica wants "more to life" than what she has.

4/26/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Chuckie doesn't understand Angelica.

4/27/2003 (Za/Ro/Bl) Tommy makes "one giant leap" on the stairs. (Last Sunday strip.)

4/28-5/3/2003 (Ke/Ro/Bl) Tommy says goodbye. (5/3: Last daily strip.)

The End

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