They were once "Rugrats", but they're now "All Grown Up"

All Grown Up is a new TV series based on the popular Rugrats cartoon series, featuring our favorite TV babies -- 10 years older.

The series is based on the Rugrats episode "All Growed Up", where the baby Rugrats advance 10 years into the future in a time machine that Tommy invented. That episode was produced in honor of the original series' 10th anniversary.

The series had its sneak preview on Saturday, 4/12/2003 at 9:30PM ET on Nick, following the Kids' Choice Awards, with its first episode, "Coup DeVille". Regular showings of the series will begin sometime Thanksgiving weekend, during the Nonstop Nicktoons Weekend (11/27 to 11/30/2003).

Specific details on the series are still unknown at present, though you can expect some new characters added. No doubt Samantha and (maybe) Miss Guppy from the original pilot will become regulars in the new series. Also, Dil will have a pet of his own -- a goldfish named Pablo.

(Left: The tweenage Rugrats. From the Nickdisk Forum; ©2003 Viacom.)

Episode Guide

An episode guide for this series is now available:

2003 2004 2005

The Characters

In addition to the tweenage versions of our favorite Rugrats, there are also new characters added to spice up the series.

The Rugrats The New Breed

The Theme Song

(Left: From the opening credits for All Grown Up, from the Club Cooltoons Newsletter; © 2003 Viacom.)

In addition to a new look and a new age, the Rugrats will also have a new theme song to go along with it -- this time, with lyrics, written by Mark & Bob Mothersbaugh and sung by Cree Summer:


Every birthday, my mom and dad would say
You're another year older, another year wiser

But I still go to school to get an education
I treat each and every day like a mini vacation!

All Grown Up!
I really wanna shout it out!

All Grown Up!
I want the world to know!

All Grown Up!
I really wanna shout it out!

All Grown Up with you

All Grown Up... with... you!

The Opening Credits

To see the screengrabs from the show's opening credits, click here.

Now on DVD & VHS

On 8/26/2003 in the US & Canada, All Grown Up had its first video release -- "Growing Up Changes Everything". It will feature Coup DeVille and a direct-to-video episode*, Susie Sings The Blues, where a talent scout discovers that Susie has what it takes to be a big hit. However, her parents are not too thrilled on the concent, as she still has her education to think about. As a result, Susie decides to fund the venture herself.

These episodes are followed by the Rugrats episode that started it all -- All Grown Up.

* -- In Canada, both Susie Sings The Blues and Coup DeVille were direct-to-video, as, at the time, no one is showing the series in Canada yet.

The First Episode

For details on the spinoff's first episode, Coup DeVille, click here. And to see the transcropt of that episode, click here.

...And The Rest

Here is the complete (so far) list of All Grown Up episodes. This, by the way, I got from Klasky-Csupo, but not TV Tome, whose list was completely fabricated. Also, please note that Coup DeVille, while it was the first episode shown, is actually the second one produced.

1. Susie Sings The Blues
2. Copu DeVille
3. Chuckie's In Love
4. Bad Kimi
5. Truth Or Consequences
6. Thief Encounter
7. River Rats
8. It's Cupid, Stupid
9. The Old And The Restless
10. Tweenage Tycoons
11. Tommy Foolery
12. Lucky 13
13. Brother, can You Spare The Time?

Nickelodeon has ordered 8 more episodes, bring the total to 21.

I'll have more details on the series as they become available.

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