All Grown Up!

Season 3: 2005-06

Here are details on the spinoff's third season.

(All information courtesy of Varakorn Ungvichian.)

26-27. Dude, Where's My Horse? (60 minutes)

World TV Premiere Date: 4/12/2005 on Nick UK in Britain (see notes)

US Street Date: ___ on the "All Grown Up!: Dude, Where's My Horse?" DVD and VHS

Another season, another summer trip. This time everyone's going to a dude ranch to learn how to rustle horses, and Tommy isn't so good at it.


1. When this ep premiered on Nick UK in Britain, only the 2nd half of the ep aired.

28. Blindman's Bluff

World TV Premiere Date:4/4/2005 at 4:00PM BST on Nick UK in Britain

US Street Date: ___ on the "All Grown Up!: Dude, Where's My Horse?" DVD and VHS

US TV Premiere Date: ___ at ____PM ET on Nick US

Stu and Didi tell Tommy and Dil to pick up Grandpa Boris (remember him?) from the eye doctor. However, the brothers have made plans to go to Slosh Mountain, a local water park, along with the rest of the gang. What to do, what to do? Let's just say that next thing you know, all the former Rugrats (except Susie, who has her first real gig there, which is why they're here to begin with) are chasing him all around the park. Hilarious!


1. First appearance of Grandpa Boris in the series (obviously).

29. Yu-Gotta-Go

World TV Premiere Date: 4/4/2005 at 4:30PM BST on Nick UK in Britain

US Street Date: ___ on the "All Grown Up!: Dude, Where's My Horse?" DVD and VHS

US TV Premiere Date: ___ at ____PM ET on Nick US

Chuckie is interested in a new trading card game at school. Charlotte is curbing Angelica's mobile phone allowance and forcing her to do chores. Result: Angelica is getting Chuckie to do chores in exchange for cards. And that's not even half of the story, because there's a rare card or two, an expert at the game, and a book of stamps involved in it.


1. The trading card game in the story is inspired (right down to the title) by the Japanese import Yu-Gi-Oh!.

2. Angelica keeps a diary and stuffs her bra.

30. The Curse Of Reptar

World TV Premiere Date: 4/5/2005 at 4:00PM BST on Nick UK in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: ___ at ____PM ET on Nick US

Bad things suddenly start to happen after Tommy finds his old Reptar doll while workers are busy building a backyard pool for the Pickles.


1. This ep has another flashback to the Rugrats days.

2. For those who don't get Chuckie's comment tying Reptar to meeting Kimi, his dad met her mom at Euro Reptar Land in Rugrats in Paris.

3. Just one ep ago, Chuckie was addicted to the Yu-Gotta-Go trading card game. In this ep, the gang is dismayed at the cable suddenly going out while they're sitting down to watch a Yu-Gotta-Go movie.

4. Who wants to bet that the backyard pool won't be brought up again?

31. It's Karma, Dude!

World TV Premiere Date: 4/6/2005 on Nick UK in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: ___ at ____PM ET on Nick US

Angelica wins a singing audition for the upcoming school talent show, without even having to worry about Susie showing up, because her answering machine was broken. However, in the days leading up to the talent show, Angelica begins developing zits. Meanwhile, Chuckie, Phil and Lil find themselves on the bill, since no one else wants to work on Mrs. O'Keats' act.


1. Like in "Runaround Susie", comparisons to the "Phoebe Takes The Fall" ep of Hey Arnold! can easily be made... although Helga also won the lead female role in a "School Play" without auditioning for it.

2. Why would Angelica decide to purposely exclude Susie from her audition, if she's already beaten her in another audition ("Interview With A Campfire")?

32. The Big Score

World TV Premiere Date: 4/6/2005 on Nick UK in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: ___ at ____PM ET on Nick US

Lil joins Phil on the school soccer team and becomes a star, but Phil is not impressed at the attention she's getting. Meanwhile, Angelica is trying everything (even playing football!) to impress the guys at school; and Dil is trying out a few mascot designs.


1. In regards to the Angelica plot: Okay, everything except cheerleading, which is a bit surprising.

2. Tommy is videotaping the school's soccer games from the stands, which is somewhat contradictory to "Fools Rush In" showing him playing on the team.

3. Not to give anything away about the final game in the ep, but that game's officials missed an obvious offside. (Okay, if you don't know the rules of soccer: if, say, Phil is ahead of all the other team's defenders when someone passes him the ball for him to score, Phil would be offside.)

4. Although Lil is now the school soccer star, who wants to bet that they don't mention it in future eps?

33. Rats Race

World TV Premiere Date: 4/7/2005 on Nick UK in Britain

Tommy and gang compete against Angelica in go-kart racing.


1. Nicktoons frontmen haven't done so well in go-kart racing: Doug and Skeeter quit a race and let Rodger Klotz win, and in Hey Arnold! Eugene crashed Arnold's kart allowing Phoebe to pass him in the home stretch. The only Nicktoon frontman go-kart winner before this ep was Otto Rocket, beating Lars Rodriguez in Rocket Power's "Womp Race 2000".

34. The Finster Who Stole Christmas

World TV Premiere Date: 12/7/2004 at ____PM ET on Nick US

Chuckie decides to drag in a junked Christmas tree, so that for once the Finsters have a decent Christmas tree in their house. However, their tree is proving to be trouble. Meanwhile, Kimi and Kira are frustrated by airplane connections on their way home from visiting Hiro; and Tommy and Dil write a Hannukah song.


1. Like "Coup DeVille", this ep raises the question: "What's Rugrats - old and new - without Angelica?" Susie notes her absence, as she is in Aspen.

2. While we're on peculiarities, Lil tells Chuckie "God will forgive you"... unusual in its use of the G-word. Also, Susie sings "The First Noel"... unusual in that it's a religious carol.

35. Wouldn't It Be Nice?

World TV Premiere Date: 4/20/2005 at 4:00PM BST on Nick UK in Britain

Susie and Angelica get lost in the big city, while trying to get an autograph from a soccer star.

36. R.V. Having Fun Yet?

World TV Premiere Date: ___ at ___ ___ on ___

37. Separate But Equal

Phil and Lil hold separate birthday parties.

38. Ladies' Man

Harold has become the most wanted boy in town.

39. Lost at Sea

Charlotte has been fired out of her CEO job, and to add insult to injury, she's stuck on a yacht with Angelica, who isn't too pleased herself that she's stuck on a yacht on the day her latest flame is at a rock concert.

40. Rachel Rachel

Tommy goes to Hebrew school, hooks up with a girl named Rachel, tells her that his dad Stu is a Rabbi, and organizes a shabbat dinner for extra credit. One of these is a recipe for trouble, and it's not the shabbat dinner.


1. Three words: What about Olivia? Or, in much more words: Why would Tommy Pickles forget about the person he got his first kiss from so quickly?

41. Oh, Bro, Where Art Thou?

Another summer trip, as Dil finds a bunch of kids at circus camp, who actually want him to join their troupe on a permanent basis. Really.


1. Title is inspired by George Clooney comedy O Brother, Where Art Thou?.

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