All Grown Up!

Characters: The New Generation

Besides the more familiar characters, All Grown Up! introduces a few new characters to the mix. Here are some of them.

(All information courtesy of Varakorn Ungvichian.)

Kids and Teens


Sex: Male

Description: Red-headed, freckled

First Appearance: Rugrats, "Pre-School Daze" (in production order), "Angelica's Assistant" (in US airing order)

First AGU! Appearance: Susie Sings The Blues

Voiced By: ___

Harold has tagged along with Angelica and Susie since pre-school, and can often be seen with either of the two whenever they've come up with some scheme (case in point: Harold carrying ice cream to Angelica's house, "Lucky 13"). Has been known to get emotional (he even had to close a chat site he had been running).

Nicole Boscarelli

Sex: Female

Description: Tan skin, brown hair, jeans, violet shoes, purple shirt, necklace with an "N" on it

First Appearance: Chuckie's In Love

Voiced By: Lizzie Murray

Nicole is an pre-teen that Chuckie has been shown to have a crush on. Chuckie described her as smart and funny, and she is also very open-minded (how else do you explain that Nicole still hung out with Chuckie after she found out about Chongo?). However, she has not appeared since the first season ended.


Sex: Female

Description: White, black hair with three pigtails, lipstick, earring

First Mention: Truth or Consequences

First Appearance: Lucky 13

Voiced By: Shayna Fox

Savannah is the leader of the popular crowd at school, and has her own chair at their table. In the first season, she was portrayed as being mean to Angelica, as if such a thing was actually possible, by not inviting her to one of her parties, and then deliberately scheduling her Spring Fling on the same day as Angelica's birthday so as to keep the popular crowd from going to the birthday party. However, from season two onwards, she has warmed up to her (inviting her to a party in "Miss Nose It All", and then visiting her at the hospital when she broke her nose).

Somewhat controversially, Klasky Csupo describes her as having been "[f]irst introduced in the 'All Grow[ed] Up' special as Angelica's friend 'Samantha' (voice of Laraine Newman) who Chuckie has a crush on", even though the two characters are as different as night and day.

Sean Butler and Justin

Sex: Male and male

Description: ____

First Appearance: Sean: It's Cupid, Stupid; Justin: The Old And The Restless

Voiced By: Sean: ____; Justin: Pamela Segall

Sean is among the cool kids at school, and Justin is his right hand.


Sex: Male

Description: Green mohawk, earrings

First Appearance: Bad Kimi

Voiced By: ____

Z is among the students who take science class with the Finster siblings. His looks were enough to make many people suspicious of him (including Chazz, despite telling Chuckie not to judge a book by its cover), as was the discovery of beepers and other electronic gadgets in his locker (it was subsequently revealed these were for charity work).


Mr. Beaker

Sex: Male

Description: Red hair, long nose, glasses

First Appearance: Coup DeVille

Voiced By: ____

The school's science teacher.

Mrs. O'Keats

Sex: Female

Description: Red-head, wears hair in ponytail

First Appearance: Chuckie's In Love

Voiced By: ____

The school's English teacher. Claimed that one Christmas she was so excited about getting a new puppy, she ended up accidentally killing it when she stepped on it rushing to the Christmas tree. Hooked up with Pangborn the school Spring Fling.

Slambang Pangborn

Sex: Male

Description: Bald, bulky, usually wearing a suit, tie and beige shoes

First Appearance: Susie Sings The Blues

Voiced By: Clancy Brown

A former wrestler, Slambang Pangborn is now the school's vice principal. He has been known to be very strict on the rules, and has been known to treat misbehaving kids with wrestling moves. He also has a master's in child psychology (although that didn't prove effective against Dil), and has been known to write poetry (if his reading at Java Lava's talent night is of any indication, however, he's practically inept at it). Until "Saving Cynthia", kept a digital organizer.

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