All Grown Up!

Season 2: 2004-05

Here are details on the spinoff's second season, shown between June 2004 and February 2005 in the US.

(All information courtesy of Varakorn Ungvichian.)

14-15. Interview With A Campfire (60 minutes)

World TV Premiere Date: ___ at ___ ___ on ___

US Street Date: ___ on the "All Grown Up!: Interview With A Campfire" DVD and VHS

US TV Premiere Date: 6/25/2004 at 8:00PM ET on Nick US

Everyone's going to Camp Everwood for the summer. Some, like Tommy, are investigating the legend of a man-faced rock and its connection to the Everwood pioneers. Some, like Angelica, are auditioning for the camp musical, "Westward No!". And some, like Lil, are flirting with the boys at camp, like Bean. Warning: has a really scary (especially for Nick standards!) ending based on The Ring.


1. As already mentioned above, the end scene is based on The Ring, a horror movie starring Naomi Watts, which is a US remake of a Japanese film.

2. This isn't the only horror movie reference by a long shot: The opening is inspired by Scream, the title is inspired by Interview With A Vampire, and the bits with Tommy etc. looking for the man-faced rock are inspired by The Blair Witch Project.

3. Kira's first appearance on the show (and her absence was noted in the pilot), and all she does is cough in the camp musical.

4. Let's just say if you're scared by the prospect of anyone but Susie winning the lead in the musical, you're in for a scary time.

16. Bad Aptitude

World TV Premiere Date: ___ at ___ ___ on ___

US TV Premiere Date: 6/4/2004 at ____PM ET on Nick US

Everyone's taking their career aptitude test. Tommy first scoffs at his result of "Businessman", but why, then, is his next film a flop, why is he being approached by a group of businessmen from something called Blec, and most importantly, why does he announce his retirement from filmmaking (at a function designed expressly to discourage him from doing so, to boot)? And while we're at it, why is everyone else getting off-putting results like Chuckie getting "Race Car Driver"?...


1. Besides the results mentioned, Phil has "Model", Lil has "Wedding Planner", Dil has "Motivational Speaker", and Kimi has "Film Critic". Angelica and Susie were not in this episode.

2. This episode marks the first appearance of Lil and Kimi wearing new hairdos: Lil has dyed one streak of her hair, while Kimi is wearing her hair in floating ponytails.

3. Pilot throwback: Lil mentions playing an Emica song at a wedding.

4. Among the films Dil shows are "Days Before A Day In The Life Of My Friends" ("Truth or Consequences") and "Kaleidoscope Lunch" ("Brother, Can You Spare The Time?").

17. Saving Cynthia

World TV Premiere Date: ___ at ___ ___ on ___

US TV Premiere Date: 10/2/2004 at ____PM ET on Nick US

After a remodelling of her room and getting a new robot butler, Angelica finds herself talking to Cynthia (for the first time in years)... and looking for the doll after finding out that Charlotte has thrown out everything "pre-13" in the room, eventually taking her to a doll convention. Meanwhile, Tommy and Chuckie find themselves in trouble for accidentally breaking Pangborn's digital organizer, and decide to get nerd Chetwin to fix it, but given Chetwin's tight schedule, it looks to be more trouble than it's worth.


1. First mention of Cynthia (of course!) and Reptar in the series.

2. Did mentions that she reads Beyond Lipschitz. Lipschitz is a reference to a doctor Didi relied on in the regular Rugrats series.

18. Fools Rush In

World TV Premiere Date: ___ at ___ ___ on ___

US TV Premiere Date: 6/5/2004 at ____PM ET on Nick US

Tommy finds himself being humiliated by classmate Francine, and trying to put some rules on Dil. Lil and Kimi theorize that Francine loves Tommy, but the truth couldn't be more far off... Meanwhile, Angelica is enjoying every moment of Tommy's humiliation, as she's putting up pictures on her "Ask Angelica" site (remember that?).


1. Tommy's filmmaking trait surfaces again in this ep, as he's mentioned as making a film called "When 5th Graders Attack", and this provides a major hint to the whole deal with Francine.

2. Tommy is shown as playing on the school soccer team. However, he is not shown as such in "The Big Score".

19. Memoirs of a Finster

World TV Premiere Date: ___ at ___ ___ on ___

US TV Premiere Date: 6/12/2004 at ____PM ET on Nick US

Chuckie and Kimi have been assigned a family tree project, but Kimi's taking it one step further by introducing her classmates to Japanese culture. Meanwhile, Tommy makes a new kid at school, Trevor, feel welcomed, but Trevor's taking it a bit further.


1. Kira gets her first speaking role of the series, as we learn about Kimi's father Hiro, an issue which had not been raised since her debut.

2. Also, this ep features a rare occurence: Susie appearing in an ep without Angelica. We'll see it again in the Christmas ep.

20. Miss Nose It All

World TV Premiere Date: ___ at ___ ___ on ___

US TV Premiere Date: 6/17/2004 at ____PM ET on Nick US

Savannah ("Lucky 13") has invited Angelica to her first party, but Charlotte recommends Angelica to do hospital volunteer work with Susie. In her rush to get things done to have some time to find a dress at the mall, Angelica ends up getting hospitalized herself for a broken nose after tripping. Meanwhile, Kimi and the twins build a tranquility garden in their backyard, but let's just say that their backyard isn't exactly the best place to build one.


1. There is an Emica + Sulky Boys poster in Angelica's hospital room.

21. Runaround Susie

World TV Premiere Date: _____ at ___ ___ on Nick UK in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: 7/17/2004 at ____PM ET on Nick US

Susie is training for not just an upcoming "legitimate" singing audition (The FameQuest Singing Contest), but also the school language-off (she is on the same team as Kimi), which is hard for Susie, especially when due to scheduling conflicts, she's forced to scratch from one of the two. Meanwhile, Lil dresses Phil up as herself in order to keep the grossest boy in school away from her; and Betty and Howard are preparing to renew their wedding vows.


1. Once again, the show plays with Susie's singing talent, and adds the fact that Lucy used to sing great as well, but not professionally since she chose to take up the medical profession.

2. Susie wouldn't be the first person to scratch from a contest without even starting: Helga Pataki did it in the Hey Arnold! ep "Phoebe Takes The Fall".

22. Izzy Or Isn't He?

World TV Premiere Date: 10/12/2004 at ___ ___ on Nick UK in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: 11/27/2004 at ____PM ET on Nick US

Chuckie is running for school safety comissioner, but he finds himself fighting an uphill battle against, of all things, Dil's alien imaginary (and thus invisible) friend Izzy, especially when he's accused of killing Izzy with a lawnmower.


1. Although a good deal of this storyline ties into the race for school safety comissioner, the story ends without mentioning the final result. Theory: K-C might have wanted to avoid having a million or so kids wondering why Chuckie isn't mentioned as the comissioner in later eps, as was the case when on Hey Arnold! Marty Green became a councilman in a final season ep.

23. The Science Pair

World TV Premiere Date: 10/13/2004 at ___ ___ on Nick UK in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: 11/4/2004 at ____PM ET on Nick US

Tommy and Stu are making a sock-sorting machine for a science fair, where top prize is a trip to space camp. However, Tommy is concerned that Stu is getting the bigger share of the work. Meanwhile, Lil has decided to team up with a new boy named Nicholas to do a project about reactions to spitballs, and Phil is doing a science project on mold. EW!


1. This wouldn't be the first time Tommy has ever forfeited a contest: He was dressed up as a girl to compete in a "Beauty Contest", and eventually DQ'd, in the original series.

24. Project Chuckie

World TV Premiere Date: 10/14/2004 at ___ ___ on Nick UK in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: 11/27/2004 at ____PM ET on Nick US

For a school project, Angelica decides to improves Chuckie's image among the popular kids at school, but it's proving to be troubling for her. Meanwhile, the others are putting on a historical play based on the early history of America.


1. For the first time since "Truth Or Consequences", we get a flashback to the Rugrats days, as we have a flashback showing how Angelica has always treated Chuckie like dirt, whether it be shoving him on a bike (8 years ago), jumping off a seesaw and making him land hard (3 years ago), and pushing him off the bus (this morning!).

25. Fear of Falling

World TV Premiere Date: 10/15/2004 at ___ ___ on Nick UK in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: 2/12/2005 at ____PM ET on Nick US

All of the gang, except a sick Dil, are headed for the slopes. Tommy finds himself amidst two things: a commitment to help Chuckie get over his constant fear of heights, and a new girl named Olivia. Let's just say someone gets their first kiss, and it's not Angelica (and boy, is she mad about that!).


1. Dil is absent from the storyline, and Tommy makes a note of it. Won't be the only time that happens: it happens in the Christmas special.

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