All Grown Up!

Season 1: 2003-04

Here are details on the spinoff's first season, shown between November 2003 and August 2004 in the US.

(All information courtesy of Varakorn Ungvichian.)

1. Susie Sings The Blues

World TV Premiere Date: 10/3/2003 at 4:00PM ET on YTV

US Street Date: 8/26/2003 on the "All Grown Up!: Growing Up Changes Everything" DVD and VHS

US TV Premiere Date: 11/27/2003 at 8:00PM ET on Nick US

Susie upstages Angelica as a singer with real talent, as agent Beverly Jones approaches her to sign with Pouty Girl Records (at least that's what she says). Her parents aren't too enthusiastic about her venture, so she decides to have her sister Alisa fund it as Jones asks her for $1000. Meanwhile, Chuckie has deliberately landed himself in hot water with the school principal Slambang Pangborn, but ends up discovering a few odd sides to his persona which have nothing to do with the fact he used to be a pro wrestler (!); and Betty and Chazz decide to hold a talent night at the Java Lava (yes, it's still there) to attract customers.


1. Once again, they couldn't fit all the former Rugrats into a single episode. In this ep however, Dil is the only character without a speaking role.

2. However, Dil is shown as Angelica's guitarist with Harold, who, at the time of this ep's premiere, had yet to even have his proper premiere on Rugrats ("Pre-School Daze" didn't air until April 2004).

3. Lil mentions Emica (from the pilot episode) at the cafeteria in one scene, and at the end of the first segment, Susie is imagining herself as the next Emica (with "You're a Friend to Me" as backing music). Besides various shots of Emica posters, this is the only mention of her in the first season.

4. Susie's audition et al. is at The Wombat Hall, as seen in the 2nd movie.

5. And speaking of Rugrats hold-overs, Chazz and Kira's coffee shop Java Lava is still there, but nowadays, it's Chazz and Betty who are doing most of the work here (Kira doesn't even have a speaking role until the second season).

6. Besides Susie's parents, her biggest sister Alisa puts in an appearance. As of this writing, none of Susie's siblings have appeared since then.

7. This is the first of many AGU! plotlines (and one-liners) that play on Susie's talent for singing.

8. Slambang Pangborn is voiced by Clancy "Mr. Eugene Krabs" Brown.

2. Coup DeVille

Details here.

3. Chuckie's In Love

World TV Premiere Date: 10/13/2003 at 4:00PM GMT (approx) on ITV1 in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: Afternoon of 12/6/2003 on Nick US

Chuckie Finster has fallen in love. Not with Angelica, but with one of the new characters Nicole Boscarelli. Kimi and Lil invent a new odd personality for Chuckie to impress her: "Chongo" from Latvia. Speaking of Angelica, she's the new school newspaper editor, and she's writing an exposé on school cook Pepe and his food.


1. Besides Nicole, English teacher Ms. O'Keats makes her first appearance. We learn that one Christmas she was so excited about getting a new puppy, she ended up accidentally killing it when she stepped on it.

2. In this ep, Chazz's children are shown working at the Java Lava as well.

3. In a phone conversation with Lil, Kimi mentions The Sulky Boys. In production order, this is the first mention of the group, but in the US, "Tweenage Tycoons" was shown about a week before this episode premiered.

4. Bad Kimi

World TV Premiere Date: 10/17/2003 at 4:00PM GMT (approx) on ITV1 in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: 11/29/2003 at 8:30PM on Nick US

Chuckie is weary about Z, a student his stepsister has been hanging out with since she was his lab partner, especially since Kimi has started wearing her hair in a mohawk. Meanwhile, Susie helps Harold hold computer chats with other students to solve their problems, first as a suGMTitute for Angelica at her web site, and later at his own web site.


1. We learn that Angelica runs her own web site, "Ask Angelica", which offers advice to other students about typical teen problems. We'll see it again in "Fools Rush In".

2. To Hey Arnold! fans, "Hey Harold", the name of Harold's chat site, might sound familiar: it's also the name of an ep of the show.

5. Truth or Consequences

World TV Premiere Date: 10/20/2003 at 4:00PM GMT on ITV1 in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: 11/30/2003 at 9:30PM ET on Nick US

Tommy is participating in a film-making contest to meet his idol Martin Costimiris. However, after Tommy's initial attempts to make a sci-fi flick prove hopeless, he decides to film his friends' intimate moments, resulting in his friends balking at their negative portrayal. Speaking of negativity, Pangborn doesn't like the way Dil's been behaving and decides to give him his brand of child psychology; and Betty is wary of a retrograde Mercury, especially since it has resulted in a broken coffee machine.


1. All the former Rugrats have speaking roles in this ep. Also, Stu and Didi make their first appearance on the show, looking much like their appearance in the pilot.

2. During a break in filming, Angelica and Susie mention Savannah throwing a party. We won't be seeing her until "Lucky 13", and she is a much different character from the Samantha of the pilot.

3. Pilot throwback: Phil asks Lil in the copier room "I wonder what Dil would be like if we never dropped him on his head?" Compare to Angelica telling the twins "...someone dropped him on his head when he was a baby" and Phil responding "Dil's fine; we only dropped him once" in the pilot while Stu's showing off his disco dancing to Dil.

4. Main series throwback: Kimi loves watching Dummi Bears, and this is a major plot point in the main plot.

5. First ep to showcase Tommy's filmmaker talents, as we learn that he made his first film ("Creature From The Backyard", starring Spike) when he was 37 months old using his dad's camera. However, this contradicts a scene showing a three-year-old Angelica threatening Tommy and telling him to put down the camera in the finished product (there are other scenes from the "missing years" in it as well).

6. We also learn that Pangborn has a master's in child psychology, and it seems that Phil isn't good at math (he got a D+ on his test).

6. Thief Encounter

World TV Premiere Date: 10/24/2003 at 4:00PM (approx) GMT on ITV1 in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: __/__/2003 at _:__ ET on Nick US

Tommy is suspicious of Dil after many of his neighbors' belongings have suddenly popped up in their garage, while Angelica gets an assignment to take up a bratty girl as part of a school project, and the others are preparing for a standardized 5th grade test.


1. We learn that there is a Weird And Gross Museum in the area.

2. We also learn that there are computers at the Java Lava.

7. River Rats

World TV Premiere Date: __ at 4:00PM (approx) GMT on ITV1 in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: __/__/2003 at _:__ ET on Nick US

Tommy, Chuckie and Phil go on a rafting trip with their fathers and Betty, and the kids soon find themselves separated from their parents.


1. A common plot device: We learn that Tommy has been afraid of water ever since when he tried to learn how to swim.

2. Betty is the only female character in the entire episode.

8. It's Cupid, Stupid

World TV Premiere Date: __ at 4:00PM (approx) GMT on ITV1 in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: 2/__/2004 at _:__ ET on Nick US

In the days leading up to the school's Valentine's Day dance, Nicole ("Chuckie's In Love") is suddenly in love with Tommy, and Angelica's crush Sean Butler and Kimi's crush Z are both fighting over Susie, and it just might have something to do with Dil teaching new student Lil Q how to accurately throw a hackeysack.


1. First appearance of Sean Butler, most recent (to Americans) appearances of Nicole and Z.

2. This ep featured a major guest star: Lil Romeo as Lil Q, whose "true identity" is never directly addressed in the entire ep, but is quite obvious to the viewer.

3. Spike's first appearance in the main series (shown in love with a vacuum cleaner).

9. The Old And The Restless

World TV Premiere Date: __ at 4:00PM (approx) GMT on ITV1 in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: __/__/2003 at _:__ ET on Nick US

Tommy has been forced to drag Grandpa Lou along an a field trip to the Body Museum, because Stu (his intended chaperone) and Didi are stuck taking Dil to the doctor with burping problems.


1. The title is a play on the US soap The Young And The Restless.

2. Grandpa Lou's first appearance in the main series. He's more like his Rugrats self than the character in the pilot, however.

3. First appearance of Justin, Sean Butler's right hand.

10. Tweenage Tycoons

World TV Premiere Date: __ at 4:00PM (approx) GMT on ITV1 in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: 11/29/2003 at 9:00PM ET on Nick US

The former Rugrats are willing to do anything to raise money for Sulky Boys concert tickets and (in Angelica's case) swag, whether it be doing chores around the neighborhood, or forcing Dil to come up with stuff to sell, like the "Belt-Quarium" and "shillows", and it's especially tiring for Dil as each of his inventions goes out of style, no thanks either to Angelica or Pangborn.


1. In this ep, it's mentioned that Dil has a goldfish named Pablo.

2. This ep also shows that Dil has gotten Stu's knack for inventing.

3. In the US, this is the first mention of The Sulky Boys, a boy band whose members have names that consist of initials.

4. Nicole is briefly shown wearing a Belt-Quarium.

11. Tommy Foolery

World TV Premiere Date: 11/21/2003 at 4:00PM (approx) GMT on ITV1 in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: __/__/2003 at _:__ ET on Nick US

Tommy and the gang are setting up pranks on Dil to convince him that aliens will be visiting him. Meanwhile, Susie bets Angelica that if she can be nice for four days, she can help Sean with trash duty at the Spring Fling.


1. While this ep is designated as the show's April Fool's Day special, the holiday is never mentioned once in the entire episode.

2. Besides Dil's alien obsession, we learn that he's also a laser-tag player. A pretty good one, too, if he's had a loss-free season so far. Could a laser-tag ep be far behind...?

12. Lucky 13

World TV Premiere Date: 12/5/2003 at 4:30PM GMT on ITV1 in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: 8/28/2004 at _:__ ET on Nick US

Angelica is setting up her 13th birthday party with porpoises and an ice sculpture, but she has quite a few problems to contend with: the other former Rugrats aside from Susie (none of which are planning on going anyways, except for Dil who's interested in the porpoises), and popular girl Savannah's (soon to be) Annual Spring Fling, scheduled for the same day.


1. Although this ep was part of the first season, it wasn't shown on Nick US until well after a few of the second season eps had aired. This may have something to do with the fact that the month Nick US premiered the ep in was the same month which Rugrats debuted 13 years previous.

2. First appearance of Savannah, after being mentioned in "Truth or Consequences". She's revealed to be a fan of Señor Jumping Bean, a cartoon chihuahua.

13. Brother, Can You Spare The Time?

World TV Premiere Date: 12/8/2003 at 4:00PM (approx) GMT on ITV1 in Britain

US TV Premiere Date: __/__/2003 at _:__ ET on Nick US

Tommy has won an award from his latest film "Kaleidoscope Lunch", and Dil feels left out, even as Tommy insists that fame won't change him. Meanwhile, the others are organizing a party to celebrate, and Angelica teaches Chuckie how to make it a surprise for Tommy: by lying.


1. We learn that a local TV station produces and airs a chatshow called "What's Your Tragedy?"

2. We learn that Dil always wanted to make ink with Tommy. This is not code for anything: he wants the brothers to form a company that produces ink.

3. Once again, Susie's singing traits come into play, as she is shown rehearsing, and singing, a song for the party.

4. To Americans, the first appearance of Angelica's parents.

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