Aventuras en Pañales --  Rugrats In Spanish

Left: Sample entries for Rugrats from the Long Island (top) and San Antonio (center & bottom) editions of TV Guide. The ones on top and center are for the Spanish version on Telemundo (in this case, WNJU ch.47 (top) and KVDA ch.60 (center)); the one on the bottom is for the original Nickelodeon version. "Dibujos Animados"  is Spanish for a cartoon, or, literally translated, "animated drawings".

Some editions of TV Guide lists the Spanish version by its original English name, while other editions, and many newspaper TV listings, list the show by its Spanish name -- Aventuras en Pañales.

(Listings are ©1998 & 2000 by TV Guide, Inc.)

Aventuras en Pañales (Adventures In Diapers), the Spanish version of Rugrats, is seen daily throughout Latin America on Nickelodeon (Latin American service only), as well as many local networks (in Mexico, XHGC Canal 5 televises Rugrats; in the US, it's on Telemundo).

The following are names used for the characters in the Spanish version:
English Name: Spanish Name:
Chuckie Finster Carlitos Baldoza
Chazz Finster Carlos Baldoza (?)
Stu Hugo
Drew Julio
Dean (from Angelica's In Love) Nikki
Phil Phili / Fily
Lil Lili / Lily
Angelica Angélica
Spike Firulais
Howard Ulises
Fluffy Pelusa
Charlotte Carlota
Didi Diddy
Grandpa Abuelo
Dr. Lipschitz Dr. Aquilino
Dummi Bears Los Ositos Bobos
Mr. Mucklehoney (from ...Baby In My Soup) Sr. Carabote
Randy Carmichael Lucho
Lucy Carmichael Luci
Alisa Alicia
Edwin Eduardo
Buster Pato
Paul Gatsby (from Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster) Pablo
Sticky (from The Last Babysitter) Pegote
Billy "Strike" Maxwell (from King Ten Pin) Pepe Chuzas
Hector (from The Shot) Héctor
The Dog Broomer (from The Dog Broomer) La estaquita de perros
Ilsa (from The Dog Broomer) Lisa
Clarice (From The Case Of The Missing Rugrat) Clara
Ben (from Let Them Eat Cake) Alfonso / Poncho (for his friends)
Elaine (from Let Them Eat Cake) Elena
Satchmo (from The Legend Of Satchmo) Sasafrás
Milton (Tommy's "baby brother"'s name from The Stork) Donato
Miltonia (Angelica's "baby sister"'s name from The Stork) Donata
Mr. Friend (from The Mysterious Mr. Friend) Señor Mambo
Mr. Fiend (from The Mysterious Mr. Friend) Señor Sambo
Rhonda Rags (Lil's doll from The Mysterious Mr. Friend) Altagracia
The Golden Wombat (Grandpa's trophy from Naked Tommy) El Marsupial de Oro
Barnaby Jones (the subject of Angelica's story in Under Chuckie's Bed) Tino Rufino
Melville (from I Remember Melville) Nicanor
Megan (from Cradle Attraction) Magos
Dylan / Dil (from The Rugrats Movie) Dilan

As for the voices, they don't sound the same as the original, though one exception may be the Spanish voice of Chuckie (Marina Huerta), which sounds just like Christine Cavanaugh's original Chuckie voice. Also, as in the English version, the Rugrats in the Spanish version are also voiced entirely by women. Here's who played the characters in the Spanish version:
Character: Spanish Voice: English Voice:
Tommy Laura Torres E.G. Daily
Chuckie Marina Huerta Christine Cavanaugh
Didi Monica Manjarrez Melanie Chartoff
Angelica Patricia Acevedo Cheryl Chase
Phil Rosy Aguirre Kath Soucie
Lil Monica Estrada (last few episodes of original 65 voiced by Rosy Aguirre; Monica returns for the new shows) Kath Soucie
Susie Rocío Garcel Cree Summer
Grandpa Alejandro Villeli David Doyle (1991-1998); Joe Alaskey (1998-)

Side Note: In yet another connection between Rugrats and The Simpsons, Marina Huerta (Chuckie) is also the voice of Bart Simpson in the Spanish version of The Simpsons; likewise, Laura Torres (Tommy) plays Martin on Spanish Simpsons, as well as Patricia Avevedo, who's Lisa Simpson. All of the voices in the Spanish Rugrats are also voices on the Spanish Simpsons, to some capacity.

As for the titles of the episode, some of these are the same as the English version, though there may be different titles for the Spanish version (click here). In all cases, the original English title is often displayed while an announcer reads what it says in Spanish; same goes for other text elements in the show (signs, headlines, captions, etc.); this is commonplace for most foreign, non-Spanish shows seen on Mexican television.

Evidentally, the dubbing of programs and movies from a foreign language to Spanish is a tough chore, but, in all animation the world over, it has to be done right. According to an interview published in Simpsons Comics (Spanish version), Laura Torres says that to do the dubbing, you have to concentrate on your voice in order to sound clearly.

In that same interview, another Rugrats/Simpsons voice (name unknown for now) is also a Rugrats fan; she was pictured wearing a Rugrats sweatshirt.

Finally, an interesting point regarding Naked Tommy: this episode was seen on ZAZ, a children's cable channel on DirecTV & on Multivision's cable systems in Mexico (when ZAZ carried Rugrats before Canal 5), but was never seen on Canal 5. Original suspicions indicate that there was too much nudity in that episode. However, through the summer of 1997, Rugrats was seen on Canal 5 at 6:30PM, right after Dragon Ball, which featured more nude scenes than Rugrats; this time around, though, Rugrats and Dragon Ball Z are divided by 2 hours. (Note: Keep in mind that Dragon Ball (and other Japanese imports) are more edited for violence, nudity and innuendo in the US and Canada than versions for other countries.)

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