Rugrats -- The Comic Strip (In Spanish)

The Spanish version of the Rugrats strip began 6/12/98,  roughly about 2 months after the start of the English version on 4/5/98. At least one newspaper carries the Spanish version (El Nuevo Día of San Juan, PR).

Below is a typical Spanish Rugrats strip. The example in this case is a Gray / Baker strip from 7/5/98:

Strip, originally published in English on 7/5/98, was published 9/13/98 in El Nuevo Día. Strip was published in their color comics section, but is presented here in black-and-white, due to the library's lack of color printers. Notice that the colors in the title panel are quite crooked, but the colors in the rest of the strip are almost even. Strip is (c) 1998 Viacom.

And here's the original English version:

Strip below is from the Creators Syndicate Rugrats website, (c) 1998 Viacom.

The Spanish version of this example is translated word-for-word from the English version, though some strips would deviate slightly from the English version, to fit the proper linguistics of the Spanish language. Nevertheless, the story would remain the same.

Also, to allow time to translate the strip, it's customary that the foreign language versions of comic strips are delayed frm the original English publication date to allow time for translation.

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