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(Left: A selection of Spanish Rugrats books. From Panoramas; © 1997-99 Viacom.)

The following books are available in Spanish in Spain and Latin America. These books, published in Spain by Ediciones B, are Spanish translations of the English-language Rugrats books already available in the US.

The number at right is the ISBN number.

Trastos y más trastos (Junk Sweet Junk) 8-440-69082-7 (pictured above)

Rayos y Truenos (Stormy Weather) 8-440-69089-4 (pictured above)

Los Invasores del Espacio (Space Invaders) 8-440-69090-8 (pictured above)

¡Ladra, Spike, Ladra! (Bark, Spike, Bark!) 8-440-69085-1 (pictured above)

La Mas Mejor Mamá (The Bestest Mom) 8-440-69075-4

¡Vacaciones! (Vacation!) 8-440-69074-6
Los Rugrats: La Película ("The Rugrats Movie" novelisation) 8-440-66799-X

Asi Nacio La Pelicula (The Rugrats Movie Storybook) 8-440-69073-8
Donde Estan Los Tiburones (Where The Sharks Are) 8-440-69278-1

El Nuevo Hermanito De Tommy (Tommy's New Playmate) 8-440-69487-3

Excursion Por La Selva (Jungle Trek) 8-440-69279-X

Libera A Los Bebes ("Let My Babies Go!" -- A Passover Story) 8-440-69072-X

Los Rugrats Contra Los Monos (The Rugrats vs. The Monkeys) 8-440-69488-1
Los Rugrats Despegan (Rugrats Blast Off!) 8-440-69277-3

Los Rugrats y Los Zombies (The Rugrats & The Zombies) 8-440-69784-8

Muchas Gracias, Angelica (Thank You Angelica!: The Rugrats' Book Of Manners) 8-440-69663-9

Reptar Al Rescate (Reptar To The Rescue!) 8-440-69276-5

¡Menudo Resfriado! (Tommy Catches A Cold(?)) 8-440-69565-9

¡Ya Voy Solito! (The Rugrats' Potty Book: A Baby's Got To Go!) 8-440-69497-0

Left: Spanish-language Rugrats sticker book, published in Spain by Norma Editorial.
(From Sanborn's; ©1999 Viacom.)

(Special thanks to Carolina Hernandez T. Additional material from Panoramas, NetStore, Ediciones B and Fausto.)

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