US & Canadian Rugrats Videos from 2001

Rugrats In Paris (English)
Rugrats In Paris (Spanish)
Les Razmoket à Paris (French)

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Year Of Release: English: 2001
Spanish: 2001
French: 2001

SRP: VHS: US$22.95 / DVD: US$29.95
Stock #: English: 336723
Spanish: 336720
French: 336729

Tape Length: 78 minutes
Episode Titles: Rugrats In Paris

Bonuses: "Who Let The Dogs Out?" music video (following the movie)

Note: Also on DVD. For more information on this video, click here.

All Growed Up

(all episodes also available on this DVD)

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Year Of Release: 2001
SRP: US$12.95
Stock #: 839413
Tape Length: 57 minutes
Episode Titles: All Growed Up
My Fair Babies

Bonuses: None

Note: This is not the same video as the British version; the American "All Growed Up" video will be released in Britain and Australia as "Older And Bolder".

Decade In Diapers


1. Both tapes available separately, as a single DVD (featuring both videos), or as a VHS boxed set. The VHS box set will also include the pocket-sized version of the "All Growed Up" book.

2. Episode titles in red were previously released on video.

3. Stock number for the VHS box set: 156648

Volume 1

Year Of Release: 2001
SRP: US$12.95
Stock #: 874453
Tape Length:  78 minutes
Episode Titles: Angelica Orders Out
The First Cut
Reptar on Ice

No Bones About It
Be My Valentine

Tommy Pickles And The Great White Thing (Direct-To-Video)

Bonuses: "Tommy Pickles And The Great White Thing", the unseen Rugrats pilot

Volume 2

Year Of Release: 2001
SRP: US$12.95
Stock #: 845473
Tape Length:  83 minutes
Episode Titles: Chuckie vs. the Potty
Doctor Susie


Bigger Than Life

Bonuses: "The Pickles Family Album", a special clip-based featurette on the Rugrats, narrated by Angelica


Year Of Release: 2002
SRP: US$19.99
Stock #: ???
DVD Length: 161 minutes

Contains the same contents as the VHS versions.

Bonuses: Same bonuses as the VHS versions; DVD also has some exclusive bonuses -- 2 Rugrats music videos (originally featured in the Chuckie the Brave and Harriet The Spy videos), plus some clips from these episodes:


Year Of Release: 2001
SRP: US$12.95
Stock #: 874923
Tape Length:  46 minutes
Episode Titles: A Rugrats Kwanzaa
And The Winner Is...
Cooking With Susie

Bonuses: Jimmy Neutron "making of" featurette


1. This is the first Nick video in the US & Canada to have a standard black shell, instead of the usual orange shell.

2. In the closing credits, Tara Strong was listed twice for her role as Dil -- once under her married name, and again under her maiden name (Charendoff).

3. Also, Rodger Bumpass was credited as "Uncle Freddy", though neither he nor his character appeared on this video.
(Freddy is seen in the "Brothers Are Monsters" episode.)

Nick Jr.'s Imagine That!

Year Of Release: 2001
SRP: US$9.95 (Sold only at Wal-Mart stores)
Stock #: ???
Tape Length: ???
Episode Titles: The Jungle (previously released on the Rugrats Discover America / Babies on Board video)

Plus full episodes of Dora The Explorer, Blue's Clues and Little Bill

Bonuses: The Rugrats episode is the bonus.

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