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(Above: Covers of the English, French & Spanish versions of the Rugrats In Paris video, sold in the US & Canada; ©2001 Viacom.)

In the US & Canada on 3/27/2001, Rugrats In Paris was released on home video, in VHS and DVD. the VHS tape retails for US$22.95, while the DVD retails for US$29.95. Expect the film to be sold for less at many places. The VHS version is pan-and-scan, and is available in English or French.

The DVD version has much more extras than the first Rugrats Movie; it will include:

  • Regular and Widescreen versions (some disks are widescreen only, so check when you buy)
  • English & French Dolby 5.1 soundtracks
  • Mini-documentary (the 17-minute version [without commercials] that was seen on Nick)
  • 2 Alternate endings
  • Chuckie Chan's sound effects showcase (the "Chuckie Chan" sequence, but with sound effects only)
  • Baha Men's video, "Who Let The Dogs Out" (also on VHS, which follows the film)
  • Trailers & commercials
  • 2 games for computers with DVD-Rom drives

(Left: Ad for the Rugrats In Paris video, from the April 2001 Nickelodeon Magazine; © 2001 Viacom. Click here for a larger copy.)

The Spanish-language VHS version of the video was released in the US & Canada on 7/31/2001; it has the same contents as the English VHS video. The Spanish version was released 4 months later than the English and French versions, due to the fact that the film was still debuting in theaters throughout Latin America through July, plus the fact that most of Latin America use NTSC video. To discourage Latin Americans from getting a Spanish video before the theatrical release date in their country, the Spanish video is delayed until the film was released in theaters in all Spanish Latin-American countries.

What Was In The Alternate Endings?

For those who are curious, the alternate endings explain what happened to Coco & Jean-Claude. In the final cut, we did not learn of their aftermath, but those with a DVD player do. Apparently, these endings were to have been bonus scenes, seen at the end of the film, after the closing credits (similar to Grandpa and the Reptar Wagon at the end of The Rugrats Movie). Here's what happened (special thanks to Don Del Grande):

Ending 1 - Coco and Jean-Claude have new jobs loading passengers into the "Ooey Gooey World" ride; Coco ends up falling into the goo.

Ending 2 - Coco works at a perfume factory, testing underarm deodorants; Jean-Claude opens up a curtain - "time to test the foot powders!"

                        Australia (Full Cover)
         Mexico (Ad from Mundonick.Com)              France

Singapore (VCD)

Released sometime in 2002, due to the use of Paramount's 90th anniversary logo on the cover.

Foreign Versions

Foreign versions of Rugrats In Paris will be released on video beginning in October. The first of these releases will be in Britain, on 10/8/2001. France will be next, on 10/10/2001. More releases will follow during 2001 and 2002. The contents in the foreign video and DVD versions will be the same as the US version, except that some foreign versions (notably, the British & French versions) will have more language selections.

Above: Cases for the foreign versions of the film. All © 2001 Viacom.

Video Premiums

In the US, some stores are offering special gifts, bundled with the video. The premiums are different at each store that offers them. Here are some of the stores that offer the premiums, along with what they have:
Retailer: Premium:
K-Mart Picture Frame
Wal-Mart Chuckie Straw (also at Canadian Wal-Marts)
Best Buy Rugrats In Paris Joke Book
Target Rugrats Watch

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