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On this page, I'll present a comparison between the DVDs of The Rugrats Movie and Rugrats In Paris. When The Rugrats Movie was released on DVD in 1999, it was lacking lots of bells and whistles, while the Rugrats In Paris DVD, released in 2001, featured alot more.

The Rugrats Movie

Rugrats In Paris

1. Format

Both widescreen and standard, on one DVD
(the VHS version is standard only)
Widescreen only; enhanced for 16:9 TVs
(the VHS version is standard only)

2. Soundtrack

English -- 5.1 & Dolby Surround
French -- Dolby Surround
(the VHS version is regular stereo only)
English -- 5.1 & Dolby Surround
French -- Dolby Surround
(the VHS version is regular stereo only)

3. Subtitles &

None; the DVD's case had a "CC" logo on the
back and the case's spine, but no closed-captioning
was detected by my TV or DVD player
(the VHS version had closed-captioning in the
English and Spanish versions; also, subtitles
in at least English was provided in foreign
versions of the DVD)
English subtitles
(the VHS version had closed-captioning in the
English version only)

4. Trailers

Theatrical trailer Theatrical trailer, plus 2 Nickelodeon spots for the

5. Bells & Whistles

CatDog in "Winslow's Home Movies"
(also in VHS version, though on DVD, you don't
have to watch it if you don't want to)
Chuckie Chan's Sound Effects Showcase
(practically the same scene from the film, but with
sound effects only)

Two alternate versions of the "bonus scenes" that were
to have gone at the very end of the film

Baha Men's "Who Let The Dogs Out" music video
(also on VHS)

Chuckie Chan & Mom-O-Matic DVD-Rom games
(also at Nick.Com)

In My Opinion...

The Rugrats Movie -- The DVD version was a waste of money, especially since I have already saw the VHS version. The only extras is the crisp picture, the choice of regular & widescreen on a single DVD, and a choice of English or French dialogue. Other than these, it's practically no different than the VHS version. As a matter of fact, there are no subtitles or closed-captioning at all on the DVD version, while it has closed-captioning in either English or Spanish (depending on what version you buy); the foreign versions of the DVD does have the ability of subtitles in at least English.

Rugrats In Paris -- The reasons to buy this DVD is more better than buying The Rugrats Movie DVD, though it's still lacking more features. It does have subtitles in English -- for a cool viewing experience, watch this DVD with the French dialogue and the English subtitles -- it's just like watching a foreign movie. For trailers, while the 2 TV spots -- practically designed for showing on Nick -- are okay extras, they should've added TV spots for the regular TV networks, as well as the first version of the theatrical trailer, which was released in 1999. And for kicks, they alos should've added the trailer from the French and Japanese versions, since this film takes place in France at a Japanese theme park, of course. The "Sound Effects Showcase" is practically the same scene from the film, but with the sound effects only -- it could work better with some commentary or notes. As for the DVD-Rom games, I could play these anytime at Nick's website -- there's absolutely nothing to make me get a DVD-Rom drive installed on my computer. The Rugrats In Paris DVD has some decent extras, but could use more.

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