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These are available in the US & Canada by Paramount (formerly from Sony).


1. "Inside-Out Boy", the video puzzle, "The Offbeats", "The Safety Queen" and "CatDog" have absolutely nothing to do with Rugrats; they were included to increase the running time on the tape, keeping in mind that each Rugrats story is 11 minutes long, without commercials. These shorts (except the video puzzle) appear occasionally between programs on Nick; "The Offbeats" also appear regularly on Kablam!. "CatDog" has their own series on Nick; their appearance on The Rugrats Movie video was to promote their 2 "CatDog" videos.

2. Sony versions have 3 episodes.

3. All videos sold in the US & Canada are NTSC color. DVDs sold in the US & Canada are Region 1.

4. Many of these videos are also available in French and Spanish; the video title in that language is given, if the video is available in that language. French videos are licensed for sale in Canada only, though they are found mainly in Quebec. Spanish videos are licenced for sale in the US & Canada, though they are most easily found in Hispanic markets. Of course, anyone anywhere can get these videos online; click here for details.

5. All Paramount English and Spanish versions are closed-captioned; Sony versions are not closed-captioned, and neither are the French versions of the Paramount videos.

6. The following videos are also available on Laser-Disc; each disc has 2 videos and has the same content  (all have SRP of $29.98):

A Rugrats Chanukah / A Rugrats Passover
A Rugrats Thanksgiving / The Santa Experience
A Rugrats Vacation / A Baby's Gotta Do What A Baby's Gotta Do

7. * -- Episodes and accompanying extras are also available on the big Rugrats tapes (Rugrats Vols. 1-6). Each of these tapes are recorded in EP/SLP, are 100 to 120 minutes in length, and have the complete contents of 2 regular-sized Rugrats videos. These videos are available for rent only at most Blockbuster Videos.

8. Length on the videos are for the US Paramount versions; lengths for the Sony versions are shorter.

9. For direct-to-video episodes, these are so in both the US & English Canada, unless specified.

10. All Sony and some Paramount Rugrats titles may be out of print. If these videos are not available in your area, I suggest auction sites such as eBay or Yahoo.

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