US & Canadian Rugrats Videos from 1995

Nickelodeon Road Trip

(issued by Sony only)

Year Of Release: 1995
SRP: US$9.95
Stock #: ???
Tape Length: 45 minutes
Episode Titles: Graham Canyon (repeated on "A Rugrats Vacation" video))

Also includes episodes of Ren & StimpyRocko

Bonuses: None

(A Rugrats) Passover

  1995 Sony Cover
1996 Paramount Cover

    2002 Cover

Year Of Release: 1995 (Rereleased 1996)
SRP: US$9.95
Stock #: 836903
Tape Length: 35 minutes
Episode Titles: Passover

Toys In The Attic (Paramount version only)

Bonuses: None

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