US & Canadian Rugrats Videos from 2002


Year Of Release: English: 2002
French: 2003

SRP: US$12.95

Stock #:
English: Cardboard Box: 871853
Clamshell Case: 871858
Spanish: 871850
French: 871859

Tape Length: 48 minutes
Episode Titles: Bow Wow Wedding Vows (Direct-To-Video)

Share and Share A Spike
Spike The Wonder Dog

Bonuses: None, except at Wal-Mart, where copies there include a pocket-sized version of The Rugrats' Easter Surprise book.

Note: This is the first video of episodes of a Nickelodeon TV series to be issued in a plastic clamshell case, though the same video is also available in the usual cardboard box. Some locations sell only the cardboard box version, while others sell the clamshell version. Apart from the packaging, the contents of both videos are exactly the same.

Nickelodeon Supertoons

(Picture from eBay)

Year Of Release: 2002
SRP: US$9.95 (Sold only at Wal-Mart stores)
Stock #: ???
Tape Length: 51 minutes
Episode Titles: Adventure Squad
Superhero Chuckie
Plus episodes of SpongeBob and Rocket Power

Bonuses: The SpongeBob and Rocket Power episodes are the bonuses.

Nickelodeon DVD Sampler

(Available only on DVD.)

Year Of Release: 2002
SRP: Available only from Best Buy, free with purchase of the Jimmy Neutron DVD.
Stock #: ???
DVD Length: 87 minutes
Episode Titles: Dil Saver

Bonuses: This DVD is a bonus to anyone who buys the Jimmy Neutron movie on DVD at Best Buy stores. In addition to Rugrats, DVD also contains:

Blue's Clues - Let's Boogie
Dora the Explorer - Bugga Bugga
SpongeBob SquarePants - Boating School
Rocket Power - Welcome to the Club

Halloween (English / Spanish)
A L'Halloween (French)

Year Of Release: English: 2002
Spanish: 2003
French: 2003

SRP: US$12.95

Stock #:

English: 876863
Spanish: 876860
French: 876869

Tape Length: 48 minutes

Episode Titles: Curse Of the Werewuff (Direct-To-Video)
(also available on the Nicktoons Halloween DVD)

Ghost Story
Sleep Trouble

Bonuses: none

Christmas (English / Spanish)
A Noël (French)

Year Of Release: English: 2002
Spanish: Due 9/30/2003
French: Due 9/30/2003

SRP: US$12.95

Stock #:

English: 876873
Spanish: 876870
French: 876879

Tape Length: 69 minutes

Episode Titles: Babies In Toyland (Direct-To-Video)

The Great Unknown (not listed on box)

Falling Stars (might as well be direct-to-video in the US)
Spike's Nightscare (not listed on box)
Cuddle Bunny

Bonuses: none

Nick Jr. Holiday DVD Sampler

Year Of Release: 2002
SRP: $19.99
Stock #: ???
DVD Length: 116 minutes
Episode Title:

Babies In Toyland (Direct-To-Video)

Bonuses: The all-new Holiday-themed Rugrats episode is a bonus on this DVD -- the main features are holiday episodes of Dora, Little Bill, and Blue's Clues. Parents guide included. Each of these episodes also available separately on VHS.

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