Other Important Characters

Dr. Werner P. Lipschitz, M.D., Ph. D., M.S.

Sex: Male

Description: Large; balding, gray hair and goatee-style beard; business jacket.

First Appearance: Tommy's First Birthday (first mentioned); A Visit From Dr. Lipschitz (his first visual appearance)

Voiced By: Tony Jay

Dr. Lipschitz is the most trusted child psychologist, at least to Didi and Chazz. When they have problems with their kids, they frequently turn to Lipschitz for help. Dr. Lipschitz has a wide range of items bearing his name -- books, videos, a 1-900 number, portable online services via satellite, even a maternity hospital where Dil was born (The Werner P. Lipschitz Center for Holistic Birthing). Lipschitz is also a freeloader, eating food and taking showers at other people's homes where he is having dinner.


Sex: Female

Description: Plastic; bad, blonde hairdo; yellow and red-striped dress; no shoes.

First Appearance: Graham Canyon

Voiced By: Angelica (Cheryl Chase)

Cynthia, a Barbie-like doll, is Angelica's best friend and plaything.


Cynthia is created by Craig Bartlett; currently a creator and producer of Hey Arnold, he also written and directed her debut episode, Graham Canyon. And on a similar, interesting note, you can turn a Cynthia doll into a Helga doll (right) by removing the middle 3 bunches of Cynthia's hair and adding a pink bow in their place.


Sex: Male

Description: Brown, styled hair; light purple or tan skin; business suit.

First Appearance: The Santa Experience (first mention); Mommy's Little Assets (first appearance)

Voiced By: Rene Auberjonois in Mommy's Little Assets, Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson; Arnold's Grandpa) in Jonathan Babysits

Jonathan is Charlotte's assistant / lackey, who turned backstabber in Moving Away, in which he steals Charlotte's New York job from her. He eventually became Charlotte's assistant again in 1997, but tried to steal her job again by digging up some dirt in Jonathan Babysits. Charlotte spends much of her time talking to him on her cell phone.

(special thanks to Paul Melville)

Larry & Steve

Sex: Male (both)

Descriptions: Larry: Tall; long, blonde hair, bucked teeth. Steve: Shorter than Larry; Short, black hair.

First Appearance: At The Movies

Voiced By: Scott Menville (both, 1991-92), Jeremy Sisto (Larry in Angelica Orders Out)

During the early days of Rugrats, Larry and Steve were 2 teenage slacker-types who frequently change jobs, mainly because they mess up all the time. The first time, they were snack bar attendants At The Movies, where the Rugrats messed up the snack bar.. Later, they were Didi's students in Little Dude, in which they refuse to change Tommy's diaper. Later, they were working at the Baseball stadium (not clear on what they do, though). After that, they became stock boys at the supermarket in Incident In Aisle Seven when Tommy tore the place apart. Their final appearance together was in Together At Last, where they were painting the DeVille's house, and ended up messing up everything at the Rugrats' mercy. Finally, Larry appeared by himself as an usher in Let Them Eat Cake; he didn't speak, and nothing eventful happened to him. Their time on the show was short, but their misadventures were long -- on comedy.

Where are they now? They are movers, as seen in the Live Adventure. And on TV, Larry works at Zippy's Deli, as we found out in Angelica Orders Out. He might also have been playing "Piggy" at Piggy's Pizza Palace, though we can only hear his voice.


There's another animated Larry & Steve, but this one's quite different than the ones on Rugrats. This Larry & Steve is a cartoon short about a man named Larry and his talking dog named Steve, seen on Cartoon Network's What A Cartoon Show; created and produced by Seth MacFarlane, it eventually led to his Family Guy series on Fox a few years later, in January 1999.

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