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Descriptions of Alisa, Buster & Edwin Carmichael provided by Kyle Stanley.

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Age: late teens

Sex: Female

Description: Red hair with purple & green hair clips; a yellow shirt with white sleeves; purple shorts; yellow socks; blue shoes (?)

Voiced By: Amanda Bynes

First Appearance: Happy Taffy

Taffy is Lulu's grand-niece, who was hired as a regular babysitter for the Rugrats (called "The Minis" by Taffy). Using her unorthodox methods of babysitting, Taffy has proven herself to be the the best babysitter the Rugrats have ever had. Being the lead singer of her band, "The Saltwaters", she also loves to sing and play guitar; she is also a little clumsy.


1. Amanda Bynes is a Nickelodeon regular, appearing as a regular on All That and as a star on The Amanda Show. She has since moved to The WB, where she will star in a new sitcom, What I Like About You. She has also co-starred with Frankie Muniz ("Malcolm In The Middle") in the motion picture "Big Fat Liar" (2001).

2. How popular is Taffy with the Rugrats? She's so popular, that she'll become a regular character in the series, beginning with the 12th season in 2003. Except in the US, where, due to Nick mixing-and-matching episodes, she's already practically a regular in the 11th season. But how popular will she be with Rugrats viewers? Only time may tell in the long term; but, when the Taffy episodes first aired in the US, Klasky-Csupo received dozens of e-mails, telling them how much they love Taffy.

(Top Left: Taffy, with Angelica, from a scene in the "Happy Taffy" episode of Rugrats; Bottom Left: Taffy, singing in her band, from "Kimi Takes The Cake". Both from the Cooltoons Newsletter; © 2002 Viacom.)

Alisa Carmichael

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Description: Black sweater with yellow diamonds on it and matching sweatpants, black hair, shoes

Voiced By: Kath Soucie (1992-93 only); Bettina Bush (Kwanzaa)

First Appearance: Meet the Carmichaels

Alisa is the Carmichael's oldest child who babysitted the Rugrats when Stu and Randy went out for night. She is also old enough to drive a vehicle. And like Charlotte, she also spends alot of time on the phone.

Buster Carmichael

Age: 10

Sex: Male

Descripton: red shirt, blue jersey with number "10" on it, basketball shorts, sneakers

Voiced By: Kath Soucie (1992-93 only); Joey Wilcots (Runaway Reptar); Crystal Scales (Kwanzaa)

First Appearance: Meet the Carmichaels

Buster is the king of sportsmanship for the Carmichaels, Buster a 10-year old boy who can dominate each other, He also refuses to go to sleep when Alisa tells him to, according to The Last Babysitter.

Edwin Carmichael

Age: 6

Sex: Male

Description: black hair, red-orange shirt, blue shorts, shoes, round-rimmed glasses

First Appearance: Meet the Carmichaels

Voiced By: Pat Musick (1992-93 only); Cree Summer (Kwanzaa)

Edwin is the Carmichaels' brain trust, His room is based on a rich man's library, like George Vanderbilt's or someone else's, probably a public library, or the White House library, Edwin wears Einstein pajamas, which we've learned about in The Last Babysitter.

Timmy McNulty

Age: 4

Sex: Male

First Appearance: The 'Lympics

Voiced By: Tara Strong

Timmy is the oldest of the 5 McNulty boys. He runs his brothers like he was a military general, and he's frequently more bossier than Angelica, who's his nemesis.


Tara Strong is also the voice of Dil.

Teddy & Terry McNulty

Ages: Unknown, though they're about 2 years old, at the most

Sex: Male

First Appearance: The 'Lympics

Voiced By: Tara Strong (Teddy), Greg DeLisle (Terry in The 'Lympics); E.G. Daily (Terry in Fugitive Tommy)

Identical twins Teddy & Terry are Timmy's slightly-younger brothers.

Daniel / Ty McNulty

Age: Unknown, though he's about one year old, at the most

Sex: Male

First Appearance: The 'Lympics

Voiced By: Greg DeLisle

Daniel, later renamed "Ty", is the youngest of the McNulty brothers.

Todd McNulty

Age: Unknown, though he's about 3 years old, at the most

Sex: Male

First Appearance: The 'Lympics

Voiced By: Greg DeLisle

Todd is Timmy's first-youngest brother.

Conan McNulty

Age: Unknown, though he's about the same age as Tommy's Grandpa

Sex: Male

First Appearance: Fugitive Tommy

Voiced By: Michael Keenan

Conan McNulty, a former wrestler, is a grandfather to the McNulty brothers.

Colleen McNulty

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Voiced By: Theresa Ganzel

First Appearance: A Very McNulty Birthday

Colleen is the McNulty boys' Irish mother.

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