Minor Rugrats Characters

This is a list of minor characters that appeared in certain Rugrats episodes, having some importance in the plot.


1. Names are sorted in order of appearance.

2. Character names are in bold print; the voice (if known) in italics; the episode in parentheses.

Mr. Mucklehoney (Michael Bell) (Waiter, There's a Baby In My Soup; Stu-Maker's Elves (mention))

A heavy-set man who wears clown socks, he's the president of Mucklehoney Industries, a toy manufacturer. In Baby In My Soup, his meeting with Stu was disasterous, yet successful. Later, in Stu-Maker's Elves, he ordered 10,000 "Patty Pants" dolls from Stu.

Snow, Steele & Trickum (Michael Bell, Phil Proctor & ???, respectively) (Baby Commercial; Momma Trauma)

They are the ad agency that represented Tighties Diapers in Baby Commercial, while they conducted toy testing on toddlers in Momma Trauma.

Jonathan Witt (Michael Bell) (Baby Commercial)

The director of the Tighties Diapers commercial.

Ramone, a.k.a. Rocko (Jason Presson) (Little Dude)

A "Fonz"-type High School student that befriended Tommy as his "Little Dude".

Bucky Majors (Scott Menville) (Baseball)

The Grizzlies' top player.

Mike & Bob (Michael Bell & Phil Proctor, respectively) (Ruthless Tommy)

Two crooks that kidnapped Tommy instead of Ronald Thump's son.

Dr. Lepetomaine (Dan Gilvezan) (Momma Trauma)

Tommy's psychologist, who helped Stu more than he did with Tommy.

Dr. Homer (Danny Mann) (Weaning Tommy)

Tommy's dentist, who suggested that Tommy must be weaned from his bottle.

Chick Hearn (himself) (Touchdown Tommy)

Play-by-play announcer for the Ultra Bowl, who also indirectly announced Tommy's milk bottle battle.

Leo (Danny Mann in Reptar's Revenge; John Schuck in Reptar On Ice)

Played Reptar at a carnival appearance, and again at an ice show.

Ace & Eddie (Michael Bell & Pat Buttram, respectively) (Graham Canyon)

Two crooked mechanics who wanted to take advantage of the Pickles' car trouble.

Thorg (Phil Proctor in Toy Palace; Michael Bell in Chuckie Is Rich)

Mechanical Gorilla.

Justin (Dana Hill) (The Big House)

Fat toddler at the Golden Apple Day Care. At first, he seemed like the bully type, but became friends with Tommy after Tommy survived "Time Out".

"Builder" (Kath Soucie) (The Big House)

Baby at Day Care who's good with blocks.

"Crybaby" (Kath Soucie) (The Big House)

Baby at Golden Apple who cries just for the heck of it.

"Doughboy" (Christine Cavanaugh) (The Big House)

Baby at Day Care who's good with clay.

"Wiseguy" (Pamela Segall) (The Big House)

Knows everything that's going on at Day Care.

Hector (Dana Hill) (The Shot)

Baby that Tommy befriended at Dr. Schachter's office.

Dr. Herman Schachter (Slumber Party (mention); The Shot)

Tommy's pediatrician.

Prudence, A.K.A. "The Junk Food Kid" (Nancy Cartwright) (Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch; Angelica's Birthday (cameo))

Villain at the El Dorado playground who showed force with her arsenal of candy. However, her might diminished when Tommy defeated her in a bubble gum duel. Looks similar to Nelson from The Simpsons.

Belinda (Kath Soucie) (Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch)

Blonde girl that befriended Tommy & Chuckie.

Dean (Pamela Segall) (Angelica's In Love; Angelica's Birthday (cameo))

Justin's brother, who Angelica had a crush on.

Jean-Claude (E.G. Daily)(Angelica's In Love; Angelica's Birthday (cameo))

New French neighbor who befriended Angelica at end of "Angelica's In Love".

Earl (Phil Proctor) (Ice Cream Mountain)

Sinsiter manager of the miniature golf course that fixed Ice Cream Mountain so that no one gets a Hole In One.

"Bank Examiners" (The Bank Trick)

2 robbers, a man and a woman, who pose as bank examiners in order to secretly rob the bank. They were inadvertantly foiled by Tommy & Chuckie when they triggered the silent alarm by mistake.

Hugh & Dottie Pickles (Family Reunion)

Hosts of the Pickles family reunion in Willoughby, IA. Also the parents of Timmy Ray Pickles.

Tony, Tammy-Faye, Timmy Ray & Emmet Pickles (Family Reunion)

Tommy & Angelica's distant cousins; with the exception to Emmet, all look like Tommy.

Mackie & Edie Pickles (Family Reunion)

Parents of Emmet Pickles; Angelica thought that they were to be her new parents.

Morgana (Grandpa's Date)

Grandpa's long-lost love that he lost several years ago when she discovered that he was romanticizing Trixie McGee, when in fact he's actually saving that other woman's life.

Trixie McGee (Grandpa's Date)

Before she became Grandpa's wife, she caused Grandpa to lose Morgana, due to Trixie's asthma.

Sally Payson (Tress MacNeille) (No Bones About It)

Security guard at the Natural History Museum, where Grandpa errantly messed everything up.

Captain Blasto (Adam West) (Superhero Chuckie)

Host of his cheap sci-fi kiddie show that inspired Chuckie to become a super hero.

Allen Murphy (Phil Proctor) (The Dog Broomer)

Con man who sold insurance to Stu.

Ilsa Umlaut (Joanna Sandsmark) (The Dog Broomer)

Dog groomer hired by Didi to groom Spike.

Santa Claus (Tony Jay) (The Santa Experience)

You know who he is.

Didor, Stuvon, Robot and Spike-like Pet (Melanie Chartoff, Jack Riley, David Doyle and ???, respectively) (Visitors From Outer Space)

Alien versions of the Pickles family (Didi, Stu, Grandpa & Spike, respectively), who abducted the Rugrats.

George (Ronald Schell) (Visitors From Outer Space)

An alien from Fishyokia who rescued Angelica from the other aliens, only to dump her on a deserted planet.

Emma & Clarice Pendragon (Tress MacNeille & Mona Marshall, rspectively) (The Case of the Missing Rugrat)

2 old women who adopted Tommy after finding out that he looks like their father.

Max (Tony Jay) (The Case Of The Missing Rugrat)

The Pendragon's butler, who unwittingly chauffeured Tommy to Grey Gardens.

Ben & Elaine (Jeff Bennett & Tress MacNeille, respectively) (Let Them Eat Cake)

A couple that married each other, but not without Elaine running away due to cold feet.


Megan Fay played Elaine in Baby Maybe.

Barney (My Friend Barney)

Chuckie's imaginary friend.

Hubert (Feeding Hubert)

A garbage truck that must be fed trash every day, according to Tommy.

Oodles The Talking Poodle (Andy Houts) (Spike The Wonder Dog)

The title character on an adventure show that inspired the Rugrats to find out if Spike can talk.

Billy "Strike" Maxwell (Tom Bosley) (King Ten Pin)

Grandpa's bowling nemesis who wins each tournament by rigging the game.

Alan Quebec (Alex Trebek) (Game Show Didi)

Host of "Super Stumpers".

Edmund Haynes (Charles Nelson Reilly) (Game Show Didi)

The Philadelphia "Genious", who was Didi's opponent on "Super Stumpers".

Wuggles (Andy Houts) (Game Show Didi)

Host of his own kiddie show, being shot in the same studio as "Super Stumpers".

Bucky (Andy Houts) (Party Animals)

Didi's stout cousin who came to the costume party, mainly to play "Pull My Finger" with the Rugrats.

Paul Gatsby (Phil Proctor) (Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster)

The creator of the Dummi Bears.

Barber (Henry Gibson) (Chuckie's First Haircut)

He has cut Chuckie's first haircut -- after 2 attempts.

Mr. Bubble (Henry Gibson) (Cool Hand Angelica)

Camp director.

Dr. Dougie Hoozer (Scott Menville) (Angelica Breaks A Leg)

Doctor who decided that Angelica did break her leg, based on X-Rays accidently swapped with a football player who genuinely did break his leg.

Sticky (Pamela Segall) (The Last Babysitter)

Buster's friend and partner-in-crime; he helped Buster try to scare Alisa, Susie and Tommy.

Blocky & Oxwinkle (June Foray & ???, respectively) (Sour Pickles)

Stu & Drew's favorite show when they were little; based on Rocky & Bullwinkle.

2 Spies, Uri & Svetana (??? & June Foray, respectively) (Sour Pickles)

Blocky & Oxwinkle's enemies, a knockoff of Rocky & Bullwinkle's Boris & Natasha.

Mr. Boppo (Give & Take)

Tommy's punching toy that introduces himself each time you punch him; invented by Stu.

Mr. Friend (Tress MacNeille) (The Mysterious Mr. Friend)

Stu's talking robotic doll that, even though it's meant to be friendly, it scares the Rugrats.

Sal Fusco, Home Office King (Michael Bell) (Princess Angelica)

Office equipment repairman, who unwittingly takes on Angelica as a passenger when she thinks Sal was a king.

Monster (Jim Turner) (Under Chuckie's Bed)

Monster who hides under Chuckie's new bed, until Chazz reveals the fact that it was actually his sweater.

Barnaby Jones (Kath Soucie) (Under Chuckie's Bed)

Not the TV detective, but a little boy in Angelica's story who was eaten by monsters.

Pat Sajak (himself) (Chuckie Is Rich)

"Wheel Of Fortune" host and "American Dunderhead" spokesman who awards Chazz with $10 million.

Famous Ethel (Tress MacNeille) (Mommy's Little Assets)

Cookie tycoon that sold her company to Charlotte's MergeCorp.

Chuckie's Guardian Angel (Christine Cavanaugh) (Chuckie's Wonderful Life)

Self explanetory; eventually taught Chuckie into not running away.

Mr. McDermott, Mrs. Krapchick & Mrs. Whitmore (Michael Bell & Tress MacNeille (both female roles), respectively) (Chuckie's Red Hair (Mrs. Krapchick was first mentioned in Home Movies))

Chuckie & Chazz's neighbors.

Dog Warden (Michael Bell) (Spike Runs Away)

Convinced the Pickles to start looking for other pets, as the likelyhood of finding Spike was slim.

Rich Man (Tony Jay) (Spike Runs Away)

Man who found Spike and intended to keep him for breeding until seeing one of the Pickle's "Lost Dog" fliers.

Germs (Michael Bell, Christine Cavanaugh, Cheryl Chase, E.G. Daily, Phil Proctor, Kath Soucie) (Mr. Clean)

Germs that invaded Chuckie in his dreams.

Dr. Daniel Prescott (Gregg Berger) (Angelica's Worst Nighmare)

TV psychologist who gave Angelica advice about being the center of attention.

New Baby / "Big Boy" (Jim Turner) (Angelica's Worst Nighmare)

Angelica's new baby brother in her dreams, who made "num-nums" out of her.

The Mega Hyper Heroes (Gregg Berger, Neil Ross, Kath Soucie, Jim Turner (2 roles)) (The Mega Diaper Heroes)

The Rugrats' favorite super hero show, they battle various villains in an effort to save the earth's ecology.

Metalitron (Gregg Berger) (The Mega Diaper Babies)

The Mega Hyper Heroes' robotic enemy.

Josh (Dana Hill) (New Kid In Town)

The Rugrats' new friend, who turned out to be even meaner to them than Angelica.

Mr. Hershowitz (Dan Castellaneta) (Pickles vs. Pickles)

Drew & Charlotte's lawyer.

F. Lee Barnum (Neil Ross) (Pickles vs. Pickles)

The lawyer hired (and later fired) by Angelica to handle her case.

Judge (Neil Ross) (Pickles vs. Pickles)

The judge who presided over the case (see title), and later gave the verdict in Angelica's favor.

Melville (I Remember Melville)

Chuckie's pet bug, who later died in the Rugrats' care.

Megan (Christa Rimmer) (Cradle Attraction)

Girl who had a crush on Chuckie by teasing him.

Schlomo (Chanukah)

Boris' longtime nemesis who's stolen the role of the king from him.

Heimlich & Bob (Vacation)

2 Las Vegas magicians, whose show was ruined by Angelica & the Rugrats.

Sabu (Heatwave)

A baby himself, he quenched the Rugrats' thirst by guiding them across the hot basketball court to a new source for water.

Dr. Brander (Laura Innes) (The Smell of Success)

Inventor of "The Noserator", which temporarily helped Chuckie get rid of his congested nose problem.

Cheddar (The Smell Of Success)

Dr. Brander's pet mouse, used in the Noserator's experiments; later became Chuckie's pet after the Noserator's effects wore off.

Miss Appleby (Educating Angelica)

Angelica's pre-school teacher at The Woodbury School.

Uncle Bill & Aunt Harriet (Potty Training Spike)

Phil & Lil's uncle and aunt, which they acted out to get Spike to use the bathroom properly.

"Miss Judge Lady" (The Art Fair)

The judge of the art fair at the Silver Spoon Day Care, where Angelica exhibited her "artistic skills".

Jack (Looking For Jack)

Mafia leader and restauranteur who befriends Angelica while Charlotte had car trouble.

Mrs. Holkin (Alice Ghostley) (Lady Luck)

Seniors' Center supervisor, who always insisted on "quiet and relaxation".

Naomi (Crime & Punishment)

Traffic cop who pulled Chazz over and gave him a ticket... and a friendship.

Miss Carol (The Word Of The Day)

Kiddie-show host who, with Angelica's help, cussed her way to the unemployment office.

Miss Stephanie (The Word Of The Day)

Young, cool, calm auditionist for Miss Carol; she later became host after Miss Carol was fired.

Emma (He Saw, She Saw)

The 2nd girl that Chuckie fell in love with.

Big Binky (He Saw, She Saw)

Her big, 3 year-old brother, who looks after Emma.

Piggy (Piggy's Pizza Palace)

Mascot of the aforementioned restaurant; also, unwittingly thief of Angelica's game tickets.

Gabriel Lasky (Fugitive Tommy)

a.k.a. "The One Toothed Baby", he bites on anything & everything (mostly inflated toy balls) too soothe his teething pain.

Grandpa Lasky (Fugitive Tommy)

Grandfather to Gabriel Lasky; also, chess cheat.

Herbert (Chuckie's Duckling)

Herbert is a baby duck that Chuckie found in Tommy's backyard after he hatched. Since Chuckie was the first person the duck saw after he was hatched he followed Chuckie around everywhere until the Rugrats found his real family.

Ballina ("Angelica") (Angelica's Twin)

Ballina is Angelica's twin she made up so Didi would buy her another toy at the toy store.

Roy Davis (Ed Begley, Jr.) (Hair!)

Roy is Grandpa's old Army buddy.

Uncle Freddy (Rodger Bumpass) (Brothers Are Monsters)

Uncle Freddy is Phil and Lil's uncle and Betty's brother.

Officer Dan (Officer Chuckie)

Officer Dan runs Officer Dan's Pre-School Safety Town, where he makes Chuckie a "Safety Officer."

The Adventure Squad (Adventure Squad)

They're a bunch of superheroes that Phil likes to watch on TV.

Great Aunt T (Irma P. Hall) (A Rugrats Kwanzaa)

Great Aunt T is Susie's great aunt who came to visit the Carmichaels for Kwanzaa. She teaches Susie that everyone is great in their own way.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (Kevin M. Richardson) (A Rugrats Kwanzaa)

A well-known champion of civil rights, whose car stalled on the way to Washington, to make his important "I Have A Dream" speech. Luckily, Aunt T and Uncle Charles came to his aid.

Uncle Charles (Bill Cobbs) (A Rugrats Kwanzaa)

Uncle Charles is Great Aunt T's husband.

Professor Spooky (Charlie Adler) (All Growed Up)

Mad scientist who invented a time machine in a movie that the Rugrats have watched; this inspired the Rugrats to "invent" their own time machine.

Samantha Shane (Laraine Newman) (All Growed Up)

Samantha is Angelica's friend, 10 years from now.

Emica (Adrienne Frantz) (All Growed Up)

Emica is a pop singer who, 10 years from now, is idolised by the Rugrats.

Mrs. Guppie (Monica Piper) (All Growed Up)

Mrs. Guppie is Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Kimi's science teacher, 10 years from now.

Ralph Klumdor (Ryan Stiles) (Bow Wow Wedding Vows)

An unhappy brunch expert hired by Chazz & Kira to help them plan their Easter brunch.

The Librarian (Quiet Please!)

At the library where the Finsters go to, she has a rather tight policy on library rules, especially regarding talking and minute damage to books.

Master Fong (The Fun Way Day)

Feng Shui expert who spiritually remodelled The Java Lava coffee house.

Miss Weemer (Vicki Lewis) (Hello Dilly [US]; Preschool Daze [Canada])

Miss Weemer is Angelica & Susie's pre-school teacher.

Cindy (Sara Gilbert) (Cynthia Comes Alive)

Chas and Kira hire Cindy to work at Java Lava. She causes trouble though by not working at all.

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