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Left: Didi and the Rugrats salute reading as part of the Association of American Publishers' annual Get Caught Reading campaign, which encourages more people to read. The campaign runs each May, though Nickelodeon Magazine, which published that ad, did not publish it until the August 2000 issue. To see a bigger image, click here.

(Ad ©2000 Association of American Publishers and Viacom. Get Caught Reading logo at right from the Get Caught Reading website, and ©1999 by The Association of American Publishers.)

"Get Caught Reading"


1. Books are published in the US and exported to Canada and Britain, with some titles simultaneously published in Britain. Prices given in US $, Canadian $ and British £ Sterling.

2. Some Rugrats books may be out of print, or available at some online sites at premium prices (more expensive than cover price). If these books are not available in your area, or you think the premium prices are not fair to you, I suggest auction sites such as eBay or Yahoo.

3. All books are published by Simon & Schuster, unless specified. Hardcover versions of most softcover retail books, designed mainly for libraries, are published by Econo-Clad Books.


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(Above: poster featuring Grandpa and the Rugrats, for America's libraries. From the American Library Association's website; © 1998 ALA and Viacom.)

The Nickelodeon Book Club, Featuring Rugrats

The "Ready-To-Read"
books are single volume, with that series' title removed from the covers.

Nick, in association with Grolier, has now established a new book club featuring books based on Nick's programs, especially Rugrats. Each month, you receive 3 books for $9.95 for all 3, plus shipping and handling. You can look at them for 10 days; if you like them, you can pay for them; otherwise, you can return the ones you don't want at Grolier's expense. This concept, by the way, is called "on approval". If you signed up and you don't like the club, you can cancel after 4 shipments. Also, each year, you can receive up to 3 special Nick books or items at special prices.

When you sign up, you get Junk, Sweet Junk and Reptar To The Rescue for free, plus a free Rugrats T-shirt. Also, you get a copy of The Rugrats Movie Storybook for $1.99 plus shipping & handling. If you keep the book, you pay the money, then you become part of the club. If you return the book, you do not become part of the club, but you get to keep the other 2 books and the shirt.

Grolier is a leading book club company for kids, with clubs featuring Dr. Seuss, Muppets, Sesame Street and Disney characters. Also, Grolier publishes an encylopedia, The New Book Of Knowledge, commonly found at supermarkets.

(Left & Right: Some examples of the Grolier versions of Rugrats books;  from eBay; © Viacom. The main differences between the Grolier and retail versions is that the Grolier versions are hardbacks and that the Nick logo has been replaced with the Nickelodeon Book Club logo.  

The story books are published 2 books to a volume. It should also
be noted that The Rugrats Movie logo is replaced with the standard Rugrats logo in the Grolier versions.

Rugrats Books From Scholastic

There are some Rugrats books that are published by Scholastic, instead of Simon & Schuster -- these books have the red Scholastic logo in the bottom left-hand corner of the front cover. While Scholastic does publish books for the mass-market, their Rugrats books are not. These books are designed to be sold only through special book clubs at schools. The way they work is that a teacher gets a book of order forms, then distributes each form to their students. With this form, the child chooses what books they want, then gives the form and the money to the teacher. A short time later, the teacher gets their books, and distributes them to the students who ordered them. These books are also sold a book fairs, which are generally held once a year at many schools.

In addition to their own books, these clubs also feature their versions of books originally published by other companies.

In the US, Scholastic, Troll and Weekly Reader are the leading school book clubs in the country; Scholastic and Troll also handle book fair services in many parts of the country.

(Left: Some examples of Scholastic versions of Rugrats books;  from eBay; © Viacom.)

Source: Amazon Books, Barnes & Noble, Simon & Schuster.

British pricing information from Amazon UK.

Pictures of book covers taken from AmazonBarnes & Noble and Simon & Schuster sites, except for "The Making Of The Rugrats Movie", which came from Klasky-Csupo's site.

Pictures of the 1992 covers, as well as 3 of "The Rugrats Movie" covers were scanned myself, from my personal book collection.

Some advance book information provided by The Library of Congress.

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