"The Rugrats Files" Books

Apparently, this is a Rugrats "Time Travel Adventure" series, with an emphasis on mystery. This series is heavy on text and light on pictures.
Cover: Title: Author: Illustrator: Year: Retail: ISBN#: Summary:
The Quest For The Holey Pail Sarah Willson ??? 2000 US: $3.99 0-689-83425-X The Rugrats return to the days of Camelot to look for Tommy's lost pail.
The Case Of The Missing Gold David Lewman Sharon Ross 2000 US: $3.99 0-689-83334-2 The Rugrats go back to 1849 California to find gold.
Yo-Ho-Ho And A Bottle Of Milk KItty Richards Sharon Ross 2000 US: $3.99 0-689-83335-0 Blackbeard kidnaps "Princess" Angelica.
Tale Of The Unfinished Masterpiece Maria Rosado ??? 2001 US: $3.99 0-689-83597-3 The Rugrats are in 16th Century Italy, where Leonardo DaVinci helps fix their Dactar glider.
In Search Of Reptar Steven Banks Artful Doodlers, Ltd. 2002 US: $3.99 0-689-84609-6 The Rugrats go back to the presistoric times to rescue a T-Rex from a crevasse. However, they later find out that doing so could lead to bigger trouble for the Rugrats.

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