Rugrats Chapter Books:

"Chapter books" are novels that have more emphasis on text and less emphasis on pictures.

" * " refers to the price given by Amazon.Com, not the publisher.
Cover: Title: Author: Illustrator: Year: Retail: ISBN#: Summary:
The Perfect Formula Sarah Willson Mel Grant 1999 Softcover:
US: $3.99

US: $13.09*



While Tommy is alone at home with Boris & Minka, 2 burglars break in, looking for a "formula".
Tommy's Last Stand Nancy E. Krulik Thompson Brothers 1999 Softcover:
US: $3.99

US: $13.09*



Stu & Didi plan to move to a new house, but Tommy doesn't want to, and asks his fellow Rugrats for help.
Star-Spangled Babies Kitty Richards Jose M. Cardona 1999 US: $3.99 0-689-82891-8 After watching a TV program on colonial America, the Rugrats imagine life back then.
Bonjour, Babies Luke David ??? 1999 US: $3.99
UK: £2.50
0-689-82894-2 Jaqueline & Jean-Claude DuMonde (whom we met briefly at the end of Angelica's In Love) babysit the Rugrats while their parents attend a Lipschitz Pre-School seminar. The Rugrats have Jean-Claude's attention, but Angelica wants him all to herself.
Chuckie's Big Wish Cathy East Dubowski,
Mark Dubowski
Jose M. Cardona 1999 US: $3.99 0-689-82895-0 On a night when they were shooting stars in the sky, the Rugrats make wishes. Chuckie wishes, but he regrets what he wished for.
[Rugrats] Just Wanna Have Fun Sarah Willson Gary Fields 2000 US: $3.99 0-689-83131-5 The Rugrats go on vacation with their parents. They just want to spend time just having fun, but was railroaded into participating in the Baby Olympics.
Angelica the Grape Nancy Krulik Joe Schiettino 2000 US: $3.99 0-689-83168-4 Angelica thinks that she has "grape" (great) powers.
Book 'em Tommy! Maria Rosado Gary Fields 2000 US: $3.99 0-689-83124-2 The Rugrats look for Grandpa's lost library book.
It Takes Two Maria Rosado, Cathy East Dubowski Joe Schiettino 2000 US: $3.99 0-689-83169-2 Who will be best to star in a music video -- Phil and/or Lil, or Angelica?
Dil In A Pickle Maria Rosado ??? 2000 US: $3.99 0-689-83393-8 Which Pickle would be a better dill pickle spokesperson -- Dil or Angelica? No contest, unless you're Angelica.
Stupid Cupid Nancy Krulik Carlos Ortega 2001 US: $3.99 0-689-83819-0 Tommy & Chuckie enter a contest at a mall where the winner gets to be Cupid. They try whatever it takes to be Cupid, even by kissing Spike.
Prince Chuckie Sarah Willson Ed Resto 2001 US: $3.99 0-689-84060-8 The Rugrats gang attend a party for a king and queen. Their prince, who looks like Chuckie, switch places with him.
Rugrats In The Ring Sarah Willson BKN Studios 2002 US: $3.99 0-689-84585-5 While watching a wrestling match on TV, the Rugrats thought that the wrestler escaped when the TV broke.

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