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The Making Of "The Rugrats Movie": Behind The Scenes At Klasky-Csupo (Published by Klasky-Csupo) Jan Breslauer 1998

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US: $25.00
Canada: $35.00
UK: £13.89
0-671-02809-X Hardcover; The most expensive Rugrats book, describes how the film was made. This will be the first book from K-C's new publishing unit.
The Rugrats Movie Storybook Sarah Willson John & Sandrina Kurtz 1998 US: $5.99
Canada: $8.50
UK: £3.59
0-689-82128-X Book adaptation of
The Rugrats Movie
Tommy's New Playmate Luke David John & Sandrina Kurtz 1998 US: $3.25
Canada: $4.50
UK: £1.95
0-689-82141-7 Based on the film, up to Dil's birth
The Rugrats vs. The Monkeys Luke David John & Sandrina Kurtz 1998 US: $3.25
Canada: $4.50
UK: £1.95
0-689-82142-5 Based on the loose monkeys scene in The Rugrats Movie
Hang On To Your Diapies, Babies, We're Going In! Kitty Richards anonymous 1998 Softcover:
Canada: $4.25
UK: £1.99

US: $11.94*



Trivia from The Rugrats Movie; told from the characters' perspective
The Rugrats Movie (novelization)

(Pocket Books)

Cathy East Dubowski, Mark Dubowski anonymous 1998 US: $3.99
UK: £2.39
0-671-02106-0 The novelized version of the film; includes 8-page color insert
The Rugrats Movie Music Book (my given title; published by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation)
(Picture from Piano Spot)
Mark Mothersbaugh, and others ??? 1999 US:
0-634-00514-6 Words and music from the songs used in The Rugrats Movie, for piano, vocal and guitar; available mainly at record and music stores.

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