Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards


In 1996, Rugrats won it's first Kids' Choice Award in the "Favorite Cartoon" category. However, the presentation of this award wasn't televised, as it was given out prior to broadcast.

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On 4/19/1997,  Rugrats won its 2nd award in the "Favorite Cartoon" category, presented by Melissa-Joan "She's All" Hart  (from Clarissa & Sabrina) and Jonathan "Don't Give Me Any Lip" Lipinki (from Jerry Maguire), in the1997 Nick Kids' Choice Awards in Hollywood, CA (hosted by Rosie O'Donnell), facing competition from other popular TV toons -- Ace Ventura, Animaniacs, and The Simpsons. The winner was announced when a small section of the studio audience held up cards forming the Rugrats logo. Here's Tommy's victory speech, obviously pre-recorded in advance (scenes from Kid TV were used with Tommy's new dialogue):

Tommy: Okay. First, I like to thank Chuckie for his support.

Chuckie: Me?

Tommy: Phil & Lil, you're the greatest. (cut to Phil & Lil in front of TV smiling at each other and Angelica standing, making an "Oh, Brother!" face) (cut back to Tommy) Mom & Dad, thank you too, and thank you Reptar, and thank you Grandpa, and thank you ice cream, and thank you and you and you and you!


On 4/4/1998, Rugrats took home its 3rd "Favorite Cartoon" award in a row in the 1998 Kids' Choice Awards.  For highlights, click here.


On 5/1/1999, not only did Rugrats take home their usual Favorite Cartoon award, but they also took home an award in the Favorite Movie caregory as well. For details, plus details on the international versions, click here.


The 2000 Kids' Choice Awards was televised live on Nick US, Saturday, 4/15/2000. And as usual, Rugrats are, once again, the kids' Favorite Cartoon. For details, click here.


The 2001 Kids' Choice Awards was televised live on Nick US, Saturday, 4/21/2001; however, we knew way ahead of time that Rugrats In Paris wouldn't win. For details, click here.


The 2002 Kids' Choice Awards was seen Saturday, 4/20/2002. Believe it or not, Rugrats actually loses in this category to a non-Nicktoon -- The Simpsons. For details, click here.


(Above: From Nick Australia; ©2002 Viacom.)

The 2003 Kids' Choice Awards is coming 4/12/2003 -- for details, click here.

Did You Know...

Until 2002, the last non-Nicktoon winner of the "Favorite Cartoon" category was The Simpsons in 1991. At the time, however, Nicktoons weren't first introduced until a few months later, in August. From 1992 to 2001, a Nicktoon has always won in this category (with Rugrats winning between 1996 and 2001), though The Simpsons was always listed as nominee each time. But in 2002, it was The Simpsons that broke the lock in that category.

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