2001 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

(Left: From Nick Australia; ©2001 Viacom.)

The 14th annual Kids' Choice Awards was seen on Nickelodeon Saturday, April 21 2001, 8PM ET to 9:30PM ET. This year's edition originated from "outer space", at "Space Station Slime". In reality, it originated from The Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, CA. The "Queen of Nice", Rosie O'Donnell, hosted again, but she almost backed out, due to a staph infection in her left hand (which kept her from her hosting duties on her talk show).

As per usual, the Rugrats won in the "Favorite Cartoon" category. The other nominees were:

Hey Arnold!
PowerPuff Girls
The Simpsons

However, for the first time since 1996, there was no victory speech -- this category was part of a list of early awards.

Also, for her role as Coco Labouche in Rugrats In Paris, Susan Sarandon won in the "Favorite Voice From An Animated Movie" category. That category's other nominees were:

Mel Gibson, Chicken Run
Kevin Kline, The Road To El Dorado
David Spade, The Emperor's New Groove

It should be noted that David Spade appeared as Ranger Frank in the original Rugrats Movie. Also, never nominated are those who actually do voiceovers for a living (such as Christine Cavanaugh or Kath Soucie). Furthermore, Nick could've nominated "The Rugrats as themselves", but didn't (they had an opportunity to do the same thing for The Rugrats Movie, but they didn't do it then, either).

Unfortunately, the results for this category was never announced at all on the show -- the results were made public the next day through a press release (from PR Newswire).

In the "Favorite Singing Group" category, the Baha Men are nominated, for THE song of the year, like it or not, Who Let The Dog's Out. However, they lost to Destiny's Child. Backstreet Boys and *NSync were the other nominees. Who Let The Dog's Out won, though, in the Favorite Song category.

One notable omission in the KCAs is Rugrats In Paris itself -- surprisingly, it was NOT nominated this year in the "Favorite Movie" category, despite the fact that the Rugrats is Nick's top draw. The nominees were:

Big Momma's House
Charlie's Angels
The Grinch
The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

It should be noted that The Grinch, this year's winner, is the only family film nominated -- all others were rated PG-13 and made for adult audiences.

The Australian Awards

The Australian awards will be televised in Australia on Nick on Sunday 5/12/2001. As per usual, it'll be the same presentation as in Los Angeles. Also, as per usual, it'll feature a different list of nominees than the rest of the world.

Here's the awards where the Rugrats are involved in, according to Nick Australia. Winners are in red.

Favorite Movie:

Charlie's Angels
Chicken Run
The Rugrats Movie
The Grinch

It should be noted that The Rugrats Movie won this category in the Australian KCA in 1999. Also, Rugrats In Paris won't see Australian release until April 12 (though The Rugrats Movie was nominated before Australian release in 1999). Thirdly, unlike the US awards, all movies are family films, except for Charlie's Angels.

Favorite TV Star:

Amanda Bynes
Melissa Joan Hart
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Tommy Pickles

Favorite Kids TV Show:

Rocket Power
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Sister Sister

And, for those of you still trying to find out who won the other categories, here's that list, provided here as a public service. In 2001 and 2002, Nick AU promised pictures and results on their site, but they never went through with it.

Movie Star - Adam Sandler
Book - Harry Potter series
Sports Star - Ian Thorpe
TV Animal - Salem (from "Sabrina")
Group - S Club 7
Video Game - "Crash Bandicoot"

(Special thanks to "Reubot")

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