The Rugrats Trophy Case

(Left: From the Nick UK site; ©1998 Viacom.)

The Emmys

Since 1992, the Rugrats have picked up 4 Emmy awards and was nominated for 7 more. For details, click here.

 Kids' Choice Awards

Between 1996 and 2001, Rugrats has taken home the Kids' Choice Award in the category of animation. For details, click here.


1. In 1994, Rugrats won the CableACE award for "Best Animated Programming".

2. In 1995, the Passover episode was nominated for a CableACE award, but did not win.

3. The Mother's Day episode won the CableACE award in 1997 for Best Writing In A Children's Special Or Series, awarded to writers Jon Cooksey, Ali Marie Matheson, J. David Stem and David Weiss. This is also Rugrats' last CableACE award, as the organization discontinued the award in 1998.

Television Critics Association Awards

In the 17th annual (2001) presentation, the Rugrats were nominated for the Outstanding Achievement in Children's Animation category, competing with 2 other Nick programs, Blue's Clues and Dora The Explorer, along with 2 from PBS -- Between The Lions and the evergreen Sesame Street. At the ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, CA on Saturday, 7/21/2001, they lost to Sesame Street.

Jewish Image Awards

At the first annual Jewish Image Awards, held 10/30/2001 in Beverly Hills, CA, the Rugrats' 10th Anniversary was given an award for "Outstanding Achievement".

TV Guide Awards

Nominees for The TV Guide Awards were chosen by TVG readers. In the first annual presentation in 1999, seen live on 2/1/99 on Fox, Rugrats lost out to Sesame Street in the award for Best Children's Program; other losers were Blue's Clues and Teletubbies.

In the 2000 presentation, televised on Fox on 3/5/2000, the Rugrats won that year in that same category, beating out various other nominees.

Parents' Choice Awards

(Left: "Parents' Choice Approved" seal; ® & © Parents'  Choice Foundation.)

The Parents' Choice Foundation grants special awards to films, videos, TV programs, software, records and books that they feel that is wholesome for the entire family. There are various levels of awards, with "Approved" being the lowest level.

The following is a list of Rugrats videos, software and records that were "Approved" by Parents' Choice, and the age levels that they fall in:

Audio (3-8 years):

In Search Of The Mighty Reptar (1999)

Videos (all 6-11 years):

Dr. Tommy Pickles (1998)
Mommy Mania (1998)
Angelica Know's Best (1998)
Tales From The Crib
The Santa Experience
I Think I Like You (1999)
Make Room for Dil (1999)
Runaway Reptar (1999)

Video Games:

Scavenger Hunt (1999; 6-11 years)
Studio Tour (2000; 6-11 years)
Time Travellers (2000; all ages)
Search For Reptar (1999; 4-10 years)
The Rugrats Movie -- Console game (1999; 6-12 years)

Film Advisory Board Awards

(Left: Film Advisory Award seal; ® & © Film Advisory Board.)

The Film Advisory Board, like the Parents' Choice Foundation, singles out any media that is wholesome for the entire family. The FAB gave 2 awards to The Rugrats Movie -- one as a theatrical movie, and another as a major motion picture on video. The FAB has also awarded Rugrats In Paris when it was released in theaters; it's very likely that they'll grant another award, once the film's on video in early 2001.

Humanitas Prize

The Humanitas Prize is awarded to TV shows and movies that embrace the following family values: Openness & Trust, Curiosity, Self Knowledge, Self Affirmation, Honesty, Discipline, Freedom, Creativity, Responsibility, Love, Family, and Universal Concern. In 1995, I Remembered Melville was in the finals for the Humanitas, but did not win. In 1999, writer Richard Gitelson won the prize in the "Children's Animation" category.

(Special thanks to Barbara Slade, Rugrats writer during 1993)

A.C. Nielsen / EDI Golden Reel Award

A.C. Nielsen (the TV ratings people) and Entertainment Data (a Nielsen subsidiary that keeps track of the movie business) awards the Golden Reels to films that had topped US$100million at the box office. On 3/20/99, Nielsen / EDI granted Golden Reels to The Rugrats Movie & The Prince Of Egypt for accomplishing such a feat.

(Source: Variety, 5/3/99)

"Cable Guide" Awards

Every May, Cable Guide, a magazine for cable viewers in Great Britain, holds its annual awards, voted upon by its readers. In 1999, Rugrats was one of the nominees in the "Best Cartoon" category, but lost out to The Simpsons.

(Special thanks to Sarah Wakefield)

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