1999 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

This year, Rugrats is nominated twice in the 1999 Kids' Choice Awards: its usual nomination in the "Favorite Cartoon" category, plus The Rugrats Movie's nomination for "Favorite Movie".

The nominees for "Favorite Cartoon" are:

Men In Black
The Simpsons

The nominees for "Favorite Movie" are:

A Bug's Life
Dr. Dolittle
The Rugrats Movie
The Waterboy

Left: Cover to V.10 # 3 of Burger King Kids Club Adventures, the Kids Choice Awards issue, featuring the Nicktoons and a cartoon Rosie O'Donnell on the cover. This issue features very little onfo on the awards itself; just a bunch of puzzles. Click here for a larger image.

(©1999 Burger King Corporation. All Nicktoons ® & © 1999 Viacom.)

The awards presentation from the UCLA Pauley Center was seen live, not only in the US, but also in Brasil & Latin America. Again, Rosie O'Donnell was host. About 15 minutes into the presentation, the Favorite Movie award was presented. A supermodel, an All That regular (Amanda Bynes) and a contest winner presented the award. (Unfortunately, I couldn't make out the names of the presenters, except for Amanda.)

Also, as you can notice from these screen shots, a Nick blimp was placed in the lower-right corner, not thinking that it'll cover most of the awards' captions.

(All screen shots from awards show; ©1999 Viacom.)

The winner was announced when Amanda placed a "Kick Me" sign on the model's back, and someone placed a Rugrats Movie sticker on the winner's back.

Shot of kids holding a "Rugrats" sign.

The Rugrats' Victory Speech:

Note: The animated portions of this speech was based on the animation used for Tommy For Mayor, which wasn't televised on Nick for another 6 months (10/2/99).

(Tommy at podium)

Tommy: Thank you everybody, everyone! I love all of you! I want to jump in your arms cause I love you all so much; I want run through a field of poppies in my diapies, and I want all of you...

Angelica: (grabs Tommy and drags him away from podium) Who do you think you are, Roberto Baloney?
(cut to Angelica, Susie, Lil & Chuckie cheering)
Phil: (nervously, at podium) Uh... (giggle) hello out there. Uh... hi mom! Uh... ahem, hi dad! And, uh...hi everybody!
(cut to Tommy & Chuckie, somewhere on stage; start with close-up of Chuckie and pull away to reveal Tommy at his side; Chuckie raises Tommy's right arm)

Chuckie: Hey, Tommy! Now you're a remote control of your armpits!

(Cut to Dil in audience in a car baby seat; he giggles)

Dil: Poopie!

We cut to more kids with signs as we go to a commercial.
About an hour in the show before a commercial break, there was a list of winners of other categories, including Favorite Cartoon, where Rugrats won for the 4th straight year. There was no complete presentation for each of these categories, due to (1) time concerns and (2) the Rugrats already had their own presentation earlier.

Worldwide Awards

Just about each version of Nick has their own version of the Kids' Choice Awards. In addition to showing highlights of the US presentation (except Latin America, where the US awards were presented live), they also give out localised versions of the awards. Here's a sampling of where Rugrats is represented in the Awards worldwide in 1999:


(Source: Nick Australia)

The awards were televised on Nick Australia on May 29. In the 3 categories where the Rugrats were nominated, Rugrats won them all.

Favorite TV Star:

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Melissa Joan Hart
Tommy Pickles
Lisa Kudrow

Favorite TV Show:

Clarissa Explains It All
The Simpsons
South Park (yes, South Park)

Favorite Movie:

A Bug's Life
Ever After
The Rugrats Movie (When this film was nominated, it wasn't released in Australia yet!)

Latin America

(Special thanks to Carolina Hernandez T.)

The US awards were televised live at the same time as the US Nick on 5/1/99.

Latin American Kids' Choice Award:

Ricky Martin
Tommy Pickles
Tia & Tamera
Backstreet Boys

Great Britain

The British version of the awards were first seen Sunday, 5/29/99. There was only one award that British Nick fans voted on -- the Favorite Celebrity category. The telecast was the same as the US telecast (the nominees and winners were the same), though it also includes segments featuring "Lisa B", a presenter on the British Nick, chatting with celebrities at the US presentation; these segments are inserted in the slots where the commercials normally go on the US Nick (the British Nick carries no ads during the programs).

(Special thanks to Sarah Wakefield)

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