In this area, we will present the strip's miscellanea that has accumulated over the years.

Old Main Page Banners

Between January 2005 and August 2008, this site has used 5 different banners, including the current one. Four of them were in the first six months alone.

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Earliest Main Page Preserved

The main page of the very first release of this site (when it was "Mad Anna") has been long gone -- THIS front page from February 2006 is the earliest preserved copy available at The Internet Archive. However, one of my backup CDs has a copy of this site's revision from 2/10/2005 -- at the time, the site was 3 weeks old and the strip was about 1.5 months old. To have a look, click here.


During the first few months, I have produced several flyers, each one resembling my site as it was at the time that particular flyer was released.
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