Here are the flyers that I have produced for distribution at comic book shows and other public gatherings.

My very first flyer, which I left on the freebie table at the 2005 Megacon in Orlando.
Some help that did -- I barely noticed any jump in hits as a result.

Alternate flyer, designed for distribution at LGBT functions. Flyer points out the fact that Rafi was a lesbian -- this was before her Quebecois ethnicity and her use of "gouine" for "lesbian" was introduced. Never released.

My third flyer, promoting Rafi's family as stars. Distributed once, at a Tampa comic book show, with no known results.

Alternate version, for functions other than comic book shows. Never released.

My fifth and latest flyer, featuring Rafi alone.
This was distributed at another Tampa comic book show; I even insert and passed out flyers at my table where I sold comics.
Again -- no known results.

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